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  1. Post on Sissel AB in Little Snowflakes

    By Chulimaria, posted
    I noticed that nobody made a topic about her </3 I really like her, she is very pretty and funny and I really like her tutorials. Also, she has an account in Ask.fm and she always reply very politely <3 

    Danish beauty guru youtuberMakes makeup videos inspired by k-pop videos19 years oldPhotoshops her pictures, but is open about itMoving to Korea in 2017What do you guys think of her? 
    Ask  // Instagram // Youtube // Tumblr
  2. I used to be really into K-pop about four years ago when I was in high school. I finally stopped really listening to any new k-pop or buying any new songs when my favourite group basically disbanded. 
    Nowadays, whenever I hear any new k-pop music, most of it really echoes of more western/American pop music. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or would like to discuss the ways K-pop has changed the past couple of years?
  3. Here we are guys, the long-awaited thread is finally here   Sorry in advance for the shitty definition, I tried my best 
    Brief intro : Korean beauty standards are simple : big eyes (aegyo sal), v shaped face, small defined (preferably pointy) nose and small lips. Physical appearance and media influence being very important, getting your face done became quite common in Korea. The most requested surgery procedures being double eyelids, v line and rhinoplasty.
    Gangnam is a famous city known for having celebrities hanging out there but also for having tons of surgery clinics. There's also this saying that when you walk down Gangnam, you could swear you saw the same person walking past you ten times.
    Anyway, people started to use the term "gangnam unnie" to refer to girls looking all the same after getting their surgery done. 
    Here are a few examples :
    Caricatures were made 
    This gif of "Miss Korea" beauty pageants speaks by itself Fake gif (photoshopped images)
    Our dear Wengie (https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/110-wwwengie/) and Park Bom from 2ne1 can also be considered as gangnam unnie
    Finally, if you guys happen to be interested in what korean beauty standards are and where they came from, these videos can help you get an idea :
  4. I haven't seen a post about her yet (but correct me if i'm wrong). 
    But I saw today that this girl will be the first caucasian to debut as an idol in a group called 'O My Jewel'.
    She is Israeli-Russian and not sure how old she is. 
    Her insta: 
    To me she looks a little 'gangnam unnie'ish but I don't know if it's just a little editing. However, I feel like her face has changed slightly over time so I would be surprised if she's had something done tbh. 

  5. hi!
    I am a huge kpop fan and i thought this place looked really interesting
    i hope i will have a good time here
    btw my favs are mamamoo blackpink vixx shinee winner and few others
  6. Kasper, who used to go by 11x11pm/SerineSings on YouTube before starting her rapping career, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and YouTuber. She is currently a solo artist under DSP and was in the group Play the Siren before they disbanded. 
    Instagram: kasperxxiYoutube: KASPERTwitter: KASPER417Soundcloud: officialkasper
    She started her YouTube channel back in 2010 under the name 11x11pm and would post rant, makeup, and singing videos. She was an aspiring kpop artist (Korean-American living in S. Korea with dreams to be a kpop idol) at the time and would post advice videos for auditions. 
    Her singing was very mediocre and her rant videos were what gained her following. 
    She eventually gave up on becoming an idol and switched to rapping and started going by the name Kasper. 
    During that time, she would also pander/brag to her viewers about knowing BAP's Daehyun causing a lot of them to question their relationship.
    In 2014 she debuted in Play the Siren, a co-ed hip hop group.
    She also started appearing on Seoulistic (when she was a trainee) and WishtrendTV videos. She is still a part of WishtrendTV.
    She auditioned for Show Me the Money 4 and failed to get in and got on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 instead.
    Her singing was bad, but her rapping is mediocre at best. Many netizens questioned why Kasper was on UPRS due to her bland personality and poor skills. She was often criticized for being awkward and stiff. 
    Despite her poor skills, she still somehow landed a contract with DSP in 2016. She released her single Lean on Me in January of 2017.
    She's still pretty irrelevant in Korean media, but she recently got herself back in the news this month for revealing Wanna One Kang Daniel's and UPRS Yook Jidam's relationship. Many netizens thought this was unnecessary and attention seeking of her.
    She is often attention seeking, from pandering about knowing Daehyun to going on SMTM because she was jealous of Kisum (watch SMTM audition) to revealing details about other people's relationships.
    She was also very cocky on UPRS until her terrible rapping was criticized. She dissed Jiyoon for being an idol but she herself wanted to be an idol too but failed. 
    She also has had plastic surgery. When she was still posting videos on 11x11pm, she made a video clarifying what procedures she had done (eyes and botox injections for jaw), but it seems that since then she has gotten more done. It's pretty possible she shaved her jaw as well, because botox doesn't slim your jaw to that extent.

