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  1. Post on KPOP in Music

    By MarvelPanda, posted
    Hello guys !
    i noticed there wasn't a music thread so i decided to make one about my favourite music genre KPOP!!!!! my favourite groups are big bang, 2ne1, snsd,miss a, aoa, t-ara , kara and 2pm!!! (i used to be obsessed with shinee but i don't like them anymore) i've been into kpop for about 2 years now and I saw nu'est in person when i went on holiday to japan (it was so random and they were doing an interview at tower records) i've never been to any concerts and i would love to go see big bang on there made tour oh and my fav members of big bang are taeyand gd and top!!! 
  2. Do you know about kpop group JYJ? One of the members, Park Yoochun. 
    Read Here: 2 more women file rape claims vs JYJ member Park Yoo-chun
    I'm so shocked about the case because ive been a fan since their TVXQ debut and I'm scared and just literally terrified at the thought that it's might, possible true... 
  3. Didn't see a thread here about this girl, but she definitely needs one

    Her real name is Alyssa, she's 16 (information public)
    She posts BTS updates, particularly ones about Taehyung, a member of the group. She tends to mispronounce his name, leading to the infamous meme "Taeyong"
    she also has another acc where she posts personal photos

    When she first started her instagram adventure, her username was taeslut, or something along those lines. She was problematic from the beginning, often sexualizing underaged members and Tae.
    She's spoilt, and brags about it non-stop (Most photos are deleted now, tell me if link is broken)
    The reason she got noticed was because she made a video, in which, she accused Park Jimin of sexually assaulting her... As a joke. She prank called one of her friends and said that. She deleted the video but I have snips of the video saved (tell me if the link broke)
    For that video, she gave a half assed apology, stating "It was fun while it lasted"
    She met them 2 times, and even stalked them

    She posts crappy dance videos, in one (Not a dance video but it's about dancing) she claims she would like to see us bust our asses and do better than her
    It was a great meme, it has now fallen
    Look under #pancaketaedancestoshit to see some of the cringe-worthy dance videos she does
    Alyssa has made another half assed apology and "moved forward" In all reality, she's become worse.
    She's become delusional, claiming she developed depression, insomnia, and anxiety because of Tae. She rants on and on and on about him.
    Here's just a few examples
    Need I add more?
    When things don't go her way or when someone doesn't agree with her, she throws tantrums
    For example, today...
    There's more, but she blocked me, and I'm too lazy to go grab it.
    She seems to suffer from the snowflake syndrome..

    It has been brought to my attention that she now has a boyfriend. He's Korean and she shows him off like a trophy.
    She had a previous boyfriend, whom she never talked about. Here are some stuff she's posted about him. (I added in the caption from a hate acc cause its the best lol)
  4. ig link
    her account is a spam account where joy (the owner) just posts about her life/sehun of exo/exo/her korea trip and more. for a random spam account, she has quite a few followers: 16.4k
    she's entertaining and rather relatable and her posts are pretty interesting. she has a few other accounts (travel/aesthetic) that she switched to when she got in trouble during her exchange trip to Korea but she is back to her main one. i think she's going to be a senior in hs? anyway, just curious as to what you guys thought!
  5. I used to be really into K-pop about four years ago when I was in high school. I finally stopped really listening to any new k-pop or buying any new songs when my favourite group basically disbanded. 
    Nowadays, whenever I hear any new k-pop music, most of it really echoes of more western/American pop music. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or would like to discuss the ways K-pop has changed the past couple of years?
  6. Post on Blackpink vs Twice in Music

    By Bobatea, posted
    I like both of the groups equally, but their fanbases on the other hand. That's another issue. I'm apart of one of the most problematic kpop fandoms out there and that is the ARMY's; but I don't delude myself into saying we're never problematic, because we are. Koreaboos, I'm talking to you.
    BP's like to say that their group is better than all the other seasoned groups because they got into the TOP 100 of Canada. I'm not saying Canada isn't great, but U.S. is where the fame and money is at. That's why so many KPOP artists try to break in through to America. Is that really something to brag about to Once? Especially, when you still get heat for being "A Modern Day Copy of 2ne1"? Did you guys not think that through?
    How is it that Twice is able to get less heat for "The Modern Day Copy of Girls Generation"? How is it that even though they're mainly stationary in Korea, they're still well known internationally and respected, even though a lot of people don't like the cute/adorable shtick? I don't see a lot of Once's taking jabs at other girl fandoms, even in the Blackpink videos. 
    To be quite honest, this simply reminds me of 2ne1 vs SNSD (Girls Generation) but more dumb. For the simple reason, BlackPink is new and their fanbase shouldn't be like that already. I feel like every other fandom, including the men, over a time became worse. I've witnessed, ever since YG announce their debut. People stan them hard after seeing their visuals and then stanned even harder once Boombayah and Whistle came out and started attack other phandoms.
    I like BlackPink, don't get me wrong. But, their fans are on some other ish. How do you get to a point in such a short amount of time to diss every talent out there and say BlackPink has the real talent, they're going to be the face of KPOP and make everybody like it. Show me the receipts.
    All I know, from what I've heard from other fans and saw for myself who the faces of Kpop are: BigBang, 2ne1, Exo, 4Minute, GirlsGen, Shinee, Super Junior, BTS, CL, GTOP, PSY (That Gangnam Style stunt) and NCT. (As far as my knowledge.) The only reason why I said NCT, do you know how many people have latched onto 7th Sense? An effin lot!
  7. Post on Kpop in Introduce Yourself

