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  1. Decided since there's a Japanese language thread that I'd make a Korean one. (We're all Weebs and Koreaboos to some extent I guess.) I've been trying to learning the language for a while and have gotten pretty good with the alphabet. Basically I can read the shit out of Korean but have absolutely no clue what I'm reading outside of 오빠 (GOD HELP ME) and I learned 잠비 from a recent Running Man episode. kek Anyways, I figured we could share different resources outside of lame language apps. Even though that's how I learned the alphabet...
    short info: wannabe asian who claims to be part japanese and shoops her pictures. She's swedish/spanish.
    Her name is Nicole but she says her japanese name is Rei. She only befriends asians or popular people on social media. Wanna be her friend? Sorry you gotta be asian.
    Her instaname was originally tsutsucat but she changed it to jiaoxrei because she didn't want her 'hater' to find her. Even tho she doesn't have any haters. (Now deleted!)
     She can't keep a certain editing style and always looks different
     how she actually looks like:
     she shoops herself a lot to look japanese and blocks everyone who comments that she's shooped on her pictures. 

    she's also using other artists art and claims that she drew it.
    her actual eyes:
    her shooped eyes:

    some girls on instagram commented in german that she shoops her pics with meitu and stuff like that but she deleted the pics where they commented so i don't have any screenshots sadly.
    Some photos from her social media:

    She doesn't only steal artwork and claim them to be hers, she also recorded someone elses youtube video of a game called osu, this gamer played a map/song on osu on level EXTREME, and ofcourse Nicole claimed it to be her own. Here is the video she posted and that she claimed to be hers:
      2016-02-21 14.56.21.mp4
    And here is the link to the original video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HU_S1VkG9k
    idk if some of you have heard of her before but if you did and have some infos about her then you're welcome to post it here ^^ 
    thanks for reading i hope i didn't make any mistakes c:
    (She claimed all her lenses are 16.5mm, and bought from UNIQSO, but their biggest size is 16.5 and these doesn't look like 16.5mm at all because of the heavy edit.There's no lenses that's bigger than 16.5 and smaller than sclera lenses.)

  3. Post on katieaegi in Online Personalities

    By poopsies, posted
    She is another koreaboo white girl from instagram. 
    A really funny thing is that she had an older instagram that I stumbled upon and she used a lot of korean hashtags. I decided to look them up and they were all really dirty hashtags. She's just really attention seeking and fetishizies Korean guys.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katieaegi/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAI8XyP9hyk&feature=youtu.be

    Ask.fm: https://ask.fm/wackyjakie

  4. Ok. so this girl right here.... She followed me and I followed her back because she seemed average enough... but wow...I was wrong...her posts are just super cringy and are getting increasingly so as time goes by. She's obsessed with some kpop guy named Jimin and basically glorifies Korea. There was also some controversy with her recently where she claimed she could be korean if she wanted. I don't remember the exact drama and sadly don't have screenshots because it was deleted, but she received lots of backlash. She's also claimed that her eyes "look asian". At one point earlier as well, (this was also deleted off her IG) she wrote a "love letter" for jimin all typed out and planned on somehow giving it to him but then she deleted the post and posted a picture of the letter being burnt because some people decided to react negatively to the letter. She is also very optimistic and claims that she has a chance with Jimin...
    If this all wasn't bad enough, she also starts drama occasionally and posts the messages of things people have sent her in her DM on her instagram. The messages are usually stuff like someone trying to tell her her goals of jimin and korea are a little unrealistic, but then she posts it on there and acts like the person who sent her that is the bad guy. She does the same sometimes with instagram comments she gets as well.
    Feel free to add any info in the replies since I don't happen to have some screenshots.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moistpuffins/?hl=en (it might be private..not sure) She changes her name on instagram every once in a while as well. Her last old name was "calmdostitties"
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/moistpuffins Not much posts on the twitter, but there are a few creepy long messages about Jimin....
    Under this spoiler is a lot of pictures of just a FEW of the rather long messages she's wrote about her love for Jimin...2 different instagram posts so you get the idea.
    Wanting to look like the Korean beauty standard....
    Saying creepy/cringy things...
  5. Didn't see a thread here about this girl, but she definitely needs one

