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  1. hey guys i'm starting a sunnydahye thread. I hope we can keep it going^^ she's not that popular but yeah... 
    (apologies for the crappy intro. just started this thread on a whim)
    aside from the boob job she also got her eyes and jaw done, the boobs being more recent. I put her on here because I suspect she only does these surgeries because she's sponsored.
  2. A discussion thread about K-Vloggers. 
    K-Vloggers are people who live in South Korea and vlog their life about living in Korea. 
     I thought to create a thread, so be open to discuss the K-Vloggers examples I put and other less popular K-Vloggers here as well. 
    Also, there are threads for Edward Avila, Megan Bowen AKA ChoNunMigookSaram and EatYourKimchi AKA Simon and Martina. I'll link them about the bottom of this thread.
    HallyuBack (Steph and Richard)

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hallyuback/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KRTVtv
    Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HallyuBack/featured 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitneybae/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/absoluteB2UTY
    Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/whitneyiskorean 
    Latina Saram 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/latinasaram/?hl=en
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Kyt7UqHYktBZtmHttwtAw/featured 
    2Hearts1Seoul (Sarah and Kyuho) 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2hearts1seoul/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/2hearts1seoul/featured 
    Korean Englishman 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koreanenglishman/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/koreanenglishman/featured
    J Hearts J 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jheartsjae/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jynsalive

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mykoreanhusband/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyKoreanHusband
    The World of Dave 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daebbuing/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/davetehdave
    Ali Abbot

    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/aliabbot/ 
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_7T3wYHzeNPu2MBk7v6cg
    BapMokja and Haeppy 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bapmokja/
    Main Channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexWilliamVarley
    The World of Erina

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erina_hrn/
    Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtA94Vp7LxwHtmcCcwjlTg
    I apologize for the long thread, these vloggers were recommended to me after watching one of K-Vloggers video.
    Links to Other Kvloggers Thread: 
    Edward Avila https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2068-edward-avila/
    EYK (Eat Your Kimchi) https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1342-eat-your-kimchi-simon-and-martina/
    Megan Bowen https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2076-chonunmigooksarammegan-bowen/
    SunnyDaHye https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1724-sunnydahye/
    Joanday https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3287-joankeem-joanday/
  3. Sorry for spamming. I learned from my mistakes.

    Megan Bowen aka Chonunmigooksaram is an American living in South Korea. She started as an  Elementary School English teacher in South Korea, makes videos about how to teach abroad and gave her experiences on cultural differences and  Korean culture and what it’s like being Black in Korea. She was born on May 16, 1989 in Illinois (?) and she is 27 years old. She is the eldest of 7 children in her family which includes 4 girls and 3 boys. She is a Youtuber and actress and known for her internet TV dating series.  She's similar to EatYourKimichi and Hollyuback. Also, She quit her job once her channel got to around 50k subscribers. 

    People do say she is morphing into a Korean herself. Which seem interesting? Any Opinions on Her?

    She didn’t have a thread here so I made one and her YouTube name means “I’m an American Person (?)”

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chonunmigooksaram/?hl=en 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChoNunMigookSaram
    Some of her videos: 
  4. Terry Song is reacter whom has to rely on clickbait and his 12 year old koreaboo demographic to get views. He has a patreon and every reward tier is just his, "sincere gratitude." But fortunately! He has now turned to reacting to Try Not To Laugh Challenge #384958 and that pays the bills now. Oh, and he's a dirty, dirty joke thief.
    1. Original video (Colossal is Crazy)
    "This is the face of the clinically insane. If you see this man, do not engage him. Let his video, where he just seems a little too enthusiastic towards women, stand as evidence to the horrific crimes he will one day commit."
    2. Then Leafy stole the joke from Colossal
    "Beware of this man. If you see this man, run away. Because this man is not only a predator, but most likely a rapist and most defiantly a drug dealer. Beware of this man. Stay safe everyone." 
    3. Then Terry stole the joke. Christ, this is the golden ratio of stealing.
    3:43 (bonus; unfunny joke about OMG SO CRINGY IM LTRLY GONNA DRINK BLEACH)
    "I just wanna throw a little PSA out there. If you guys ever, and I mean ever, encounter someone and they are looking at you like this, then I want you guys to drop whatever your doing; slowly, no sudden movements, turn around and [insert Run by BTS here]"
  5. Post on KennieJD in Online Personalities

    By holita, posted
    Kendall Janae
    Youtube / Instagram / Twitter

    Kendall is an American K-vlogger and story time Youtuber who makes videos about her time in Korea studying abroad even though she was only there for a short amount of time (2-3 months).
    Some of the issues she's had:
    Thinks all Korean men want herExaggerates her story timesFetishizes KoreansDoesn't care about black issuesThinks she's not a koreaboo and above other K-vloggersHad people who knew her personally come on PULL and criticize herShe went on Instagram Live twice and attacked the PULL users who knew her and exposed their personal livesEdit: Additional links to previous thread by lambchopp
    - First mention of Kennie JD (x)
    - Kennie's Koreaboo video and possible shade at Lala + following Lala drama (x)
    - First mention of how little time Kennie has ever spent in Korea... (x)
    - Kennie first references PULL on InstaLive (x)
    - Lala maybe shades Kennie and we start to realize kennie is stale af... (x)
    - Kennie's classmate during study abroad joins convo, still stale af (x)
    - Exaggerated storytimes + past photos (x)
    - Kennie's college friends Disour and DoItForTheCutlure spills mega-tea* (x)
    - Kennie goes tf off on instalive about PULL/Disour/DIFTC for the first time (x)
    - Goes off on live the next day, even hard, and even more foul (x)
    - Kennie posts 3 hour live that no one on the thread wants to watch lol (x)
    - Kennie thread created.
  6. Whitneybae
    Main Youtube Channel| Vlog Channel| Instagram| Twitter

    Whitneybae is an American K-Vlogger currently living in Korea. On her main channel she usually posts about what it's like living in Korea such as "Things I Didn't Understand At First In Korea" or "How I Do My Makeup In Korea" or "How I Made Korean Friends In Korea" etc. On her vlogging channel she'll post about interesting activities she's partaken in such as visiting a dance studio to take a class, eating by the Han River with friends, and so on. There is some speculation about how old she is and apparently in some pictures that were posted in 2013 she was 26 or 27, meaning by now she's either 30 or very close? Her age isn't a problem, but some people watching her may find she acts a tad bit too childish for her age, even calling a guy in one of her videos her good friend even though he's apparently in High School(?) Nonetheless, she apparently went to college for computer science and received an engineering degree, but doesn't work in the company she used to anymore. Instead, she makes Youtube videos and wants to be in the Korean media. 

    She's definitely had some bumps in the road, like when she was basically scammed by someone when she thought she was offered a role in a K-Drama

    Whitney has had some highlights though, like in this one video where she modeled for a high profile Korean makeup artist. 

     Now, I'm not sure if I'd necessarily call her a snowflake, but there was a period where I did find her cringey, particularly in this video. 
    As of late, to me, despite her being cringey at times, she does seem like a sweet person. 
    The main problem I have with her at times though is that she'll clickbait her videos. In one of her more recent videos, she was going to talk about why she was on television. From the thumbnail, it looked like she would show a clip from the TV segment, but the whole video was just her sitting in her room and talking. She's done that before in another recent video. In her "How I Made Korean Friends" video, the thumbnail includes Aoora, an ex K-POP idol, so it's assumed that he'll be in the video...but the whole video is just her in her room painting her nails. That may be just me being nitpicky. 
    Anyway, what are your guys' thoughts about her? Some say she's a huge Koreaboo full of cringe that lives in a pastel pink bubble, others say that she just likes what she likes and she's harmless. 
     *I'll update as needed if anyone has more info they want me to include.
  7. Post on LaLa in Online Personalities

    By cocoaqueen, posted
    Youtube| Instagram| Twitter

    LaLa is a 26 year old KVlogger from America currently living in South Korea. One of her most notable videos titled "Korean Boys Are Naughty," gained over 400k views. At first, she pandered to speaking about her experiences in Korea, however she has stated that she doesn't want to touch on topics surrounding Korea anymore...or so she says. 

