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  1. Stephanie Hodges / BluePotionCo 

    Twitter Suspended / Back-up Twitter Deactivated / Instagram Deactivated / Website / Website 2.0
    Stephanie Hodges aka BluePotionCo, is a shameless fraud from Manchester UK who is known for tracing/ripping off art and selling it on her website as enamel pins, prints, and apparel as her own creations. She got her start in 2013 as an artist who made their own fanart, but decided it would be easier to trace art and sell it online. She has been called out numerous times for tracing from video games and smaller online artists, but blocks everybody who mentions it. She has been banned from sites like Etsy many times, but keeps remaking her account and selling the exact same products each time under fake names. She has tried and failed to erase evidence of her shady behavior and past online presence, and has a massive attitude problem. She has 27k followers on Twitter and 11k followers on Instagram, but 2% engagement on both platforms indicating she bought followers to replace the ones she blocked.
    Known Drama
    History and Tracing

    Steph made a name for herself by selling enamel pins and accessories that appealed to the geek culture niche with products like Zelda themed mugs and The Walking Dead in the UK convention scene starting in 2013. She had a decent following, she regularly created fanart with a likeness to the Adventure Time style, and for a short time went viral for her Pokemon and Studio Ghibli illustrations on tumblr, amassing between 32k to 110k notes on her posts. She was also a cosplayer who created her own cosplays, but some time in the future sold her old costumes on her etsy. She created anime and video game themed products for customers, but seemingly out of nowhere snapped and decided to begin tracing, mixing the traced images with her own art to disguise the fact that she had traced over things such as Howl's Moving Castle, Totoro and Spirited Away. Or in rarer cases, directly copying and pasting game sprites onto her merch. For some unknown reason, after she rebranded from Steph Hodges Designs to BluePotion in 2015, all of her past accounts on tumblr, etsy, society6 and others that were under her real name disappeared. 

    Her past portfolio
    However, in 2019 it was discovered that she was directly tracing over in-game models and fanart from other artists. Her inconsistent art style was a dead giveaway that she was taking images and tracing over them to pass off as her own creations. She often frankenstein's pictures together then traced them, or very subtly adds her own elements to hide her lack of talent. One such element is her changing the expressions to the ':3' mouth or adding a simple smile, or if the image was cut off she'd poorly draw in limbs. Her art style (or what's closest to it) is actually more amateur and disjointed.

    (warning: image heavy)
    Plagiarism and Admitting to Art Theft

    She attempted to start a Kickstarter for her Ocean Friends enamel pin series, but was called out for tracing referencing other artist's renditions of sea creatures. She then canceled the Kickstarter and later issued an "apology" stating that she knew she was stealing from Afternoonfika but claimed that the designs were her own because "they were in her sketchbook." She then admitted to tracing her Cuphead patterns from the game for a friend and later decided to add it to her store, and then admitted to tracing her Animal Crossing pins because she was told by others that there weren't any existing AC pins and she traced them so that there would be ones for people to buy, thinking it was a good thing because she had all villagers available as pins. She calls her traces "obvious" and says she knew people would look and realize they were traced.
    She later recanted it and deleted it from her Twitter after her social media break in the summer because she was mad at the art community giving her shit for still selling plagiarized work in her shop. She promised to remove the traced items from her store, but they're still there and she still promotes them.
    She then made an enamel pin of the Switch console with objects from the various video game series popping out of it, but was called out for copying Meyoco's Switch prints. Yes, we know Meyoco doesn't own art styles and she's not the sole creator of objects coming out of consoles, but both have grass on the bottom, are at the same angle, the joycon buttons are traced, and Steph managed to get the color of the Switch wrong by making it white instead of black and not including the ac plug in order to subtly differentiate her patch from Meyoco's. She also traced the handheld consoles she sold alongside the rest of her pins.
    Snowflake Behavior

    Strangely, all articles that had featured Stef were mysteriously deleted from the internet along with her portfolio, but cached images from them have remained where she is credited as a self-made internet entrepreneur and graphic designer. She attempted to skinwalk as Belle Delphine after the Gamer Girl Bath Water scandal, posted her selfies to her business accounts and then promptly deleted them.
    Steph frequently blocks people who either make callout posts about her on Twitter or interact with the thread in some way shape or form. She also has a habit of posting and quickly removing them from her social media accounts, and snapping at other people before deleting the tweet. After so much drama had happened in the summer of 2019, she disabled comments on her Instagram posts and unfollowed all people she had followed before on her Twitter, then temporarily closed her shop only to reopen it later after taking a "social media break from being bullied." Her accounts have 0% interaction between herself and her followers, it is believed that for each follower she blocks she buys more to make up the difference and her instagram follower's list is full of bot accounts. It's become a meme now to be blocked by Steph despite never interacting with her. She blames the art community for bullying her into hiding, when she bullies others and harasses them.
    One of her biggest offenses is trying to silence others who have come forward with evidence of her shady actions. Steph is known to start witch-hunts towards people who do call her out using the few loyal fans she has left and brigading them with insults and death threats, reporting them to local conventions and having them blacklisted from ever selling there, creating a public blacklist if they are artists, and even mass-reporting accounts. She is also keen on abusing Youtube's copyright system to get videos that expose her taken down.

    Known domains: Elenawing.co.uk, Ohayouclothing.com, Ohayouclothing.co.uk (and Ohayou's real name [which will not be mentioned] as a domain), Animalcrossingpins.co.uk, Syrencove.com
    Going to these addresses will lead you to a page listing the domain prices, but Syrencove.com leads to BPCo's site.
    Most recently, she decided to buy the domain names of rival artists and those who have called her out to redirect traffic to her website. She has taken both their screen names, real names, and additional names such as Syren Cove, created websites that all redirected to bluepotion.co.uk. She later shut them down after being caught red handed, and is currently holding them hostage for thousands of dollars while the urls themselves cost 1-5$ to host in an attempt to get the original artists to give her money. And judging by a screenshot provided by twitter users, Steph has possibly dozens more of fraud domains to link to her web store. 
    Kickstarter Scamming

    Stephanie created a kickstarter for her Games Come to Life Enamel Pins on February 9th 2019. Within a month, the kickstarter project reached 100% of its goal and continued to get backers until the project ended on March 9th with a total of £7,029. Stephanie promised her backers pins, stickers, lanyards and patches to her backers and that the rewards would be shipped between the months of April and June worldwide. After the project had ended, Stephanie began to get the pins manufactured and shipped in May, though she claimed that shipping was slow due to her pins being physically stolen out of her car. Then it slowed even more when international backers never received their orders, to which Steph blamed her post office for being understaffed and overworked. Her last update came in October where she said that she was still shipping out orders to backers who didn't get theirs and promised to stay in touch, but her backers were suspicious of her. Even though Steph had remained in touch with them, international backers never received their rewards and Steph ceased contact with them.
    Sockpuppet Shops / Catfishing

    Steph has been banned from Etsy, redbubble, society6 and other selling websites multiple times, but she keeps coming back under different names (Steph Nygard, Katya Kawaii, MajoMomo, AzuremystArt etc). She uses the domains she's squatting to pretend to be someone else, but her MO is always the same. She sells the same products with different backgrounds and lighting, and uses the domains she's squatting on to hide her tracks. Her past shops were some altered version of BluePotionCo (BlueHerbCo, BluePotionUk, etc.)but she is always trying to pretend to be someone else so she can continue to make money off of people who don't know any better. To add insult to injury, the prices on her sockpuppet accounts are listed higher than the normal prices on her main. One of her stores, KatyaKawaii on Etsy, she attempted to pretend to be someone else but was accidentally exposed by someone who bought a pin from her. The photo provided in the review is a pin with BluePotionCo's backing, yet the shop was under the name KatyaKawaii. Steph caught this and immediately changed it.

