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  1. Is anyone familiar with Micaela Braithwaite, better known as Micaela? She also goes by Ciaela and she does Japan vlogs. I believe she has done stuff with Sharla before, but has mostly been doing solo videos recently.
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikaeradesu
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ciaela
    IG: https://instagram.com/ciaela
    NEW IG: https://www.instagram.com/mikaeradesu/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ciaela
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tatsumica
  2. Since they were getting a lot of discussion in the Jvloggers thread I thought it I would make a seperate thread for them. 
    Texan in Tokyo are a Jvloggers couple, Grace is a writer who posts comics on her online blog and Ryosuke formerly worked at a Japanese company but quit to do youtube full time with Grace. When they first started their youtube channel they lived in Tokyo but after Ryosuke quit his Job they moves to the country since it's cheaper than the city.
    Summary by RosieRose (on page 29 of this thread)

    Grace Bachele Minete 
    Known for her "Texan in Tokyo" YouTube, along with her writing blog (spammed in many particular websites) is now a 23 year old freelancer, married to a husband, Ryosuke, who is 27 (as of 2016). She also sells a comic about her life in Japan of questionable quality, along selling poop hats of similar questionable quality. She used to be a teacher but not anymore due to not handling the stressful Tokyo city life well, so she and her husband moved to a small country side area where they can freelance and sell her comic.
    Why she deserves to be here ? 
    1. her lazy ass "art" work, from which she claims to be an "artist" yet she knows that her art is "bad" but is still sticking up to it . People continually advise her to improve, yet she couldn't care any less nor be bothered, since its something "Free"  to read online and she doesn't take it seriously. However, she has previously shown skill with her art, drawing manga-styled characters and doing some decent colouring with promarkers . 
    Things she used to draw years ago : 
    What she draws now - notice the bad editing / colouring / hands / composition / wiggly lines / missing stuff that she doesn't bother fixing:
    2. Known for a webtoon Contest that she signed up for, and asked her fans to promote/ support her in order for her to win, then when she lost she whined about it to her fan base, who subsequently attacked webtoon in order to make her the winner. She even made a video about it that she later deleted (for obvious reasons so that no one will know about her actions; this is behaviour that keeps reappearing, see below) and she also begged her fans to vote for her, but after a very long time she gives up updating anymore in webtoon.
    3. Has an attitude of blocking people / throwing friendships away / getting whiny over people who look down on her for being a YouTuber, to the point where she writes it in her blog or makes a video about it.
    it's even questionable that she is the reason why she closed the comment section in her blog
    4. Has a habit of hiding things and deleting things that she "regrets" , such as the things she wrote in her blog, and many videos she made were deleted, e.g. the weebtoon saga or her online chat
     5. had a weeaboo fetish back in her teenage age for anime, yet she hides that fact by acting all "i dont like cute stuff", when she used to wear cute skirts and fashionable things the link here: http://imgur.com/a/SWY95 ( you will notice she had friends there which we can not see anymore )
    6. she has enough money to buy a house yet she acts like some poor country girls working her ass off through a comic book : http://imgur.com/a/V0uS0 
    7. used to self promote everywhere even pretended it isn't who she is (basically sock puppeting): http://imgur.com/a/ldXCI 
     8. Has an arrogant/ egoistical attitude with this whole white-ness and her christian religion:
    9.prices of her products are questionable, she keeps playing with the numbers such as selling the poop hat with the PDF which costed 25 $ (the PDF is 5$ now in shop). Even sold her own book for 25$ with her signature on Etsy website.
    10 . her online posting: http://imgur.com/a/X1e2t 
    11. the way she treated us in the end in our thread, neglecting to point out : http://imgur.com/a/H4Oex 
    12. keeps doing a funding when clearly she has enough money for a house, and then deletes some of the evidence.
    This list is incomplete, it's in process of editing and adding more stuff, if you guys think there is something missing or needs to be fixed in this post let me know, thank you for the hard work. 
  3. Sharla in Japan
    Youtube Main Channel // Second Channel // Instagram // Twitter  // Patreon
    Sharla in Japan is a Canadian YouTuber (or Jvlogger) based in Japan. She is 30 years old, married, and quit her old job to focus on YouTube full time. Now, she focuses on producing YouTube content but occasionally works as an English translator and coach to Japanese actors/actresses on movie sets. She was known as one of Mira's best friends up until the sock puppet drama occurred. 

    While Sharla has not done much to warrant the title of "Snowflake" yet, there has been a lot of discussion recently about problems with her main channel, her going vegan (and her husband too) and her questionable decision to "rescue" an improperly bred kitten, among other suspect behavior. 

    She is friends with other Jvloggers such as Taylor R, Kim Dao, Rachel and Jun, Micaela and the rest of that clique. She used to be good friends with Einshine/ShinePHD, but drifted away from him sometime before the drama with him began.

    Ever since becoming very good friends with Taylor, Sharla seems to have changed her thumbnails to copy Taylor's style. Although Sharla moved to the countryside with her husband, she frequently visits Tokyo and conveniently mooches often stays with Taylor for free.

