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  1. There is this lady called @Xiao.anna on Instagram who is a model. I am really curious as to if she is a snowflake or not... She seems to photoshop a lot and also the reason why I want to look into this is well, I used to follow her but didn't really find her images interesting anymore. She never followed me but as soon as I stopped following her she started liking my photos. This was a couple months ago. She still liked some of my photos just a couple minutes ago. She still doesn't follow me! This makes me think she is simply checking back on me and liking my photos to make me refollow her?? Idk, what are your guys' thoughts? 
    Link: http://instagram.com/xiao.anna

    Possible snowflakery: 
    •buys followers/likes (evidence by purple.starlight.girl) 
    •abuses hashtags for views (not even hashtags that relate to the photo) 
    •might be lying about being a model (THIS IS A THEORY) 
    •likes photos repeatedly to get you to look at their profile (confirmed-she does this to me) 
    •possible yellow fever 
    *update: she just posted the photo below not long (like 20-30 minutes) after this thread was created. 

  2. I think this guy deserves his own thread like his friend Laujian 

  3. Post on style2bones in Online Personalities

    By mindy, posted
    I started following this girl about 7 or 8 years ago on her old tumblr style2bones.
    Her pictures were like this:

    I decided to search aboout her again and i was kinda shocked to see how much she changed her style and started to edit her pictures:

    her instagram is onlyxiu
  4. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/winkeu/
    Spam account @mochi.png (private)
    Ask.fm @winkeu

    Known for:
    1) Dating @i.amsenpai (his thread here)
    2) Hands always on her face in photos
    3) Used to post a lot of mediocre OOTDs (her fashion taste was/is questionable)
    4) Discount codes and clothes from "kawaii-asian" IG stores
    5) Snow Filters
    6) awkward poses
    Sorta into Nymphete style fashion which bothers me, mixing the whole "innocent-yet-sexy" look. I generally prefer her selfies because she looks really cute and ulzzang-esque in those but pictures that other people take of her are... so-so. To be honest, she looks like a different person but that's just me. I tried to find photos where she's not covering her chin with her hand. Opinions?

  5. So I saw this video on instagram and am just flabbergasted by the plain stupidity that she utters from her mouth. I know everyone goes through a emo/scene/goth phase but this girls immaturity just rubs me the wrong way. Her mannerism when she moans in between sentences just makes you cringe. I'm unsure if the video satire, for God sake I hope it is. 
    http:// www.instagram.com/p/BPLo3z6DmvU/ 
  6. Does anybody know anything about yungfoxy? Apparently she had an instagram account that she deleted. I heard she used to have a tumblr account too. Does anyone know why she deleted all of her media? I became curious about her when I saw one of her pics on this website and she resembled Wolfiecindy so much.
    I put some before and after pics to compare (surprisingly, I couldn't find that many of her "after" pics, because by the looks of it, most of her pictures disappeared along with her instagram)
    Do you think she's had any work done, or is it just puberty and makeup?
    These are some of the befores:

    And these are the afters:

  7. ik it's been less than an hour since i joined lmao and i already posted one thread but i think this girl photoshops her body quite severly. she does have a thin waist but sometimes she airbrushes to the extent that sometimes she literally has no bellybutton lmao.
    here's one of her showing off her butt :

    and here's some other pictures of it which it looks much larger:

    she has posted a few videos of her waist which look scarily unhealthy, as her hipbone juts out a mile from her waist. here's a screenshot :

    she's really problematic and has a weird way of writing, as you can see in her captions that make her look dumb as shit. she's actually a really smart individual but i remember she posted a picture in which she was bending over positioned towards the camera and the caption was something like how fat she looked and a bunch a shit like that. she deleted it after users commented how she was making herself look idiotic and fatshaming. she has a pretty face but can make herself look dumb although she's a rather sweet person.
    shes also mutuals with ig famous users such as @lilmixedhunny
  8. Post on Amber Scholl in Online Personalities

    By Nusha, posted
    There’s this youtuber that I’ve recently started watching, she’s a 23-year-old youtuber called Amber Scholl and lives in LA. Wanted to know what you guys think of her, since she’s been giving me mixed feelings: on one hand, I do appreciate a few of her DIYs (some of them are rather cringey, I mean come on diy sugar daddy robe?) and she seems to be a really nice girl, maybe too quirky, but what I can’t stand the most is how she constantly says ‘like’ and ‘LOL’. For someone who studied Communications and wants to be a reporter (not 100% sure on this but she has interviewed celebrities), she is not very eloquent...
    Some people have called her out on how she claims to be literally broke and yet flaunts clothing and accessories that seem quite expensive. She says the trick is to find clothes that look expensive and, while I do believe that helps quite a lot, she’s still got an expensive shoe collection, has a Chanel bag, recently traveled to London, etc. Anyways, she seems like your average Instagram chick with highly edited pictures, moved to LA, Kardashian obsessed and pretty materialistic.
    Doesn’t seem like a snowflake to me though, but maybe some of you may know more about her.
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PopppDivaaa
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl/