    -In one of her earlier videos here, she talks about "Haters and Bullies" in Korea. Basically, there was another black Youtuber who was being 'fake' towards her. People speculated whether she was talking about Megan Bowen or Kennie JD, but it was confirmed that it was the Youtuber 'Somewhere Always Tee'

    -The infamous beef with Kennie JD. In Kennie's "5 Signs You Are A Koreaboo" video, one of the signs is, and I quote, "4. You spend large amounts of time looking for people to live vicariously through to satisfy your fetishes about Koreans. Ambw, amww, Latin woman etc or videos that contain "my Korean boyfriend" but the race of the boyfriend has no consequence to the nature of the video." People took this as a jab towards LaLa and LaLa decided to bash Kennie not only in a video (which she deleted) but on Instagram (which she also deleted...but of course there are screenshots) when she could have just...oh Idk..handled it woman to woman?

    -Talks about facing racism...but perpetuates racist antics. In this video she talks about a television show in Korea that was going to use blackface in one of its acts. She's also talked about facing racism in Korea as well in this video. If LaLa wants to call out racism, that's perfectly fine. However, she's perpetuated racist antics through her actions even though she claims she wants a change. 

    -Photoshopping her thumbnails. Now, I don't personally care if someone shops their photos...as long as it isn't extreme, or they don't try to deny it. However, my problem with her doing it is that she claims in this video that she doesn't care that she doesn't "fit Korean beauty standards," and that she has a "bigger nose" than Koreans who get surgery, but she gushes about how she loves herself and wants to teach others about confidence...okay, but if she loves her big nose so much then...why is she making it smaller...? It's hella obvious too. She has like...a different structured face throughout her thumbnails, like...we all know from watching her videos that her nose is not this small. If she's insecure about her nose, it's okay to say that, but she shouldn't preach about loving her nose and how "Omg Koreans shave their jaw?!" when she partakes in trying to change herself to fit the standard. 

    -Using abelism in her recent video to be funny. In her "10 Korean Questions I'm Tired of Answering" video, she not only talks about Korea after she said she wouldn't, she uses an insult in the video about how people asking her about her boyfriend must be "riding the short bus." Her followers found it funny too, one of them calling it the "retarded imitation," and she liked the comment. 

    At first, I loved LaLa. When I stumbled upon her channel I thought, wow a black girl who moves to Korea and doesn't have problematic tendencies? Yes!
    ....But little by little I started to see how messy she really was. Maybe some of this pettiness would be tolerable if she were a child, but she's approaching 30 and unfortunately doesn't show signs of knowing better, at least not in my opinion. To her, having a high sub count means everything, and she seeks constant validation from her followers. Anyone who doesn't agree with her she seems to shade even though she doesn't like when shade is thrown her way. In my eyes, she's a straight up hypocrite who can dish out drama because she has followers and that's it. It's a cheap shot, and a punk move, because she wouldn't dare shade someone with a higher sub count or more clout than her.
    So, what do you guys think? After her actions have been clogging the KVlogger thread, people felt like she deserved her own, so here it is.  
  8. Coco's Social Media
    YouTube || Instagram

