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  1. Hey guys,
    I've been a keeping up with the venusangelic and Kanadajin3 threads for awhile now, so I decided it was time to actually make an account in procrastination for my exams next week (T.T I cri everytime).
    You can call me Tara, or whatever, don't really mind ^^
    Not sure what else is expected of an intro, so I'll just leave it as this.
    Ciao y'all, have a good day
  2. Hi!
    I finally decided to make an account. I got hooked on the Bon thread - that shit was better than any reality show out there lmao
    Also I figured I might be able to provide some insight to certain topics. I'm a photographer and psych student~
  3. But this is a very interesting forum, so why not?
  4. Post on Newbie in Introduce Yourself

    By Ashlee, posted
    Hey! My names Ashlee and im new here, found this cite via Google. Already posted my first topic on Game of Thrones!
  5. My name is Blythe and I'm really just here to lurk!  I'm about to turn 24 years old and I'm from Washington, D.C.
    I might post on here from time to time!
  6. Hello
    im Dilara
    Im....kinda bad at ranting
    i like and hate cute youtubers like lilipichu, nyanners, wolfychu and nyanAFK
    i sorta follow venus angelic
    ill....try to post smart replies
  7. Hey there, I'm Amagi. I've been a longtime lurker here in PULL (Venus Angelic Thread) & in Kiwi Farms (Yandere Dev Thread) I'm mostly bored half the time and try to kill time by following drama. I don't like to witch hunt but I do like to make memes.
  8. why the FUCK is it so damn hard to be accepted into this forum it's not like i'm trying to join an ivy league???
    like to make my account i had to know who any of the girls from the banner were and they're not even famous some of them have like 10k followers? wtf why would i know that -also the drawing doesn't really look like them.
    and then i submitted a post that had to be accepted by a moderator which is ok i guess but it's taking super long and i can't even REPLY to existing topics. ???

    like seriously?
    like i said it’s fine to be picky about new topics but not being able to reply (it stays hidden) is just too much
  9. First discovered this place because of Felice Fawn (good times), thinsquids and Kanadajin and never posted, but now I am unusually bored and finding myself on social media enough to actually participate on some threads, so here I am. 
    Currently I keep up with Moomoo, Amber Lynn Ried, and Dollymattel. (Mostly on other forum boards)
    Call me Eggs.
  10. I've been a lurker for several years on PULL and i've decided to create an account just because i couldn't find a single person bring up a pet peeve or anything else on this certain anituber i discovered recently 😂
    Here are six things that i love 💖
    1. Anime
    2. MCU, DCEU and the comics
    3. Kpop (Stan Nflying!! Hehe) 
    4. Harry Potter, Supernatural, Merlin
    5. Non-sjw stuff (petty lol) 
    6. Drama cds asmr 
  11. Post on howdy in Introduce Yourself

    By Chaplin, posted
    Hey, so my name here is Chaplain. I've been lurking here forever, and I made this account a bit ago and just never really used it. I want to become more active here and such, so I'm going to change that. There isn't too much to say about me, except that I really enjoy tea spills. I'll still probably lurk though lol
  12. Post on Hi there! in Introduce Yourself

    By Haro, posted
    Hi everyone!

    I've lurked on PULL for a long time but now that the James Charles discourse has shot through the roof I've decided to make an account lol. Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  13. Have been lurking a while, decided to make an account and start posting.