    Stephanie is a shady hack who had the hardest artistic fall from grace, so she resorts to stealing from others and silencing them when they call her out. She is a very petty person who has a lot of money to burn after scamming her fans and making sock puppet shops to make money from since she can buy out numerous domains from rivals and continue to buy followers after she blocked all 27,000 of them. Her shops keep getting taken down, but she remakes them under false names and sells the same merch like nobody is going to notice. She lies about tracing art and feigning innocence, but her true colors show with her sending her fans to bully and threaten people who speak out about her. She has no remorse or regret for tracing art from companies such as Nintendo and Square Enix, and small artists who can't fight back as evidenced by her removing her apologies and keeping all of her traced merch up online. She's basically a criminal at this point for domain squatting (which is illegal), filing false copyright claims, and tracing/selling copyrighted merch.
  2. from Wikitubia:

    Alexander Liam Elmslie (born: February 1, 1999 [age 20]), better known online as ImAllexx (or just Alex), is a British YouTuber who is best known for his commentary videos mostly on trending topics. He also occasionally streams on his Twitch channel. Alex ran two podcasts, they were called “The Camp Cast” with his friend James Marriott and "JaackMaate's HappyHour" alongside JaackMaate and Stevie, he now runs his own podcast called "Internet Sensation"   ImAllexx is highly known for making 10 minutes videos about people who indirectly mention him - like KSI - or on an Instagram photo - one video about Tana Mongeau's Halloween outfit and another on the most liked photo online: the Instagram egg.
    In May 2019, James Charles was accused of being predatory to straight men by Tati Westbrook. At the time of James' video, "Tati" still being available, there was not enough information about the situation, but due to the allegations, ImAllexx and many other YouTubers decided to side with Tati, not realizing they didn't have his side of the story. In his video, "My Experiences With James Charles," he claimed that there was a lot of "evidence" that proved that he was guilty of it. A week later, he made a video defending James Charles called "Defending James Charles" after James' video, "No More Lies" came out of him debunking the allegations. However, this was never brought to light until June 19.
    On June 19, 2019, Slazo's ex-girlfriend, Chey, came out to Twitter and made a post, explaining that she had a relationship with Slazo, but the relationship was toxic including her claiming that Slazo was a rapist. Due to this allegation, YouTubers like ImAllexx, Kingani, and Weest came out for their support of Chey. However, when Slazo debunked these allegations and showed evidence that Chey's allegations were a lie, ImAllexx and many of his friends still sided with Chey and made various tweets, defending Chey and claiming Slazo was "manipulative". Many of the people later noticed he jumped into conclusions when he talked about James Charles, only fueling the fire ImAllexx had started.
    This resulted in ImAllexx and his friends (including Chey) to get extreme backlash, with YouTubers such as LtCobra making a Twitter video calling out ImAllexx, stating for him to "take a big fat Fortnite L". The last tweet that he made about the situation was a statement clarifying how he actually felt about the situation and why he got involved.
    The drama surrounding him because more evident when the podcast series, Baited (featuring Keemstar, Colossal is Crazy and the return of Tommy C's SFTP) uploaded a podcast where all three hosts criticize ImAllexx for his manipulative behavior on YouTube, which lead Keemstar into becoming angry and venting his dislike for Alex on the podcast. (This also caused YouTuber Kavos to make a video calling out ImAllexx again, knowing that both had drama once before.)
    Here's more light to the situation:
    The DMS where they planned to bring Slazo down (released by Kavos)
    (to be updated!!)
  3. Nicole "Sheena" Duquette 'Oum'

    Twitter l Instagram l Youtube l Facebook l Deviantart l Patreon l Website l Roosterteeth profile
    Sheena Duquette is a Canadian born flop living in America who heavily edits her cosplay photos and tries too hard to be the next Jessica Nigri. She's a coasplayer, titty-streamer, youtuber, artist and 'animator' but none of these ever lasted long enough before she changed her tune and jumped on something else. She lies about photoshopping her photos, her sham "marriage" to avoid getting deported back to Canada, is a serial cheater, gold digger, e-beggar and master manipulator kissing the asses of any popular person in LA to get herself ahead. She has a massive ego and praises herself for everything she does despite it all being mediocre/shit, doesn't take any criticism whatsoever, and plays the victim when she can. Oh, and she also directly had a hand in causing her husband's death.
    98% of her cosplays are bought online but she edits them and claims herself to be a "professional" cosplayerShe's now a boudoir cosplayer selling prints and photosets despite not even being a legal citizen of the US Posts fakedeep and vague tweets on twitter about other peoplePreaches being kind to others online, but is a snake to those who meet herShe also signed her dead husband's name on everything she sold at conventions to get money after his death. 
    Sheena was already infamous in Canada with her past friendships and relationships for being a liar and massive shit-talker. She preaches positivity and creativity, but in reality she's a vile person who talks about other behind their backs, uses people to advance herself, and cries crocodile tears to get sympathy from others. She makes up stories about her past to make herself seem interesting or to garner sympathy, but in reality she's about as interesting as a piece of wet cardboard. She spread rumors and lies about others to other people to get them on their side, and still continues to do so to this day.

    E-begging and gold-digging
    Sheena can and will hop on any dick that has money, and has proven time and again that she is only concerned about making money for herself and trying to live lavishly. All of her relationships involved her boyfriends buying expensive luxuries for her, and she gave nothing in return to them. She whines about being poor, having no money to buy anything, and being broke to get donations. 
    Held a gofundme to have a photoshoot IN JAPAN. It failed.Whines about not earning enough money off of patreon to get more donations despite blowing through almost 150k in a yearAdmitted to becoming a titty streamer for the attention + moneySold Monty's prized belongings after he diedHasn't given out her patreon rewards to fans for MONTHS before going AWOL on patreonLying about Editing
    Sheena desperately wants to be special and the only pretty girl in the world, and she edits her photos beyond recognition to reflect that. She has been caught multiple times doing this, but denies everything. From enlarging her flat ass to airbrushing her entire face, she says she's 100% natural. (more in spoilers)