    Her real name is Alyssa, she's 16 (information public)
    She posts BTS updates, particularly ones about Taehyung, a member of the group. She tends to mispronounce his name, leading to the infamous meme "Taeyong"
    she also has another acc where she posts personal photos

    When she first started her instagram adventure, her username was taeslut, or something along those lines. She was problematic from the beginning, often sexualizing underaged members and Tae.
    She's spoilt, and brags about it non-stop (Most photos are deleted now, tell me if link is broken)
    The reason she got noticed was because she made a video, in which, she accused Park Jimin of sexually assaulting her... As a joke. She prank called one of her friends and said that. She deleted the video but I have snips of the video saved (tell me if the link broke)
    For that video, she gave a half assed apology, stating "It was fun while it lasted"
    She met them 2 times, and even stalked them

    She posts crappy dance videos, in one (Not a dance video but it's about dancing) she claims she would like to see us bust our asses and do better than her
    It was a great meme, it has now fallen
    Look under #pancaketaedancestoshit to see some of the cringe-worthy dance videos she does
    Alyssa has made another half assed apology and "moved forward" In all reality, she's become worse.
    She's become delusional, claiming she developed depression, insomnia, and anxiety because of Tae. She rants on and on and on about him.
    Here's just a few examples
    Need I add more?
    When things don't go her way or when someone doesn't agree with her, she throws tantrums
    For example, today...
    There's more, but she blocked me, and I'm too lazy to go grab it.
    She seems to suffer from the snowflake syndrome..

    It has been brought to my attention that she now has a boyfriend. He's Korean and she shows him off like a trophy.
    She had a previous boyfriend, whom she never talked about. Here are some stuff she's posted about him. (I added in the caption from a hate acc cause its the best lol)
  6. Katelyn has never came out directly with her age but she is very young looking https://instagram.com/p/BGfhunsTVdm/
    she made a post back in May excited she was going to visit Korea in Augustbut the bad side behind all this is she never told her family she was going to South Korea. This made her whole family panic and call the police to file a missings persons report, believing she is under legal age because they did not make the family wait 24 hours to report a missing person. her mom posted this that she knew where she was August 1st, Katelyn Verde arrived in South Korea July 29th, which is later than she first planned and said it was postponed because of "family issues"As she looks very young, at the first appearance I thought she was 16 she went to meet her boyfriend who is 23-25 (depending on international and Korean age)if she is under the age of 18 there is definitely some legal issues as they have been sleeping together everyday shes been in korea, as you know where that leads to.they both look naked. If anyone has any other information about this please post.
  7. Post on Ali Abbot in Online Personalities

    By g4, posted
    Hi All ~
    Finally going to make this thread. I started to make this last night and accidentally clicked out of it and to my surprise, it saved it so that's cool and stress reducing. Anyway please add on and discuss ~
    I speak English and Korean, and live in Korea. So I know very well her abilities and information about South Korea. I have also been to London and have several English friends, so at the very least I can call out any bs there as well. I'm trying to make this topic appealing but let me know if anything is wrong and it shall be corrected. Also if anyone wants to write a better summary, please go ahead.

    Ali Abbot is a koreaboo basic girl originally from South Africa who has been living in London, England. She has said in her own words, that she started loving Korea because of a kpop addiction. Although she now claims to hate it, and thinks it is the worse thing ever!1!! She began learning Korean through online penpals (and based on her poor abilities, likely form kpop as well) and started vlogging to speak Korean in her videos, aka act fake to gain a Korean audience to feed into her obsession. She found a Korean guy to date and decided to meet him once and wait for him during his military service. They later broke up without any given reason, but I have proof of her admitting that he was abusive. We only have her words on the issue, so nothing can be confirmed. She has deleted any evidence of him but the internet got its hands on it and it is all still easily accessible. She has a younger sister named Jade, who appears to be more sane and also had/has a Korean boyfriend. They made a video together eating spicy ramyun.
    The discussion will be on her fakeness, obvious trying for youtube fame and attention from Koreans, exaggerated Korean skills as she is quite poor at it, immaturity, bad attitude, and any other potential lies. Personally I highly doubt she was abused and am quite suspicious, but cannot confirm at this time. I would really like to find the exboyfriend and ask his thoughts on the matter. (Found him!! Look below)
    Video that made her "famous" copy has been found!!
    http://www.vidinfo.org/video/1099248/- Love Notes
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7pZAfHAT3Q Reunion



