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  1. hey everyone ! this is my first post on this forum so if i miss out on anything + can fix anything please tell me !!! :]
    jennythesquirrel / jenny seol is known for her League of Legends (North American server) & Kpop dancing streams on Twitch. She fakes having PTSD and depression. She made a $1000USD donation goal to ''cure her depression''. She cries on stream while there is a huge donation bar to help her ''healing journey''. Her bandaid switched cheeks overnight, and went from wearing no wrist guard to having one LMFAO She takes off the wrist guard and uses her injured wrist to press off her arm rest on her chair to sit herself up with no sign of pain. At the end of the stream she asks her Korean fans (in Korean) to report this streamer who made fun of her. She forces herself to cry and just sit there, for fucking 40 minutes. Twitch management doesn't even ban her for no gameplay. Even her bot tells viewers to help her healing journey by buying games off of her sponsors (G2A). She's clearly trying to make money out of a mental disorder and its disgusting. shes shit at video games, barely gets any views anymore (also she view bots)  so she must of made a sob story to get more viewers. She's basically a boobie streamer. yawn. wheres the ban hammer??? 
    any thoughts on her???? this is kind of old drama but i want to know what you guys think of this
    ^^^^^^^^^^^post she made about suffering and shit. clearly attention seeking 
  2. Hey there! I'm Nymphchii. 

    You can usually find me in some threads about League of Legends / Twitch / Instagram  / Gaming overall (?) snowflakes.  

    My hobbies are drawing, translating stuff from English to Russian (some manga usually), PhotoShop, Shows/Dorama, e-sports and 'course, videogames. League of Legends mostly though.

    I like to meet new people and i'm always up to chat! 

    Thanks for reading, looking forward to talk!