    Monty Oum and the Visa Marriage

    Sheena and Monty Oum (former animator for Rooster Teeth and creator of RWBY, Dead Fantasy) met in 2013 at a convention after talking online. She flew to the US to stay with him after he was rejected by another woman and so their relationship began within three months. The relationship was mostly one-sided with Monty spending a LOT of money on Sheena while she cosplayed whatever and modeled as RWBY characters for him. Whenever he would be invited as a guest to a convention, Sheena would follow so he'd have to accommodate for her. This lead to some.... choice actions.
    Her talking shit about other cosplayers (mostly towards female cosplayers)Being an elitist because she thinks she's the next Yaya HanThey had sex in their hotel room... while other people were there.Is a terrible cosplay judge with zero self-awarenessInterestingly enough, they got married in May 2014 right around the time that Sheena's visa was about to run out. This was likely done to have her stay in the US on a spousal visa instead of travelling back and forth between the US and Canada. 
    Sheena stated on one of her blog posts that she and Monty were going to eventually break the news to their friends and family and throw an actual wedding ceremony the year after. But, before any of that could happen, tragedy struck.
    Monty's Death/Aftermath
    Their marriage remained strictly secret (some say it was Monty's wishes, others speculate it was so that she wouldn't get reported to immigration) until after Monty was hospitalized after going into anaphylactic shock during a routine medical procedure in late January of 2015. That week, RT had made an emergency announcement to their fans to alert them that Monty had been hospitalized, but little was actually said about the circumstances surrounding him being put into intensive care. Monty died on February 1st after going into a coma from his allergic reaction. 
    What lead up to his sudden death was that he was undergoing routine shots for his severe cat allergy, but instead he had a fatal reaction, leading to a coma and brain death. This was likely due to the fact that Sheena had, months earlier, picked up a stray cat and brought it to their apartment to keep, despite knowing that Monty was deathly allergic. Monty agreed to keep it but had to routinely get vaccinated to build immunity. In the months leading up he grew sicker and sicker despite getting vaccinated. With him spending so much time near the cat in his apartment (he was a stubborn workaholic and his immune system was already weak) plus the vaccination carrying the allergy, it was too much for his body to handle. He died from being overexposed to the cat allergen.

    tldr; She adopted a cat knowing Monty was allergic, he died from being overexposed to cat allergens, she blamed the cat. 
    A gofundme set up by one of Sheena's friends and not RT, Sheena decided to THEN tell the whole world that she was married to Monty, and changed both her's and his profiles to reflect that while Monty was dying in the hospital by deleting all evidence of his past relationships including timeline statuses and photos of his exes. The gofundme that was to pay for both the medical expenses, Monty's funeral, and for his family that raised over 250,000$, and Sheena jumped in to take her share. That gofundme stayed open for a full year after it met it's goal and she was still getting money from it. On top of that, she was receiving hundreds of dollars in her streams in support of Monty, so she took THOUSANDS of dollars from the gofundme and from twitch.
    Sheena wore a miniskirt and high heels to Monty's wake (no funeral was held, he was cremated which was far cheaper than having him laid to rest) and appeared bored during the wake,She took sperm from him while he was in a coma because Monty did not want to start a family until he was done workingThe Oum family hates Sheena for taking the money from the gofundme for herself, never telling them that she was married to Monty, and cutting them off following that. They learned of Monty's death a day before the wake was held.Sheena lied that Neath (Monty's brother) attempted to hit on her during the wake, but others have testified against her 

    So where did all that money go? 
    Medical bills and funeral services aside, the majority of it went to Sheena. She continued to receive money from it as the gofundme was left open for a full year until it was reported and taken down. 
    She and Jessica Nigri flew to London and went on a shopping spree where she posted all of her hauls (and to meet up with her new sugar daddy less than a month after Monty died)She went to more conventions, bought new cosplay materials, new cameras, a gaming set up, and moreMoved from Texas to Los AngelesConstantly saying "It's what Monty would have wanted/Monty would want this for me!" to justify her shitty actions and blowing 100,000$ in a yearAnd plastic surgery!In the end, did she even love Monty? The answer is leaning towards no. Not a month after Monty's death, she jumped on someone else's dick and attempted to snag another spousal visa in England. She stopped posting about Monty on his death/wedding anniversary and no longer mentions him unless it's for her to gain sympathy as the mourning widow.
    During their relationship, Monty had tried to get Sheena to work with him at Roosterteeth on RWBY as an animator (despite having no background). She wasn't hired because of her terrible animation skills, but she still threw in her two cents now and then to Monty for the show as 'freelance work.' He had a character (Winter Schnee) created in her likeness that he had planned to put in the show and use her as the voice actress for Winter. Monty was secretive about RWBY's direction and story, so allegedly the only other person who knew about his vision was Sheena and, supposedly, Shane Newville.
    When Monty had passed, Shane (former Roosterteeth employee) worked overtime trying to fill in the blanks for the show and get Sheena her documents to live as a citizen because her visa was running out yet again. Because of him spending so much time away from his family working with another woman, his home life soured and his promptly divorced him. It only got worse as CRWBY redrafted Winter's design, held open auditions for Winter's voice (someone else ended up being picked), and closed the doors on Sheena. Shane was fired after trying to fight back the change from what he thought was against Monty's vision, believe that both he and Sheena were the only people who knew what Monty's plans for the show were and they were being wronged.
    You can read all about in in Shane's 32-page essay about how he felt that RT betrayed him, Sheena, Monty and his ruined marriage because of itSupposedly Sheena already had bad blood with Roosterteeth for not liking the other female employees that were there; meanwhile nobody at Roosterteeth wanted anything to do with her.Sheena did not have any major role in RWBY's production despite what she says, she never worked for themRT gave Sheena an entire year of Monty's salary after his deathShe's responsible for causing someone else's divorce. 
    Dirty Laundry (Being a serial cheater)
    Sheena has a long history of cheating on everybody she's ever dated and attempting to get close to men who were already in relationships. She attempted to settle with Monty, but she couldn't stop herself from sucking other men's dicks behind his back. 
    Cheated on Monty with a guy named Sam Batty while married. She flew out to London to start officially dating him after Monty died. (Sam was also cheating and was an abuser towards his pregnant girlfriend)Slept with Sam Batty's friend during her London visitStarted dating a guy named Arin Robinson after her relationship with Sam ended. He attempted to WK her on lolcow.BUT HE CAME FORWARD WITH THE TRUTH AFTER SEEING HER TALKING SHIT ABOUT HIM POST-BREAKUP (spoilered: full text from Arin)Attempted to get close to other LA-based e-celebs like Game Grumps (specifically Ross who was married) and Markiplier for cloutSo not only is she a liar, she's a cheater, abuser, gold-digger and manipulator Screenshots from her discord's mods calling her out.One of the members of her circle who came to lolcow to talk about her (spoilered text) (link to lolcow thread)TLDR;
    Sheena Duquette is a no-name cosplayer from Canada trying to become successful in the US by leeching off of others for fame. She has a long streak of being a homewrecker and cheating on her exes with people who are already in relationships, ruining marriages, and taking as much from others as she can for herself. Many people who have known her have come forward to expose her as a piece of shit person for using them for clout or money, or the many shady things she's done both in the US and Canada. 
  4. Can anyone explain to me why Jaclyn Hill doesn't have a forum here?
    She's literally one of the most disgusting, shady people on the entire internet, and I can't believe that there's no topic dedicated to her.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she'd paid off the mods of PULL to keep her name off this site.
  5. Can anyone explain to me why Jaclyn Hill doesn't have a forum here?
    She's literally one of the most disgusting, shady people on the entire internet, and I can't believe that there's no topic dedicated to her.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she'd paid off the mods of PULL to keep her name off this site.