  9. This is my first topic guys
    Here is his Instagram.
    I don't know too much about him despite knowing him for 3 years. I think he's 19-22?  A lot of my friends know and follow him. I followed him in 2014 or 2013(?) but I stopped following last year. We never really interacted with each other, but we made one encounter last year. My friends and I called him out on trying to emulate Asians...just go through his Instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about.
    He basically denied that and told us he's not trying to be Asian and that he appreciates the culture (what every person with yellowfever says lol) but I don't believe him because of how he edits his pictures..like the way he makes his skin super pale and how he edits his eyes. When I first saw him, I thought he was Asian until I found out he's actually Hispanic. All of his Instagram photos are so deceiving tbh because he doesn't even look like that at all in real life (obviously). I've seen photos of him without the crazy filters and photoshop which I will post below. I think he's trying to look like an ulzzang lol (the v-chin, super pale skin, snall lips, etc.)
    without the filters

    with the crazy filters and photoshop..from his Instagram.

    The photoshop on his jaw yikes

    notice the jaw


  10. Hey y'all this is my first ever thread/topic!!
    Here's this guy @hyun.li on Instagram who is to be problematic. He used homophobic and ableist remarks to random people, calling them "gay" or "retarded." Brian also thinks using the n word is okay, lol. I heard he was accused up on sexual assault (if anyone knows what really happened, please explain!!)
    There's this Instagram (@asianigupdate) account that exposed Brian for his disgusting behavior. There's a shit ton on there too. 
    If you don't know who the fuck this guy is, here's some fun facts about him :
    • His full name is Brian Li
    • He's from Las Vegas,Nevada
    • He's friends with bobble head Sheen @i.amsenpai (not anymore) and yellowfacing @kisoep on Instagram
    • Has dated Catherine Chi (publicity stunt)
    • He went to middle school with Rich Chigga and Rice gum
    Also here's a link to the story about Chloe : https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2616-iamsenpai-kevin/?do=findComment&comment=159198
    This is what he looks like he covers up his face most of the time LOL

    Opinions about Brian. (credit to asianigupdate on Instagram)

  11. https://www.instagram.com/malutrevejo
    Is there a thread about her? shes a 14 year old musically/instagram famous girl who got famous for belly dancing. theirs hundreds of expose and hate accounts about her because apparently:
    she has started a lot of drama with other musically stars
    She lied about her mom having cancer and stole donations from her fans
    she wears buttpads
    she doesn't dress her age
    she buys instagram followers
    the list goes on and on but here is what she looks like. what do y'all think? or know?

  12. (deleted)
  13. Her Instagram

    According to DAZED magazine "Arvida Bystrom is the Internet's pink-haired princess, flying around her kingdom on a rainbow unicorn, almost. Actually, she's a 22-year old Stockholm-born photographer and artist, now based in London. She explores sexuality, self-identity and contemporary feminism." Who else cringed when they read that? Btw shes 23 now. 

    So basically shes a feminist model/photographer/artist who is famous for not shaving and being naked on the internet because its a "combo of aesthetic and body positivity" ugh. Her other interveiws: http://showstudio.com/project/girly/interview_arvida_bystrom

    What do y'all think?
  14. Post on dionyjuice in Online Personalities

    By popoko, posted
     so i've seen this girl on my explore page and I thought she is too perfect, and i checked her ig, then boom.. all of her pics are photoshopped.. i really don't like seeing flawless girls on my explore page, makes me feel ugly lol. so I thought she deserved a thread. i don't know korean so have no idea about her personality. and i do not exaggerate when i say every pics of her photoshopped   
    her instagram page

  15. Anybody know much about this girl?
    I don't follow her on instagram because she seems to be pretty pretentious and bitchy - like  A LOT of those "edgy" instagram girls
    I've noticed she photoshops her body and it's very inconsistent
    Her actual boobs (I think):

    Her photoshopped boobs:

