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  1. Jennie Kim
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennierubyjane/

    Jennie Kim, also known as Jennie, debuted in YG's new 4-member girlgroup BlackPink in 2016. She is currently 23 years old and is the main rapper of the group. Once studied in New Zealand, Auckland, she joined YG after being scouted as a trainee in 2010. She is also known to have been featured in MVs such as That XX. She is widely known to be "YG's Princess". However, since 2018 there have been many scandals surrounding her.
    More examples:

    Other controversies:
    - Allegedly being rude towards her members and seniors
    - General unprofessionalism on stage such as forgetting lyrics, meltdown mid-performance, changing up the choreography
    What do you think of her? I personally used to like BP as a whole when they debuted, but the moment these controversies began to surface I stopped liking Jennie for it. 
  2.  A thread to talk about & show appreciation and share underrated K-pop songs/groups/artist. ill start
    I think jbj had alot of potential.
    I like Kim dong hans solos like ''sunset'' and ''good night kiss', he kinda looks like yugeom but has the dance style of taemin
    Im disjointed that history disbanded,there songs very actually and there was great eye-candy for the fangirls,no group has ever recently given as much fanservice as history.
    I like all of yezis songs and i think she deserves recognition,when ''Anck Su Namum(아낙수나문)'' was released i thought the song was going to be a hit but it flopped.
    Ive heard this song be used in a couple of fmv for other idols,i like the chill rnb sound to it
  3. This thread may spark some controversy since I've noticed that were are a lot of K-Pop fans on PULL. Although, I'm wondering if there are some ex-KPop fans on here? I used to be a long time K-Pop fan myself, and oh boy I was obsessed with it, I got into the genre when I was 10 and properly fell out of it when I was around 18. I would like to hear from other former fans about their adventures with the community, hear what got them into it and what got them out of it. I remember it was used to be a running joke that once you get into K-Pop you can't get out of it. It makes me wonder if I'm not the only one who actually got out of it.
  4. Post on Favorite KPOP Songs? in Music

    By aquaforia, posted
    So I got into Red Velvet last year, falling down the KPOP rabbit hole completely involuntarily (thanks youtube for the random recommendation that lead to me watching any and every variety show clip/compliation/becoming completely engrossed in all things RV). I naively was so sure I would not be interested in any other groups but after they announced touring in the US (where I live), I decided maybe distracting myself with other artists wouldn't be a bad idea since I couldn't attend. Now I've found myself totally lost in the KPOP world. I'm still trying to find groups who fit my interests. Please list your favorite groups/idols and their best songs you would introduce to a non-KPOP fan to get them started. I compiled a list of my favorites as well for anyone interested.
    PENTAGON: (I've listened to everything so I'll shorten to top 5)
    TOP 5~ LIKE THIS, RUNAWAY, SHINE, WHEN I WAS IN LOVE, PRETTY BOYS... I really have so much more favorites but I feel like these sum up the type of style I really go for..
    WANNA ONE: (wow, wish someone warned me how heartbreaking it is to find a group ALREADY disbanded)
    FAVES~ ENERGETIC (only looked into Wanna One because I saw Hui's demo of this song on youtube. Absolutely needed a studio recording. They're great in this song but damnnn do I wish Hui had a recording of his version. HIS VOICE DOE), LIGHT, SPRING BREEZE 
    FAVES~ DNA, FAKE LOVE (Really tried to avoid looking into them since they're so popular here but out of the three songs I listened to these two were appealing. Has anyone seen Hui's version of DNA on King of Masked Singer? I could go on all day...)
    FAVES~ ALL NIGHT, ALWAYS YOU (I really REALLY want to get into ASTRO bc of Cha Eunwoo-SHOUT OUT TO MY ID IS GANGNAM BEAUTY but damn most of their songs are just way too corny for me..)
    TRIPLE H: (another heartbreak... what an insanely great trio that will never perform with each other again T__T)
    FAVES~ RETRO FUTURE, 365 FRESH (admittedly, I never made time to check out their b-sides. If you have favorites please let me know!)
    PRISTIN: (obvs heartbreak heartbreak heartbreak)
    FAVES~ GET IT (PRISTIN V, this song is such a BOP), WEE WOO
    HWASA (I really want to get into MAMAMOO but I listened to maybe three songs and none of them appealed to me. I'm open to suggestions for their best songs, think I'll be more receptive to them if they're suggested to me)
    FAVES~ TWIT (this song is LIFE. I really hope Hwasa comes out with more. She's so talented)
    WOOSEOK X KUANLIN: (unbelievably refreshing since they dropped this after I just found out about Wanna One's disbandment *ugly tears*)
    If anyone wanted to DM that would be cool too. I have no friends in real life who like KPOP or who are at all remotely interested. I just would really love someone to talk to.
    I did see the topic about KPOP and people talked about their favorite groups but I was hoping I could get favorite songs too to get me started.  
  5. Eugenia Svetlana Dmitrievna / LANA
    Instagram // Youtube