  6. Travel vlogger, self proclaimed loner, wants to visit 100 countries by end of year, greasy, vegan, likes to lie for no reason, rude to her followers, special snowflake.
    Lies about her hair, is actually a wig
    Claimed that her contacts were her real eye color then took it back.
    Has a fetish for asian men
    Says she is mixed
    Claims that she will be opening a restaraunt, airbnb, and have a clothing line
    But claims she already has a business but doesnt say what it is
    She only experienced racism in America and that bad treatment is because of the way you carry yourself
    Every time she visits a country she loves to talk about how she’s the first black people some of these people have ever seen and that they like her so much.
    More insta posts
    In one of her videos she claimed that she never met her father. Originally made a post on how her father forgot her birthday and how she was upset over it. Now she’s changed it to “you forgot my birthday”.
    So called encounter with racist family
  7. Ember Whann

    Instagram: @temporarygoddess
    Lolcow Thread
    Kiwi Farms Thread
    Ember Whann is a 22 year old woman from Honeoye Falls, NY, USA. She is mostly known for running a pro-ana blog on Tumblr, photoshopping her photos, and lying constantly. She is also infamous for cyberbulling and harassing another blogger on Tumblr, Emilyologist. Ember deletes social media accounts rapidly depending on what phase she is currently in, so screenshotting her posts is essential in documenting her behavior. As of October 4th, 2018, her Instagram account has 24.3k followers. 
    Please note: The more I research Ember, the more I uncover. I will be continuously adding to this post, because WOW there’s a lot to unpack here!!
    Pro-Ana Days (ED TW!!)
    Harassing Emily & Sockpuppeting
    "Recovery" Blog (ED TW!!)
    Vegan Wiccan Phase
    Current Phase
  8. Kokeadile
    Instagram / Blog / Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube

    Kokie Childers, known as Kokeadile on Instagram, is a popular up-and-coming model known for her voluminous natural hair, striking blue eyes, and -most prominently- her dense freckles. According to Kokie, she initially didn't want to pursue modeling, but a shoot with photographer Hugh Morris entitled "LeFrek" kickstarted her modeling career. Since then, Kokie has accrued almost 40,000 followers on Instagram, and done multiple shoots and interviews, with the majority of the attention being paid to the dark freckles which cover the majority of her face.
    Her online presence has been almost totally drama free, until approximately one month ago, when Kokie participated in a photoshoot with Health Magazine and the clothing store CHNGE, entitled "6 People With Skin Conditions Share the Most Hurtful Things Ever Said to Them". The concept of the photoshoot was to photograph and interview young people with skin conditions such as acne, birthmarks, and freckles in order to help de-stigmatize them. The photoshoot featured Kokie's freckles heavily. The photos were later posted to Instagram, with one image showing the model with a disparaging or aggressive quote written on their face (In Kokie's case, this was "How long did it take you to draw those on?") and the other a short, handwritten message about the struggles of growing up with a stigmatized condition. 
    Screenshots of the post in question:
    There was just one problem... Kokie's freckles are completely fake.
    It didn't take long for a large number of people who viewed the Health Magazine pictures to discover this, with many pointing out that Kokie's freckles seemed unnaturally uniform in size and color, while their positioning varied wildly from photo to photo. The comments on the Instagram post were quickly flooded with people questioning the veracity of Kokie's alleged "skin condition," and some asked why someone with no skin abnormalities would be asked to help figure-head such a movement (Kokie has had comments turned off on her Instagram for an indeterminate period of time, likely to avoid backlash from the debacle). One commenter even pointed out that in one of the pictures, there appeared to be a faded spot where the sticker adhesive had worn away some of Kokie's freckles, though this was disputed. 
    Many, including myself, found it extremely distasteful that someone would not only fake a skin condition for notoriety and "clout", but then go on to lie about the adversity they had faced due to their fake condition. For me, the last straw was when I realized that she was attempting to judge people for asking her how long it takes to draw on her freckles, when her freckles are, in fact, drawn on. Kokie's case is strongly reminiscent of Sarah McDaniel/ Krotchy, another Instagram model who also attempted to fake a genetic condition, in Sarah's case heterochromia, in order to bolster their modeling career. More similarities include the fact that both women seem to have invented a narrative of persecution in order to attract more attention, and the sad truth that many people seem to compare themselves unfavourably to Sarah and Kokie, often leaving comments saying that they would wish to be as "unique" or "beautiful", despite the fact that the personas of these women are largely built on lies. 
    The three photoshoots in which the falseness of Kokie's freckles can most clearly be seen are the aforementioned LeFrek and Health Magazine shoots, and in another set of photos for online retailer The Wrap Life, in which Kokie's freckles appear to be completely different in terms of positioning and color. In the first image, Kokie's freckles appear very light in color, whereas in the last photo they are much darker. They also appear to be drawn on much more densely in the Health Magazine photo, and in all three photos there is a significant difference in the placement of freckles on the forehead, neck, chin, between the eyebrows, and on her left eyelid. 
    It's also worth noting that previously to this, Kokie appears to have been attempting to pass of her blue/grey contacts as being her natural eye color. Though on her website her eye colour is currently listed as "brown/ grey contacts", there are several interviews in which Kokie's lighter eye colour seems to be referred to as natural, including her interviews with The Cut, and with c-heads magazine, (though the title which mentioned her blue eyes was later changed, the claim was still visible in the website's url), making it seem likely that Kokie herself had asserted that she was not wearing contacts. This is also supported by the fact that she wore the color-contacts to all her modeling gigs, which she would not her done had she been open about the natural color. It is possible that this lying may also have been why she was dropped from her modeling agency, Vessel Models, although the agency also appears to have gone dark since she was attributed to them in the c-heads interview last May, so that may not be the case. 
    More In-Depth Analysis
    Instagram model fakes having a skin condition so she can be special and complain about people making fun of her, despite the fact that if she wanted people to stop making comments, all she'd need is a makeup wipe. 
  9. Lil Tay: A Tale of Bad Parenting
    Lil Tay:
    Lil Tay's Instagram // Lil Tay's Youtube // Lil Tay's Twitter
    Rycie (Lil Tay's brother, creator of Lil Tay)
    Rycie's Twitter
    Alright, so I'm sure you guys know who Lil Gucci Taylor is, aka "The Youngest Flexer of the Century."

    Lil Tay is a nine-year-old girl who's being forced by her brother to act ignorant and "flex" on camera to get famous and for money if you haven't seen her videos.
    The one behind all of this though is her brother, Jason Tian, who goes by "Rycie" or "IcyRycie" on social media. 

