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  1. Hey everyone, newbie here.
    Has anyone heard of this girl "thailiian" on instagram?
    I was following her for awhile. She's quite notable because she has a tattoo and nose piercing at 13, as well as for her provocative musical.ly's. She will post pictures of her with her boyfriends, which she changes like every two weeks. Well yeah, basically she's a 13 year old in Toronto that tries to act way older than she is and it irks the shit out of me. 
    Unfortunately, her instagram is private now so I can't get send screenshots of her page. Fortunately, her page with 100k+ got hacked!! 
    Let me know what you guys think about her and if you've heard of her as well.
    I just think it's crazy how Canadian girls are so young and act all mighty and mature (*cough cough* smallbootymary).
    Her private instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thailiian/
    Personally thanks to M for telling me that I posted this in the wrong section originally 
  2. So what do you guys think about @nisrinasbia ? She is the friend of Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) and I think that she's really, really beautiful! 

  3. Pinkumiruki (previously mettaten) is a 17 year old cosplayer on instagram who always says they look terrible in their photos for attention, and even though they're seventeen they post sexually themed photos that are really uncomfortable. They block "ghost followers", or anyone who follows them without spamming their photos. They also whined about how many of their followers weren't active and were so torn up about it they created an entire new account for their "true fans", while guilt tripping people who didn't like all of their photos. They also attack their fans when they request a character to cosplay and are extremely condescending. They fetishize Japanese culture and make everything "yaoi boiz". They always seem to be in some kind of drama. They've also been called racist and sexist but I haven't seen them do anything like that. Photos attached are examples of shit they do. Some of these were also deleted but I have reciepts. Anyone else had any issues with them?

  4. Hello everyone, so most of us on the Knitemaya thread, we were talking about Geheichou and possibly starting a thread for him, so with that being said, I'd like to thank @GoMons for compiling all this info on him, this is all @GoMons work and investigation, I'm helping them organize the thread and post it for them!
    So first things first:

    A Spanish cosplayer who you may know through this gif:

    In the spoiler alone is screens of making fun of his Fans:
    Tweet1: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/690400577512181764
    Tweet2: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/687283687457722368
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He mentioned twice (Twitter and Tumblr) 'DreamWorks animation' for an hypothetical live action with him as main character.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/tagged/dreamworksfanspotlight
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/719682071111684096?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
    He identifies as pansexual on his tumblr F.A.Q.
    He also said he has preferences:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Gehe's did some art exhibitions:
    Gazte arte.
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    He did an art exhibition too with his father.
    His patreon:

    'I will make a personal video only for you! '.
    2 patreons of $100 rewards, if there will not that pledge he would only had $18.
    Some Gehe's posts, you can read in the description:
    AnD yes, I'm in class right now and my clasmates are so confused hHaHAAHAOHOHHO
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/post/118298589820/so-apparently-now-i-am-a-girl-and-dramaticalLinks to the post and down below are screens:
    Some fanpages:
    His CON photos vs the photos he posted online:
    Hiro Hamada, Geheichou's photo: 
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Mikazuki, Geheichou's photo:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    This Mikazuki fan's photo was taken on an event, 'Silent Drama Comic Con' in China where he was invited with other cosplayers like Knitemaya.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Haikyuu!! (Hinata) Geheichou's, photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Screencapture from a video:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    More Gehe's photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He basically is saying, hey, I'm alone in Valentine's day, I have no girlfriend/boyfriend.
    He said that he's a profesional cosplayer:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    Cosplays he posted on https://worldcosplay.net/ :