    By Jisoo, posted
    Anyone into kpop? Im into Red velvet, black pink, and got7. Talk to me if you do
  8. Youtube
    Twitter : Alex | Ana
    Insta: Alex | Ana
    Hey guys!
    So basically Ana and Alex are a pair of Twins who kind of blew up in the kpop fandom scene after posting a fan account to a tumblr site called Kmusicmeetsblackwomen about going to a Got7 fanmeet where the members flirted with them, Jackson called them hot,and BamBam took a pic of them with his phone. They got a lot of hate with many people claiming they made the story up for attention, but they also gained a lot of fans. They eventually made a YT channel where they post  videos about their got7 concerts experiences , as well as kpop reactions videos but have since taken all the videos pertaining to their concert experiences. I actually really like them but while on another forum I ran into some tea about them that kind of made me freak out. There was a thread about the incident on Onehallyu and someone wrote this regarding alex:
    Does anyone know anything about this? Is it true?
    Also does anyone know why they deleted their got7 concert experience videos?
    Other than that I really like them. They're cute, funny and have a healthy like of kpop without overdoing it. What do ya'll think?
  9. Post on JREKML in Online Personalities

    By thebard, posted
    I wasn't sure if JREKML (or any K-Pop YouTubers, really) had been brought up on here before, so I figured, why not start a new thread?
    The channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JREKML1
    An extremely short summary: JREKML is a YouTube channel created by two cousins, JRE and KML. JRE is in front of the camera the most (like 95% of the time), and the videos mainly consist of K-Pop mv reactions, but he also does some skits, vlogs, collabs, etc.
    Personally, I overall like his videos, even though I don't watch as often as I used to, haha. Considering there are so many YouTubers out there nowadays that do reaction videos, his are some of the funniest/most interesting, which is probably why he has so many subscribers (nearly 800,000 now!)
    So, what do you guys think of the channel?
  10. Post on BP Rania in Music

    By LovelleMartinez, posted
    I wanted somewhere to discuss BP Rania and Alex so i made this thread. So just recently DR music announced that Alex is no longer a member of BP Rania. This is their statement:
    https://twitter.com/A1STSherlock (this is a twitter that has a lot of info about the whole thing)
    I feel like they gave her the worst possible situation so that she would eventually leave while also using her as a marketing ploy. So when she does decide to leave, it doesn't look so bad on the company instead of them kicking her out. This was bound to happen anyway. I've also seen people say stuff like she signed up for this and knew what she was getting into.
     What do you guys think about the whole situation?
  11. In a thread for Emilythemermaid I mentioned that her blonde friend was a model named Stefanie Michova. Some people decided that she had enough tea on her for her to have own on thread, so here we are!
    So her name is Stefanie Michova and she is a model originally from Germany. I'm not sure when she moved to Korea but she is now most known for being friends with Amber from FX and dating K hip hop rapper Beenzino. There was a scandal a year or so ago when Jay Park released a song named 'Second thots' and lots of people where saying that it was about her. The song is basically about a girl who acts all innocent and down to earth but is actually a groupie/gold digger who only hangs around with famous people for her own gain. I know that in the past beenzino also said that despite having lived in korea for a few years a korean is pretty poor and she can only say generic phrases, her instagram seems to match up with that since a lot of her captions are in english with the odd bit of korean. As for her friends, she seems to hang out with emilythemermaid and denetrabfit along with the rest of their circle. When I first saw her she was getting much modelling work but it seems that later shes getting quite a bit... what do you guys think??
    her IG: https://www.instagram.com/stefaniemichova/

  12. This forum seems dead of instagram personalities
    IG https://www.instagram.com/dansaeng/
    YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCia0CLnfHf-hfW6o4uP86eA
    He's an instagrammer that's known in the ulzzang and kpop community as a NCT Taeyong lookalike

  13. Hey weebs bts are kings of kpop. they invented air. Bye weaboos
  14. EDIT: This will be now be a thread dedicated to Kpop scandals in general. 
    Here's an example: There was a scandal when Rap Monster from BTS called out two bandmates (J-Hope and my precious V) for being 'too black' when he first met them. 