    Alright, so I drew it out for you. 
    Basically, he tells her what to say on the videos, and even made her say a racial slur. ALSO, he made her smoke a Hookah, which is around the equivalent of smoking ten cigarettes at once (also, she's nine years old)
    Her mother was also in the background not doing ANYTHING. Like sis??? Your kid is getting high??? And you're not doing anything?? wow. Someone call CPS.
    Here's her mother who is defending her daughter because this is her "passion".
    Anyways, what do y'all think? I think, as the interviewer said, this will follow her and her family for the rest of her life. It's truly sad how her mother and older brother, the people who are supposed to be guiding her, are making/letting her post these things online, knowing it could damage her future. It isn't cool, or cute, It's sick and sad. Shame on her mother and brother.
  10. Post on Pokimane in Pokimane

    By TrashWifu, posted


    She is 23 years old, born in 1996. She rose to popularity from streaming League of Legends and Fortnite. She also posts irl streams and ASMR content. Before Twitch, she studied chemical engineering at McMaster but dropped out after sophomore year.
    Her Social Media Accounts
    Twitter // Twitch // Instagram // Youtube // Facebook
    Hypocrisy and Arrogance
    Pokimane mocks streamers with “sexual content”, such as pinksparkles and lilchiipmunk who both have cleavage on stream, but denies it when called out and posts cleavage herself to pander. Examples one and two.
    Proof one and proof two of her mocking streamers with sexual content.
    Proof two was most likely taken down when she copystriked many smaller channels for criticizing her
    She panders to her audience of mostly young male fanboys, but acts as if it was unintentional or offended when chat spams THICC    
    Instead of using her tits for views, she regularly wears tight body contouring clothes and constantly complains about people clipping her streams when she turns around to leave her room showing her ass. She could have easily avoided this by adding a BRB screen or just temporarily turning cam off.
    Pretends that she’s a quality streamer and gamer while having a disdain for “cam-girls” on twitch
    In OfflineTV’s video on Twitch, they talk about “big titty streamers” and used a clip from a streamer (TheZombiUnicorn) who has voiced her frustrations in the past about people getting on her case about her cleavage showing. Pokimane goes on about how cleavage is normal and natural, but don’t stream naked.
    If Pokimane truly hated the clips/montages people make of her body of her just getting up to walk to the bathroom or leaving the room, she should’ve understood TheZombiUnicorn’s frustrations, but thicc compilations get her clicks.
    Was salty about Ninja’s refusal to play with female gamers when this polygon article was written and lectured her young fans how she wishes guys can play with girls on twitch without the shipping, yet shes the one who heavily perpetrates shipping culture with Meteos/Bjergsen/Myth/Cizzors/Fed.
    After the article, she tries to backtrack by claiming “shipping herself with Fed was just a meme” and not a deliberate plan to fish for content
    Tried to downplay how much she goaded shipping herself with other streamers even as early as when FaZe Scizzors was on her stream, yet she’s the one constantly posting things like “Moki” (myth x poki) and shipping clickbait on her youtube at the height of Myth’s popularity.
    Lied about what she was up to on Valentines day to preserve her brand.
    When she got romantically involved with Hasan, people started piecing it together and InvaderVie contributed to the rumours by saying this which upset her a lot.
    For once, she has a problem with shipping memes most likely because it was actually serious and she had feelings for Hasan, and he wasn’t a popular big streamer like most streamers she shipped herself with so it wasn’t going to help her career.
    Unfollows Hasan as more and more people pick up on it.
    Claimed that it was because she doesn’t like when it goes into sexual territories and claims to be a very nonsexual person. Hmm, seems like she only uses her sexuality when it benefits her for content. She then deletes the comment because of the downvotes.
    “So what she is inferring through her actions, is that she is not opposed to the sexual objectification of herself by others or her own doing, but rather offended people might assume she has an intimate relationship with another adult.” - FriedJustice
    Obviously extremely self conscious of her image, she refollows Hasan after the reddit thread and backlash.
    She also unfollowed Sliker because he contributed to shipping Poki x Hasan.
    Hypocrisy on using the word “cringe”. Also isn’t it funny now that more girls voice their support of titty streamers, she no longer looks down on them either? It’s almost like it’s not the popular opinion to have anymore. Hey maybe she reformed.
    Catalyzes the drama of Albert cheating on Lily by subtweeting about it to her millions of followers, when she herself in the past had voiced disdain in keeping her privacy.
    Copystriked smaller youtubers to take down their videos, especially ones critical of her. She releases an “apology” video but doesn’t actually apologize and admit her wrongdoing.
    Distastefully puts TMarTns apology intro with his dog, makes it seem like she’s not taking it very seriously.
    Most people aren’t having any of this bullshit. The video has more dislikes than likes and comments aren’t forgiving either.
    She claimed to target channels that just ripped clips/vods to upload without adding any transformative content, but her streams are mostly her reacting to youtube videos… with no transformative content.
    Constantly preaches self love and accepting yourself for who you are, yet photoshops her face and body and look way different in candids or fan pics. Another proof. Also hides her side profile because she likely finds her hook nose unattractive. Hypocritical of her to sell self love and body positivity when she spends an hour on makeup we've seen her apply and cam filters to make her look much paler than she actually is.
    Attention and Status Seeking
    Used to selfsubmit these kinds of pictures to Tumblr blogs to promote her stream.
    Claimed that she was made fun of for streaming in school/university, and talked down about other girls in her class because they were “boring engineers”.
    Cosplayed as Bjergsen and spams his chat to get him to notice her.
    They end up dating for a while.
    Speculated that she broke off with C9 Meteos to quickly get with Bjergsen.
    Actually just refer to this flowchart.
    Stream-sniped Tyler1 when he streamed league again at extremely high viewer counts, but when called out she lies. Proof of screen showing she was assigned support, yet took the ADC role claiming “support is too boring” when she mainly plays mid and support.
    After the Tyler1 incident, she cosplays as him and refers to the stream-sniping incident to garner more attention
    When Fortnite was blowing up on Twitch, Poki regularly duos with Myth (one of the top fortnite streamers at the time), stream together, and make clickbait videos featuring the two. They feed into the shipping culture as mentioned before, such as posting things like #Moki (myth x poki).
    However she wasn’t actually good at the game as most people noticed, and ditches Myth on day 2 of a streamer skirmish tournament. Myth ends up teamless.
    After Myth’s popularity in fortnite dwindled, she allegedly unfollowed him for two weeks because she no longer “worked” with him as much.
    When GTA RP was blowing up on Twitch, she latches on to Vader who roleplayed a popular character Eugene. She roleplays as a dumb young French lady, and no one is impressed because of her inconsistent character story and overall shitty RP.
    Stops playing GTA RP because of the criticisms and backlash of her shitty bimbo character, then claims its because of misogyny and Vader and not her RP skills.
    Obviously, most people can tell its because she purposely roleplays a stupid character then complains when people treat her as such.
    When she stopped playing GTA RP, she unfollows Vader and mostly ignores him at Twitchcon, despite people thinking they were good friends because of their collaborative streams.
    When WOW classic was blowing up on Twitch, Pokimane types in Soda’s chat (with 60k viewers) about how she’s going to play it. A few months before that, she, greek, and soda were in a call and she asked soda to teach her WOW. He said yes but it would have to be offstream since you can’t stream private servers and she immediately lost interest.
    She never ended up playing WOW with soda. I wonder why.
    Not her first time trying with soda: when Soda was featured on the Rajjechlor with 50k viewers, Poki types in chat.
    Not her second time trying with soda either.
    Macaiyla (Tyler1’s gf) said Maya was prettier than Pokimane.
    Pokimane then DMs Macaiyla telling her she was disappointed in her.
    Pokimane attempts to clear it up but doesn’t actually show the message she sent to Macaiyla herself, the one where she said she was disappointed. Probably because it makes Poki look bad?
    Showing Macaiyla’s message implies Macaiyla and her are okay, but never actually addresses the “disappointment” she said to Macaiyla, which was why people criticized Poki’s attitude in the first place.
    When 39daph unfollows her, she asks why and assumes it’s because of Sliker despite daph claiming that not to be the case.
    Poki’s explanation video here.
    Calls Daph a liar because of her reddit comment, insisting the unfollow wasn’t because of “not watching her content” as she suspected. Second comment from Daph.
    Hypocritical of Poki to have a problem with people unfollowing her when she has done the same (see above) to Myth, Vader, Sliker, and Hasan.
    BrAvELy streams without makeup for the first time, then people start poking fun at how drastically different she looks barefaced.
    Tries to fish her predominantly male audience back by taking nice pictures without makeup as if to prove “hey I can still look pretty!”
    Other Interesting Notes
    Weirdly competitive with Valkyrae, a “friend” of hers. Examples one and two.
    Used the n word pretty often in the past. Examples one and two.
    Plagiarised merch.