    Eugenia Svetlana is a 20-something year old Russian woman from Sakhalin (far eastern Russia) living in Korea as a model and aspiring Kpop idol. She had gone by many names, such as Yoo Svetlana, Yoo Ebi, and finally Yoo Lana. She made her "debut" into Korean media in 2017 on the show Abnormal Summit due to her ability to speak Korean at a high conversational level. After gaining popularity due to looking Korean despite being 100% white, she then was booked onto Welcome, First Time in Korea? (also 2017) and gained a large following on Instagram (48k). She participated as a guest in many smaller variety shows after this. During 2018 she disappeared from the internet for a while but then resurfaced with the message that she would be debuting in November or December of 2018 under Thought Ent, a new agency. That post has since been deleted and there has been no word of her debut. She has since joined an ad agency called Be Icon, and had a cameo in a music video called FaceTime by J-Cat, and signed to the label HICC Entertainment, home of the boy group Elvin Crew. She has recently made an appearance on Problematic Men. She is currently attending Sungkyukwan University studying political diplomacy.
    Constantly changing appearance to appear Korean
    idol status and talent
    That's all I really have on this girl. Lmk if I'm missing anything and what you think! Is she race-faking, or just trying to make it in a homogeneous country? Will her idol career take off due to her large following, or will her small company status doom her?
  6. Post on Jeon Somi in Online Personalities

    By Jaken, posted
    Jeon Somi

    Basic Overview:
    Was born March 9th, 2001 as Ennik Somi DoumaHas a younger sister and father who are also in the spotlightDid some CFs and TV shows at a young ageTrained under JYP starting from 2013Competed in the JYP survival show Sixteen from which the popular group TWICE was formedWon #1 in the first season of Produce 101 and was named "Nation's Center" in IOIAfter the disbandment of IOI, did modelling and CFs, apparently wasn't very worried about debutingJYP had a new upcoming girl and Somi was rumored/known to be its centerIn August of 2018, Somi left JYP In September of 2018, Somi joined YG's The Black LabelITZY, the group Somi was supposed to be the center of, is set to debut in late Jan-FebReportedly debuting solo in March 
    Produce 101 / IOI Era
    Her Dad (Matthew Douma)
    Leaving JYP
    Things are pretty confusing regarding where Somi is in her career, not to mention the ever-present question: why did she leave JYP? Was she kicked out instead, like JYP's statement suggested? And if she was, why? Lmk what you guys think!
  7. Post on Onces (Twice fans) in Music

    By slipstream13, posted
  9. Here you can discuss any cosmetic procedures Korean celebs (including idols and actors) had done.
    Whether you hate it or love it, feel free to post. 
    Post screenshots, videos, and gifs along with any other "proof".
    It's all speculation unless they've come clean or it's glaringly obvious. 
  10. I heard of this story of a family member of the boyz who mistreated a friend. Some guy name jeff bae also known as jacob’s brother, abandon a girl he has been hanging out with and stood her up in a middle of nowhere. They met on a dating app while he has a girlfriend. He would brag about his brother being a celebrity to girls he meet. He seems very rude and think he’s better than everyone. What a shame. His girlfriend would use a fake account and messages the girls on how they know him. It’s not the girls fault her boyfriend is on a dating app. Of course he brags about famous family. 
  11. Post on BTS Opinions in Music

