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  6. I have found numerous acc's who all give of strong pro-ana vibes and have a large following. However, I couldn't find a pro-ana thread. The things i found they have in common is that they post body checks " disguised " as ootds or aesthetic images. I also found it strange how all the comments are always positive and never mention the person's body negatively or voice any concern.
    If you happen to discover anyone who fits this thread feel free to post and discuss them here.
    Please keep in mind this thread will be triggering.

    For example:

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  9. IG: www.instagram.com/alythuh
    Twitter (main): www.twitter.com/alythuh
    Twitter (anime): www.twitter.com/alyafterdark
    Website: www.alythuh.com
    Alythuh is a full-time fine artist who quit her job 2 - 2.5 years ago. Her art has been successful which has led to exhibition(s). There doesn’t seem to be any blemishes in regards to her as an artist and she seems nice overall.
    However, when I was looking through her photos on Twitter; I noticed something interesting about them. It made me question if she really is visiting these destinations. A few Twitter users also pointed out the photoshop, which I’ve circled, in the attached photos.
    Here is the link to said photos: https://mobile.twitter.com/Alythuh/status/1142152343556722688
    What’s your opinion on her?

  10. Post on Pimtha in Online Personalities

    By onthefence, posted
  11. Caroline Calloway is a long-time snowflake, scammer, and art-tracer who richly deserves a place here. She refuses to take responsibility for anything, blaming Adderall addiction or "don't judge me for my quirky and artistic imperfections."

    She's on Instagram (https://anony.link/https://www.instagram.com/carolinecalloway/) with almost 800,000 followers as of September, 2018 (https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/carolinecalloway)
    Past History (up to 2019):
    Gained fame on Instagram by chronicling her romantic life at Cambridge University, including lavish balls, private parties with the elite of Europe, and lots of Adderall.Got a $500,000 book deal based on her Instagram success but couldn't deliver a manuscript and ended up $100,000 in debt to her publisher.Can't pay rent and taken to court multiple times. Always gets bailed out in the end despite her never holding down a job. She clearly has a source for cash...somewhere. 2019:
    Announces a worldwide tour of "creativity workshops" for $165 per ticket. Cancels almost all of them when she reveals she never booked event space or had any idea of how to organize the tour. Finally holds two events that are described as far from what was promised. (https://www.wmagazine.com/story/caroline-calloway-creativity-workshop)Starts a Patreon, promising her "close friends" things like nudes for $2 a month and Skype chats for $100 a month. (https://www.patreon.com/carolinecalloway)Holds another $165 a ticket workshop that's really just a meet-and-greet organized by her "assistants." (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pa7e9k/caroline-calloway-the-scam-event-essay)Sells paper cutouts of Matisse artwork for $140 per piece, claiming "fair use" and still can't send her "art" out on time. (https://www.instagram.com/p/B17rpMDB74y/?hl=en)Gets outed by her former bff, Natalie Beach, revealing that the Instagram posts that made Caroline famous were mainly ghostwritten by Natalie, as was the book that she couldn't end up finishing. (https://www.thecut.com/2019/09/the-story-of-caroline-calloway-and-her-ghostwriter-natalie.html)Drama ensues and is ongoing, with Caroline taking full advantage of her new-found notoriety to promote herself. The US media is having a field day, with lots of "deep" articles whiteknighting her or taking her down.This is just the tip of the iceberg. A longer summary is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blogsnark/comments/c4n2en/caroline_calloway_624630/ery7y86/
    Most recent wk pieces:
    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/i-get-caroline-calloway/598918/https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/9/12/20862557/caroline-calloway-authenticReddit interviews Caroline Calloway: https://anony.link/https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/stephaniemcneal/caroline-calloway-interview-natalie-beach-instagram
  12. I recently dyed my hair blonde and i want to find "models" to follow for fashion/makeup inspo. If you guys follow any girls with blonde hair, please drop their @ below! 