    Highly suspected to be boosted on League. Mostly plays with challenger duos offstream to help her climb.
    She loses most ranked games she plays on stream.
    Had a tendency in the past to cut the client when playing League so viewers can’t tell she’s actually queuing for normals, but puts “Diamond Ranked” or “Diamond Midlane” in the title, which heavily implies its ranked but it’s not.
    Anecdotes from people who’ve played against her.
    Overall ???? questionable whether she deserves her rank or not. She has never streamed herself playing ranked on a fresh level 30 account like most League girl streamers have such as Emiru.
    ??????? and ????????
    Admits she has no talent https://clips.twitch.tv/GrotesqueExpensiveIcecreamDxCat.
    In conclusion, a lot of people dislike Pokimane because of her attitude and her tendency to use people for social climbing, and never owns up to mistakes when she’s called out for it. Sure people can criticize prettyuglylittleliars for being a gossip forum, but beyond the shallow comments making fun of her nose and her photoshopping, there’s always more comments with real criticisms and proof. I mean how else would I have put this together? People kept saying Poki never really did anything bad, and is an overall wholesome streamer because they can’t really pinpoint or find a good coherent list of things she’s done without sifting through 500+ pages of discussion, so I’ll save you the trouble.
    And isn’t it funny how the audience of the #1 Female Representation of Streaming is overwhelmingly men? Most girls are able to see through her act and insecurity, and it’s not hard to see why a lot of us dislike her. Besides, there are plenty of respectable female streamers that PULL has praised throughout the forums, so for people to dismiss our criticisms as mere jealousy shows how willfully ignorant people are choosing to be because its their “queen”.
    Credits to @@jejujelly. Thank you for taking your time to edit the previous introduction.
  11. Badgalljaii is a girl from Florida who is known for lying and photoshop.
    in a live the day Ayden a boy fighting cancer died she used his death as a way to get followers by claiming him as her Nephew in a live.
    most of her followers are speculated to be bought due to her getting max 20 people per live.
    Many people who used to go to school with her have exposed her on many occasions due to her lies.
    at first she claimed to not be in school and not have attended for 2 years, than 8 years, 
    the photoshop part is from her blurring her figure to make her waist smaller. 
    In the past she's been known to catfish and even taking it so far to meet with the men she cat fishes.
    i wish I had all this proof but sadly she was below 5k at the time. 
    In many if her lives you can basically catch her in her lies when confronted with something because she changes her answers every 10 minutes, she also never shows her face on her lives or her body. 
    Shes lied about her age multiple times as well, from being 19, to 17, to now 16 due to her lie she being confronted.
    shes known around Tampa for jumping girls at their homes and used to live stream it.
    her accounts usually get deleted and many speculate it's due to the fast purchasing of followers, likes, comments, etc.

    It is also suspected that she makes fake fan pages for herself since they all stop posting around the same time periods or start uo after the other stops and all post the same content.

  12. Hello everyone!

    I've found out about her recently and noticed nobody has talked about her on PULL, so.... here we go:

    Who is that?
    Nara (Dotagasm) is/was a Twitch Streamer with around 30k followers. She has been around for many years and didn't show her face during her streams. People could only hear her and watch her while she was playing Dota2 and fooling around with other streamers. Some people don't like her hysteric laughter and the moaning action during her streams, but obviously this helped her to gain lots of male followers during the years. She is/was active on VK, Twitter and Instagram as well, posting lots of pictures about her life.

    Social Media Links:
    https://go.twitch.tv/dotagasm (30k+ follower)https://twitter.com/dotagasm https://www.instagram.com/dotagasm/ (Everything has been deleted here, had 15k+ followers before)https://ask.fm/sheeborsheehttps://www.youtube.com/user/dotagasmhttps://vk.com/dotagasm 
    What did she do?
    Nara (Dotagasm) is a catfish.Like any other girl, Nara uploaded bunch of photos on social media. Recently, someone noticed that the photos of "herself" she's using is an Asian model. They wrote to the model saying that this person (dotagasm) on internet is impersonating them. When Dotagasm found out about it, she made her instagram privateShe "dated" a well known Dota2 pro player (S4) at some point, it looks like they have never met in person.Tried to catfish 2 more players (singsing and admiralbulldog)She stole pictures of (mostly korean) Instagram models. Most of the time she seems to use this ( instagram ) model as her fake persona (and removes her tattoos). This model posted on Instagram and said that she hasn't ever heard about Nara (see below)Stole other Instagram pictures as well and posted them.Complained years ago about other people using "her" pictures to catfish.Posted an "explanation" text on PasteBin (see below)Someone found out that she is a girl from Kazakhstan, claiming to be from Korea. She seems to be obsessed with Korea, which seems to be normal for Kazakhstan citizens. A Youtuber showed her real face. He found her pictures on VK, I've linked her Instagram profile below, but I'm not 100% sure if Anastasiya Lee is her real persona.Disappeared since then, her last stream was around June and only subscribers can watch her old videos on Twitch.Evidence of Snowflakery:
    Pastebin Explanation:
    Proof / Other sources
    Imgurl: https://imgur.com/a/IfuOR/Patebin: https://pastebin.com/SMFChhFWReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6w7jis/whats_going_on_with_the_drama/Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6w5ayx/dotagasm_was_actually_fake_all_this_time/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQIymb1SMco&feature=youtu.be&t=14m33s sReal Persona: https://www.instagram.com/anastas.__/ (stopped using this account in August)
  13. ok so her name is sahar and she just turned 17, she's an ig baddie and has gotten lots of surgery, but has never confirmed anything . she's either homeschooled or not at school anymore since she doesn't really do anything except hang out with her boyfriend who's 20 years old. so their relationship is technically illegal but her parents probably approved it so.
    you can tell she's gotten two nose jobs and multiple lip injections, those have been proved with before and after pictures but some people speculate that she's gotten more surgery done. she's gotten every surgery under the age of 18 but has denied getting anything done. her mother has also denied her getting anything when again it's very obvious she has
    she also photoshops her pictures a lot and posts pictures of alcohol even though she's underage. she has many many young impressionable fans and she's making it seem she's all natural when she's far from it. everyone also thought for a very long time that she's older than she is. sahar never confirmed nor denied these age rumours.
    here's her ig