    You guys can discuss this or other scandals here. If a mod could move this to "General" that would be great. 
  15. I wanted somewhere to discuss BP Rania and Alex so i made this thread. So just recently DR music announced that Alex is no longer a member of BP Rania. This is their statement:
    https://twitter.com/A1STSherlock (this is a twitter that has a lot of info about the whole thing)
    I feel like they gave her the worst possible situation so that she would eventually leave while also using her as a marketing ploy. So when she does decide to leave, it doesn't look so bad on the company instead of them kicking her out. This was bound to happen anyway. I've also seen people say stuff like she signed up for this and knew what she was getting into.
     What do you guys think about the whole situation?
  16. So there's this new scandal about Pledis' Dong-ho, who is a contestant on Produce 101. A girl came forward and is causing a stir of confusion as she accused Dong-ho of molesting her 8 years ago. Here's an article speaking about it:
    i dont watch Produce and don't know much about Dong-ho, but I am shocked about this as I've heard that other members on Produce who've been accused of such things were guilty. Thoughts/additional info?

  17. Post on kpop fan here in Introduce Yourself

    By SHINee, posted
    Hi there! i'm from England, female, in her 20s and ready to mingle!
    I have been here before but never bothered to make an account but i think this forum looks neat and interesting so i finally decided to register
    thanks for having me 
    p.s. I'm a big fan of kpop and especially SHINee
    (i also like blackpink, twice, snsd and more)
  18. So I didn't make this thread for awhile but I know a couple of these youtubers who make kpop funny/crack videos. On this thread you can talk about these pages and other crack videos.
    pronounced 'exo sex oh' or exosexo
    makes videos about:exo
    -overuses jokes
    -some think she is a gay fetishizer
    -most people think she is overrated
    -is Australian
    -ships ChanBaek and Kaisoo
    used to be called SwogliciousPuppysaurus 
    makes videos about:exo,monsta x,mamamoo,ikon, ect.
    -probably won't be making any exo on crack videos
    -is German
    -does makeup
    they aren't really a crack youtuber but they make fmvs
    makes videos about:exo.
    -is from Malasya
    -is a huge Chanyeol and Baekhyun shipper
    -lives in Singapore
    -makes videos about: exo, bts, seventeen
    -most popular videos aren't about kpop lol
    -refers to herself as an old man
    Overall they don't seem problematic, some of them just seem annoying.
  19. Hello all! Lurker for a little while now (mostly for the k-vlogger and j-vlogger related threads) and really wanted to start my own topic...so here we go!
    Within the KPop community there are quite a few sub-genres of YouTube video styles on YouTube, with examples being Crack Videos, FF (fanfiction) Videos, those *insert music video here* BUT every time *thing* happens *another thing* happens instead, etc. Many of the sub-genres are surprisingly popular.
    Lately I have noticed that this other specific sub-genre(?) of video has become popular among the KPop community...kpop journal-related/diy videos, but with aesthetically pleasing editing and background music. Heck, just KPop-related aesthetically pleasing YouTube videos in general. (If there's an official name for the sub-genre let me know, hehe.) 
    I'm not sure if they became popular due to KPop journals being more popular overall (since practically all of the channels have at least one video dedicated to their journal), or maybe people enjoy the  a e s t h e t i c, but my friends and I have noticed quite a few YouTubers popping up with that kind of style; calming to watch, relaxing music in the background, all while showing you their latest pen pal letter, journal entry, store haul, etc. 
    I'm probably not doing the best job of describing exactly what the videos are, so here are some of the more popular YouTubers within this sub-genre:
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jjongine
    Subscribers: 33,000+
    Video examples: Concert vlogs, organizing stationery/stickers, exo poster diy, album hauls, KPop journal diy/flipthrough, what's on my phone
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1T4cRE-NAlc0jDj_VgNMg
    Subscribers: 28,000+
    Video examples: KPop photocards diy (over 500k views), KPop journal diy, monthly playlists, album hauls, pen pals, vlogs, what's in my bag, whats on my phone
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrEY8C2ieycu4FvyAAeBYA
    Subscribers: 17,000+
    Video examples: Fangood unboxing, concert vlogs, what's in my bag, what's on my phone
    There are also tons of similar-ish YouTubers with subscribers between 1,000-10,000.
    What do you guys think?
    (I will edit this post if I made any mistakes!)
  20. Ok, I was scrolling through twitter today, and I came across like two accounts that impersonate kpop idols? 
    Like wjskkk on Instagram pretending to be jungkook, there's a lot of evidence of it being a fake account though (credit to codepjm on twitter).
    And then I stumbled on this account called "yoongi9303_twt" who has racked up a lot of followers already lmao. Honestly, idk how to feel about this account, but I'm pretty sure its fake. They put it in their bio and everything that they're not Yoongi, but they're actually going along with it on some occasions. They talk about kumamon and use old photos of Yoongi saying that it's an old selca that everyone else has? Honestly, it just screams fake, but I guess people go along with it for the fun of it lmao. 
    What do you guys think about kpop impersonators? Feel free to add some to this if you want it's always funny to look through them. Sorry that these are only BTS related they've been my main group for two years now, so my entire twitter account is basically dedicated to them (i do love sum good shinee, seventeen and exo though).
  21. Kellen Johnson
    Instagram / Twitter