    Instagram - Their website
    Younique is a supposed "woman supportive" makeup brand that is cruelty free, and it's MLM. It's very possible you have received a message from one of their little minions. If you're on Insta or /r/AntiMLM, it's very likely you have seen people shitting on them or people promoting them, you never know.
    You're probably thinking, "heretic omg they sound so empowering wtaf why are they getting hate omg hashtag doublu tee eff????"
    Well my friends, sit your asses down and get ready to read a story of how shitty and snowflakey this company actually is. Consider this a warning as well if you're an avid makeup user. Do not purchase from this company if you haven't already. 
    i. horrid makeup products that harm the user
    Their '3d' mascara is known for making your eyelashes and your eye look like shit. Their fiber lashes literally disconnect and get themselves lodged into your eye. If you complain about it, they send hate after hate and accuse you of incorrectly using their products. Use their mascara and get an eye infection? They'll say you jabbed yourself in the eye. Funny enough, you won't get any insults from makeup users, or nice people. Just Younique assholes.
    Here is their false eyelash. The fibers are coming off and if you're lucky and take it off, you'll be able to avoid eye pain. Again, if you make a complaint, they'll say you did it wrong, even if you've been doing makeup most of your life.
    If you send a phone call, or an email, wanting a refund, good luck! They don't reply back because they're assholes.
    ii. they scam the shit out of their teams
    So, what would happen if you joined their little squad of scammers and butthurt little snowflakes?
    Good question! I'm not joining their little asshole assembly to find out, but I do have knowledge of what goes on. Picture this; If you're a single mother, which is what they target, they will convince you to join because hey, it's a job you do at home, and when you're a mother, your kids are important, correct? Well, good luck. To purchase one of their kits, the kits are over $90. I have no clue on how a single mother is supposed to get $90 to throw around, but because they make their company seem so legit, you're going to try it. In order to make your kit look bigger, you need to buy more items for it. But have fun trying to sell your kit because no one wants it. You spend more money while Younique gives you little to none. Basically, you don't get paid much, or at all. The higher ups make money, you make nothing. If you don't sell anything, they accuse even more, saying you're not working hard enough. If you look hard enough, you'll see kits being sold by desperate people because they were scammed out of something that could have, possibly, been a life change. Oh! By the way? Their mascara is $30. 30. fucking dollars. Go to the drugstore and get $10 mascara that isn't going to give your eyes a sexually transmitted infection.
    Don't ask how that's possible, but with Younique? Any infection is possible!
    ...They should pay me for making their new slogan.
    iii. the harassment once you smarten tf up and leave their company
    So, picture this again;
    You just left their company after smartening up and you're ready to get a real job that pays so much better. Your leader, aka the one who sold you your kit, says they'll miss you, but bam, you're blocked and you're sent multiple messages full of hate.
    Unfortunately, that shit is the norm for the many who leave this two-faced company. You will be called fat, rude, a bitch, etc just for regaining your brain cells. Your leader will send people after you and will be relentless. They'll even insult your children. There are multiple videos of the same title;  Why I Left Younique. Look them up for yourself; the shit that those little MLMinions do is absolutely horrific and needs to be illegal.
    iv. their so called "cruelty free" products
    THEY ARE NOT CRUELTY FREE AS MUCH AS THEY'D LIKE TO BE. They have no certificate stating so, they have no proof whatsoever, and the funny thing is, their products are made in China. Companies in China test on animals as they believe animals are to be used as test subjects. You might use their mascara, or their foundation thinking you're doing better than the others, but no, you're using something that potentially harmed an animal. Have fun with that information.
    v. expiry dates...
    This is short as fuck, but if you actually like their mascara or eyeliner, that's nice. Because they only last a week. Let's hope you have a lot of fancy events to attend, yes?
    vi. the training
    Their training procedures are absolutely garbage. Imagine getting your first job at retail and you're not taught the skills required for the job. That's Younique, for ya.
    In Ashlees words, "they could sell you the brothel and tell you what it is, but they won't train you on how to use the brothels resources". Smfh. They'll sell you the product and tell you what it is, but will not tell you how to use it or how to sell it. 
    There's probably more to this than I thought, and if so, please add on. Bad experiences with Younique? Add that as well.
    A huge thank you to Beautea with Ashlee for most of the information in this. If you're into beauty guru tea, go check her out! She's extremely underrated and she's awesome. She also does a ton of research before discussing a topic. 
    Please forgive me if this is already a thing on here. I searched but could not find anything remotely related to this company, and I needed to get the word out.
    EDIT: so I rewatched Ashlee's vid and it turns out they did something involving sexual assault as well. If you're into more information with imagery, look at her video. She has more access to different sites while I prefer staying away from Insta and the like. 
  14. I see so many of those Asian girl Instagram accounts (like mimstertran, kneewah, cowsel, saranghoe, etc.) that all seem to post the same content, typically selfies and pictures of themselves, and was wondering how those Instagram accounts started? I've tried scrolling to the bottom of their pages to see their first posts, but it seems like most (if not all of them) have deleted their first couple posts. How would you go about starting an account like that? Just start posting your pictures with hashtags? I just feel like it would never gain traction and attention. 
  15. Audrey Mirabella Roloff