    Do let me know if I missed anything or made a mistake and I'll correct it
  4. Rachel's new nose looks so good on her! And her hair colour is (has always been) so pretty.

  5. Post on Kim Dao in Online Personalities

    By redbowkiki, posted
    Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Blog
    After the recent fiasco, Kim probably needs her own thread. For those unaware, this thread was made immediately after some significant drama of Kim accusing someone else (widely believed to be Melodee Morita) of "copying" her. Luckily, we have all the receipts for you to make up your own mind.
    Background: Kim Dao is an Australian vlogger living and working (?) in Japan. It's fairly accurate to say that Youtube is her full-time job, although from the little snippits she posts she most likely has sponsorships etc. For those interested, she is of Vietnamese ethnicity but she was born and raised in Australia. She graduated university with a degree in Japanese and Psychology from Australia before she moved to Japan.
    Incidents: There are two events that made Kim more or less take over the jvloggers general thread, and they're the reasons why she deserves her own thread.
    ---> Racism in Japan video
    Kim posted a Racism in Japan video (now taken down or made private) in June 2016. The basic summary of the video is that Kim, Sharla and Taylor were at a restaurant and the people on the table next to them were alleged by Kim to be talking smack about the trio. In Kim's vlog, it's pretty clear that both Sharla and Kim are pissed off at what they're saying (while Taylor isn't because of her lack of language skills), and both girls believe that the adjacent table are talking about them. There were multiple comments under Kim's video that said the adjacent table weren't talking about the three girls, and that they were discussing their co-workers at work, comments which Kim replied to saying they were wrong and that the table was indeed talking about the trio.
    Einshine posted a video that directly references Kim, which you can see here.
    If you want to see the original video, MayAllYourBaconBurn posted it here.
    ---> Stolen content
    In October 2016, Kim accused someone of copying her video about makeup in Japan without naming any names. Kim made vague posts on twitter about someone copying the layout, font and emjois of her video:
    In light of all this drama, this was the video that Kim supposedly accused Melodee of copying:

    You can judge for yourself if Melodee copied Kim. One thing that did happen was that Melodee altered the thumbnail and title (a minor change), likely just to gauge what was best for her video. Also note that Melodee released this video 3 months before Kim, so the only logical conclusion to Kim's claims are:
    > Melodee released her video
    > Kim releases her video 3 months later
    > Kim gets a lot of hits
    > Melodee decides to change title to make her video come up higher/ more often when searched
    And yet she proves none of that (see below).
    The font, layout and emojis are in no way indicating Melodee copied Kim, as Melodee has a different colour scheme, different layout, different text arrangement, different fonts and only uses the Japan flag emoji. None of the content is copied because Melodee released the video months before Kim did.
    As of the creation of this post, Melodee has taken the video down or privatised it.
    This is the "proof" that Kim posted that made the copying "very obvious":

    She didn't post this as a stand alone tweet, but as a reply to another tweet.
    These "receipts" prove next to nothing, simply that someone else made a video on an ever popular topic, which is buying makeup in Japan. She didn't post the thumbnail, which once again proves nothing because the only "proof" she has is that someone made a video with a title similar to hers.
    More ~ r e c e i p t s ~ under spoiler
    All screenshots have been taken from PULL and a few from lolcow; thanks guys for keeping receipts, maybe we can give these to Kim and she can use them to ask for a refund for her university degree.
    Also just for reference, I wanted start her out here in the Online Personalities thread and see what else she does that warrants her snowflakery (at least she hasn't scammed anyone yet).
  6. So there is this German girl called Cathy who goes by YouTube name "cathycat"/"canudoitcat" she is a Lolita jvlogger type youtuber. She does videos on Lolita fashion (mostly angelic pretty) she seems very nice but I was curious if she has anything bad I don't know about her?? I just found her a week ago and she almost has 30,000 subscribers. What are your opinions on her? 
    Links (provided by chocological):
  7. Post on lovelymilky in Online Personalities

    By Iagzie, posted
    Emily Paloma (lovelymilky) is a married English/Ecuadorian model and vlogger in Japan.
    Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Tumblr | Ameblo

    She used to work at a sushi shop

    She intended to work as a teacher in Japan

    She has one sister.

    And one brother.

    It doesn't appear that she has been a model for that long

    She's friends with Bii and was recently involved in the drama surrounding the Jvloggers

    She was also caught with Bii bitching about PULL last December.
    (It's my first time making a new topic so let me know if i have to change/fix anything)
  8. Post on Whats up! in Introduce Yourself

    By Phoenyx, posted
    My name is Phoenyx787, otherwise known as Zach.

    I'm one of the (way too) many Jvloggers based in Tokyo. I known of PULL for some time (mostly due to the Mira drama from years ago) But I never visited the site...
    til today. Someone forwarded to me the Jvloggers General thread and in there was somewhat of a discussion about this year's Hanami. I'm not gonna discuss what happened unless asked, but I figured I might as well be one of the few Jvloggers that DOESNT hide behind a fucking alias and say "yep. I'm here."

    Yes, I've gotten myself involved in drama in the past. Yes I'm not proud of it. Yes, if warranted, I will make a video discussing the current drama (but I have no plans to on my main channel anymore, im gonna make a second channel for simple sit-down discussion in the future, whenever I feel like it).
    However, It appears to me that the people here on PULL enjoy speculation...or the ones hiding behind aliases are afraid of standing up for whatever their belief is or their opinion is.

    I'm here to just drop straight facts. If shit goes down, just ask me for the facts. I know most of the community (I hosted the Hanami this year remember, and I'll do it again next year). i WILL NOT snitch anyone out or drop personal information. Just facts based off what happened to me. So if yall are in the Jvlog thread (or give any remote shit), ask. I wont be on this site too much cuz it's not really a priority to dwell on a site that usually is used to stir up drama. I am working on some projects that are pretty much not related to Japan at all right now. However, If you seek knowledge, come to me. See you in hell!

  9. YouTube: Tokidoki Traveller
    Instagram: tokidokitraveller
    Twitter: @TokidokiEmma
    Snapchat: em_cookie
    A J-Vlogger from Australia who became known for her life in an 8m² appartment in Tokyo but by now she has moved into a bigger appartment with her plants & Hamster Moss! ( I think Kim Dao helped her find the new appartment)
    Not too long ago she started going to language school, she does lots of videos with her friends and seems like a really down to earth girl next door. I really like her! 

    Vampire Café Video
    Camping with friends
    Her 8m² appartment tour
    Her new appartmenttour
    I haven't seen a thread for her yet and I really like her & her videos so I thought I'd start one 
  10. Youtube / Twitter / Couple Channel

    KemushiChan, or Loretta, is an American jvlogger who moved to Japan to enter a Japanese university and get her Master's Degree. She vlogs about her experiences as a student in a foreign university and sometimes videos on general travel or experiences in Japan. Recently she got married to her longtime boyfriend and they now have a couple channel where they post videos about their experiences abroad and the times they are together (currently only Loretta lives in Japan and it seems that Boomer is reluctant to move there so they are long distance even while now married it seems, may be something to discuss--).
    I find her to be the antithesis of many Jvloggers because she seems to really have a grasp on the language and care about mastering it. She is also in Japan for a practical reason and has longterm goals. I really like her, especially the classy fashion she has, and enjoy her content so I wanted to share and see what everyone else thought. For those who follow other Jvloggers or speak Japanese, how do you think her fluency holds up? Should other Jvloggers be taking tips from her? 
  11. "Norm Nakamura" - known as TokyoLens is a Canadian Youtuber living in Japan. His most well-known interests are his Shamisen, and his passion for Videography and Photography.
    Vlogging Youtube // Shamisen Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
    Norm is 35, and moved to Japan in 2007 to work as an ALT, before quitting in May 2018 to pursue J-Vlogging full time. He began his channel in July 2015. His video style is informative and scripted.
    Personally, he is most connected with Sharla In Japan of which she has appeared in his videos since his first published one in 2015. He has appeared frequently of late on her channel, including travelling for the first time ever to Korea to visit her. He also makes appearances often with SherryBerry in Ehime.
    H I S T O R Y
    "Nakamura" isn't Norm's last name, his name is Norm Brandt. He was involved with a Japanese "Ninja" Dance Club called "Raize" who have a Youtube Channel from 2006 called Spioke. Norm makes an appearance in their fifth and final video about the March 11th 2011 Earthquake.
     Norm posts a video of his move to Japan in November 2007 with a video called "My Room in Tokyo.
     "Norm Brandt" was involved with a GoMontrealToronto promotional video, where he talks about having a Fiance.
     Norm's Reddit is under the username spoike and he has done a lot of self-promotion with his Shamisen videos, and confirms he has a wife later in the comments. 
    however, he seems to embellish what he's actually done with his life in earlier comments, pretending that he's older than he actually is and that he's from the US and not Canada. I was going to dismiss his reddit link, but everything else comments-wise matches up.
    In his video "I QUIT" he described himself as working at a "communications training company" and his role after promotion was "running an entire branch" but that has since been disputed that he was actually just working at a well-known Eikaiwa company, and he became an ISL "Instructor Service Leader" which is actually not a management role at all. It is confirmed on his LinkedIn if you log in (but is hidden if you're not), that the company he worked at was Gaba. An employee of the company has come forward to confirm his in-company profile, which can be seen by Gaba Students and Gaba employees.
    that same company employee has confirmed that he has "at least one child" to his wife, but due to privacy hasn't provided any further details. In her message, she also says
    which seems to refute his claims that he finds his restaurants and shots by just wandering into random alleys and buildings and seeing what's there.
    *In a video with Sharla and Visually Greg who just recently moved to Korea has caused a stir, with him outing Greg as gay in a Mukbang video, which can be seen on the following video. "Seriously, I knew from the second you came out of that Karaoke room and you're like hiiii!" Then follows with comments about flamboyancy that make Greg visually shut down on stream.   (https://youtu.be/nduHvWuwo2A?t=15m19s)
     In July 2019, he filmed a spontaneous video "just because" at the Nikon Tokyo's Camera Museum, without disclosing he is sponsored. 
    A huge thank you to user Missy Deluxe, and many Anonymous people in my DM's for helping compile this information.