    There's been a lot of talk about Coco in Edward Avila's thread, so I felt like it might be time to pop in to create a new thread focused on Coco. 
    Coco is from the USA and has been working sort of on and off in the K-pop industry in Seoul. She's an active-ish member of the duo CocoSori and mentioned lately that they're preparing for a comeback, but as of right now, I don't think they're actively promoting anything. (Although I’m interested to see how that goes!) She's also a former member of the group Blady, and she's released a solo song. In her Youtube profile, she says she's aiming to become a K-pop superstar.
    She hangs out with Eddy and Joan in many of her vlogs, I think she's spent time with Sunny before. Over the past few weeks, she's declared more openly that she wants to make more out of her Youtube career. Her vlogs were a bit sporadic but it seems she’s uploading a few times a week more recently. She's nearing 75k subscriptions on her Youtube channel right now, and I stumbled across her a few months ago via Youtube recommendations.
    As for any drama, from what I've gathered from others' comments, Coco has a reputation for being a bit of a fake and using people, as well as trying to get by on her looks alone and do the bare minimum. In several vlogs, Eddy has teased Coco about acting fake/nice in front of the camera, and she definitely acts sweet-as-sugar on her own channel. Apparently she used to be popular on Soompi and denied having work done, but another PULL user dug up a gem of what seems to show before/after possible plastic surgery.
    She also really likes Despicable Me/the minions and seems to enjoy annoying her friends/forcing them to do or watch minion-related things.
    I'm not the best source of Coco info, and it seems like some PULL users have had some personal encounters with her before, so please share your thoughts/experiences! I was surprised when people started talking so much about her in Eddy's thread, so I feel like there's a lot more to be said here!
  9. Jun Lee is an 18 year old Korean vlogger who first made content in the AMBW community with his then girlfriend at the time. 
    After their break up, he made a video about not knowing what to do with his channel and all the ways she went against his wishes in the relationship. 
    Shortly after this, he started making videos with black foreigners and Korean guests about different topics, most of them either centered on dating or the treatment of black women in Korea. 
    His most infamous video is this one. 
    He has a whole host of problematic videos before this one, but this is the one in particular that landed him in hot water with a lot of black women, especially since he made a video beforehand where he claimed he was making videos about black people to educate Koreans. 
    ...But, after the release of this video, people started realizing that he never puts Korean subtitles in his videos and they're mostly in English.
    So Chiligotseoul released an expose/response to his infamous video...
    And then he reacted...quite negatively...to her in a live stream they did to apparently address the situation. 
    So far, he he's lost over 2k+ subscribers and is continuously being exposed by people for harrassment, bullying, fetishizing, and stereotyping the very people he claimed to be an ally too. 
    He's also gone on record to say he's going to marry a black woman "no matter what". 
    He's basically the Korean Male Kmusicandblackwomen. 
    He's released two videos since the whole backlash went down. 
    And "I'm Not Using Black People and I'm Sorry" 
    What do you guys think?  
  10. I wanted to discuss this not so recent wave of "chill" Youtubers mainly based in South Korea, as some of them have been cited a few times on different topics (especially on Joan Kim's thread - when she tried to emulate their format) and there was no thread for a general discussion about them. There's the Kvloggers general discussion thread but that one is more about English-speaking vloggers based in South Korea rather than South Korean vloggers so I decided to create one.
    There's only a bunch of them usually watch but I think the dozen or so that are popular mainly follow the same pattern: slow-paced videos about their day/week, not really showing their face (or at least not in their videos), not much talking and some subtitles to narrate what they're doing, mainly showing their food/mundane daily activities; which might explain their success as they contrast greatly with the loud and TMI vloggers we've had in the past few years...
    A quick list of the ones whose videos I may watch:
    - Sueddu (Instagram // Youtube channel)
    - ondo (Instagram // Youtube channel)
    - planD (Instagram // Youtube channel)
    - honeykki (Instagram // Youtube channel)
    - jun (Instagram // Youtube channel)
    Content-wise, they really offer the same vibe and may seem a bit boring for some of you (I mainly put their videos as a background player when doing something else), but the fact that they don't really tell much about themselves makes me question how a bunch of late 20s / early 30s single people manage to finance their independent lives in big-ish korean cities if that makes any sense?
    I know some of them work: Sueddu has shown a few 'Day(s) in the life of a freelancer' and I get how she makes most of her money as a videographer, planD made a Q&A and told the viewers she's a seamstress for overseas companies (working on stage costumes if I remember correctly?), jun has a café... But even then, there's moments for some when I thought "Hm, is this an ad or a sponsorship? Are you getting paid for that? Is this where part of your money comes from?"...  Not enough to stop watching them, but enough to raise questions as to the ethics of a video they could release without saying anything about possible sponsorships (maybe it has to do with how sponsorships and advertising on Youtube works in SK...)
    Anyway, I just wanted a centralized place to discuss these people - if any one else is watching them - without clogging existing threads.