    Kellen is 17 year old former ice skater turned kpop-interest instagrammer based in the US, California specifically. He has previously traveled to Japan/Korea/China for concerts and is super into airport visits. Most recently he was at the LA airport for Super Junior. 
    He has also been previously mentioned on the General Koreaboo Thread, link here and on other kpop instagram spam accounts on PULL.
    It was recently his 17th birthday, so as a present, I decided it was time for his own topic!
    Some Issues surrounding him:
    previously made a fake twitter pretending to be BTS RM/Namjoon, before being exposedclaimed to be mixed, but i don't know the exact status, because he has never really been clearsold the airplane details of monsta x to fans and other airport shenanigans (ex. Somi, Seventeen)previously posted near nudes for 1 minute and deleting themhad a spam "weed" account for his already kind of spam instagram @k01420, has been deleted though, pretty cringe 
  22. To all the kpop idols here, have you heard of the new group, HONEY POPCORN? 🍯 🍿
    It’s a newly formed kpop group Consisting of three Japanese members — Mikami Yua, Matsuda Miko, and Moto Sakura. They are gaining huge popularity now due to their controversial past. They used to be idols- AV (Porno) actresses in Japan. Their adult videos are still up on big websites thus upsetting a lot of people. This is now currently dividing the whole kpop community. What are your personal thoughts and opinions about them. Please feel free to add more information/back story about them.
    Apparently, She had a very bad attitude when she was a member of SKE48 in Japan. She was even dubbed the scandal queen. Her private twitter was also exposed. She said some bad stuff about her fans. This could be the reason why she quit Jpop to switch over to Kpop (aside from the fact that she’s so into kpop)
    “During a question and answer time with the press, the topic of their time as AV actresses was mentioned. Mikami Yua explained, “It is true that we are AV actresses in Japan, and it was work that we were doing sincerely.” However, right now, we want to focus on our activities as Honey Popcorn.” She added, “We know there will many people who will find it hard to support us. Still, we are going to cherish the people who are supporting us now.”
    Matsuda Miko said, “While preparing for [our debut], I expected there would be a difference of opinion because of the cultural gap between Korea and Japan. However, since we have people who support us, I want to work harder in order to meet their expectations.”
    Mikami Yua, who used her own finances to produce this album, revealed, “I wanted to do this because I have a dream I really would like to fulfill. There may be various opinions, but I was able to do this because I have a dream that I want to fulfill no matter what.”

  23. hi!
    I am a huge kpop fan and i thought this place looked really interesting
    i hope i will have a good time here
    btw my favs are mamamoo blackpink vixx shinee winner and few others
  24. From what I heard rmvely is also jkontop97, mulbada_rm, bitnadajk and akkaoaooooo, she steal translations, korean posts/tweets, spread false information and spread hate.
    On her olds accounts, she pretended to have committed suicide and another owner took over her account. 
    Wen someone called her out for stealing translations, she started to post translations on mulbada_RM and when they exposed her again, she posted another excuse

    Stealing posts:

    Doing fake giveaways:

    Tweeting hate towards Jimin:

    Credits for the twitter user seokgine
    For more information you can read here: https://twitter.com/seokgine/status/958426780620214273
  25. This is Holland. He is a Korean singer/songwriter. He is one of the first openly gay K-Pop idols in the industry.
    On January 21st, 2018, he debuted with a song called 'Neverland'
    According to SBS, They lyrics of the song "depict a place (Neverland) where anyone can love without facing discrimination."
    What do you guys think about Holland? Express your thoughts down below