    Other Items of Interest:
    1. Korean article of break up video (there are many more, but same idea)
    2. Photos with her ex
    3. Ex boyfriend's facebook + youtube (no uploads, but barely interacted with her..lol)
    Korean Key Words:
    Ali Abbot 알리 애벗
    Korea 한국
    Boyfriend 남자친구/남친
    Youtube 유튜브
    Screenshots of her ridiculousness ~
    I didn't save my parts of the conversation so I'll have to go back and do that but for now this is actual proof of her ramblings. I did not make this up. I will add translations soon, or any other Korean speakers feel welcome to do that. Also I may have messed up the order but I tried. The first two English comments form her are several parts, because of screenshot limits.
    And coming soon!!
    A Korean tries to defend her, doesn't go so well. Planting the seed of doubt one by one.
  8. this is a thread for all of the minor koreaboos, the ones that perhaps don't have tons of followers or don't necessarily need an entire thread about them as an individual, but are problematic nonetheless. there are so many of them now that i think they should be addressed. feel free to make a list of ones you know and expose them below!
  9. I just got out of a really bad relationship and I'm feeling really sad. So, when I'm feeling really sad I like to brainwash myself by watching Kdramas. I just recently Finished watching " Click your heart". It was really good. But I felt like the first season was alil rushed. Now, I just started watching " Cinderella and four knights". DramaFever is comparing it to "Boys over flowers". I don't know if it will be that good. But we shall see!!!!  
    Do you guys have any kdrama or Jdrama recommendations? (^.^)/
    *Jdrama sounds weird to me* lol 
    "Click your heart"

    "Cinderella and four knights"

  10. Feeling a little groggy this holiday week, and saw this pop up. Guess I caused the koreaboos to pop up in my related videos section from all the research, but alas I was planning to make a thread for this girl anyway. So let's get started shall we?

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heatherwhat
    Jellybeannose, or Heather whatever her last name is who cares, is a huge Koreaboo. She doesn't live in Korea, she visited before I believe, but she lives in California (pretty sure) and is a huge kpop fan. Most of her videos are dance covers to songs, she isn't the worst but nothing special. I rememeber from her older videos of her trying to do aegyo, speaking bad Korean, and with her ex Korean boyfriends who looked uncomfortable with her lol. They might be deleted now but I'll do my best to find them. She is so much like Ali it's insane, except more dance, and not trying as hard for fame? (There's no articles about her as far as I know.) I found this girl before Ali, years ago, and kinda let it go, but whatever this forum exists so I wanna get it out of my system.
    She goes to kcon a lot, always doing dance games there, she is weird basically, but not scamming people or anything, just a koreaboo doing koreaboo things.
    Dance Cover - Touch My Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg1TsNpkWgk
    50 Facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptuRD3TqeBE
    Speaking Korean Badly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fr-rs2lXXk
    Note, on the Korean speaking the word she used for excited means sexually excited. So she basically said she is feeling horny to see her friends ahahah. How can you get that wrong so early in studies? It's not even taught to you. Surely she learned that from a song or something.
    PS My computer is a pos, and this won't edit correctly, so if someone can make it prettier please do. I'm getting frustrated lol. Actually no, forget the societal standards put on us to have pretty threads, she's good enough as she is >_< I'll be getting a new laptop soon anyway.
  11. weaboo/koreaboo cosplayer who was recently blasted for taping their eyes to look east asian. blocked anyone accusing her and delete any comments about it, then deleted posts that had her taped eyes.