    here's here natural nose, first nose job and then second nose job 

     here's her denying getting surgery 
     here's her lips without fillers and with

    she's also tagged her lip injector in her pics. she got her second nose job this year and didn't post on insta for like 4 months and then came back with a completely different nose 
    here's two pics of her photoshopping her arm and her waist

     and yeah i think that's it! let me know if anything needs changing, this is my first post ever lol
  14. i wanna start this topic about this indonesian instaceleb notorious for her immoral behaviours & excessive clubbing scene. she is known for using her own friends as a platform to rise into stardom then dumps them. 
    she was a hijabi who excelled in school but decides to get rid of it.
    Many online shops complained for her unprofessionalism at handling endorsements and often left online shops pay her without endorsing their products

    she has a healthy following in instagram of 2 million and abt 500k in youtube posting her vlogs shes got a ridiculous nose filler job done.
    most of her friends are half-castes of (indo-any white nationality) because half-castes are typically the popular kids 

    funnily she plagiarises scream queens thinking shes chanel oberlin but in reality scared of her haters and other cool kids who hates her squad.
  15. She said that never do any surgery on his nose
    Maybe someone can say if is just photoshop?


  16. I really am surprised nobody started a thread for this girl, so I hope I'm doing this right. 
    AL is a youtuber with a pretty weak following, but she gets a decent amount of views for it because of all the drama she's surrounded in.


    she already has threads on lolcow and gg but i really feel like she belongs here.
    she's done a shit done of problematic things, such as manipulation, lying, fake accusations, animal abuse, treating her gf like a child, however promotes positivity and love and uwuuu
    her likes-dislikes ratio is nuts and if you watch any of her videos you'd understand why;; she's constantly lying about literally everything

    i sincerely recommend watching skankhunt42 0's videos on AL if you need to  
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/157939.html is her lolcow thread if you need to know more! 

    a literal rundown of shit can be seen in this video, pointed out by a lolcow user (cries im sorry i donno how to spoiler things yet;;;) 

    "her house is a fucking tip, garbage all over the place and then she randomly brings home another cat to add into her zoo??? The conditions her dogs are kept in are deplorable, shit like this makes me mad because there are totally worse fates for animals than death. Overcrowding and neglect is defs one of them. One thing I will say is good on her for calling the vets and everything but like still. . . she doesnt work or do anything so i doubt she is prepared to take on the responsibility of yet another animal.
    ''i feel like someone abused this cat and just dumped it'' but her dogs live in their own filth . . . like come on dude. Take a step back and check how your animals are living before you go picking up anymore. common fucking sense. She also admits to taking on another kitten not too long ago and having to give it up very quickly due to apartment rules, what pisses me off is shes romanticizing the idea of rescuing all of these animals without even giving much of a thought about the care and time they require. Like seriously put down the fork and take the dogs for a walk theyre going stir crazy and you can tell.
    Also lol at 7:00 in she stops recording and orders her gf around like a butler." - No. 157974

    she also worked for a super top secret government job before quitting suddenly, without giving her job any notice, to pursue her beautiful youtube dreams! and at 30k subscribers, she claims to make like 4k per month so "its totally ok guys i can definitely live just from youtube"

    also is on and off disabling likes/dislikes and comments when it gets too rough, despite how everything would be totally fine if she just made an apology video and fucking?? stopped lying??

    i dunno, thoughts? maybe i'm being too harsh, but she rubs me the wrong way 

    edit: pls let me know if this is in the wrong thread/if somethings up so i can fix!!
  17. I don't know where to start, but let's go. 
    So I'm- or was- a friend of this person called shin Matsushita on Facebook. I thought they were pretty cool,etc until recently. When they have showed their true colors. 
    There's a ton of shitty things they've done. Including:
    -telling people to kill themselves
    -faking suicide
    -lying to everyone
    But the worst thing is that SHE pretended to be transgender. Her real name isn't shin. Her name is Karri or some sort of shit. And she really isn't Japanese. Just some weeb bitch. 

  18. I came here because a lot of you know about photoshop more than the average person, so I need your opinion on this girl that claims that she does not photoshop.
    I honestly don't mind her as a person, she seems cool and without the photoshop she's not ugly. I mean no one is perfect, right?
    So I am not here to bash her, please.
    But if there's one pet peeve of mine is liars and/or frauds that try to convince themselves and others that they really do minimal to no editing at all when it's very obvious that they're face was really altered.
    In fact, I agree, that makeup artists do use photoshop to make their makeup appear more appealing and stand out with filters and all, but changing the size of your nose and eyes and editing your skin so much that it appears translucent and a whole different skin color than your actual skin, it to me starts becoming a bit too much, because you don't even look like the same person anymore. 
    Ok, so I want to point out some things first. No she does not photoshop all her photos from what I've seen in her older ones, in fact the only photo I called her out on was her newest photo because it was so heavily edited that it kinda stood out from the rest. At first I thought she wouldn't deny it because she herself posted two different photos on the same day, one without photoshop, and one heavily edited, yet despite the obvious she denied the allegations, which to me doesn't make sense.
    I just don't want her to become one of the special snowflakes and start becoming fake for the attention. 
    Now I'm gonna post the comparison photos and you let me know if anyone else sees the photoshop. 

    Another heavily photoshoped photo I found of hers, next to a video screenshot of hers, since I guess she hasn't learned how to edit videos yet?

    Here are photos of her before all the major editing, and I guess here is where people can see her eyebrows are not as slick and that she has a sizeable nose, not a small one like in her recent photos. I don't think contouring can change the size of it like that. 

    This is her with no makeup at all. 
    I still think she's pretty, because let's be honest, not everyone looks great without makeup on yet, but I just think if she wants to make a career out of makeup, you shouldn't start it off on lies.

  19. I've never made a topic before...never thought I would honestly. And if this is not okay I am sorry and please lock or delete.
    I don't know this guys name but he is an artist with a instagram and a youtube that I know of.
    He has been caught multiple times stealing other peoples artwork and infact he attempted to use my friends fiances art and call it his own.
    Once he was called out he tried to cover his butt and say he was sorry and tagged the real artist in it.
    I do not know who all else he has taken art from or copied art from but I saw in comments that he had taken taken art from others too
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artuniverse6/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-s0EDbq8vSI4Q1oR-vXOBg?app=desktop

  20. Sarah McDaniel is a 22 year old model with nearly 1 Million followers on Instagram. She's known for being Playboy's first non nude cover girl and claiming to have been born with Heterochromia iridum but is obviously lying.
    snapchat: fagort
    When I first saw her I thought she was so beautiful but I was blinded by her fake eye and photoshop 
    In this TV interview with her she looks like any other average girl - nothing model material, I've seen tons of girls that look just as good as her in school.
    (don't get me wrong she's not ugly but nothing special)
    She was also in a music video
    If you skip to around 0:58 theres a close up of her so called blue eye which you can clearly tell is a circle lense.

