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  1. Post on merow! in Introduce Yourself

    By tehcat, posted
    Ok so standard greetings apply!
    hows things? I actually didn't know the old PUL was taken down..Man, guess everyone's free speech matters EXCEPT when critising those of e-fame in nature. I find it so damn funny when the lol bovine moo about the drama they cause themselves.
    All i can say is I musta been a drama llama in my past, cause i'm still one today!
    So I hope to add my two cents to the pile and hope it's good and not TOO groan inducing! Hope to play with yall soon enough!
  2. Hi, I was a name and now I shall be forever called Fukawa Toko.
    So feel free to talk to me y'all
  3. Hi nice to meet you all, I'm here to read about all the things that are going on. I might not be that vocal myself but I like to keep an eye on the events anyway. I'm into videogames and animation.
  4. Post on Hey~ in Introduce Yourself

    By Hanakaza-sh, posted
    Hey! Name's Hannah. I have a ton of different forums, and have never heard of this one. I'm happy to join in~ 
    I don't have much to say, so I guess I can go deep in describing my personality. I'm probably the most frugal person you have ever met. Im stubborn in a way; I don't like changing my decisions even if it's a positive thing. I hate asking for things, even for food. I'm extremely giving. After I give and give and give just to make you happy, I realize I won't ever get anything back, but whatever! Fuck it (: As long as you're doing fine. I love cooking and getting others' opinions on it. I'll most likely end up being one of those mothers that give their kids the most love through food lmao. I'm also that friend/acquaintance that's serious and fun and reckless at the same time. 
    I hope to stay here and not forget about this forum.
  5. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet;
    Hey all, I'm LordoftehWings, and I am so glad I've found this forum!
    After reading through a few threads I decided to sign up to join in with the banter, as well a finding out about the people discussed here and their bs.
    I guess that's all for now
  6. Hey lil dudes~ I guess I'm gonna be called bochi here, 
    I've been a lurker for awhile I just never thought to join the community but here I am! esp with the Mary drama I wanted to share my opinions on it as well lmao. I'm a sucker for vid games, anime & kpop. Let's get along well? 
  7. Post on Hey ♡ in Introduce Yourself

    By usagibae, posted
    Hey guys~ 
    I'm Mandy, I've been following a lot of jvloggers for a long time (especially Venus) and i can't really say i'm particularly salty about most of the most popular ones on here except Dakota and Jessica Nigri.... god i really cannot stand her lmao 
    Anyway I'm 18, Canadian (actually live really close to Taytay's hometown heuh ) and been reading this forum since the Mira / Sharla drama but just actually got around to making an account like 2 or 3 days ago. I felt kinda guilty for being so into all this drama but I'm not in high school anymore so my life is lacking some juicy drama 
    I speak really minimal japanese (studying for like maybe 6 years?? just as a hobby tho) 
    And I actually did see Venus Angelic when I was living japan! She was sitting across from me in Starbucks, I'll post a pic in her thread! (not sure if ppl hate her or her mother?? but i don't really have an issue with her just Maggot) 
    anyway ya that's meeeee 
  8. Post on Ahoy Hoy! in Introduce Yourself

    By Cuckoo, posted
    Generally when joining a new forum, the polite thing to do is introduce one's self.
    So this is me doing that. Nice to meet you.
  9. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Raccoon, posted
    Hello everyone! I'm Raccoon, i'm a girl and i thought this site was super interesting so i signed up, and here we are now
  10. Post on Hiya in Introduce Yourself

    By Mamacita, posted
    Been lurking for about a year or a little less now.
    Mainly to read up on Venus, Kanadajin, Kik/Kota, and I just saw last week that there's a YanDev section, so that's when I decided it was actually time to be part of the community. 
    See ya around
  11. Hey guys, first of all I'm new here. not sure if I'm typing this for everyone to see lol but I just want to say hi. I'm very open to any conversation, even if anyone needs advices. Talk to me  

  12. im a comic artist/animator, cosplayer, general artist, and ethereal being who likes laying around 
    nice to meet you, lets have a fun time
  13. hi! 
    you can call me b or ghost!! i really love overwatch that is currently the entirety of my personality ;;;; 
    i used to lurk lolcow for eons, posting occasionally, but i find pull is a lot easier to like, manage? i guess. everything is cleaner here
    anyway so here i am! nice to meet you all  
  14. Post on Evening~ in Introduce Yourself

    By Snowconecat, posted
    I'm living through a TERRIBLE time right now so why not indulge in the gossip of TERRIBLE people! 
    ...well that's what I told myself when I joined. 
    I like (non-crap) anime, reading, writing, movies (esp Korean revenge-themed films), and I love cats and think they are all adorable, even the ones with no fur and raggedy faces. My favorite vegetables are shooshes and peepos. I like sweets but refrain from eating them most of the time :_(...I have a horrible sleep schedule lately and PULL is going to kindly make it worse. 
    Also this is me below <33....and my mom told me I am beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.  

