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  1. Post on hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Guest, posted
    i never was a registered user on here so i suppose i'm new!? i did enjoy reading the forums though, so it's the thought that matters? i'll try to be active mostly, more reading than posting really..
    as for about me (i don't know if this is supposed to be written here but oh well) i'm rina! i'm a cancer..and i'm psychically ninety years old! i really like fashion, soft colors, flowers and cats. nice to meet you!! 
  2. Hi,
    Finally made an account after lurking around PULL for like ages 
    Some info about me:
    I'm a 19 years old girl
    I'm German but moved to japan due to my husband being Japanese
    I love dogs and turtles 
    my favorite color is green and I love nature 
    *Please excuse my bad English. I'm not good at learning languages*
    Hope to meet many nice people here  
  3. Post on Hi in Introduce Yourself

    By Cherrydoe, posted
    Hi there, I'm new here and I will not cause too much trouble 
  4. Hey lil dudes~ I guess I'm gonna be called bochi here, 
    I've been a lurker for awhile I just never thought to join the community but here I am! esp with the Mary drama I wanted to share my opinions on it as well lmao. I'm a sucker for vid games, anime & kpop. Let's get along well? 
  5. Post on Hi | Hola ^^ in Introduce Yourself

    By al8xxx, posted
    Hello everyone
    I'm new here. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Argentina, South America. Currently studying to become an english-spanish translator.
    Blah, I don't even know why I'm talking in such a formal way here xD, Anyways, I've been la lurker for a while and finally decided to make an account here hehe 
    Nice to meet you  let's be friends~~
  6. Post on Hiii 💖 in Introduce Yourself

    By Putzksi, posted
    Hello everyone. My name is Joana but you can call me Putzksi. Haha erhmmm there's no much i can say about me.  Im 17 and im portuguese 😊
  7. Post on Hi! ^^ in Introduce Yourself

    By cocoa, posted
    Hi guys, nice to meet u! ♥ I'm cocoa, I'm from Spain so sorry if my english is bad. X3 I love J-fashion and Harajuku fashion, I'm here cuz I like to read ur post an would like to share my opinions too. :3 
  8. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By BtsStan, posted
    Hi. I'm Tae (that's what my friends call me and I don't feel like giving out my real name.) I joined because I love this site and always wanted to talk about things involving people. :-) Hope everyone has a great day.
  9. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By alinagoetzi, posted
    Been lurking for so long on the TayTay, Margaret and our beloved "Lillou Vos" (btw, Lillou is a baby doll that pees and poops - in Spain at least) so I had to create an account. Looks like a really peaceful place to discuss! awesome to be here 

  10. Hello, i'm just a person who decided to make their account on this site because i enjoyed all the drama on internet and i love this website tbh. 
    I like playing videogames (especially RPGs), drawing, listen music (my fav genres are Chill and Trap), aesthetics, Jelly and gummies and any type of desserts, Science, read books, and of course drama. 
    I hope that will get along. 
  11. Post on Hello!! in Introduce Yourself

    By PastelLamb, posted
    Hello! I'm Oliver and I really love pastel colors ^^
    also, I try to get as much info on the subject as possible, and I really love helping get info on the subject
  12. Post on Hi ! in Introduce Yourself

    By 27Obamas, posted
    I've wanted to join this thread for awhile, so today I finally did lol. I lurk here all the time so it's more convenient for me to create an account : )
  13. Hey guys, How you doin? 
    I'm new here. I'm new forums. I may make a few mistakes here and there. 

    How about let's start with, 
    What are your favorite topics?
    Also if your feeling lucky? What's your favorite. TV Show, Anime, Or, Movie? 
    Let's Talk
  14. Post on hi in Introduce Yourself

    By kiwifruit, posted
    so uhm I created this account just to know some of youtuber's shit esp in league community but I guess wrong website because I didnt know sites such as leaguecow exists but still hi might find some forums about lilypichu and emiru anyway or probably venus angelic too because idk how to use this site
  15. Post on Hello!! in Introduce Yourself

    By penpineapple, posted
    Hello..always loved prettyuglylittleliars forum sooo i made an account, love you guys so much just love here ..YOROSHIKU^^///