    By aesthetics, posted
    Basically any opinions are welcome. 
    Look, I love BTS and all but I have issues with some fans. 
    Especially with the ones who complain that BTS are becoming mainstream or "too popular." First of all, they are mainstream for a reason. It's because BTS is doing something that is right and that catches a person's eye. They didn't become popular for no reason at all?? And most of the time, people who are saying those things are the ones who haven't truley watched the MVs with no bias...
    Second of all, when BTS started appearing on US shows and winning awards, I see people getting pissed about how people are saying, "bts is finally popular because they are getting popular in the US." "Korea Pop Culture is just as big." "It's not just the US." Or something like that. While I get why people would get pissed at that, the US pop culture is actually pretty big. Even bigger than Korea's. 
    Third of all, the reason why ARMYs are viewed as the (how do I describe it without offending people) "hard core" fans is because BTS IS POPULAR. OF COURSE THEY WOULD HAVE SO MANY FANS and considering how big the fan base is, the group isn't controlled. SO STOP GENERALIZING THAT ALL ARMYS ARE "hard core"???
  12. Hiya there.
    So the matter at hand is that I want to know your opinion or theories, about that time where photos of EXO's Chen's girlfriend (ex?) came to light. It's probably one of the weirdest kpop scandals.
    I'm not talking about if it's okay or not, we all well know that the guy can fuck anyone he wants to.
    At the time I was so wtf that I completely forgot about it.
    ''In September 2016, private photos about the love life of the famous singer of exo were leaked on the Internet. At that time, an alleged relationship that both had kept secret was revealed'' Aha...
    ''After this, many fans were excited about jongdae so they searched more in their personal lives and could be paying much more attention than usual, but it was not until January 11, 2017 that a supposed fan uploads a capture on the internet from the screen when she apparently sold Chen a couple of tickets to Los Angeles for 10 days, departing from Incheon on 01/01 and returning on 11/01 and also unveiled the supposed identity of Jongdae's girlfriend, Jang Mi Hee'' Ok?...
    ''They are apparently dating since 2015, the photos of both of them together were supposedly taken on July 5 of that year according to fan inquiries. Despite this information was already dispersed on the internet, Min Hee so considerate with Chen changed his user in IG by @ mihee.xoxo, making a clear allusion to EXO.''  Doesn't that make it more obvious wtf?
    Apparently they also had a Pinterest account and were following eachother(I SNORTED)
    There's lots of information but I'll give you the info shortened,the chick was NOT being shy about who she was dating, she posted his gifts and videos with his voice with the hashstag #JD, she was SO NOT SHY about it that her friend got fed up with her boasting and released those photos.
    Now, juicy stuff, there's also rumours that say that the girl who went on a trip with him was not the same one as the leaked photos, so they're saying that it was some cheating business OR that the ex simply got mad and released the leaked photos. A big fansite also closed after a couple months.
    And well, then sasaengs also got mad because their hard work of hiding their idol's dirt and keeping their image clean, got destroyed by someone, so more photos came out.

  13. Idk whether this exists or not but I’m making one becuase I need attention lol
    this is stuff like opinions, theories and just a general discussion thread? Idk
    Have fun
     lemme start: love yourself series wasn’t the best and tbh I kinda like that it’s ending 
  14. Kellen Johnson
    Instagram / Twitter

    Kellen is 17 year old former ice skater turned kpop-interest instagrammer based in the US, California specifically. He has previously traveled to Japan/Korea/China for concerts and is super into airport visits. Most recently he was at the LA airport for Super Junior. 
    He has also been previously mentioned on the General Koreaboo Thread, link here and on other kpop instagram spam accounts on PULL.
    It was recently his 17th birthday, so as a present, I decided it was time for his own topic!
    Some Issues surrounding him:
    previously made a fake twitter pretending to be BTS RM/Namjoon, before being exposedclaimed to be mixed, but i don't know the exact status, because he has never really been clearsold the airplane details of monsta x to fans and other airport shenanigans (ex. Somi, Seventeen)previously posted near nudes for 1 minute and deleting themhad a spam "weed" account for his already kind of spam instagram @k01420, has been deleted though, pretty cringe 
  15. To all the kpop idols here, have you heard of the new group, HONEY POPCORN? 🍯 🍿
    It’s a newly formed kpop group Consisting of three Japanese members — Mikami Yua, Matsuda Miko, and Moto Sakura. They are gaining huge popularity now due to their controversial past. They used to be idols- AV (Porno) actresses in Japan. Their adult videos are still up on big websites thus upsetting a lot of people. This is now currently dividing the whole kpop community. What are your personal thoughts and opinions about them. Please feel free to add more information/back story about them.
    Apparently, She had a very bad attitude when she was a member of SKE48 in Japan. She was even dubbed the scandal queen. Her private twitter was also exposed. She said some bad stuff about her fans. This could be the reason why she quit Jpop to switch over to Kpop (aside from the fact that she’s so into kpop)
    “During a question and answer time with the press, the topic of their time as AV actresses was mentioned. Mikami Yua explained, “It is true that we are AV actresses in Japan, and it was work that we were doing sincerely.” However, right now, we want to focus on our activities as Honey Popcorn.” She added, “We know there will many people who will find it hard to support us. Still, we are going to cherish the people who are supporting us now.”
    Matsuda Miko said, “While preparing for [our debut], I expected there would be a difference of opinion because of the cultural gap between Korea and Japan. However, since we have people who support us, I want to work harder in order to meet their expectations.”
    Mikami Yua, who used her own finances to produce this album, revealed, “I wanted to do this because I have a dream I really would like to fulfill. There may be various opinions, but I was able to do this because I have a dream that I want to fulfill no matter what.”

