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  1. Here's a new topic to ask any acne-related questions about your skin! We've got a few skincare divas in here that should be able to help you :3
    (I actually need some help myself, gonna put it in another post)
  2. Post on Diets in Health & Wellbeing

    By Fukawa Toko, posted
    I have a question about diets and since a lot of people know about it and me and my friend is unsure what to look up about it, I thought I mention it here.
    Well, here is a small story on why.
    My friend, lets call them Kai, they have a weight issue.
    At first they exercised normally and ate healthy but after a while, their mind set deteriorated cause no matter what they did, the weight is not dropping.
    Then they started to skip meals and try and excircise more regularly but started to get injured easily and stress out a lot more. The weight still does not drop and they are freaking out.
    I somewhat dread that they may have a minor ED but I don't know much about it and I dunno what to do to help them considering I am having similar issues.
    I am wondering if there is something wrong or are we doing something wrong?
    I am not sure on who to ask really...
  3. Hey there
    So I'm looking for video editing programs that can run on windows and I'd like it to have cool effects such as transitions and such and other important things when it comes to editing. (mostly subtitle text) 
    and a speech programs that sounds like voice actors more clearly and realistic ;-;
    I'm not a program geek but I hope some of you guys can suggest a few programs  
  4. Do you people know about pills that can help you loose weight?
    My sister is having problems with her weight, while she doesnt go to the gym yet she is going to start tomorrow
    she doesnt have a diet. 
    so do you have any good tips on what pills to take, or some DIY loose weight metods? that actually really helps?
    im more with the DIY stuff , because some pills have the... consecuences when you stop taking them i think?
    any help, any advice is good, thanks!
  5. Hello everyone!
    I did something stupid.... I had half of my hair coloured black and i have now bleached the fuck out of it and it was blonde like the rest of my hair was and I thought it would be fun whit lilac hair for a while, moving on: I mixed purple hair dye with conditioner and left it in, now to the problem: In the midst of it all I realize "autumn is coming! I want red hair!" yes stupid I know.
    Anyway Im thinking of going with the lilac for a few weeks and let my hair rest a bit, but WHEN I decide to turn red what is the best way to go? Can I put the red straight on the lilac? purple and red are polar opposite so will it turn green or something? Should I dye it light brown first? 
    I need your at home pro tips! thank you!  
  6. Hii. I'm pretty new here el o el. I came across this site when I was googling someone and thought it would be cool to join - all I know that it's a gossip type of site. but thats really it. can someone please tell me more? thanks!
  7. Just recently I asked my dad to buy me a ukelele because I wanted to play an instrument and also got inspired to play thanks to one of my classmates. I've been learning from YouTube and websites but I still want all the help I can get. 
    Please recommend me some sites or YouTube channels that would help me in getting better at playing the ukulele. Thank you 
  8. i've been trying to find a cushion foundation that doesn't make my face ashy and haven't had any luck so far. 
    i like cushion foundation because i find them cute and convenient instead of pump foundation and whatnot, and specifically korean brands are very easy to find in my country so i thought it would be nice to try one out to. i tried my friend's foundation once but it was WAY too ashy for me (and her skin tone is darker than mine but she still uses it lol).
    does anyone know a specific cushion foundation with decent coverage that would match an olive/light tan skin tone?
  9. Hi! I am 5'7" and 105 pounds. The problem is...I was 120 pounds a little over a month ago. I am concerned with my rapid weight loss and lack of appetite. Any ideas on how to gain the weight back or why this is happening? 
  10. I'm just asking, I'm not going to post anything until I'll get any permission.

    So, I need some money to take my pets to the vet and I'm open for commissions. I made a post on Tumblr, can I post the same thing on PULL in order to (maybe) get some more help?
  11. Very soon I'll be meeting up with my friend who I haven't properly hung out with in more than a year!
    I'm excited but also very worried. Let me explain.
    The basic version of the story is that he was dealing with a huge amount of stress and not looking after his health whatsoever, all the while experimenting drugs. It started off with just weed and cigs, but he started trying really hardcore stuff. How hardcore I don't know, he never tells me much.
    The result was that he had a huge meltdown. He called me one night and I thought it'd be the last time I'd ever talk to him. He had extreme paranoia that everybody was laughing at him and he kept saying that he realised that all his life he was the joke and people were laughing at him, not with him. He always knew there was something wrong with him and he realised that he was the ugliest, most deformed person ever (he has no deformities, he's an average to good looking guy). He was serious about all this and very distressed. When I told him he was being paranoid he would get even more agitated.
    He did see doctors but he never talked about a diagnose or anything. He is much better, but sometimes when we skype he'll ask me why am I being weird and acting different around him, even though I'm just being my fucking self. I don't know how to deal with this, because there's nothing I can tell him apart from "I'm not doing anything, you're seeing things!?"
    So his paranoia is still there and he's very uncomfortable in social situations. He's my best friend and he's never talked much about himself despite our deep friendship. But now whenever I make conversation and ask how his life is, he gets very defensive and annoyed like "I just work. It's just a job, there's nothing to say."
    Does anyone have experience with this? What can I do when paranoia strikes? How can I reassure him? What things should/shouldn't I say? I just want this to work.
  12. So it's Summer where I live and I've had my first casualty in the make-up department. I was going to use my 3CE Eye Crayon (which was like $28AUD ) but when I was opening it the actual product flung out of the packaging and landed in old, brown water that was in a vase of flowers.
    So, should I just hold it a funeral in the bin or would I be able to sanitise it with rubbing alcohol or something? I'm so sad.
  13. Post on Crepe Paper Skin. in Skincare

    By _-Flawed-_, posted
    This may sound a little weird, but the skin on my legs looks kind of like crepe paper (I'll add a pic if you've never seen crepe paper before!). I have very fair skin, I'm quite young (but don't want to share my true age online), and it gets dry easily if that means anything, I've tried moisturizer to get rid of the dryness which worked, but I'd really like to have smooth skin on my legs ready for spring/summer. Thanks guys!

  14. hi!!
    i have c cup boobs and really want them to be smaller , is it possible?
  15. I always had a problem with sticking to a goal. I think part of it is that I don't believe myself because I have a very negative view about myself and that I'm never going to get anywhere  so I don't try. I end up watching youtube videos or anything else non productive. I feel like such a failure. This is why my skills haven't improved at all. I really dislike myself and want to change that. But what if it's too late? Or what if people will see me as non productive or not smart especially since I'm very introverted and keep  to myself a lot.  I wish I was a different person.
  16.  I tried commenting on the new topic guidelines about this but my thread submission for Gacha Life hasn't been added yet if one of the moderators or literally anyone tell me why
    Note: It was my first thread I tried making. All the threads after got accepted.
  17. Post on Pet help in General Discussion

    By UhhhhhNo, posted
    I have a pet rabbit that I needed to relocate because of Christmas and I found this clump of what looks like fur. He's been shedding before because of the seasons change BUT I have him in an area where I have a space heater on. That might be what's causing it. I'm not sure. He's eating/drinking/using the toilet fine. Nothing's wrong there. But that weird clump's spooked me and I'm convinced he's going to die soon. He's about 5 years, five or take. He's a Dutch rabbit who's not neutered. I'm not sure if I should call the vet. Trying not to panic.