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  1. Post on hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Guest, posted
    i never was a registered user on here so i suppose i'm new!? i did enjoy reading the forums though, so it's the thought that matters? i'll try to be active mostly, more reading than posting really..
    as for about me (i don't know if this is supposed to be written here but oh well) i'm rina! i'm a cancer..and i'm psychically ninety years old! i really like fashion, soft colors, flowers and cats. nice to meet you!! 
  2. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By Lasagna, posted
    Hi everyone! I've always been a lurker on this site and since theres a new version of the site i thought why not join this time! I used to be pretty obsessed with all the tumblr snowflakes (Felice, Joanna etc) but since i discovered the previous site im barely ever on tumblr anymore, its all so fake. I still like to read about them here tough   Anyways, i hope to have a good time here  
  3. Long time lurker of the previous forum (would check in from time to time on Venus, Kota, Kiki, and Mira; now keeping an eye on SuperMaryFace, as I have been a fan of her for a little bit, but something felt just a bit off to me about her), I tend to rely on PULL to keep me fairly informed about how... "genuine"?? the "beauty gurus" I happen upon in social media are. I really appreciate how the community in general tries to be mature and factual about what's brought forward, so I really trust the general integrity of this site. I decided to make an account so I could follow topics a lot more easily and contribute.I was originally intrigued by PULL when the whole Springroll incident between Xiaorishu, KiminoTime, and VenusAngelic sprung up. Hoping to lend some additional perspective? or at least continue my allegiance to PULL as the often quiet but ever loving little boot.
  4. Post on Hi!! in Introduce Yourself

    By polybrow, posted
    Hi, I'm user Polybrow, I've been lurking for over a month now so I decided to make an account. I'm from Ireland and I like dogs. 
  5. Hello! my name is mari. I joined bc of the sasha thread! seems like my type of website, but im not too sure what goes down... thanksss guysss! just wanna make some new friends ^.^
  6. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Bon, posted
    Hello! I'm new in this forum-thing (even though, I'm 25 yo) 
    I entered this forum just for curiosity. I didn't thought that something like this existed haha ^^; I think it's amazing because you are so dedicated! So much info and research. It's pretty interesting.
    A little about me; I like to draw and work with my hands in general (porcelain, amigurumi, plushies, origami)
    I speak Spanish, so please forgive me for my bad English... I'm still learning!
    Nice to meet you all! 
  7. konnnichiwaa, BibisBootyPalace desuu!
    jokes aside, i had to make an account asap when i found this forum, its quite fascinating. I speak German,Dutch,Serbian and English so if you need some help with translations i'd be glad to help out. My interests cover:fake asian kawaii persona, glitterforever17 and debunking photoshop mysteries!  thanks for reminding me that we would all be beautiful and famous on the internet if we edited our selfies to death and faked a whole identity :^) (leaving you unable to leave the house ever again bc the internet doesn't forget)
    oh and something else- i accidentally typed prettyuglylittleliar.com instead of .net and it redirected me to Venus Angelics website, is there a particular reason for that?

  8. Hey everyone! My name is Lexi and I've been a long time lurker since the former website! I was pretty hyped to see that this place was set back up and continued to lurk around a bit until I decided, hey, let me just get in on all of this action too! I'm mainly here to just take a look at Venus Angelic's threads but I also take a look at all the other snowflakes when I'm bored! I'm just really driven by curiosity and wonder about the personalities of these snowflakes behind their screens and the reasons for their actions, plus this forum is sort of like watching a reality tv show with a bunch of other people to discuss with! Any who~ I'm looking forward to actively being a part of the community and it's nice to meet you guys!
  9. Heya all
    I am a British film student who loves anime and movies. I have been recently accepted on my ideal Uni course, meaning I get to work on BIG movies like the next star wars film ect. I have this goofy name, due to a joke about my love of anime and the surrounding Japanese fashion and culture, by a friend. This led on to my Youtube channel of the same name. I review figures and items surrounding Japanese sub-cultures! I am not a fan of any particular 'kawaii' or 'living anime' YouTubers but I do like memes and seeing shit hit the fan  
    Just in case you were wondering, here is my figure collection, which is the reason people don't come around
    Hope to chat to some of you here ^^

  10. Post on Hi there in Introduce Yourself

    By Moonchild, posted
    Hi, you can just call me Moon. I am from the US and I am going to Culinary school. I like sleep, eating, and Kpop. I'm mostly here for the Venus Angelic threads but I've never really been on a forum before so this is a first. Bye now. 
  11. I've been a lurker ever since the original forum (site?) was pulled down and remade. I never wanted to make an account, but I've been itching to join in on the comments and speculations.
    So a little about me: I like cats. Yep, that's all you need to know about me. Nah, but really, there's nothing special or cool about me. I'm just your average person.
  12. Post on hi hi ♥ in Introduce Yourself

    By littolest, posted
    I'm new here and i signed up here because I'm really interested in the whole ahripop thing ^^ 
    also I wanted to open up a thread about someone on instagram
    I hope we can become friends ^^
  13. Post on Hi! ♡ in Introduce Yourself