  16. hi!
    I am a huge kpop fan and i thought this place looked really interesting
    i hope i will have a good time here
    btw my favs are mamamoo blackpink vixx shinee winner and few others
  17. From what I heard rmvely is also jkontop97, mulbada_rm, bitnadajk and akkaoaooooo, she steal translations, korean posts/tweets, spread false information and spread hate.
    On her olds accounts, she pretended to have committed suicide and another owner took over her account. 
    Wen someone called her out for stealing translations, she started to post translations on mulbada_RM and when they exposed her again, she posted another excuse

    Stealing posts:

    Doing fake giveaways:

    Tweeting hate towards Jimin:

    Credits for the twitter user seokgine
    For more information you can read here: https://twitter.com/seokgine/status/958426780620214273
  18. This is Holland. He is a Korean singer/songwriter. He is one of the first openly gay K-Pop idols in the industry.
    On January 21st, 2018, he debuted with a song called 'Neverland'
    According to SBS, They lyrics of the song "depict a place (Neverland) where anyone can love without facing discrimination."
    What do you guys think about Holland? Express your thoughts down below
  19. Honestly, I was surprised that this wasn't a thing yet on here. 
       Since there's an unpopular opinions thread on PULL, I decided to make one myself but based around Kpop. I'm sure we all have things we want to say, discuss or lol, confess. Sooo here's the chance (i guess). 
    (Although I wouldn't call myself a huge kpop fan, I only stan few groups, but I do have a general knowledge on the community) 
    Ok so here's my list:
    To me, kpop is starting to become overrated...and annoying (all these so-called 'fans' starting to hop on the BTS wave)Most groups nowadays are literally the sameMost kpop stans are annoying afI honestly find fanwars funny. Like it's funny how stans are literally arguing over who's best but yet their faves all get along and are ACTUALLY friends (?)I'm sorry (in my personal experience), I think MOST Armys and Exols (tbh all big fandoms) are annoying. Like...just stopI don't get the hype over Twice, Red Velvet, Wanna One and KardK-hiphop (to me) is underappreciated Girl groups are just..either too cutesy or 'try hard sexy'. There's a reason why people prefer boy groups (no offence)There's no such thing as 'The Big 3 Privilege' everyone worked hard to get where they are now, and just cuz they're in a big company it doesn't mean anything.(To be continued...)
     MAJOR WARNING!!! : THIS THREAD ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, If you don't like what's been said...then leave. Just saying.      
  20. Ok, I was scrolling through twitter today, and I came across like two accounts that impersonate kpop idols? 
    Like wjskkk on Instagram pretending to be jungkook, there's a lot of evidence of it being a fake account though (credit to codepjm on twitter).
    And then I stumbled on this account called "yoongi9303_twt" who has racked up a lot of followers already lmao. Honestly, idk how to feel about this account, but I'm pretty sure its fake. They put it in their bio and everything that they're not Yoongi, but they're actually going along with it on some occasions. They talk about kumamon and use old photos of Yoongi saying that it's an old selca that everyone else has? Honestly, it just screams fake, but I guess people go along with it for the fun of it lmao. 
    What do you guys think about kpop impersonators? Feel free to add some to this if you want it's always funny to look through them. Sorry that these are only BTS related they've been my main group for two years now, so my entire twitter account is basically dedicated to them (i do love sum good shinee, seventeen and exo though).
  21. Hello all! Lurker for a little while now (mostly for the k-vlogger and j-vlogger related threads) and really wanted to start my own topic...so here we go!
    Within the KPop community there are quite a few sub-genres of YouTube video styles on YouTube, with examples being Crack Videos, FF (fanfiction) Videos, those *insert music video here* BUT every time *thing* happens *another thing* happens instead, etc. Many of the sub-genres are surprisingly popular.
    Lately I have noticed that this other specific sub-genre(?) of video has become popular among the KPop community...kpop journal-related/diy videos, but with aesthetically pleasing editing and background music. Heck, just KPop-related aesthetically pleasing YouTube videos in general. (If there's an official name for the sub-genre let me know, hehe.) 
    I'm not sure if they became popular due to KPop journals being more popular overall (since practically all of the channels have at least one video dedicated to their journal), or maybe people enjoy the  a e s t h e t i c, but my friends and I have noticed quite a few YouTubers popping up with that kind of style; calming to watch, relaxing music in the background, all while showing you their latest pen pal letter, journal entry, store haul, etc. 
    I'm probably not doing the best job of describing exactly what the videos are, so here are some of the more popular YouTubers within this sub-genre:
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jjongine
    Subscribers: 33,000+
    Video examples: Concert vlogs, organizing stationery/stickers, exo poster diy, album hauls, KPop journal diy/flipthrough, what's on my phone
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1T4cRE-NAlc0jDj_VgNMg
    Subscribers: 28,000+
    Video examples: KPop photocards diy (over 500k views), KPop journal diy, monthly playlists, album hauls, pen pals, vlogs, what's in my bag, whats on my phone
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrEY8C2ieycu4FvyAAeBYA
    Subscribers: 17,000+
    Video examples: Fangood unboxing, concert vlogs, what's in my bag, what's on my phone
    There are also tons of similar-ish YouTubers with subscribers between 1,000-10,000.
    What do you guys think?
    (I will edit this post if I made any mistakes!)
  22. So I didn't make this thread for awhile but I know a couple of these youtubers who make kpop funny/crack videos. On this thread you can talk about these pages and other crack videos.
    pronounced 'exo sex oh' or exosexo
    makes videos about:exo
    -overuses jokes
    -some think she is a gay fetishizer
    -most people think she is overrated
    -is Australian
    -ships ChanBaek and Kaisoo
    used to be called SwogliciousPuppysaurus 
    makes videos about:exo,monsta x,mamamoo,ikon, ect.
    -probably won't be making any exo on crack videos
    -is German
    -does makeup
    they aren't really a crack youtuber but they make fmvs
    makes videos about:exo.
    -is from Malasya
    -is a huge Chanyeol and Baekhyun shipper
    -lives in Singapore
    -makes videos about: exo, bts, seventeen
    -most popular videos aren't about kpop lol
    -refers to herself as an old man
    Overall they don't seem problematic, some of them just seem annoying.
  23. Post on BP Rania in Music