    I also saw a picture of her on the Erika Lipps thread which is what she supposedly looks like in real life

    as opposed to this

    any thoughts?
  16. Hailie Barber is a beauty youtuber/instagramer. She has about 300k followers on insta and 80k on YouTube.
    Shes clearly very pretty and has a small nose, but in photos her nose is almost nonexistent. Her lips look bigger than they did two years ago, although that may be makeup. 
    In the first picture you can see her most recent photo, as well as a closeup of the nose. You can see her nose ring is "disappearing" which seems to indicate photoshop. 
    Ive also included a photo of her from two years ago as well as some recent tagged photos, which can provide a comparison to her newer posted photos. 
    I don't have much of an opinion on her personally, I just found this interesting. Anybody else have any comments on her? 

  17. Post on hyulari in Online Personalities

    By tonyang, posted
    Finally made an account after lurking for awhile!  I hope I don't sound like I'm self promoting or anything since it's my first time creating a topic! Wasn't sure if I should make a thread about Hillary (hyulari), but after reading the thread about unprettiest/tisuebox, I thought I should. Hyulari is currently a senior from Bay Area and is part of the ~aesthetic~ crew on ig *eggyeol/ys4a/lunerie* Was called out for "copying" @/gradientlip 's prom look/outfit for homecoming which she took down both pictures she posted but I was able to find one of the pictures through a tagged post! I personally find her pretty and have nothing against her but my ratings for her def went down afterwards.
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/hyulari/?hl=en
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuqz0EN4zlhbman0fI3hIgA
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/hyulari?lang=en

    Top is hers on homecoming while bottom is @ /gradientlip on prom!
  18. Post on aeoyu in Online Personalities

    By Dream Girl, posted
    Notice this girl popping up constantly on my ig discover feed and became very wary about her look. Her name is Filora,  she's Uyghur from East Turkestan but now living in Canada and is 20 years old. In her selfies, she looks very digitized and not real. She also admits to faking freckles and using the app camera360. I think she's really pretty but her editing skills are not the best and her highlight can look greasy lol. I also noticed that her and Erika Lipps follow each other and she even commented on her pics... 
    Her ig: aeoyu
    Her tumblr: http://aeoye.tumblr.com/

    I think this is the most unedited picture i've seen of her and notice how her nose looks a bit bigger

  19. https://www.instagram.com/stfubunny/ INSTAGRAM
    http://www.stfubunny.com/  PERSONAL BLOG
    I wonder if any of you guys here follow/ know WinTing from instagram. She's currently working as a flight attendant traveling across the world, but was born and raised in Singapore (but I believe she also have some family in HK). Her style is mainly Japanese and Korean as she seems to enjoy when people point out she resembles IU (kpop). She was previously posted on a kpop website as her lookalike. She's into crafting, photography and fashion. She was also constantly posted on other instas as an SG babe. 
    Anyways, there's not much drama with her, aside from her often cheesy or overly dramatic photo captions. Any of you here who have personally encounter her? I've been following her for quite some time but still don't know much. I would like to know more about her life as she seems to filter stuff posted on her instagram and personal blog. Just a curious follower here  
  20. Post on Maria in Online Personalities

    By Lavender09, posted
    Insta: @dukhovnoe_litso
    Twitter: @dukhovnoe_litso
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OzAnimation/
    First thread so bear with me! 
    Maria is an Ukranian Instagram-er gaining popularity for her gigantic eyes. She is a visual artist who creates stop motion videos on Instagram and animated shorts (sometimes models as well). I think she is really beautiful BUT her eyes, which she is mostly popular for, seems pretty bizarre. 

    I think she may have naturally large eyes but definitely shoops them into alien size proportions.
    Older pictures of her by other artists:

    ^ only modeling picture of her I could come across that she herself didn't post
    Lucas David (24) hypocrite artist with 100k+followers on insta.  He gained most of his fame from shout outs by  the “celebrities” he constantly draws. His art caters to the 90s grunge and heroin chic aesthetic. Most of all of lucas work is referenced from pictures of celebrities or Instagramers. He more of less is a portrait artist That draws people in a grungy style.

    Ive been wanting to post about him for a while but the recent "drama" is what made me actually post about him because its ridiculous.
    Recently the smudgy lipstick trend has been going mainstream and i saw these 2 post on the explore tab on instagram.