  12. Okay so i found this girl on ig some time ago and i just had to make a post about her..
    gosh where do i even begin, okay so first of all what i noticed right away is that she photoshops her pictures to a point where she doesn't even look human, it's so painfully obvious that she uses google translate in all of the captions written in korean, she calls herself "jimin" and that's obviously NOT her real name (she recently just added her real name i guess to her bio but her username is still JIMINbarbie-_- which makes me cringe) she uses apps to apply makeup and i can't stand when people do that because it's just so obvious ughhhhhhhh 
    anyway she always deletes pictures off her account because i guess she doesn't want to go over a certain number of posts -,- and alot were so cringy god i wish i had saved them. 
    OH and how could i forget the korean hashtags she uses and probably has no idea what they mean : )

  14. What do you guys think of this girl that goes by the name of Jivancas on both tumblr and Instagram. Personally I think she's cute but she seems to be lying.I asked her what circle lenses she's wearing but she said it was her real eyes. What do you guys think? Are they natural or is she lying? Links to her social media: Tumblr, Instagram found her blogspot though she hasn't posted anything but here's the link --> blog

  15. Her instagram is @emilythemermaid.
    Does anyone know much about her? I follow her on instagram and one day decided to google her name and a bunch of her presurgery photos came up.



  16. Alright, this is Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn, also known as Dae on social media
    Instagram | Facebook | tumblr
    As of 27th December 2016, her social media links are down. She has deleted/ privatised everything.

    Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn got popular through online ulzzang(best face) contests. She started some drama, making racist remarks on Facebook, has admitted to being racist (on this thread no less) and using photoshop. Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn is a hardcore user of photoshop.
    She confirmed herself to be PULL user picklechip and then proceeded to admit that she's racist:

    Her drama can be found throughout this thread but the summary of it is that she was displeased her name was posted on the thread (despite PULL users being able to find her full name within a few clicks of her social media that she typed out herself). She holds PULL in high regards as she believes that PULL gets more traffic than FB/ Insta/ Tumblr and that this website will catapult her to internet fame and therefore unwanted attention because her name was posted here (note: heavy levels of sarcasm). She reasoned that an alleged molester in her past would be able to find her far more easily with her name on PULL, despite PULL users finding her name through her social media within minutes.
    While this site takes the compliment of being more popular than FB/ Insta/ tumblr, we must stress that this is no way true and that those social media sites are by far the best choices for anyone wanting to find information on someone.

    ^ Found by a PULL member (THANK YOU!!!)
    More under the cut:

    ^ something closer to her real appearance
    Continued screenshots of her horrible personality:
  17. I know this has been touched upon in the Koreaboo/Weeaboo thread but I feel like it could be a good discussion on a thread of it's own.
    Asian fashion is well liked and known here. When does wearing their makeup and fashion become to a point where they're fetishizing or it becomes wanting to be asian. Is dressing in jfashion(etc) and admiring asians unhealthy or too much?
    I'd like to understand since I'm a little confused by the boundaries of this too. When is it excessive?
  18. This is my first topic guys
    Here is his Instagram.
    I don't know too much about him despite knowing him for 3 years. I think he's 19-22?  A lot of my friends know and follow him. I followed him in 2014 or 2013(?) but I stopped following last year. We never really interacted with each other, but we made one encounter last year. My friends and I called him out on trying to emulate Asians...just go through his Instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about.
    He basically denied that and told us he's not trying to be Asian and that he appreciates the culture (what every person with yellowfever says lol) but I don't believe him because of how he edits his pictures..like the way he makes his skin super pale and how he edits his eyes. When I first saw him, I thought he was Asian until I found out he's actually Hispanic. All of his Instagram photos are so deceiving tbh because he doesn't even look like that at all in real life (obviously). I've seen photos of him without the crazy filters and photoshop which I will post below. I think he's trying to look like an ulzzang lol (the v-chin, super pale skin, snall lips, etc.)
    without the filters

    with the crazy filters and photoshop..from his Instagram.