    And No, I did not use photoshop. I really look like that.
  15. 'Sup everyone. Fellow drama lover here, and long-time lurker both in the farms and here. Though I'm not edgy enough to join the Kiwis, I was drawn to this side of the internet thanks to people like Jessica Nigri and YandereDev, and I felt it was high time I jumped in the bandwagon.

    Not much to say about me--Let's leave something for the people threatening to doxx everyone--, other than I'm exactly what I sound like, and I'm glad to finally be part of this community.

  16. Hi everyone, I'm just a person from the Kiwifarms. Don't worry, I'm not that type of Kiwi that doxxes people and makes fun of people with autism. Sadly, Kiwifarms has shutdown, so my main source of YandereDev is gone. Thankfully, this site has a thread of him, so nice to meet you all!
  17. Hi
    I'm new, just read the entire Yumi King thread in one day.
    I used to watch her tutorials and follow her ( I guess I was a fan?) but when she started doing more "sexy" content I got worried (because, you know, creeps). ALso her boyfriend.
    anyway, thats my intro
  18. Post on Hey in Introduce Yourself

    By milky_berry, posted
    Hi PULL,

    bit of a sometimes lurker, newbie here. 

  19. Post on Hey in Introduce Yourself

    By Kaz, posted
    Hello. I have no idea how to introduce myself, so I'm just going to monologue.
    Considering this is a gossip forum, you probably don't need/want to know about my personal life so I guess I'll start with something else. I first found out about this fandom from Rachel (from Rachel and Jun) in her video about kanadajin3/Mira essentially being an ass to other J-vloggers. Ultimately, I forgot about PULL shortly after taking a look at her forum. Later, I ended up finding PULL again while looking up info on YandereDev after thinking that it was a bit odd that I found so many of YanSim's models/environments publicly available and ripped from other games. There were a few other people, but I think you get the gist of it. 
    TL;DR: Hi. I'm a longtime lurker.
  20. Post on hi in Introduce Yourself

    By kiwifruit, posted
    so uhm I created this account just to know some of youtuber's shit esp in league community but I guess wrong website because I didnt know sites such as leaguecow exists but still hi might find some forums about lilypichu and emiru anyway or probably venus angelic too because idk how to use this site
  21. Hello! I'm new to PULL~
    I'd appreciate any tips and positive feedback! Thank you! <3
    (lol, if there IS any postive feedback on here XP jk)

  22. Hello there! I've decided to join after lurking the site for a while now. I've been able to open my eyes about a lot of "insta-perfect" and youtube personalities out there and it helped me have a new perspective on a lot of things I see online. (Whether it's looks or personality of some people).
    A lil about me? I'm a multimedia design student, lived in Japan some years, now I'm back home. I have many hobbies which include learning new languages (5 atm), baking, gaming and poledancing. I hope to get along with everyone! (*´∀`)ノ゚
  23. Hello!
    My name is Skycat. I frequently travel between Japan, USA, and Australia for work, and maintain residence in Fresno. I am moving to Japan soon for my work. I've been following a lot of the J-vloggers and PULL came to my attention when the Mira drama struck in 2014. I sorta lurked for a bit looking at all the fuss, and then sorta faded out/lost interest. I came back to PULL after seeing someone link the Logan Paul thread and returned to check out the Jvlog thread too, as I've sorta lost interest in the Jvlog community...kinda odd, the direction it went. I digress though.
    My interests are flying (i'm CAT-I Instrument certified), Driving, and playing tennis. I've also quite the interest in foreign languages. I speak Japanese fluently, and can understand Spanish, French, and Italian. I also tried studying Korean but I didnt have much time.

    I'd love to see everyone's suggestions on content creators to follow! Hope everyone will give me a good welcome to the forums.
  24. Post on Hello hello in Introduce Yourself

    By xiruo, posted
    Hi there! I remember discovering this site a while back and now I found it again, and I decided to make an account after reading a couple of the posts here.
    I’m not sure what else to say, so uh... have a great day?
  25. Post on Hello in Introduce Yourself

    By seoxseo, posted
    Hello! I've been lurking on this website for a while and decided to make an account. 
    That's about it, have a nice day everyone!