    By LovelleMartinez, posted
    I wanted somewhere to discuss BP Rania and Alex so i made this thread. So just recently DR music announced that Alex is no longer a member of BP Rania. This is their statement:
    https://twitter.com/A1STSherlock (this is a twitter that has a lot of info about the whole thing)
    I feel like they gave her the worst possible situation so that she would eventually leave while also using her as a marketing ploy. So when she does decide to leave, it doesn't look so bad on the company instead of them kicking her out. This was bound to happen anyway. I've also seen people say stuff like she signed up for this and knew what she was getting into.
     What do you guys think about the whole situation?
  24. I wanted somewhere to discuss BP Rania and Alex so i made this thread. So just recently DR music announced that Alex is no longer a member of BP Rania. This is their statement:
    https://twitter.com/A1STSherlock (this is a twitter that has a lot of info about the whole thing)
    I feel like they gave her the worst possible situation so that she would eventually leave while also using her as a marketing ploy. So when she does decide to leave, it doesn't look so bad on the company instead of them kicking her out. This was bound to happen anyway. I've also seen people say stuff like she signed up for this and knew what she was getting into.
     What do you guys think about the whole situation?
  25. Post on kpop fan here in Introduce Yourself

    By SHINee, posted
    Hi there! i'm from England, female, in her 20s and ready to mingle!
    I have been here before but never bothered to make an account but i think this forum looks neat and interesting so i finally decided to register
    thanks for having me 
    p.s. I'm a big fan of kpop and especially SHINee
    (i also like blackpink, twice, snsd and more)