    Also nicknamed ''Auj Poj'' or ''Auj'' is a 28-year-old former reality TV star(Little People Big World), Author, and blogger. She also runs an online shop with her own merchandise and oils for pregnancy.
    She is married to Jeremy, son of Matt and Amy Roloff, both known as the little people couple on Little People Big World. Audrey has a daughter with Jeremy named Ember Jean born on October 4th 2017, and is Currently pregnant with their second child due in January 2020. Audrey and Roloff's book titled ''a love letter life'' was a New York Times Bestseller and caused a bit of controversy.As the book was described as ''ridiculously uptight'' by some especially regarding the marriage jounaling, and some people accused them of trying to portray themselves as experts while they have not even been married for a decade. 
    Audrey and Jeremy both have some scandals attached to their names. Both being described as very conservative Christians. Audrey herself has called formula feeding a ''Sin'', and they are very much against divorce even though Jeremy's parents split up a few years ago. Often using the quote ''Beating the 50%'', stating that 50% of all marriages end in divorce while at the same time claiming their own marriage will be part of the 50% that will not. They have also set up a ministry with regards to this specifically called ''Beating tje 50%''. despite many signals being given that their marriage is very unhealthy in some ways. Despite the conservative christian image she and her husband try to portray, Audrey has also been surprisingly open about some part of their sex life. Saying she and Jeremy have read their wedding vows during sex. Jeremy has been known to have been openly racist on his Myspace profile before as a teenager, and both Jeremy and Audrey were multiple times accused of Homophobia. Audrey herself has also gained some criticism regarding her daughter Ember, which she had very high hopes for her to be a curly red head like herself even going as far as naming her ''Ember''.even though her red curly hair which she has claimed many times to be her pride has been speculated of being fake.They also use a controversial parenting method called the ´´blanking method´´ which involves hitting a child neither Audrey not Jeremy confirmed if they hit Ember or not. Many of her in laws also seem to be rather indifferent towards Audrey, as she is rarely seen with Jeremy's family in private compared to the other daughter in law of the Roloff Family. She has been regarded as Judgemental and Stand off ish Regarding their controversial parenting method ´´The Blanket Traininghttps://popculture.com/reality-tv/2019/06/12/little-people-big-worlds-audrey-jeremy-roloff-controversial-parenting-tactic/Audrey´s controversial statement regarding breast formula
    Controversy regarding their book
    Audrey denying being anti LGBT despite making claims before that her nor Jeremy ´´agree´´ with homosexuality
    Audrey's Official Website
    Beating the 50% Official Facebook page
    Audrey's Instagram
    Audrey's Facebook
    Audrey and Jeremy´s YouTube channel
    Jeremy's Instagram
    Audrey and Jeremy's Book 
  16. Many of you may know Snow from their graveyard incident, but that’s just one small fraction of all the things this cosplayer has done.
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/redactedanarchy?igshid=1m6c8utgjf3ts (deleted at 60k)
    Tik Tok: http://vm.tiktok.com/d7AeTC/
    Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCxvPvnyXsgcJHlOdS4E9GSQ
    Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/saltqueencos?lang=en
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/snowthesaltqueen
    Snow, a 20 year old non-binary cosplayer from Texas, gained a massive following years ago on Musically, famous for their Homestuck cosplays and their Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa.
    I’m going to organize Snow’s drama in order from most to least atrocious. There is, however, so much drama surrounding Snow that it honestly is impossible to account for it all, let alone in chronological order, but I’ll try to mention how recent everything is.
    Here is just a quick list of everything Snow has been accused of (star* means I have proof)
    Body shaming
    *Bullying novice cosplayers
    False r*pe and assault accusations
    *Faked legal documents
    *Publicly slandered people
    Sent witch hunts to their critics
    *Scams people with wig sales
    *Sells pornography dressed as underaged characters
    Copying/stealing ideas
    I’d like to start from about 3 months ago with the legal documents that Snow faked when pretending to sue a cosplay friend of mine, @daddytbh on Tik Tok and Instagram, named Elliot.
    Elliot was friends with Snow for about a year before this happened. Elliot realized that Snow was toxic and their friendship broke off. Of course, when 2 fairly large cosplayers suddenly stop being friends, people will want to know why and there will always be 2 sides of the story. Snow did NOT want his side to be heard. They accused him of slander (how ironic) and told their private instagram followers that they were about to “sue someone”. Elliot got some emails, and quickly figured that these were fake.
    (Text highlighted in black is Elliot. Photos taken from @/daddytbh’s story on instagram.)
    To make matters even worse, an instagram account called @/thecosplayoprah asked to interview Snow on an instagram live. This gave them a perfect platform to lie and slander Elliot on. Of course, thecosplayoprah had no idea how manipulative Snow was and fell right into the trap, and later felt so bad about it that they quit the account after apologizing to @/daddytbh/Elliot.
    Another incident involving Snow that perfectly highlights how narcissistic they are is the (infamous) graveyard photoshoot. Snowthesaltqueen and @/discount.yam on instagram dressed up as Despair Mikan and Servant Komaeda respectively from Danganronpa 3 and filmed a CMV + photoshoot at a graveyard. This, as well, is not inherently bad, but Snow was in a very skimpy, sexy outfit and sat on very old gravestones. Discount.yam/Robin even swung around one grave pillar.
    When people began calling them out for being pretty disrespectful, Snow (instead of just apologizing) wrote a massive paragraph that in summation was just, “You’re wrong and I’m not sorry.” The excuses they used, and my counterclaims are as follows:
    1. “We purposely filmed in a very old part of the graveyard so no living relatives are around!” But this just means the gravestones you were touching are old and more susceptible to wear and erosion from skin oils. Also you can see the dates on the stones... I think people from the 1960s are still around.
    2. “Stop saying I put my ‘bare ass’ on the headstones, I was wearing underwear.” Ok but,, this image:

    3. “I wouldn’t care if someone pissed on my gravestone, I’d be dead.” Just because you think so doesn’t mean it’s okay, that is an extremely narcissistic way of thinking. That’s like someone saying, “I wouldn’t care if someone punched me, so it’s okay if I punch people!” And it does not matter if they aren’t alive anymore, we still must respect the dead.
    Robin’s instagram still has some of the graveyard photoshoot up, and here is a link that has many screenshots and an excellent explanation of the situation:
    Next is a controversial and debatable issue but one that means a lot to me personally. Snow sells nudes while cosplaying characters that are below the internet’s age of consent. These nude photos include Yuno Gasai who is 14 years old, and Ann Takami who is 16 and has a backstory of sexual abuse. You can see all the underaged characters they have sexualized in their “Sets” highlight on instagram.
    Here is a video that explains the “lewding minors” debate~ skip to 1:00!
    Snow used to gang up with their old cosplay group and bully other people for their cosplays. They would say things like, “Handmade costumes make you look poor.” They even called my friend “white trash” for her cosplay 2/3 years ago  on a livestream when she was only 13 and still a fan of Snow. Of course, they blocked my friend since then and since it was a livestream the proof is lost. This is an issue that I thought was over and done with but is apparently still happening today:

    (A comment on a 14-year-old’s cosplay.)
    Here is Snow denying the claim I made about my friend who was called “white trash” by them (keep in mind this is a 20 year adult who typed this):

    I’m sure there are plenty more instances but I don’t want to make this too long just with screenshots of Snow being rude.
    The most recent drama (starting less than 2 months ago) with Snow is their $300 Junko Enoshima wig commissions. Snow, again who is very narcissistic, believes that they are the best Junko cosplayer to exist and they have the best wig and are the most canon Junko. They even have a post on their private account where they vent about how they have to be the best and nobody else can be better, it’s honestly quite concerning to read. Anyway, Here is their Junko wig that they are selling. It consists of 3 ponytail wigs on each side mashed/sewn together and then teased. No curling, no gel, no styling. The top 2 pictures are directly from their post and you can see how clearly edited it is to look bigger and smoother. The bottom picture is a slightly older picture that I increased the sharpness of so you can see how ratty the wig is.

    Here is Snow’s sales post, a typical price for one unstyled Junko wig, and the bottom 2 pics are of a very impressively styled Junko wig and the creator confirming that they only used 1 ponytail on each side to achieve their look.

    One thing I’d like you all to keep in mind is that one of this character’s titles is “Ultimate Fashionista”. Would the best fashionista in the world really have 2 rat’s nests for pigtails? I guess that’s just my opinion though.
    In their social media bios they have “IRL JUNKO ENOSHIMA”. This is because they are fictionkin. There isn’t really anything wrong with kinning, but Snow has created a lot of friend drama because of this and what’s even worse is that they blame their actions on being ____kin. For an example, (I have no way of verifying if this is true!!) here is one cosplayer’s claim:

    They also claim to have Dissociative Personality Disorder, in which all of their alters also have kins. Most of Snow’s kins are destructive villains/serial killer characters which makes sense compared to their own narcissistic and sadistic personality. I am no expert on DID and I am NOT accusing Snow of faking this, but considering the web of lies it is plausible.
    Here are the other claims I have found on Snow but do not have proof to back them up:

    Has Snow ever spoken the truth? Who knows! (JK but) They deny all criticism they receive even when there is proof, and lie to make themselves seem like a better person.
    Honestly, besides the wigs and photoshop, Snow’s cosplays are pretty decent and their Tik Toks that aren’t stolen ideas are good. With a little bit of ass-kissing, I decided to personally DM Snow before ever calling them out to see if they have any hope of turning around or being a better person. Here is what I said, and here is how Snow responded (publicly in their comments section):