    Marco Bodt - Levi and Haikyuu!! cosplay seems bought. He said that his Haikyuu cosplay was bought.
    Extra, the photoshop stuff:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 01:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 02:
  5. insta link
    yo, so I just on instagram and noticed this girl with about 10.2k followers. supposedly an ex-ford model. 
    Not exactly sure where she's from (someone asked and she just said 'im from arab'), her pics seem to be in places with arabic signs, but she also says 'california' in her bio. Has an interest in Korea (always uses korean tags) and repeatedly tells people she's going there soon. 
    Looks to me she edits her face quite a bit ... seems to changed a lot throughout her pics.
    what y'all think?? 
  6. It came up on various snowflake's threads but I want to know; how the heck to deal with rude people on the internet? What is the right way? I'm talking about bullies (leaving unreasonable comments, stalking, talking bad), creeps (leaving sexualizing comments, stalking as well) and all that other kind of weirdos. I'm dealing with a huge problem recently of receiving very weird messages send by creeps. Sometimes I'm a little scared, they come back with a new account and get mad at me when I block them, not leaving me alone. How do you think is best to deal with this people? Just block and ignore? I'm really worried atm. I'm a cosplayer, so I'm not surprised creeps are messaging me. I just don't know how to deal with it. What are your experiences on social media? Have you ever met people there making you feel unsafe and how to deal with this kind of rude people?

  7. i haven't seen a thread  about her so i decided to make one myself! this is my first post so if i make mistakes tell me! i've been following this girl for a little over a month and i've been curious if anyone knew anything about her.. 
    instagram : alanisstormy http://instagram.com/alanisstormy 
    twitter : divaelenor https://mobile.twitter.com/divaelenor
    youtube : alanisstormy https://m.youtube.com/#/alanisstormy
    what i know:
    i think she might be from pennslyvania??

    she's eighteen years old

    i believe she's of turkish descent i believe because a lot of her tweets are in turkish

    she almost has 160k followers on instagram
    claims to be a designer but i haven't seen any of her work
    the only thing that surprised me was that she has so many followers on instagram but under 600 followers on twitter
    also, her makeup style/highlight kinda reminds me of bbyg6rl (http://instagram.com/bbyg6rl) except her eyeliner is a bit less dramatic

    EDIT: deleted pic with a notification of mine
  8. Hello everyone! This is my first post so sorry if I suck or whatever but I saw this girl being promoted by someone I follow on instagram...and was "intrigued" by her lovely Photoshop, to say the least. She goes by the username "kinkyloli", Honestly she isn't that relevant but I thought I'd share her lovely photos. 
    Also her mildly inappropriate and weeabooish tags were nice, alongside when she referred to her boyfriend as a "slave". 
    here are some of my favs lmao 
    Does she realize her arm looks 30 ft longer than the other? 
    Here is her referring to her boyfriend as a "slave" 
    And......if you go down far enough you can see her less photoshopped face, hooray!
  9. Post on queen_tran in Online Personalities

    By hunty, posted

    Just wanted to know what you guys think of this girl? Her Instagram is @queen_tran.
    She claims that she doesn't overedit her photos (someone called her out on it a while back and she made a rant on Snapchat about it), but she clearly does, as you can tell from her photos...
    The eyes are ridiculous. And I feel like her face shape changes in some photos, and the background looks kind of funky?
    What do you guys think? 
  10. Post on @smfhbye in Online Personalities

    By hunty, posted
    I'm absolutely disgusted. So, I was on Instagram and stumbled upon this girl's account. She's one of those baddie pages that post other girls, and some of her captions are pretty funny. That's what I thought, at least, until I saw her post this about an hour ago:

    Let me start off by saying, wow, is this girl ignorant. But even worse, some of her followers were flocking to her defense:

    I don't know why she is comparing "Becky" to "ling ling," since white people aren't even a minority, thus not oppressed. This girl is a disappointment to all racial minorities. It's amazing how close-minded she and some of her followers are. She keeps on trying to justify herself by saying that what she called the woman ("ling ling") wasn't wrong because the woman was accusing her of being a "thief." This girl wants to be oppressed so badly, even though she's the one throwing racial slurs, like it's nothing. As soon as someone uses the n-word, she gets mad, but calling someone "ling ling" is completelyyyyy ok. Alright.
    She was also quick to block people and delete comments that opposed her point of view.
    I commented on one of the posts, saying this (but, of course, she blocked me and deleted the comment):
    "Guys, don't even bother... there's no point in trying to educate someone who isn't willing. Now, let me address a few things. What the woman at the nail salon did to @smfhbye – in my opinion, ANY employee would have done that. It was a misunderstanding! And if anything, she was just exercising caution. But yes, it's completely understandable why @smfhbye would feel upset about it; I would be too, if someone were jumping to conclusions about my actions. Now, on the other, hand – despite "ling ling" not being the main focus of the caption, you still upset some people because it is quite obviously an offensive slur. Imagine if I had written the same exact caption with the n slur? Bottom line, you can't tell people not to be offended over something like this – we have a right to be upset about it. You could have left that part out, and the caption would have been fine. But I'm done explaining myself; hope everyone understands. When things like this happen, we shouldn't be arguing each other Listen to what each party has to say before throwing defamations. Thanks, guys."

    I don't know, doesn't it bother anyone else how she's just using the word so casually?
    What she did was wrong, and many people in the comments told her that what she had said was offensive, but instead of apologizing, she played her race card: "I'm the one who should be upset because ling ling automatically assumed I was stealing because I'm black!!"
    That's not how it works, honey.
    You guys can view the comments here, if she hasn't deleted the posts:
  11. Tepha Dez / @tephadoll             instagram | twitter | tumblr | INACTIVE ask.fm
    I keep seeing this girl on Instagram because some of my mutuals follow her. 

    I'm having trouble figuring out whether her nose is real or not. Here are some images that I pulled from her Instagram:
    Neck shoop? ^
    Other pictures I found:
    Nose job, contour, or Photoshop...? Tell me what you all think 
  12. Moved the thread here
  13. Moved this from the Online Personalities section to General Discussion.
    But anyway - who are your favorite Asian Instagrammers?! I want to follow more of them, but not the snowflakes . List your favorites below; they can be popular or lowkey!
    And before you come at me for being "discriminatory".... I'm Asian so -.-
  14. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindseypelas/?hl=en
    Facebook: facebook.com/xxLindseyP
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/lindseypelas?lang=en
    Lindsey Pelas is a bikini model, fitness model, Instagram model, and socialite. She is currently 25, and is from Louisiana, but in recent years relocated to Los Angeles. She is mostly known for her 30H breasts, which she claims to be natural (not sure what I believe, personally). She got a mild start on the media's radar as a Playboy Cybergirl, where she did a relatively underwhelming nude shoot for them (and supposedly has not done any nude shoots since). Her popularity shot up when she started "dating" (?) Dan Bilzerian, the trust-fund baby all over Instagram who thinks he's a professional poker player. Apparently they met at the Playboy Mansion and he made it a personal goal to get her noticed. He posted several pictures of her on his Instagram, and while she hesitantly speaks well of him, they haven't been seen together in something like two years. She also wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan against slut-shaming, and did a cute video called "10 Big Boob Problems."
    Generally, she seems pretty okay - she's very open about the fact that she knows she's selling her looks for money and seems relatively well spoken in her interviews.
    However - a couple things:
    1. She is very persistent about her breasts being natural and takes great pride in them. However, if you compare her Playboy shots to today, they seem to be very different in size.

    2. While being so proud of her (supposedly) natural breasts, she has clearly had a lot of plastic surgery on her face, and she has not addressed any rumors concerning this. To me it looks like she has had a nose job, buccal fat removal, lip injections, jaw shaving, veneers and liposuction. She's had at least some, all or more of that done, and it seems hypocritical to me to be brag about "au naturel" anything when you've had so much work done.


    Her strange-looking stomach:

    3. I follow her on Snapchat. She posts a lot of selfies, doggy shots, pics with her friend Cambria, and travel pictures. Generally an okay person to follow. However, after claiming to be a feminist, against creepy dudes and promoting self-love, I have been disappointed with some of her posts there. Unfortunately I cannot find the screenshots I saved, so feel free to take this however you want. She posts some stuff once in a while that alludes to her knowing she probably has subscriptions from thirsty guys who have less attractive girlfriends than her. Stuff like, "My reaction when I get flowers [insert pretty smile with cleavage]," and "Your girlfriend when she gets flowers [insert forced ugly face with unflattering snap filter]."
    4. Doesn't she look a lot older than 25? I mean, even before her surgeries, I'd guess she's at least 10 years older than she says she is.
    Will update if I find more pics or info.
    Thoughts on her?
  15. Stephanie aka @steqphs on Instagram, I've been seeing her on my "explore" lately and I'm just generally curious about her.. I believe she's mostly known from the full body pics she posts. Is there anything on her or does anyone have something to say about her?

  16. Instagram / Youtube / 
    Okay so this is Mika Francis, she's mainly popular due to her youtube channel where she does beauty/style/vlog videos with the odd "spiritual" video sprinkled in between. 
    Recently she's come under major fire for cultural appropriation because she got coloured braids put in (which i personally think look dreadful on her)

    She also claims to be a buddhist and preaches about it alot on her channel even though she smokes weed which goes against the fifth precept.
    This is just what i've observed and i'm really interested to see what you guys think.
    Any thoughts?
  17. I recently found this girl on my explore page and clicked personally because i was amazed at how pretty she is, comes to find out she's 15 and after that i was shook, what are they feeding these kids?
    i also think she shoops her photos, to me something is just off idk 
  18. Hi, this is my second thread, i'm home today so i was like why not post more than once since i haven't before
    okay so this girl @melvnin https://www.instagram.com/melvnin/?hl=en apparently her name is bee she's super into anime and i'm just gonna assume kpop as well, she gained a ton of followers in a matter of weeks all from this certain post i've been seeing it circulate widely on the web and it's on my explore page (on instagram) a lot too, i'm not sure what's the hype over her sure shes quite pretty, but shes the typically IG girl, eye contacts, (exotic looking) whatever that even is  and yeah i can tell she uses shoops cause nobody looks like this irl, not sure if this is a super interesting post but its my second time making one so....
    this is the photo thats been everywhere 
    also people thought she was a white women who made herself look 10x darker? lmao what do you guys think, honestly i think anything is possible.
  19. Post on Tsuruko in Online Personalities

    By Serenity, posted
    Instagram // Youtube

    There's this girl on instagram called Tsuruko who's been getting a lot of followers but she seems kinda sketchy so I thought she deserved a thread. She is a "cosplay" Instagrammer who posts nothing but (IMO kinda grainy) selfies.
    First became popular because meme pages used her snapchat picturesHad drama with the snowflake Bonbonchuu/Lilaflan/Pele Whitney in the past and is friends with other snowflakes such as Peachiepie/Momodere and Venus Angelic.You can find more about the Tsuruko/Bonbonchuu drama on Bonbonchuu's first thread, linked above. The new, current thread on her is here.Venus once shouted her Patreon out on her Instagram and called her "one of her good friends"She is part Chinese and used to list "part Chinese, not Japanese" in her Instagram description because people kept asking her if she was Japanese but has since changed it to "mixed race" to seem more vague.Posted a picture of her with her half-Chinese mother to prove that she's part Asian(Oct 2017) Recently posted on her Instagram story that she was blocked by an unnamed semi-influential Instagrammer because they believed she was doing yellowface (x)In the past has asked her fans to donate money to her here because she claimed to be poor. IMO I feel like she was being honest and not trying to scam people but it can seem kinda suspicious.Possibly has bought followers due to her only really posting grainy cosplay selfiesWas threatened by Margo Palermo, Venus Angelic's mother, saying that "Venus was coming for her next" (x)Margo saying that she would donate money to Tsuruko (?) (x)Has recently had trouble with stalkers IRL/No Makeup/Old Pics
    Edited Pictures from Instagram: 
  20. @marjanrsn || instagram • twitter • ask.fm
    Another typical "instagram hoe." I first found out about this girl from @nisrinasbia (pretty sure they're friends in real life). Kind of surprised there isn't already a thread for her. Anyway - maybe it's just me, but her face looks a little funny. There's something about her nose and lips, I just can't put my finger on it...
    Some photos pulled from her instagram:
    Other photos:
    Childhood photo:
    She posted this on her ask.fm ... 

    I'm starting to believe that she just got a nose job? Probably lip fillers too, even though she claims her lips aren't fake:

    Did she make a fanpage for herself too..? (The page doesn't seem to exist anymore)

  21. Instagram baddies. You've probably seen at least one if you've spent more than two minutes scrolling through your Instagram explore feed. They are far from "few and far between."
    Excessive highlight, lip overlining, faux freckles, mud mask/tea-tox/teeth whitening kit/wig/colored contact lens promoters -- You know exactly what type of people I'm talking about.
    There are too many of them, so rather than just creating a separate thread for every one of them each time, I am now creating a general thread for those of you who want to discuss anything concerning these "Instagram baddies." It doesn't have to be all negative - some of these girls are gorgeous, and this is a discussion thread, not hate thread, so all kinds of opinions should be welcomed. 
    Examples of some Instagram baddies:
  22. Post on hiyaang in Online Personalities

    By banaynays, posted
    ah so this is my first post on here (im new hello!! lol)
    but anyhow theres this girl that keeps popping up on my ig feed and im sure who this is?? especially since this girl has like almost 40k followers
    the only i know about this girl is that she really likes dean and she has a very... interesting physique lol
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/hiyaang
    just curious if anyone knows what she does or whatnot
  23. Hey so I'm a new member on this site but I've been lurking for a while on here out of pure interest. I'm surprised I haven't seen the topic of an Instagram ' model ' named speckledgal, or Peyton ( her name ) I'm torn between whether I like her or not. Here's what she looks like:I'm not sure how old she is, I think between 17 and 18. She used to waist train at only 16 and as of recently got lip injections even though she clearly doesn't need them. She also got something called eyebrow blading done too. she has over 93k followers on Instagram. She also seems a bit self obsessed. Anyway, opinions?
  24. mary jo hamberg (ig @mary.jo.hamberg) is a russian model with 75k followers. 
    notable to me because she looks very different in her photos, the bone shape of her face and the exaggerated lips seems photoshop fruit or plastic surgery idk


  25. Some of you may or may not know who Demon.Rikachi, or Mika (her name) actually is. She's an instagram artist with over 7k followers so she is pretty well known. However, from my own experience with her, she is very much two faced. Showing one face to her fans and another face to people who say anything other than a compliment on her artwork. She has been involved in a lot of drama recently involving art trades. If anybody here is unfamiliar with an art trade, it is basically when you do a piece of work for somebody and they do something for you in return. It's like a commission but instead of paying with money, you pay by drawing them something in return. And Mika has left a lot of people waiting for months. And I don't mean one person, I mean a lot of people. And some people finally started asking questions. And instead of handling it maturely, Mika started pulling a tantrum. 
    The person who sent the message below was not myself and I will keep them anonymous. 
    What Mika did after this, without even replying to the user was this:
    She decided she would post the message and make a whole post- shaming the user into believing she did a bad thing for contacting an artist who owes her artwork. But it doesn't get any better I'm afraid. If it was just that, I could turn a blind eye and think 'oh perhaps she's having a bad day.'
    Somebody there said how it was a bad idea to screenshot the message as it's creating a herd mentality against that person who messaged Mika. Herd Mentality: describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Basically, her fans are going to rush to her side without knowing the full story and say how much of a bad person the person Mika is talking about. 
    Not only that but she then started to insult them in German because she knew they wouldn't be able to understand what she was saying. 'Isso WTF ich hasse sowas?? Ich darf mich niht mal anonym uber eine person aufregen?? Sie meinte 7k leute werden die jetzt bellastigen?? wen? Den versteckten namen? Bist du behindert oder so? Manchmal will ich einfach nur allie blocken' Now, correct me if I am wrong as German is definitely not my first language but I believe that translates roughly too 'WTF so I hate something? I can not even get upset anonymously through a person? She said 7k people to harass now? Who? The hidden name? Are you retarded or something? Sometimes I simply want to block people.'
    I believe he was merely saying how you shouldn't screenshot someones message and post it as it's private. Mika's friend Pistacye then said 'Boah solche leute die sich so beschweren gehart auch der arsche versohlen! Perfektion dauerte halt!' translates roughly too: 'People who complain need their arses spanked. Perfection takes hold!' She then proceeded to say 'Bist du irgendwie in gehirn gefickt worden? Klar isf dat fur private zwecke aber junge da ist kein username.' Which, again, I believe translates too 'Where you somehow fucked in the brain? Clearly it's for private purposes but boy there is no username.' And again, all in German thinking that nobody could understand a word of what she was saying. 
    As you have with any person, a lot of people support her, seeing one side of the story and unable to understand what her German words mean. 

    This person here, whilst trying to support Mika did point out that she has been waiting a while for art that has already been done. They also mention she spent quite a lot of money on her and Mika doesn't even respond to her. 

    She deletes her comment and acts as if it never existed in the first place.
    Her being slanderous again, using gay as an insult and insulting he Russians and not only that, German's as well which is absolutely disgusting. However, it doesn't end there.
    An instagram page, known for outing art/cosplay thieves and harrassment called out her and Pistacye. The comment reads: Guck dir mal die kleinen fotzen an, hoffe die kriegen ebola aids und verrecken an syphillis hahaha FEEL FREE TO POST THE SCREENSHOTS WHO CARES  Pistacye.sp00k  die denken wir haben jetzt angst und es tut uns irgenwie leid oder so  idontgiveafuck go kill urself  billige rtl hure hat keine hobbies'
    Now this roughly translates to 'Look at this little pussy, I hope the wars give you ebola, aids and that you get siphilis haha feel free to post screenshots who cares  Pistacye.sp00k they think we are now afraid and that it makes us somehow sorry. idontgiveafuck go kill urself  cheap RTL (I believe this is a german channel) whore who has no hobbies.' Now that is disgusting language.

    'Ja, schon, HAHAHA FREUT MICH DU ANAL FISSUR  ' roughly translates too 'Yes. I'm glad HAHAHAHA I'M GLAD YOU ANAL FISTER.' 
    Pistacye.sp00k said everything was because she was a troll and for a laugh. Bringing people down for 'lolz' Yes I am sure telling somebody that they're brain fucked, that they're 'retarded', that they're a whore and should get aids and ebola in a war all in German so nobody can understand a word they're saying also. Everything is just a joke. If it was just a joke, 1) say it in English so everybody can see what disgusting things you are saying 2) don't cross the line. Me and my best friend insult EACH OTHER as a joke but I'd never say such horrible things to her or insult a COMPLETE STRANGER. It sounds to me she doesn't want to tarnish her reputation and wants the photo down. 
    And people are becoming aware of what she's saying. And if you have an opinion, she will get mad as you have seen above with dragobane sharing his opinion. 
     if you follow her or not, she is very active on instagram so excuses like 'I'm too busy' shouldn't be used. If somebody has done an art trade, they have basically paid you to do art for them and that should take FIRST priority over personal art, whether you like it or not it's just how it is as you owe them and promised them. And if you have been waiting months, there's a problem there. She held a competition a while back as well, deadline closed and she hasn't even announced the winners yet. It's been about a month. And quite a few people are raising questions, messages unanswered or deleted so she doesn't have to answer them. And for a big artist on instagram, this really shouldn't be happening. I strongly urge people to unfollow her if you are following her or Pistacyo.sp00k as they really slander and harass people. 
    I will make a follow up reply to this if anything else changes. I wanted to put this under 'Instagram baddies' but it seems to be mainly focused around models etc. And because of how big this story it, I think it deserves a thread of its own. Has anybody else had bad experiences with Mika or Pistacyo?