    By Nohr, posted
    Hey, I'm Lux! 
    I'm not too good with introducing myself, but here I go.
    I'm just a lazy teenager who sleeps too much & has an unhealthy love for video games.
    I was brought here by all the bonbon nonsense, and also introduced a friend to this website, who joined alongside me. We plan on making a forum about an IG user who's growing in popularity and is, in our opinion (and many others...) absolute garbage. 
    I hope we can be friends!
  14. Hi nice to meet you all, I'm here to read about all the things that are going on. I might not be that vocal myself but I like to keep an eye on the events anyway. I'm into videogames and animation.
  15. Hiii! I've been lurking in this forum since forever, decided today to FINALLY register haha 
    So my name is Dünya, I am turning 18 in about a month, I live in Germany and yes I am turkish if you're wondering ^^
    Nice to meet y'all (and btw no I am not a Koreaboo if you assumed that because of the username.. Jongins wife is Krystal #kaistal #finally #thisisnottwitterorinstagram)
  16. Post on Hey~ in Introduce Yourself

    By Hanakaza-sh, posted
    Hey! Name's Hannah. I have a ton of different forums, and have never heard of this one. I'm happy to join in~ 
    I don't have much to say, so I guess I can go deep in describing my personality. I'm probably the most frugal person you have ever met. Im stubborn in a way; I don't like changing my decisions even if it's a positive thing. I hate asking for things, even for food. I'm extremely giving. After I give and give and give just to make you happy, I realize I won't ever get anything back, but whatever! Fuck it (: As long as you're doing fine. I love cooking and getting others' opinions on it. I'll most likely end up being one of those mothers that give their kids the most love through food lmao. I'm also that friend/acquaintance that's serious and fun and reckless at the same time. 
    I hope to stay here and not forget about this forum.
  17. Post on Introduction in Introduce Yourself

    By Tnj1818, posted
    Hi my name is Teresa, been lurking for a while  and finally made a profile.
  18. Okayy, hello! I am finally here HAHAHAHAHA. I came here because of that fake so called russian pip called Sasha. TBH, i was just lurking lmfao I felt so betrayed because i used to follow her in twitter and i really really liked her but now? lol. Anywayssssss~ happy to be here, i can have some time to spend lurking here even more! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO- HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLO. LES ALL BE FRIENDS. 
  19. Post on Introduction in Introduce Yourself

    By Kazuaki, posted
    Ah...That's a really straight to the point kind of title, isn't it...  
    You can just call me Kazuaki... or Nanaki, if you want.
    In daily life, I aspire to teach English to students, so please correct my English if I make mistakes! Other than that, I love taking pictures of birds when waiting on the train and I like warm sweaters... I've followed Venusangelic on Youtube and Instagram for years, others not so much. I'm not particularly interested in drama, but I like forums.
    Ask if you have any questions- If there aren't any, that's fine too!
  20. Post on hello in Introduce Yourself

    By antoinette, posted
    hey PULL
    decided to join after many years of on and off lurking. i enjoy east asian beauty/fashion, but not ugly fetishisers and korea/weeaboos. that said, i'm east asian myself (han chinese), so i can offer any help with evaluating what is fetishism and what isn't, but you all seem pretty good at doing that already. 
    currently following taylor r, eva pinkland (cheung), yusukedevil and others i can't remember rn.
    also i've never used a forum before so go easy on me 
  21. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By piouspie, posted
    Hello, everyone. I'm new here, but I have been lurking for a while because there are some great exposes here. I came across PULL about three years ago, when I was looking up things about either Kotakoti or Venus--not sure which. Anyway, I ended up on this site when I learned about some other snowflakes, and I kept it in my radar, but I didn't know if I should have made an account or not. Since PULL isn't getting closed down after all, I decided to make an account. Let's all have fun here and spread truth to help others! 
  22. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By elojise, posted
    Hello everyone,
    To be honest, I originally thought this was a "hate" forum. After a while of lurking on the forums, I realized that you guys make good points. Now, I finally decided to make an account. 
    Nice to meet you!
  23. I'm a constant lurker in this website but I haven't mustered the courage to comment or post on a topic. So to start off, I just wanted to say hi and have a good day. 
  24. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet;
    Hey all, I'm LordoftehWings, and I am so glad I've found this forum!
    After reading through a few threads I decided to sign up to join in with the banter, as well a finding out about the people discussed here and their bs.
    I guess that's all for now
  25. Hi! I'm new. I've been a lurker for about a year.
    I was checking out all of 'Snowflakes' and such. And I was like- Jack Pot!
    So, I decided to become a member.
    I hope to contribute to this site.
    ~Thank you!
    Hobbies: SFX Makeup, YouTube, Creating Gyaru style nails.
    I collect Anime, Manga, and horror graphic novels.
    I am also obsessed Harley Quinn and Joker. I know it's like- "So does everyone!". But Harley's back story!