    And then all their followers came and attacked me for “harassing” them!! So that sums up my interactions personally with Snow.
    Have any of you had experiences with them? Please share if you feel comfortable doing so.
    (This is my 3rd attempt, the photos got squished and for some reason the text is lighter in some paragraphs. Sorry about that! Hope this works.)
  17. Hi everyone, I've been following Singapore influencer Mongchin Yeoh, or more commonly known as 'Mongabong' for a few years. She started with her blog before growing further on Instagram. Not long ago, she also opened her own Youtube channel where she does beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle vlogs. Even though she only has 70k subscribers on Youtube, she has a team who does all the planning, editing and graphics for her and she even has a studio where she film her Youtube videos. Here are her links: 
     Blog . Instagram . Youtube Generally, I like her because she's very pretty but recently she has been reminding me so much of Joan Kim it's annoying me.
    1. Describes products exactly the same as Joan Kim, only saying things like "it's super pretty" "it makes my skin super smooth" "makes my skin feels super nice" "it's suitable for sensitive skin"... Without going into details on the ingredients, or explaining what it lacks of to make it suitable for sensitive skin. Which is such a pity because the editing of her videos are quite professionally done but the content itself feels so empty and not worth wasting time on. Her blog reviews are mostly just photo spams of herself holding the product without much informative information. Her blog review of eyeshadows don't even have swatches.
    2. She's a sellout. 99% of her reviews are sponsored and so everything just sounds like an advertisement. It is clear that she is only doing it for money which is turning her into a sellout because she receives and reviews so many products. I doubt she even uses those skincare products from those unknown brands she promotes because she uses La Mer and other high end skincare brands like SK-II. 
    3. Gives misleading beauty tips. She told her viewers in an Instagram story that her beautician steams her face to open up her pores. I actually DM-ed her to explain that steaming is done before extraction to help soften sebum and she read it. I was expecting her to post another update to correct her mistake but she just left her story there to continue misleading her followers. 
    4. She told her follower on Instagram that a sponsored product is suitable for all skin types, I responded to her comment saying that that's not true because there are a few ingredients in the product that are not suitable for people with oily skin. She blocked me and deleted my comment. 
    5. Obviously a Jenn Im wannabe. She mentioned that Jenn was the one who inspired her to open a Youtube channel and ever since she said that, it confirmed my suspicion that she's been copying Jenn. Even her engagement ring is very similar to Jenn's which is creepy. Recently she also posted a Coachella make-up look and it's almost the exact copy of Pony's and Jenn's which is completely fine, but I wish she gave Pony some credits and say she was inspired. 
    6. One more thing about her that reminds me of Joan Kim, she's obsessed with Jennie from Blackpink too. 
  18. yung_bishop / Jude Bishop
    youtube / instagram
    Pro and practicing DDLG goth girl coming out of the streets of the UK. Famous from a Barcroft 'Hooked on the Look' Documentary featuring her (now ex) best friend Rosemaryonette (Rosie Hinton). The theme of their documentary was how drastically different and divided their looks + apartment are/is
    (below + reference background for their bedrooms). She opened up an IG and Youtube once the documentary took off. Information taken from lolcow.
    Jude, left. Rosie, right
    Her videos on YT
    Bisexual although "strictly into c*cks" and could never date a girl until a controversy presented itself where she said it's okay to use gay ("that's gay") where she then corrected herself saying she fancied guys more and is simply struggling with her sexuality (totally okay, but to some that's pretty sus) and made a halfed apology after her cult following dropped where she then proceeded to insult people in the comments when they didn't accept it 
     Encourages minors to try out kinks, overshares a lot, and her relationship is just her daddy kink and i
    Has a tendency to get triggered when people mildy disagree or ask a question she doesn't like + calls her followers every name in the book, American and English
    Absolutely hates the current PC culture, believes gay should be used as a slang, and also thinks whites should be allowed to wear braids
    Holier than thou vegan
    Her goal is to be another It's Black Friday even though there's hundreds of others doing her exact same content (reference second spoiler)
    Her kink is also her personality
    Along with being unemployed, she spends hundreds on killstar (reference her recent killstar haul) and complains about not having money
    e-begging pretty early on in her "career"
    Holier than thou vegan, but also even holier than thou straight edge - maybe a 1/4th of the reason why her and rosie are no longer friends and her moving out (+ rosie being vaguely upset)
    Wants to be an influencer but can't take criticism
    Doesn't like Rosie smoking but let her other friends take photos with them in her room (however, could be fake)
    Thinks she deserves to be famous for herself even though the documentary that blew up only focused on their "strange" friendship
    Saving the world, one £500 killstar haul at a time (but don't forget the petitions she's been sharing after people called her out for not helping it at all)
    "Daddy" won't show himself because he doesn't want to deal with the backlash
    Still profiting off of Rosie and her "friendship" despite saying she's more than just their old friendship
    She then got deactivated by IG for violating some type of ToS, probably the gay slur thing.
    This is where her #1 fanboy gets brought in - mysadboiaccount_ aka someone who watched her docu and then decided to be like her, messaged her, and instantly became best friends. Jude then began to promote his music and merch. Instant growth (although she has over 55K, he only gained a thousand). Deemed her calf on lolcow.
  19. So... as Benefit Brow Sesrch is starting up again, I’m wondering about what are your thoughts on these sort of contests in a world of microblading and plastic surgeries... what’s authentic anymore? 
    Have the coaches they selected all have natural skills in brow makeup?

