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  1. Post on Freakfeverk in Little Snowflakes

    By Adrien, posted
    Okay, so I have known about this guy for a little while, since the whole Ahripop/Momosweetcosplay situation because I found pictures of him in one of her ig tags or something like that. I don't know much about them, but I really really think they have the potential to be the next Ahri. They're basically boy her. They are trans, I think, ftm, just a heads up. But anyway! Credits to @ricecakecock on instagram for most of the comparison photos, because I found out about 'Naito' through that account. NOW: HE /DOES/ EDIT TO LOOK "TYPICALLY ASIAN" but according to his ask.fm, he isn't claiming to be asian. Just learning Japanese & Korean. But he still is hiding editing and obviously photoshops to look COMPLETELY different than the rest of his family. 
    Some basic information about them: They go by "Naito Hyata", are "22 (I think?)" and dating a male. They're from OR, I believe. All of this is in their ig bio! 
    Social media links (as far as I could find) below:

    - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freakfeverk/
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreakFeverCosplay
    - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreakFeverCosplay/videos
    - Ask.FM: http://ask.fm/FreakFever
    - Old FB: https://www.facebook.com/FreakFeverKoKo
    - Them in a vine a friend posted: https://vine.co/v/emganJwMWEF

    Photos of 'Naito':
    His sister's IG acc and pics of them together:
    Some drama I know of is:
    - He ALWAYS says things are swollen.. probably to hide bad editing:
    He did an sfs & then claimed there was an "urget issues" or something in his family with his Grandma so he WOULDN'T return any of the SFS he did EVER. I unfortunately didn't get a ss of the second post, but here is the original: 
    He went to a convention, and nobody recognized him so he said he was "hiding in plain sight" and a few followers said they didn't even know he was in the same spot as them: 
    And here are some cringey ask.fm answers/ig comments:
    That's all I've found so far, if I see anything else, I'll let you know/add it! What do you guys think? Sorry if this should be in the "interesting people" section... I just think he sounds like a snowflake. 
  2. ''Real life anime girl'' 
    Also a link to her wishlist on her Instagram bio... 
    I don't actually follow her, but she keeps popping up on my explore page. I was intrigued and googled her, she has a YouTube channel. 
    I looked around and saw no threads on her yet. 
    Here are some links: 
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/zilla308/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zilla308
    Website: http://www.zilla308.com/ 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zilla308/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilla308 
    Tumblr: http://zilla308.tumblr.com/ 
    She seems to be very proud of her (obviously fake) breasts and her body in general, which I can't blame her for... 
    It's all a bit porny, so be warned. 
    Interesting YouTube vid about her surgery 
    So let me know what you guys think. I'm quite new to this site so I don't actually know how all of this works yet =P 

    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...
  4. Hey guys,
    So, I was skulking around on IG for the best part of the day, checking mutuals and a few small time tumblrina flakes accounts and one thing really caught my attention:  There's two tumblrinas i've been keeping an eye on, and their follower count seems to jump significantly. The one girl,lets call her X, got her "fame" from a lot of self submitting, so the only reason shes really known is because of this, not because of her lifestyle or aesthetic (like the majority of well known snowflakes).  Anyway, when I was first aware of her account about a year ago she had at best 3-5k followers, and even then a lot of people were saying the majority of followers/likes were bought because the numbers didnt really add up.  A few people pointed out that when you tried to view who had liked her photos, the list would disappear, or there would be about 10 genuine likes opposed to 100+. (:S)
    Fast track to about a month ago, I decided to check out her account again.  Her follower count had jumped up to about 19k, despite that, she would get around 6 comments per pic. About 2 days later, she was up another 1k, 2 days from that, another 1.5k, last time i checked, she was at about 23K followers. 
    It doesnt add up, I've seen a lot of tumblr based snowflakes self-sub and plump up their account. Now the new algorithm is in place, i wouldnt put it past some folks to buy the majority of their following to get attention.  I kinda feel now that buying followers etc is getting more and more common and its getting hard to tell who's a legit "known/public figure" and who's just playing internet celebrity
    Have you guys seen anything like this?  -Do you know anyone who's bought likes/followers/retweets?  -Are you guilty of it?
  5. So, I'm pretty sure that when we read up on our favourite flakes, their drama and lives seem so far off what we know. But every so often, you meet that one person who is a little flake-y.  Maybe they have aspirations of becoming efamous, maybe they just want a bit of drama in their lives. Perhaps they were successful in becoming a snowflake or are mentioned somewhere on PULL. Or, maybe their drama was only local to your area or friendship group  
    Im in the mood for member stories again !
    anyway, this is my contribution to the thread, it's kinda long and even then, I'm probably missing a lot out:
  6. Okay so i found this girl on ig some time ago and i just had to make a post about her..
    gosh where do i even begin, okay so first of all what i noticed right away is that she photoshops her pictures to a point where she doesn't even look human, it's so painfully obvious that she uses google translate in all of the captions written in korean, she calls herself "jimin" and that's obviously NOT her real name (she recently just added her real name i guess to her bio but her username is still JIMINbarbie-_- which makes me cringe) she uses apps to apply makeup and i can't stand when people do that because it's just so obvious ughhhhhhhh 
    anyway she always deletes pictures off her account because i guess she doesn't want to go over a certain number of posts -,- and alot were so cringy god i wish i had saved them. 
    OH and how could i forget the korean hashtags she uses and probably has no idea what they mean : )

  7. Seen this girl? Somewhat popular on IG.
    She just turned 19 , and has that massive surgery bottom.. like where in the world is this trend going..  
    Anyone know more about her? Seems to be "model" and "enterpreneur" but arent all the IG kids.. 
    EDIT She also claims its 100 percent natural.

  8. I've never made a thread before so excuse me for not knowing how to start this*
    Diana Veras is a plus size model from NY. She can be kinda associated w that group of barbara, dounia, etc.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mynamesdiana
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mynamesdiana/?hl=en
    She also has an on/off relationship w rapper, Ksace. (They're broken up atm) 
    Idk what do you guys think about her?
    Personally I don't think shes really problematic but following her on twitter can be kinda annoying. She acts a certain way when shes "single" talking about how happy and amazing she feels. The "glow" she has on. Now this is all fine until she gets back together with Kyle and it honestly just makes her look like an idiot most of the time? Shes only 21 I think but she really doesn't seem that mature at all really. 
    She is a really pretty girl but I don't think shes very smart in the love department. 

  9. A friend of mine told me about this girl she's following on IG with the handle @steqhs and I noticed something... She's following Jude Karda and our beloved itsbabydash..
    I couldn't find any additional information other than her YT being the same hand and having one video. 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steqhs/?hl=en

    Youtube video:

    There are a couple photos from IG that I find concerning.. Either she shoops herself thinner or she has some form of eating disorder.. My friend has been following her for a while and mentioned she wasn't this skinny before.
    This one, the tiles look so damn uneven and wonky.

    I couldn't find any pics past 64 weeks old so I don't know if she looked too different before.