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  1. Hey everyone! Did not see a thread in Caitlyn aka Mrs Midwest. She is a Christian blogger and Youtuber who writes a lot about modern femininity, traditional gender roles, beauty, fashion and budgeted living/homemaking. She lives with her husband police officer and dog. 
    Her Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOYm0tm472SIMVan6KSOuKg
    Her Blog: https://www.mrsmidwest.com/blog
    Her Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/mrs.midwest/?hl=en
    Her Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/mrsmidwestblog

    Topics and controversies 
    Homemaking and traditional living 
    At the forefront of her channel, Caitlin claims to be a stay at home wife and is proud to be a homemaker. There are several controversies around her lifestyle choices:
    -Claiming to be thrifty and yet spending almost every day shopping for homeware at her local thrift store.
    -Claiming that being a stay at home wife and homemaker is a choice that anyone can make regardless of their financial standing.
    -Having no real work to do at home besides hobby blogging, doing simple chores and tending to her dog and husband.
    Her Femininity 
    -Believes in a very narrow definition of femininity (despite cleaning otherwise)
    -her definition of femininity depends on wearing lots of dresses and modest clothing, having a certain speech pattern, behaving a certain way.
    -Choosing Disney Princesses and fictional characters as role models that display true femininity.
     Being open to others opinions:
    -Caitlin often claims to be accepting of others yet releases videos with very powerful narratives on how men and women should act
    -Backs up her opinions with only a university degree and very little work experience.
    -claims to know enough to make videos on “keeping a marriage” and “finding a husband” yet has only been married for a few years.
  2. Audrey Mirabella Roloff

    Also nicknamed ''Auj Poj'' or ''Auj'' is a 28-year-old former reality TV star(Little People Big World), Author, and blogger. She also runs an online shop with her own merchandise and oils for pregnancy.
    She is married to Jeremy, son of Matt and Amy Roloff, both known as the little people couple on Little People Big World. Audrey has a daughter with Jeremy named Ember Jean born on October 4th 2017, and is Currently pregnant with their second child due in January 2020. Audrey and Roloff's book titled ''a love letter life'' was a New York Times Bestseller and caused a bit of controversy.As the book was described as ''ridiculously uptight'' by some especially regarding the marriage jounaling, and some people accused them of trying to portray themselves as experts while they have not even been married for a decade. 
    Audrey and Jeremy both have some scandals attached to their names. Both being described as very conservative Christians. Audrey herself has called formula feeding a ''Sin'', and they are very much against divorce even though Jeremy's parents split up a few years ago. Often using the quote ''Beating the 50%'', stating that 50% of all marriages end in divorce while at the same time claiming their own marriage will be part of the 50% that will not. They have also set up a ministry with regards to this specifically called ''Beating tje 50%''. despite many signals being given that their marriage is very unhealthy in some ways. Despite the conservative christian image she and her husband try to portray, Audrey has also been surprisingly open about some part of their sex life. Saying she and Jeremy have read their wedding vows during sex. Jeremy has been known to have been openly racist on his Myspace profile before as a teenager, and both Jeremy and Audrey were multiple times accused of Homophobia. Audrey herself has also gained some criticism regarding her daughter Ember, which she had very high hopes for her to be a curly red head like herself even going as far as naming her ''Ember''.even though her red curly hair which she has claimed many times to be her pride has been speculated of being fake.They also use a controversial parenting method called the ´´blanking method´´ which involves hitting a child neither Audrey not Jeremy confirmed if they hit Ember or not. Many of her in laws also seem to be rather indifferent towards Audrey, as she is rarely seen with Jeremy's family in private compared to the other daughter in law of the Roloff Family. She has been regarded as Judgemental and Stand off ish Regarding their controversial parenting method ´´The Blanket Traininghttps://popculture.com/reality-tv/2019/06/12/little-people-big-worlds-audrey-jeremy-roloff-controversial-parenting-tactic/Audrey´s controversial statement regarding breast formula
    Controversy regarding their book
    Audrey denying being anti LGBT despite making claims before that her nor Jeremy ´´agree´´ with homosexuality
    Audrey's Official Website
    Beating the 50% Official Facebook page
    Audrey's Instagram
    Audrey's Facebook
    Audrey and Jeremy´s YouTube channel
    Jeremy's Instagram
    Audrey and Jeremy's Book 
  3. Nicolette Gray
    AKA: ~The entitled brat who publicly threw a tantrum when her $5,000 allowance got downgraded~
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Snapchat: graynicolette