    Shitty Circle Lens Era
    Solotica Era
    Implant era
    She steals others photos and pretends they're hers
    Before and after her editing (not including the editing the original source has already done)
    Pictures where you can clearly see her natural eye colour
    Her real self with 0 editing
    Her own dad exposing her
  21. Lia Shelesh / SSSniperwolf
    Youtube // Makeup Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Merch Store // Facebook // Mixer

    Alia Shelesh (SSSniperwolf) is a 24 year old Youtuber who initially became famous for her Call of Duty gameplays, but currently mainly does reaction videos and vlog-type videos. Before becoming a Youtuber, she went to school for pharmaceuticals and then switched to nursing, but later dropped out. She dated a fellow Call of Duty Youtuber named Evan John Young, also known as "Sausage." He used to go by xremembrance on Youtube. She is also known for doing cosplay of various video game characters.
    Makes false DMCA take-downs about anyone who tries to expose herUsed to have a channel called SexySexySniperInterestingly, the SexySexySniper Youtube channel has been excluded from archive sites like WayBackMachine, but some pages for her videos have still been archived where people in the comments call her Lia.Pastebin about SexySexySniperGoogle Drive with all of her old videosChannel that reuploaded videos from SexySexySniperSent nudes to guys on MGO to get what she wanted, and when she got nudes back she would blackmail them with themPost on PULL that details thisFollowing screenshots are of her posts on the forum (rem/xrem/xremembrance is Sausage)Is suspected to have faked her CoD gameplay by having her boyfriend play it for herMost of her cosplays are sexy/boudoir cosplayClaims that all of her money came from her ebay clothes resale business and that Youtube didn't make her any money, despite having millions of subscribers.Lies about being a pro gamer (Sausage plays Overwatch for her so she can maintain being in the top 500)Informative video on her boosting here:Has accused her ex-boyfriend Sausage of abuse, and there are many documented cases with proof of her trying to cheat on himFlirted with FaZe Banks and FaZe Censor while dating SausageWhen FaZe Censor revealed this, she threatened to sue himWas possibly actually married to Sausage, but didn't tell anyone that they were dating/married until 2013 as appearing single would be more attractive to her audiencePicture of document for the deed on their house, stating that Lia and Evan/Sausage are married:Generally has a negative attitude towards other famous girlsAccused Alissa Violet (FaZe Bank's current gf, Jake Paul's ex) of just "fucking everyone" to get a free room and get famousStates that this is why she hates girls since "they're all hoes"On Sommer Ray, an Instagram model: "If she's a model, my left toe could be a model."Calls other girls "hoes" and accuses them of sleeping their way to the top, but she herself has used her boyfriend for gameplays and has had nudes releasedClaims that she's all natural, but has had a nose job, lip fillers, and other surgeriesPossibly shoops her body to look skinnierHas blocked Youtube drama channels like KeemStar and Scarce since they have said negative things about her (and pretty much everyone else who has said bad things/tried to expose her)Accused Youtuber "Enigmahood" of being a sex offender, and was later sued for slander for $300,000Her father apparently has a restraining order on her for taking her mom on a surprise vacation. Lia has also stated that he has disowned herLink to video of her discussing thisPosted nudes/provocative images of herself, but pretended that it wasn't actually her. Was later exposed by DaisyMichelle as it actually being her, since Lia wore the same necklace in a more recent video. (spoiler is nsfw)Uses her 12 year-old army to dislike bomb videos against her Her and Sausage were arrested over apparently committing armed robberyScreenshot of Sausage being arrested for Domestic Violence (From Drama Alert)
  22. Momokun / Mariah Mallad
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    Snapchat: Mariahmallad

    Meet Mariah Mallad aka Momokun! She's a cosplayer from Las Vegas who has caused quite a stir lately. Originally not-so-popular, she was mysteriously posted on /cgl/ one day without any context. (Warning: these threads have NSFW photos!)
    thread 1 // thread 2 // thread 3
    Mariah was quick to show up to defend herself after supposedly being alerted by fans that she was posted on cgl, posting her Patreon link multiple times and discussing the perks of donating to her while doing so. 
    In the first thread, she also says that her super religious family disapproves of her lingerie/boudoir shoots.
    After a couple weeks of silence, she got posted on lolcow by an unknown poster. At first, she was suspected of self-posting but the possibility of it being posted by another cosplayer arose and Mariah was mostly free of suspicion!  However, she did show up in the lolcow thread defending herself (again) and brought her white knight army with her this time. Some great quotes from the thread/screencaps posted in the thread include:
    "If you don't like me because I am very popular for my cosplays then that's sad and pathetic on your part."
    "That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get, featured on IGN, and Arda Wigs, and got me connections with Funimation…. "
    Screenshots under the cut:
    In her old Deviantart journal, she says so herself that she's trying to become cosplay famous yet denies that currently.
    Other issues (Taken from lolcow)
    *Please keep in mind that most of these spoilered images are NSFW*
    ”Body positive”, but Photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantlyLater resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably)Claimed that she exercised to get her figure before finally admitting that she got lipoLipo Example:Photoshopping:Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.Laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplayExample of shitty costumes:Spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned" Does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes areDelusional about her level of fameHas to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on PatreonAlso lies about getting invited to eventsKnown to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplaysPretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwiseLoiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guestAdmitted to ghosting cons and tried to justify it as something “everyone” doesLewded Kanna from Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlashHad a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ because he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second, then commissioned a piece from himTries sucking up to popular Youtubers like H3H3Publicly talks to fellow cow Onision on Twitter (Update July 2018: Onion boy has denounced her on Twitter after the sexual assault allegations)Clings to Nigri for relevanceMade a shirt of drawanon on lolcow's picture of herDeletes negative comments she gets on her social mediaConstantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the sameGoes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedalsIs now claiming that a character from the hentai anime Waisetsu Missile/Milk Party is her original character.Sexual Assault Allegations
    In July 2018, prior to Anime Expo, other cosplayers come out and reveal that Mariah has made them uncomfortable and has sexually assaulted them without their consentMariah initially blames committing sexual assault/harassment on her ADHD, and claims that the people who came out with this have a vendetta/are on a witch hunt against herPopular Youtuber Philip Defranco even covers the situation on his show#MomokunIsCancelled happens, tweets with the tag can be found hereOld pictures prior to cosplay "career":

  23.  SUMMARY  
    (edited in on Jan. 12 2016)
    What started off was a girl with some unusual and sketchy photoshopped selfies but what would come from that no one expected to believe. What was discovered by the PULL forum was that everything about her is a lie. She is a living lie. She claims to be a 17 year old model living in Moscow, Russia with a tiny nose and big, plump lips but what was discovered was that she is actually an average looking Hispanic 17 year old girl living in Texas who stays at home photoshopping her face to the extreme and living a fake persona.
    This isn't the first time she's done such a thing. She also had a different persona as Holly Bridgett, a blonde haired Irish adult who loved to do drugs and all sorts of promiscuous acts, much too immoral for a 14-15 year old child at the time. When she wasn't finding much success with that identity, she brushed up on her Photoshop skills, took Russian from Professor G. Translate, and became a "perfect" faced Russian teen.
    She might have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling PULL members. Her lies piled up as more and more became exposed about her but the end all truth is that she is Jennifer ****** and not Sasha.
    The scary thing is that it seems as though she is forgetting who she really is as Jennifer due to all the praise and attention she is receiving as Sasha. She might have created this false image to fill the empty void inside her but all this does to her is kill her sense of spirit and self.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cremijeur/ 
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cremijeur
    Examples of Shoop