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  1. Post on Silent Hill/Silent Hills in Gaming

    By haiyuki, posted
    We had an old thread about this on FF, but it died forever ago and we've accumulated some new members here and there has been some newer developments with Konami, Team Silent, etc.
    Anyway, I LOVE all of the Silent Hill games, it is hands down my favorite game series.
    I don't even have a favorite, honestly.
    I am so upset that they nixed the P.T. (Silent Hill) project on the Playstation 4 store. I've never played it (because I don't own ANY new Gen systems, lol) but I've watched a ton of different commentary-free playthroughs and one really annoying commentary video.
    Anyway, the long and short of it was that it was a playable teaser (hence P.T.). . .

    I keep seeing some really interesting fan-made tributes on tumblr. I was curious if anyone could recommend games like this or just wanted to talk about Silent Hill in general. ^___^
  2. Hi guys! 
    I just want to create this new topic because I haven’t seen anyone done this yet in this forum. I’m a girl and I have really HUGE interest in these types of films, particularly because I like feeling the thrills and cold sweats when watching the nerve-wrecking scenes. 😂 Please do recommend me some very good movies under this genre and I don’t mind the country of origin at all, as long as it’s of high quality and not just about some cheap jump scares. You might as well leave your thoughts and short reviews while doing that. All are welcome! 😊
    While I’m at it, let me be the first one to recommend some of the movies that left strong impression on me:
    1/ Dark Water 
    Say no more. If you’re a fan of Japanese ghosts, then this is a must watch. It’s like a classic horror movie with cliché plot but with mesmerising ending scene. 5/5 from me.
    2/ Noroi: the curse  
    This is also one of the most ‘intellectual’ and brilliant horror films that has ever been made so far and it even beats The Ring and Ju-on on the list for me. My all-time favourite movie. It has a documentary style to it and falls under the found footage film genre, if you’re curious. 4.5/5
    3/ Bedevilled
    Gory mixed in with thriller producing a very much similar result with the above movies, although the scary effect do not come from the ghosts, but a psychotic killer instead. This is a Korean movie btw and do not let this slow-paced storyline fool you. It has much more potential in store if you allow yourself to absorb in the story within the first 30 minutes. Solid 4/5
    4/ Orphan
    Psychological thriller with lots of suspense. You’ll like this for sure if you’re into thriller movies because the plot is quite unique, that’s why it’s still memorable to me albeit I’ve watched this around 15 years ago lol. This one is a family-friendly movie, so I’d recommend you watching this with your siblings just to see how they would react if they are the real characters in the movie. Fast paced, realistic and scary enough. Definitely worthy of your time so go check it out now! 4/5 from me
    5/  REC 
    This Spanish movie is said to be one of the earliest terrifying found footage horror film back in the days.. and the glory is still there. I like this movie a lot because it seems natural and not feel forced and because the main character stands out to me so I feel like want to protect her from all the bad stuff! The amount of suspense that this movie contains is just....unbelievable. You can never expect anything because you know that anything worst can happen in the next second inside the trapped building! The story is also creative and original, hence gaining 5/5 from me.