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  1. Post on invadernoodles in Little Snowflakes

    By gone, posted
    Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // Vine // Cosplay Amino // Youtube
    Real name: Natasha Klug
    Not that it’s any secret, because this girl took a huge dump on her entire privacy, by attaching not only her real name to her very explicit lewd work, but also her location, and, at some point, even her phone number. Natasha used to call herself a professional cosplayer, until she realized she sucked at it, and started instead referring to herself as a “model.” But she still cosplays. The only reason she doesn’t want the “cosplayer” title is because her skills (or lack thereof) will be put on the spotlight and — spoiler alert— she sucks.
    Reasons for being on PULL:
    Uses hashtags that are not relevant to her photos that only sexualize her and females when it comes to cosplaying in general;Abuses hashtags that are not related to her posts whatsoever when it comes to her cosplays/posts;Abuses the life out of her boobs for the sake of “being sexy." She does this by wearing too-small bras/tops/bikinis and making them “spill” everywhere;Generally low-quality pictures;Lives in filth, her house looks like a trap house;Not only does her house look filthy, so does she most of the time;Weird relationship with her family?? She says her mother encouraged her to go into this line of work, her dad supposedly buys her lingerie, she has a brother somewhere that she knows nothing about, but is “determined” to find;Her house is a pet cemetery. She doesn’t take proper care of her pets, and they always end up badly cared for (her obese dog) or dead (her hamster who escaped its cage and to this day, Natasha still has no idea what happened to it, but by now, it’s dead);Creates OCs and puts them into incestuous relationships;Rape fetishist: Describes said OCs’ first sexual encounter as a rape episode, but “the victim was totally into it, guys.”Begs for art;Is incredibly narcissistic;Doesn’t take care of her cosplays, throws wigs and clothes carelessly on the floor;Low quality work;Gives out freebies on social media all the time, then blames her fans for not wanting to pay for her content;Slutshames other women when it’s convenient for her;Sees trans people as “not real men” or “not real women,” has overall transphobic views;Masturbated right next to her friend, without asking for consent;Thinks womens’ worth is measured by breast size;Wastes food when doing her photoshoots;Public indecency. She will do naked photoshoots in public. Not “her backyard where she’s safe from prying eyes unless somebody has a drone or something” public. Public public. As in, in the middle of the street, the park, the forest, where people go for walks. And she’s been caught multiple times.~
    Her breasts are naturally large, yes, but in earlier days she used to edit them even bigger.
    Credit to @BonBonChucked
    Here you can see the abuse of hashtags and how the majority of them aren't even related to her post: