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  1. Post on KPOP in Music

    By MarvelPanda, posted
    Hello guys !
    i noticed there wasn't a music thread so i decided to make one about my favourite music genre KPOP!!!!! my favourite groups are big bang, 2ne1, snsd,miss a, aoa, t-ara , kara and 2pm!!! (i used to be obsessed with shinee but i don't like them anymore) i've been into kpop for about 2 years now and I saw nu'est in person when i went on holiday to japan (it was so random and they were doing an interview at tower records) i've never been to any concerts and i would love to go see big bang on there made tour oh and my fav members of big bang are taeyand gd and top!!! 
  2. Post on K-Hip Hop in Music

    By Diphylleia grayi, posted
    So I'm a big fan of K-Hip Hop and I love Epik High, GIRIBOY, Zico, Penomeco.
    which are your favorite artists?  I want to listen to others as well so you guys can recommend songs and artists.
  3. Post on Ali Abbot in Online Personalities

    By g4, posted
    Hi All ~
    Finally going to make this thread. I started to make this last night and accidentally clicked out of it and to my surprise, it saved it so that's cool and stress reducing. Anyway please add on and discuss ~
    I speak English and Korean, and live in Korea. So I know very well her abilities and information about South Korea. I have also been to London and have several English friends, so at the very least I can call out any bs there as well. I'm trying to make this topic appealing but let me know if anything is wrong and it shall be corrected. Also if anyone wants to write a better summary, please go ahead.

    Ali Abbot is a koreaboo basic girl originally from South Africa who has been living in London, England. She has said in her own words, that she started loving Korea because of a kpop addiction. Although she now claims to hate it, and thinks it is the worse thing ever!1!! She began learning Korean through online penpals (and based on her poor abilities, likely form kpop as well) and started vlogging to speak Korean in her videos, aka act fake to gain a Korean audience to feed into her obsession. She found a Korean guy to date and decided to meet him once and wait for him during his military service. They later broke up without any given reason, but I have proof of her admitting that he was abusive. We only have her words on the issue, so nothing can be confirmed. She has deleted any evidence of him but the internet got its hands on it and it is all still easily accessible. She has a younger sister named Jade, who appears to be more sane and also had/has a Korean boyfriend. They made a video together eating spicy ramyun.
    The discussion will be on her fakeness, obvious trying for youtube fame and attention from Koreans, exaggerated Korean skills as she is quite poor at it, immaturity, bad attitude, and any other potential lies. Personally I highly doubt she was abused and am quite suspicious, but cannot confirm at this time. I would really like to find the exboyfriend and ask his thoughts on the matter. (Found him!! Look below)
    Video that made her "famous" copy has been found!!
    http://www.vidinfo.org/video/1099248/- Love Notes
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7pZAfHAT3Q Reunion



    Other Items of Interest:
    1. Korean article of break up video (there are many more, but same idea)
    2. Photos with her ex
    3. Ex boyfriend's facebook + youtube (no uploads, but barely interacted with her..lol)
    Korean Key Words:
    Ali Abbot 알리 애벗
    Korea 한국
    Boyfriend 남자친구/남친
    Youtube 유튜브
    Screenshots of her ridiculousness ~
    I didn't save my parts of the conversation so I'll have to go back and do that but for now this is actual proof of her ramblings. I did not make this up. I will add translations soon, or any other Korean speakers feel welcome to do that. Also I may have messed up the order but I tried. The first two English comments form her are several parts, because of screenshot limits.
    And coming soon!!
    A Korean tries to defend her, doesn't go so well. Planting the seed of doubt one by one.
  4. Feeling a little groggy this holiday week, and saw this pop up. Guess I caused the koreaboos to pop up in my related videos section from all the research, but alas I was planning to make a thread for this girl anyway. So let's get started shall we?

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heatherwhat
    Jellybeannose, or Heather whatever her last name is who cares, is a huge Koreaboo. She doesn't live in Korea, she visited before I believe, but she lives in California (pretty sure) and is a huge kpop fan. Most of her videos are dance covers to songs, she isn't the worst but nothing special. I rememeber from her older videos of her trying to do aegyo, speaking bad Korean, and with her ex Korean boyfriends who looked uncomfortable with her lol. They might be deleted now but I'll do my best to find them. She is so much like Ali it's insane, except more dance, and not trying as hard for fame? (There's no articles about her as far as I know.) I found this girl before Ali, years ago, and kinda let it go, but whatever this forum exists so I wanna get it out of my system.
    She goes to kcon a lot, always doing dance games there, she is weird basically, but not scamming people or anything, just a koreaboo doing koreaboo things.
    Dance Cover - Touch My Body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg1TsNpkWgk
    50 Facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptuRD3TqeBE
    Speaking Korean Badly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fr-rs2lXXk
    Note, on the Korean speaking the word she used for excited means sexually excited. So she basically said she is feeling horny to see her friends ahahah. How can you get that wrong so early in studies? It's not even taught to you. Surely she learned that from a song or something.
    PS My computer is a pos, and this won't edit correctly, so if someone can make it prettier please do. I'm getting frustrated lol. Actually no, forget the societal standards put on us to have pretty threads, she's good enough as she is >_< I'll be getting a new laptop soon anyway.
  5. Post on Kpop in Introduce Yourself

    By Jisoo, posted
    Anyone into kpop? Im into Red velvet, black pink, and got7. Talk to me if you do
  6. So I found this girl because she has recently got engaged to a Uzbek model in Korea who got pretty famous on facebook recently. Her instagram bio says she's mixed - Turkish and Korean. But she seems to be going for the gangnam unnie look .. and i'm not sure if she's shopped some of her pics.
    Anyone know any more about her?
    Looking less fake:
  7. I realized there wasn't a topic to discuss Ulzzangs, so I decided to make one. Ulzzang is the Korean word for best face, to which it has taken on a new makeup trend. It mostly involves putting white directly under the eyes and shading it to create eye bags or "aegyo sal' (said to look youthful), getting straight eyebrows, widening your eyes, and using a lip ombre (lip gradient).
    Discuss the ulzzangs that got it right, failed, whatever.

  8. Hey weebs bts are kings of kpop. they invented air. Bye weaboos
  9. Hello  what are your favourite liptint brands? Or specific liptint? Im quite interested since im loving liptints recently can you guys suggest or share me your faves? 
  10. Hiya there.
    So the matter at hand is that I want to know your opinion or theories, about that time where photos of EXO's Chen's girlfriend (ex?) came to light. It's probably one of the weirdest kpop scandals.
    I'm not talking about if it's okay or not, we all well know that the guy can fuck anyone he wants to.
    At the time I was so wtf that I completely forgot about it.
    ''In September 2016, private photos about the love life of the famous singer of exo were leaked on the Internet. At that time, an alleged relationship that both had kept secret was revealed'' Aha...
    ''After this, many fans were excited about jongdae so they searched more in their personal lives and could be paying much more attention than usual, but it was not until January 11, 2017 that a supposed fan uploads a capture on the internet from the screen when she apparently sold Chen a couple of tickets to Los Angeles for 10 days, departing from Incheon on 01/01 and returning on 11/01 and also unveiled the supposed identity of Jongdae's girlfriend, Jang Mi Hee'' Ok?...
    ''They are apparently dating since 2015, the photos of both of them together were supposedly taken on July 5 of that year according to fan inquiries. Despite this information was already dispersed on the internet, Min Hee so considerate with Chen changed his user in IG by @ mihee.xoxo, making a clear allusion to EXO.''  Doesn't that make it more obvious wtf?
    Apparently they also had a Pinterest account and were following eachother(I SNORTED)
    There's lots of information but I'll give you the info shortened,the chick was NOT being shy about who she was dating, she posted his gifts and videos with his voice with the hashstag #JD, she was SO NOT SHY about it that her friend got fed up with her boasting and released those photos.
    Now, juicy stuff, there's also rumours that say that the girl who went on a trip with him was not the same one as the leaked photos, so they're saying that it was some cheating business OR that the ex simply got mad and released the leaked photos. A big fansite also closed after a couple months.
    And well, then sasaengs also got mad because their hard work of hiding their idol's dirt and keeping their image clean, got destroyed by someone, so more photos came out.

  11. I'm a half SEA girl (half hispanic half filipino) from the us and I know people will probably call me a kboo or weeabo but i dont really consider myself that. I just really have an appreciation for asia and id like to live there one day. therefore im thinking about korea or japan after i graduate college but im kind of stuck. would yall reccomend to start in korea or japan soon? i also wanna go to spain and france because my dream is to travel but i'd like to start in asia soon. That said I know SEA people are really discriminated in Korea and i look quite filipinoo. what do yall think? korea or japan first?