    The photoshop on his jaw yikes

    notice the jaw


  19. Hey y'all this is my first ever thread/topic!!
    Here's this guy @hyun.li on Instagram who is to be problematic. He used homophobic and ableist remarks to random people, calling them "gay" or "retarded." Brian also thinks using the n word is okay, lol. I heard he was accused up on sexual assault (if anyone knows what really happened, please explain!!)
    There's this Instagram (@asianigupdate) account that exposed Brian for his disgusting behavior. There's a shit ton on there too. 
    If you don't know who the fuck this guy is, here's some fun facts about him :
    • His full name is Brian Li
    • He's from Las Vegas,Nevada
    • He's friends with bobble head Sheen @i.amsenpai (not anymore) and yellowfacing @kisoep on Instagram
    • Has dated Catherine Chi (publicity stunt)
    • He went to middle school with Rich Chigga and Rice gum
    Also here's a link to the story about Chloe : https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2616-iamsenpai-kevin/?do=findComment&comment=159198
    This is what he looks like he covers up his face most of the time LOL

    Opinions about Brian. (credit to asianigupdate on Instagram)

  20. (I didn't know if I should post this in the general koreaboo thread or make a new topic about it, so feel free to tell me if I should move it)
    Anyway, Max is a 25-year-old blond Brazilian man who underwent more than 10 operation and spent around $3000 to look like a natural born asian. He also changed his name "Max" to "Xiahn Nishi."
    After visiting SK on a university exchange, Max fell in love with asian culture and became “obsessed with looking like the locals.” As you all guessed, he loved kpop, kdrama and dreamed of being an idol.
    "I put my fingers inside the eye and pulled. That was the way I wanted to have my eyes," he told Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora.
    I personally want to give him the koreaboo award along with the golden star "you tried" 
    More pics :

  21. In a thread for Emilythemermaid I mentioned that her blonde friend was a model named Stefanie Michova. Some people decided that she had enough tea on her for her to have own on thread, so here we are!
    So her name is Stefanie Michova and she is a model originally from Germany. I'm not sure when she moved to Korea but she is now most known for being friends with Amber from FX and dating K hip hop rapper Beenzino. There was a scandal a year or so ago when Jay Park released a song named 'Second thots' and lots of people where saying that it was about her. The song is basically about a girl who acts all innocent and down to earth but is actually a groupie/gold digger who only hangs around with famous people for her own gain. I know that in the past beenzino also said that despite having lived in korea for a few years a korean is pretty poor and she can only say generic phrases, her instagram seems to match up with that since a lot of her captions are in english with the odd bit of korean. As for her friends, she seems to hang out with emilythemermaid and denetrabfit along with the rest of their circle. When I first saw her she was getting much modelling work but it seems that later shes getting quite a bit... what do you guys think??
    her IG: https://www.instagram.com/stefaniemichova/

  22. Tumblr: http://kmusicandblackwomen.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmusicblckwomen
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    she also has another tumblr,It is not really confirmed that it is her but it's quite obvious : http://choigyrl.tumblr.com , http://privatelovegina1.tumblr.com/
    Kmusicandblackwomen is a tumblr owned by a twenty late something black woman who openly fetishize ambw relationships. She says her blog is a safe space for black girls who likes korean musician and to talk about their "love" for them.
    Where do I even star lol.
    Kmbw is not only obssesed with asian mens claiming that she has been attracted to them since she was 7.

    She's also a has a tendency of sexualizing minors and calling them daddy, sexy and hot specially seventeen members.
    And if you say something about how it's wrong to sexualize minors...


    She's extremely delulu and constantly seeks validation from asian men, if an idol or any asian man look at a black woman or listens to black music for her that means that they want to be in an ambw relationships. If they like Rihanna or Beyoncé THEY MUST LIKE ALL BLACK WOMEN, right?

    Her followers also send her stories and they are also disturbing

    She doesn't mind if asian people do black face or say the n word because that's just mean that they love black people looks and how they talk!!!

    She even has photoshopped idols with black women and makes some creepy "dating profiles" 

    She has done so many problematic and disgusting shit that i don't even remember but the most awful was harassing some muslim girl. 
    Kmussicandblackwomen is known for stealing videos of other black fans and posting it without permission and she stole this video of a muslim girl who recorded herself with infinite, the girl asked her to remove it and kmbw didn't respond. The video was reuploaded by many people and the muslim girl and her friends tried to message everybody who reuploaded the video but kmbw created a youtube account to pretend to be her and tell people that it was fine to share the video.

