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  1. I noticed there wasn't a thread about James Charles, and I thought I would make one considering all the drama around him lately lol.
    For those who don't know who he is:
    James Charles is a 17 year old makeup """artist""" from New York. He rose to e-fame when a tweet he made about re-taking his senior photos with his own ring light went viral, and he became the first male spokesperson for cosmetics brand Covergirl. His tweet was later exposed by ex friend Thomas Halbert as fake.
    Recently he found himself in some hot water when he made some distasteful ebola jokes when talking about a trip to South africa he was taking with his school. He has also made other racist comments in the past. He's friends with Jeffree Star though so who's surprised, really. 
    Aaaand most recently he managed to make a laughing stock of himself at an event, as despite being a makeup artist, he apparently has no idea how to apply makeup for cameras, and photos of him looking like cream cheese were released. 
     And that's the basics surrounding him, there's so much more I could put in but I didn't wanna be super nitpicky haha