    (this comment calling him out was deleted)

    Julianstudillo is one of Lucas's good friends and called out big companies for STEALING lucas makeup/art style and lucas liked both of these posts. Someone called out lucas in the comments for copying as well and it got deleted shortly after. I checked Lucas’s twitter and he legit thinks he started this “trend”  

    Him and his friend must live in a box if they think lucas invented the style. Its true that gradient lips have been part of Asian beauty trends for years. Also Michael Hussar has consistently been drawing smudgy lips back when Lucas was still learning how to use a pencil. Most of all the smudgy lip looks i've seen are people doing hussar inspired makeup looks.

    A while back He was called out by Trevor brown, and the artist bambiachy  for copying their work. Even though in the past Lucas has complained about people copying his work.
    Bambiachy. Overall lucas seems to have drawn HEAVYY inspiration from babiachy's style, especially when he was just rising to popularity. From the claw nails, the color tones, lines, eyelashes, odd body shapes, the piercing eyes, etc.

    Trevor brown talks about lucas copying his work here

    He also has a fanpage that he follows, where they have called out artists who have copied him and the page proceeds to call their art vomit and lucas has liked these posts. (i just find it a bit hypocritical)

    someone criticized his work he ended up insulting them, screen shotted his response and posted about it because he thought he was clever.

    A few of his fans didn't agree with lucas on his comment and frankly i agree with the fans.

    He seems like a snowflake to me, but i think it's better to start him off here. He just seems hypocritical and tryhard. His fanbase can get rude  when it comes to artists who draw similar to him. They @ lucas or comment that the art looks to much like lucas work or just accuse them of copying. Lucas has said nothing against that nasty behavior, and it seems like hed be happy if fans attack anyone who draws like him. imo.
    (Trevor replied to the post as i was writing this topic.  it seems he was able to see the comment before it got deleted. )

    what are your thoughts on him?
  22. I've been following this girl for a while, I believe she is 17 or 18. Her pictures are pretty provocative and seem to have a common theme (her tongue or her ass.) She used to post a lot of pictures with captions about eating pussy and sex (which I can't find, probably deleted or edited) and also led her followers to believe she was lesbian, which was evident when she posted pics with a man (I'm not sure if they're still together) and everyone was confused. She has changed her username and gone private multiple times for whatever reason. I've watched her live once and she seemed to be very rude, not only to her followers but to her family and whoever else was with her during it, not to mention she also was saying the n-word. Also I don't think she photoshops anything, but what are your opinions?
    her social medias:
    instagram: o4.96
    twitter: o4_96
    and her old flipagram account: https://flipagram.com/official_jalyss
    Here are some pics of her

    Also, apparently she wanted to become an actress or model

    Here are some old pics

  23. Youtube 
    Maki is a 19 year old Burundian girl who got popular on instagram because of her colored hair phases. She occasionally posts cosplays and makeup looks.
    She recently has been accused of "yellow facing" and "cultural appropriation". She's mutals with Celia and Sonia. I don't think she does yellow face, but I can't really judge since I'm not Asian.
    Some Pictures:

    Accusations of yellow facing (I hid the usernames):


    here come the twins..


  24. Post on baelisama in Online Personalities

    By Ugh!, posted
    Baelisama (Bárbara) is a brazilian girl that is getting popular on instagram. She caught my attention because the way she edits her eyes reminds me of Erika Lipps. People seem to buy that her eyes really look like that, they comment how pretty she is and that she is "goals". I have some friends following her and they said that she tries to pass for part asian, but I couldn't find any proofs of that. She is honestly very pretty without all the editing, I don't know why these girls want to look so exotic. She is also one of the "ohhhh so edgy" girls that we know very well. 
    Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baelisama/
    Tumblr: http://xatrocityexhibition.tumblr.com/
    Pictures (the last is an old one from her intagram, without the editing)

  25. Post on Egguke in Online Personalities

    By ariru, posted

    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/egguke/
    Snapchat : Trashlordnoiz
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009129566970
    ThisCrush : http://www.thiscrush.com/~egguke
    17 year-old Canadian girl named Kye (Formerly gone by Oliver) with 1.7k followers on IG.
    Openly admitted to having Depression, Anxiety and an eating disorder.
    Just another one of those problematic lgbt+ kids who is heavily influenced by Asian culture (More specifically, Korean)
    Kye tends to post most of her "problematic" photos at night and delete them in the morning. She is very involved in the Kpop fanbase. So much, its verging on the point of being a kboo.
    The problems with Kye : 
    RudePossible KoreabooFakeSelf centered Posts very revealing photos for her ageShe has been accused of being a Kboo many times and over-sexualizing the Asian culture but her responses are mostly variants of, "No my best friend is korean so therefore I cant be a Koreaboo!!".