  20. Ariana's links, 
    Snap @ aircyle
    Here is a vimeo with milky snaps: 
     Banned on lolcow Plastic Surgery Addict   Lip lift Nose job Fillers Boob Job BotoxLeft her stable income job to Hustle aka escortFixed her boobs because of poor aftercareCharges $10 for a "private snap" where she talks about escorting, her surgery's and burps loudly Got engaged to her doormatt boyfriend Matt Got pregnant and then aborted itStarted hanging out with Latinamilk, another escort from philly Started skin walking LM, even stole one of her bfs Broke up with doormatt, still invited him on vacation. Blames him for her being raped.  Went right back into sw without getting tested or her results back  Currently broken up with doormatt again for the 60th time. Claims he was cheating even though she was fucking random men for money Filmed herself snorting coke and taking Xanax on her snap (Sorry not pics). Has talked about her coke and xan problem Selling her shitty porn on Twitter, talking about cammingBEFORE
     Befriended babytrash and her creepy man, became friends cause they looked similar.  Had a falling out after they had a threesome and Matt got close to babytrash.  Internet feud with babytrash, skin walks the fuck out of her  Talks about her haters all the time and how they make her moneyGot bolt ons and refused to follow aftercare instructions Got a botched nose job but still contours the fuck out of it Modeled for Dolls KillMade her snap where she overshared everything and shit talked Matt and his familyShaved her head and looked just like babytrash 
                                                                                                 (talking about her rape) 
                                                                                                 (dumping Matt)
                                                                                                (Birth of Pee N Pee)
                                                                                                (crying about Matt cheating)
        (talking about fucking a 53 year old guy and comparing him to Jeff Goldbloom... also talking about her drug use)
    Two Images from her ig rant about Matt, !Please Read!

  21. Michelle Choi
    Instagram  //  YouTube

    Michelle Choi is a YouTuber. She currently has well over 200k subscribers. She seems like a very chill person. Her videos, in my opinion, can be kind of boring. Sorry! but I have hit fast forward or just stopped watching some of them. Which is surprising because she goes to a lot of cool places. She’s kind of ... well , I’ll just say she’s very calm-like. She comes across as bored (to me) which isn’t a crime. She did say she feels more like herself in the U.S. so that could’ve been the culprit. She says that in her “Why I’ve decided to move across the globe” video  
    She’s from Orange County,California and has  graduated from university in South Korea and has now moved to New York. 
    My main thing is , wow, it must be nice to be making enough money to just up and move. To New York. To what seems to me, a really nice apartment. She says she simply saved her money which I guess isn’t unbelievable. Checks from YouTube and I think she had a part time job? It adds up... anyway! 
    Do any of you watch her videos or follow her ? 
  22. Eugenia Svetlana Dmitrievna / LANA
    Instagram // Youtube