    Nicolette Gray is a Vlogger on YouTube with a self-titled channel known for fashion, beauty and for documenting her lavish lifestyle. She went on to garner media attention as a "bratty" teenager with a monthly allowance of $5,000. She has appeared on UK's This Morning and Dr. Phil. Some of her vlogs feature her wearing cheaper clothes from places like Walmart and reacting obnoxiously to wearing them.
    In addition to the $5,000 monthly allowance, her mom has given her a personal trainer, driver and nanny. She grew up in Beverly Hills, California. She has a younger sister who has been featured in her videos. Her mother Nina works as a doctor.  
  4. Since there didn't seem to be one on her and I'm dying to share some of my frustrations with you guys I thought about doing one.
    Vlog channel
    Main channel
    Zoe Sugg was born in 1990 and is turning 28 years old this year. Before she started doing Youtube she had a blog that gained popularity rather quickly. She started filming her videos in her room doing clothing, lush and makeup hauls while still updating her blog. Zoe seemed like the most kind, sweet, normal girl next door type who you would love to have as a best friend and she was even considered the perfect role model for young girls.
    She has one brother Joe Sugg who is also a Youtuber thanks to her sister's fanbase, many Youtube friends and a Youtuber boyfriend Alfie Deyes who does/did daily vlogging. They now have a dog together named Nala and they live together in Brighton. 
    Zoe has launched a lot of merch that has always sold well. She sells her own books, beauty products, lifestyle products and clothing at the moment but there's sure to be more coming as she's hungry for the fanbase cash. 
    *-*-*-*-*-The Drama-*-*-*-*-*
    Zoe's has had A LOT of drama along the years but somehow always managed to clear her name after. She started having drama years ago with this girl called Gabriella Lindley, then there was the whole ghost writer thing with her first book, the HELLO WORLD meeting, her having insensitive tweets, advent calendar scandal... There must be more.
    In most of her scandals the more vocal person is Alfie who runs for her rescue as Zoe barely ever gives out a statement or apologizes, she just brushes everything under the carpet and starts talking about something else. Maybe it's for the better but at the same time makes her seem really immature (which she really is) and weak.
    The biggest scandals she's had have been her ghost writer and advent calendar scandals that got people really marching against her. With the first one she never apologized or really confirmed that she used a ghost writer with her first novel and with the second she gave a half assed "apology" where she basically blamed the stores for the price of her calendar.
    *-*-*-*-*-Personal opinion-*-*-*-*-*
    Lately I have been unable to watch any of her videos as it just all seems fake. And I must now sound like a jealous bitch but she's flashing so much! She's flashing how she's got this huge massive house, all these free makeups and Lush products, a brand new car from Alfie, a perfect life where all she does is things she wants with no consequences nor limitations. I don't know, it all just seems too perfect in a weird way. It's all about getting free stuff or spending a lot of money.
    As I started watching her in 2012 she was still rather sweet but now she's this trashy girl who can only talk about her nipples, vaginas and farting.
    Something else that also annoys me is her eating habits: the girl seems to eat only pizza and other fatty greasy food but is still size 00. She doesn't exercise at all and is proud for being fatty and lazy. Sure, live your life as you like but I can't imagine her young fans thinking that's how you get skinny. Maybe I'm just jelly jelly hater but it fucking annoys me that she's got such bad eating habits yet has a "body to die for".
    I don't know, what are your thought on her. I just can't stand her anymore and would love to rant/share opinions of her with you 
  5. First thread here.Sorry if i make any errors.

    I recently found this girl on my recommendations. Her instagram is Icy_Tenshi
    -19 years old
    -She is russian living in Italy
    she looks quite pretty but her pictures looks photoshopped to me?  (I know shocker,who doesn't edit their pictures nowadays,right?) But I don't know she give me flakey vibes? Maybe I am wrong? Any thoughts?