    (now Feb 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ot_F2MuI4&t=350s)
    I used to watch her 11x11pm videos back then and found it hilarious when she was on UPRS. Her cockiness turns me off and honestly her way of speaking is so grating I had to stop watching Wishtrend videos, but those are just my personal opinions of her.
  7. Cameron Philip is a predominantly male groups-kpop fan who creates reaction videos, english versions of kpop songs and so on. He is from Canada, is currently 21. 

    instagram (which is private, idk why)
    In the past year he's been called out on a lot of his, erm, tweets, and he "apologized" for it in a lengthy youtube video.
    And even more recently, some youtubers like Big Pete (although admittedly I'm not too familiar with that discourse) have called youtubers like Philip out on being "fake" and how BTS fans tend to flock certain youtubers just because they like BTS, and pander to that audience. 
    This is my first thread, so I hope it's alright! 
  8. Today a Korean artist by the name of Kim  Jonghyun committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. It was a rumour at first, with many people not believing it but his agency just recently comfirmed it.
    I know this is a really bad way to start a thread, but I feel there needs to be a place here for the fans who knew of him.
    Many artists including Yoogeun (Hello baby baby) and Nine9 (Dear Cloud), his good friend have also spoken about it.

  9. There's always a lot of drama involved with them, so I thought that I'd make a thread... Welcome to the:
    ~Massie Family Thread~
    KYLA| Instagram(Pristin) // Instagram(Personal Public) // Instagram(Personal Private) // Instagram (Photography) // Twitter // V Live
    LUKE| Twitter // Twitter Receipts
    KARISA| Instagram // Youtube (*not 16 yet! Please do not discuss her!! links are here just here to obtain receipts about the others)
    ELAYA| Instagram // Twitter // Youtube
    MAMA MASSIE (BO MASSIE)| Instagram
    Important Info:

      Kyla is a 16 y/o member of the K-pop girl group Pristin. She received enormous criticism due to her weight. She has been on hiatus since October of 2017, with the official reason being stated as "health conditions". She sometimes makes an appearance on Karisa's SNS platforms. An official statement regarding her return to Pristin is yet to be made. 

      Luke is the oldest Massie child, and it is estimated that he is around 18-19. He used his status as Kyla's brother for clout on Twitter and Instagram, and it for the most part worked. He gained a significant IG and Twitter following (~8.5 thousand) made up of mostly Kyla+Pristin stans. Luke was later involved in complex family drama and tried to drag his sister on his twitter. While doing so he exposed himself as a racist and has apparently been disowned by his family. Rumor has it both Pledis and his family will be suing him. 

      Karisa is too young to post about, but her info is up due to her posting a lot of info on her siblings. She appears to be in her early teens, so please refrain from discussing her aside from the info she posts! She is very active on IG (4k followers) and less so on YT (2k subscribers). Her Instagram lives are usually K-Pop based and she has said that there is a possibility that she will be scouted by Pledis. 

      Elaya is a 16 year old "ulzzang" on IG where he has 37k followers. He uses his Twitter to offer selfie advice and recommend apps with the best filters. He also has an inactive YouTube channel. He is the same age as Kyla, but she has only ever mentioned her older brother, Luke, and her younger sister, Karisa. Kyla has always claimed to have 2 siblings; however Karisa claims on her IG that Elaya is in fact their brother.

    The Massie Family parents. The mother's name is Bo Massie, but I was unable to find the name of the father. Mama Massie's IG really revolves around her family, so there are lots of updates on what the family has been doing recently. Despite the estrangement of Luke from the family, she still sometimes posts about him. 
    !!!Family Drama!!!
  10. Hi! my first topic? So this is about Sasaengs, aka obsessed fans. 

    Right now as I right this there has been a huge uproar on twitter because of sasaengs of BTS. Many fansites are being exposed as sasaengs. 
    Ill include some example and reasons why someone might be considered a sasaeng
    They have unauthorized photos of celebritiesThey usually have private info, such as their number/etcThey follow them around. You can usually see them appear in other people photos and they're usually following themThey ride the same airplane as them? this can be the same as they follow them around but most extreme sasaengs will literally go in the same plane as them and then take private photos of them.  
    There might be more reasons but these are the ones i can think off the top of my head, sorry. x 
    Disclaimer: I got these off twitter so credit to the people who came up with this info! 
    Instagram: @9njeo

    Twitter: @_njeo

    She got exposed for a twitter post she posted where she was following jungkook in the airport and well.. Ill post the link down below
    Instagram: @blacklchan39 

    She was exposed for following yoongi, in a video which i can link down below yoongi is seem pulling his phone out and video taping the girls (sasaengs) around him. I guess to sue? 
    Instagram: @karina_0529

    Twitter: @0529_karin
    and @_tete95_

    she was exposed for following another member, taehyung. ill post a video of her following him down below.
    In the images down the fansites are being written up for sasaeng behavior.
    The first is from BTS fancafe released by BigHit. These fansites have shown sasaeng behavior and have been removed from the fancafe.The second is by Karmy and also shows fansites with sasaeng behavior, though some have been forgiven. The ones with O are ones that are forgiven. The ones with X are bad.  


    Apart from those being exposed ill add a video which is causing a problem on stan twt. She is seen getting close to bts jungkook and walking beside him before being pushed away by a guard. 
    On the side note heres some where the bodyguard has gotten firm with the sasaengs
    There are definitely more and for other groups also. One of the most famous sasaeng who has a topic here was for exo named 'RION' I think she's converting into a bts sasaeng though last time I checked. 
    Im sorry if this is messy, it's my first post like this. Please add below more! Enjoy ~
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