    Eugenia Svetlana is a 20-something year old Russian woman from Sakhalin (far eastern Russia) living in Korea as a model and aspiring Kpop idol. She had gone by many names, such as Yoo Svetlana, Yoo Ebi, and finally Yoo Lana. She made her "debut" into Korean media in 2017 on the show Abnormal Summit due to her ability to speak Korean at a high conversational level. After gaining popularity due to looking Korean despite being 100% white, she then was booked onto Welcome, First Time in Korea? (also 2017) and gained a large following on Instagram (48k). She participated as a guest in many smaller variety shows after this. During 2018 she disappeared from the internet for a while but then resurfaced with the message that she would be debuting in November or December of 2018 under Thought Ent, a new agency. That post has since been deleted and there has been no word of her debut. She has since joined an ad agency called Be Icon, and had a cameo in a music video called FaceTime by J-Cat, and signed to the label HICC Entertainment, home of the boy group Elvin Crew. She has recently made an appearance on Problematic Men. She is currently attending Sungkyukwan University studying political diplomacy.
    Constantly changing appearance to appear Korean
    idol status and talent
    That's all I really have on this girl. Lmk if I'm missing anything and what you think! Is she race-faking, or just trying to make it in a homogeneous country? Will her idol career take off due to her large following, or will her small company status doom her?
  23. On PULL I always see the bad seeds of Kawaii Fashion wearers/personalities getting threads made on them but I was wondering who are some people you guys actually like and why?
    What do you like about their:
    fashion/stylecontent (if they have more than an Instagram what do they make)personalitywhat makes them a good face for the fashion(s) they wearetc. 
    Also, what do you think one should do to be a good Kawaii Fashion personality? Besides the obvious of not being a bad person and doing the things that others have done which results on them getting threads here on PULL? Like is it being consistent with a style, not photoshoping?
    I just wanna know what you think makes a good Kawaii Fashion Influencer.

  24. JERM BOT
    twitter  youtube   instagram 
    jeremy, also known as jerm bot or baldboyblues is an american guy who has recently started getting big on youtube. he was also known before through twitter and ig too, prob bc of his looks lollol  his youtube content is getting more and more attention. i dont know much about him personally, apart from the fact that he lives in california and has dropped out of college twice 
    i personally find him rly cool and funny and enjoy his videos. i don't think he's done anything problematic? could be wrong tho 
    i remember he used to hang out with toopoor but not a lot. i had seen pics of them together tho
    what do u guys think??
  25. Quenlin Blackwell is a 17 year old girl from Texas. She is well known on Twitter and previously Vine. She has a Youtube channel as well.
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRE2zmVNW9wG2dndMoV4JKQ (496k subscribers)
    https://twitter.com/quenblackwell (877k followers)
    https://www.instagram.com/quenblackwell/ (617k followers)
    Was "quensadilla" on Vine!

    I think she is a really sweet girl who stays out of trouble. She's been very open and vocal about her mental health on Twitter, specifically shedding light on her Depression, Anxiety, and recently an Eating Disorder that she overcame. She moved from Vine to twitter to post funny videos in her room, basically doing the same things she did on vine. (Dancing, dancing goofy, wearing a face mask and ranting about random things.)
    The only scandal I believe she dealt with was in 2017: she promoted a skin care brand that was going to be run by her, but it never worked out. Twitter sometimes jokes about this to her, but she hasn't talked about it since. I can't say that it makes her a bad person because she was younger when this happened. Apparently her proof of it working were facetuned photos, so that's self explanatory! She was immature and thought she could run + create a whole skin care brand.
    I think she's has a lot of potential and I hope she is able to emerge in an industry soon! I'm not sure how much she plans to post on Youtube, but Twitter is always blowing up in quoted tweets that she needs to be signed to a modelling agency. I think she could do it!
    It's obvious that the past few years were difficult for her due to mental health issues, an example would be the inconsistencies in her content. I hope she'll post more, her and her cousin are always posting silly videos on Twitter/Instagram.
    (the worst thing that is said about her throughout the internet is she's annoying/loud, so that's not too bad for someone who's been active since Vine!)