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  1. Hello everyone,
    Nice to meet you all. I was a lurker on the old forums, made an account on there but never posted. I was about to be the same lurker here but I decided to at least introduce myself. (Since I will probably go back into the shadows and lurk again) Well at least I posted for once
    And yes I love Perfume. Kashiyuka is my queen lol
  2. hi everyone
    I'm pretty much a lurker in this site, and this is my first ever post on here. Hope I can get along and discuss....wonderful stuff about snowflakes.
    Btw i love noodles(lol thats random)
    That's all I want to say
  3. Hello, I've been a long term lurker and since PULL is here to stay I guess I'll finally join (I apologize ahead if this is in the wrong section)!!
  4. Post on Hey! in Introduce Yourself

    By figma, posted
    Hey everyone. I've stumbled upon this website quite a few months back. I've finally got the courage of making an account. See you in the forums!
  5. Mira (Kanadajin3) was my gateway drug to the site (lol)...
    Anyways, I've been lurking a while, and finally decided I should just make a profile (since I'm on here all the time anyways lmao)
    (...also wanted to make a thread on that gardening tool Sensei Aishitemasu, but idk... )
    Please take care of me from now on,  
    xoxo (lol)
  6. Hello!
    Lemontits is a synonym to my usual online alias, but I'd rather not have anyone find me being shady on the internet lmaooo.
    I hope it's not offensive to anyone, anyways. I talk a lot on Guru Gossiper, but PULL has more topics on snowflake streamers that trigger me.
    I intend to use this forum more often in future! There's a lot to read and catch up on, so~

    Thanks for reading (:
  7. Hello I'm Pistachio Muffin! I've been lurking here for a little under a month and finally decided to make an account haha.
  8. Post on Hi! × in Introduce Yourself

    By Seria, posted
    Hi, I am S.