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/icy_tenshi/
    Twitter: twitter.com/icy_tenshi
    She has been promoted on few Chinese and Japanese websites

    Also I found her old picture on tumblr were she looks quite different to me.

    Forget to mention : Her pictures was added one of the videos about" Nordic Aliens" 

    (If anyone don't know about Maria Orsitsch (you can google it) she was a medium and the leader for nazi secret society)

  6. joycebean
    instagram // main channel // vlog channel // twitter // store instagram

    joyce is an 18 year old beauty/life vlogger who is also known for starting the online shop "silk and honey", formerly known as "wild daisy". 
    she gained popularity through her old vlog channel with her ex-boyfriend, rob. the two broke up after 3 years and joyce has recently stated the reason for the breakup was due to emotional abuse.
    in her "how to get over heartbreak video", she says she doesn't want to throw rob under the bus but states the following about what happened:
    when joyce dyed her hair during her junior year, rob threatened to break up with her.rob said he had no respect for her.during a twitch stream, rob logged onto her account and told people that she was shitty to him.rob changed the passwords to several of her accounts. joyce also got plastic surgery to alter her nose and eyelids. she saw her nose as "shapeless", "annoying", and "bugged" her. 
  7. Rachel Aust
    https://www.instagram.com/rachelaust/?hl=en (100k)
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvIaf-RCk5mQiH8rI0rODlg/videos (500k)
    She used to be chubby, but got into sporty lifestyle and has a great body now. She's also into minimalism, which is great and her style is on a more emo/gothy side, which I personally appreciate. I don't follow her closely as I'm not into fitness (although I wish I found a sport I genuinely enjoyed and could do on a daily  basis).
    She has PCOS so she's probably a great person for people trying to lose weight and being stopped by the sickness. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnCfKHE0xz0 )
    I'm taking pictures directly from instagram as I don't think she's the type to delete them. (she's not a snowflake as far as I'm concerned)

    She wasn't obese to begin with, just overweight, but you can see how greatly her body changed. There are some photos where you can see much more muscle definition and honestly, I'm in awe. I plan to start taking dance classes so maybe I will be closer to being so fit. 
    Some recent photos...
  8. Kisty Mea's Social Media
    Instagram (14.9K followers) • Blog • YouTube Channel
    So I decided to create a thread for this girl because she's known for copying a much famous blogger, Camie Juan, for like 8 / 9 years and counting.  She's tried to copy photos, haircuts & hairstyles, and even worse, copied right off from Camie's blog entries. This blog has a more detailed breakdown of Kisty's copycat syndrome.  A lot of Filipinos in the online sphere noticed this and it reached its peak when Kisty imitated Camie for her YouTube intro.
    Here are some Instagram photos where Kisty clearly copied Camie, taken from the detailed blog I linked above:
    And some fashion choices, even
    And just one of the many hair imitations Kisty tried.
    Here's a side by side comparison of Camie's (now deleted) intro (Left) (possibly due to comments about Kisty (Right) and Kisty's intro, which is still up on her YouTube.

    It was even worse because she also plagiarized one of Camie's blog entries about the UK Visa. Here's Camie's entry, and here's Kisty's (now revised) entry. But you can see where the sentence was ripped off:

    A few months later, Kisty then writes this article about how she was "cyberbullied" by Camie and her followers. Camie then responds saying that she's been dealing with Kisty privately through the years and has receipts that most of Kisty's former friends are tired with Kisty's bullshit.
  9. Post on Stef Sanjati in Online Personalities

    By echo, posted
    Stef Sanjati
    Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr // YouNow

    Stef is a MtF trans Youtuber from Canada. She makes mainly videos about her journey transitioning.
    When she started her channel it was more makeup oriented, but now she also does other assorted type videos such as Q&As where she gives advice to her viewers.
    Her most popular video is about her Waardenburg Syndrome that reached 8 million views. Here is the link to that video.
    To be honest, I really like her makeup style and Story Time videos. To start off the conversation, recently she said in one of her recent videos she's struggling with Bulimia, and apparently she's been using laxatives non-stop for 3 months. Here is the video where she talks about it: