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    Jenn Im is a Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger, best known for her YouTube channel, clothesencounters; created with her former vlogging-partner, Sarah Chu in February 2010. Jenn and Sarah parted ways after Jenn moved north to attend UC Davis. (thanks wiki!)

    She currently has a continuous 4-part thread on Guru Gossip which discusses mainly how Jenn became a huge sell-out once Sarah left. Thrifting videos disappeared, as well as originality and some of her outfits are either on the wtf or basic spectrum. Almost all of her videos are sponsored in some sort of way, and even when she states it's not sponsored -- most of the items in her video were given for free, which some find deceiving. 
    There is also an issue of how she supposedly is a smoker (cigarettes and mj), and while I personally don't see it as an issue because she is an adult and can make her own decisions, many frown upon it because her audience is mainly younger female viewers who probably look up to her. I know there is an old picture of her with a cig:

    and this instagram post (posted on 4/20) sparked up (haha puns are fun) many discussions about her and mary-jane being friends (the comments alone are a sh*t show):

    This post is also interesting:

    There has been speculation that what she portrays on her channel is not she is in real life -- innocent and all, but I mean name one YT personality that doesn't like to glorify their life on YT.
    Personally I find her mainly unproblematic and that there is a general consensus that she's a very likeable person. When I read through GG, I was surprised and intrigued about all the information so now I'm just very curious on PULL's thoughts about her.
  2. The past thread was no longer active so I decided to start a new one here. (I am new on PULL.)
    I have been watching Jenn for the longest time, since her days with Sarah. I am not interested in bashing her clothes or fashion choices, but I wonder if anyone on PULL has been following her other social media platform before she became Youtube famous. What made Jenn popular? How did she managed to 'sell' herself? I would be grateful to anyone who could give me some background info about her life before Youtube. Like her family's socioeconomic status and how she used to be before having this Youtube Asian gang. How did someone like Jenn climb up the social ladder? Did she make the correct friends (networking), are her talents amazing, is she just lucky or did she sleep her way up there? For a 'small town' girl like Jenn, she mentioned in a Refinery video she came from a small suburb, how did she get all the money for sooo many Jeffrey Campbell boots during her college days and the amount of clothes/jewelry she has/had? I get she worked part time in lots of places but she seemed like she spend a lot on 'frills' and decors. 
    She is very very private about her love life before Ben. But that makes me very curious. I know she used to date A.R. But who else? Anybody knows?
    In videos, she seemed so forced when she is with her family. They don't seem to get a word she say in English. Her parents seemed to know very very little English. They were so awkward calling her 'Jenn'. I am wondering does anyone here on PULL have any encounters with Jenn waaaayyyy back when she was still part of a duo? How is she like?
    And most importantly, what did you think contributed to her success today?
    Then, Jenn...

    Now Jenn...

    The reason I wanted to know is because I can't find much about her past online and am really curious how she did it.

    And her uneven eyelids are now so even, did Jenn get eyelid stitches?
    Unlike other Youtubers who have 579 pages on their thread, Jenn's original thread fell short and was silent and dead. Is she really that nice? No juicy stash about this lovely Jenn Im, other than the ones on Guru Gossip and original PULL thread?
    Get the ball rolling, guys....