    When the Muslim girl realized that they were pretending to be her she commented in the video but kmbw followers began to comment slamophobics and racist(yes, racist) stuff

    And kmbw also created "privatelovegina1" tumblr aka Gina to repost the video multiple times and to say islamophobict shit.

    I'm sure there's many more it's just that I can't find them anymore.
  23. Minako Sakurai is a 19 year old self proclaimed model from Texas. She hasn't really caused drama from what I've seen but her posts are just.. really cringy and tryhardy that I couldn't resist making a thread.  | I still don't understand why she has the "Official Instagram" thing. I mean, she's not that popular yet.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sakurai.mina
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/minakosakurai/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakurai_minako?lang=en
    Blog: http://thewonderfulworldofminnie.blogspot.com/2017/03/minako-x-kawaii-international-episode.html?m=1
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqgLc3oj6pj08T8f82dm0vw
    You can even find her on google images.  
    I think she also fakes a high pitched voice or maybe that's just her natural voice. She has an IG video with her speaking in Japanese and her voice was pretty high.. (I think it's real but a part of me says otherwise) 
     But aside from that, she seems like a sweet person.  (This is my first time posting so I'm so sorry if this isn't good enough to make a thread with TT)
    So what do you guys think? 
  24. Okay I kinda went through some threads and I actually enjoy this site so much lol, I searched for a thread dedicated to Angela Bakiris aka iblogkbeauty but I couldn't find one? So here's one
    I recently watched a video of a youtuber, her name is Angela Bakiris, a half Filipina/Greek girl living in Australia. She does videos on learning Korean since she's so proud of herself for learning it by herself and now thinks she is just as good as a native and even does videos on how to pronounce letters and stuff and to sound 'just like a korean'. Idk but it budges me and makes me cringe like all the time. 
    Here are her social media accounts:
    twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/angelabakiris_?lang=de
    youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfM6Jdj6hE4j-FlHvp6Eszw
    instagram: @iblogkbeauty
    She first started off with basic shit like Korean Beauty Hauls and stuff and once people noticed she was actually pretty good at Korean of course she took the chance and started all these pronounciation or how i learned korean videos on her channel. There's even a video of her only speaking Korean, now nothing wrong with learning a language since I would also love to speak Korean but she just comes off as braggish (is that even a word? english is not my first language lol). There's a video of her talking about Koreaboos and tbh she just pisses me off so much. She's talking about how she's not a Koreaboo and the only reason for her learning korean was 'her love for languages' or wanting to be like her grandfather who spoke 14 languages (which is kinda braggish to me again) but everyone knows she listens to Kpop and tbh who would choose to specifically learn Korean just bc you love languages if there's no background or reason for it? (The reason being, in fact she loves kpop and kbeauty, hence her name lol) To me it just seems like she's trying to hide and convince people that her learning Korean has nothing to do with the K-wave and that she is in fact a Koreaboo herself, just doesn't want to admit it tbh.
    Another thing is her obsession with Korean boys. She had a video titled 'What to expect when dating a Korean boy' (I MEAN THE TITLE ALREADY CRINGES THE SHIT OUT OF ME) She talks about her experience with dating Korean boys which indicates she mainly dated Koreans, wanna know why? Because she's fetishizing them. Like she would talk about how he would tell her to introduce to his friends and instead of just saying it in English she would go back to her bragging side and say the whole sentence again but in Korean.
    The title pisses me off bc just because he's Korean, doesn't mean you can generalize them? Everyone has their own personality and traits and you can expect anything from anyone regardless of their heritage omg. Too bad she deleted that video.
    Anyway this is just a little midnight rant lol. Tell me what you think of her!!

  25. SO, since all the other threads about her were started by a fake account, here's what I hope will become the real one.
    Persephone Narra is a youtuber who also runs an AMWF facebook group.
    She constantly uses the group to promote her youtube page, and when anyone says anything about it, she goes off on them
    She breaks rules that she fucking wrote.
    She has made a fake account on this site with the username Ken Do. I know the real Ken, who maintains it is not  his account.
    so. this snowflake. Anyone else run in with her?