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  1. Hey everyone!
    Although I'm typically too shy to start a thread (and I am not great at typing/putting my thoughts into words) I'm pretty curious to see other peoples' hair care/preferences/routines. I am also interested in recommendations and discussions after seeing so many helpful suggestions and so much good advice in the skincare forum. Not sure if anyone else is interested but at least I can ask. ^.^
    What products/routines do you like?
  2. I'd like to dye my hair and I've discovered La Riche hair dyes. Does anyone on here have tried them and can give me a little review? I'd like to see some photos too, just to see how they look like~
  3. I've been dyeing my hair pink for a while with Special Effects atomic pink, and now I've decided to put half of my hair purple. I can't find a blue based purple from Special Effects available to be sent to my country, so I've been using Manic Panic's purple haze, but it only lasts two weeks and then it turns a dirty muddy pink.
    Does anyone know a purple hair dye that lasts as long as Special Effects? Or at least a decent blue based hair dye to balance the pink underneath.
    If anyone is thinking in dye their hair in a fantasy colour, specially pink, I can explain how to mantain it to make it last three to four months without turning salmon.
  4. hello guys so as you can see from the title i have issues with my curly hair even when i straighten it with a flat iron it keeps straight for a while then it starts to become curly again as it is shown in the picture below and they are really hard to control,i tried chemicals and it works great of course thought it really damages my hair like really badly that my hairline started to fall down from the roots ,so relaxers are a bad option,so any girls here who have the same problem? Is there any natural way which could at least smoothen my hair curls a little bit ?

  5. I didn't see a topic for this, but also might be blind so please excuse me if this has been talked about before.

    I was wondering if any of you have tried clip in hair extensions? My hair isn't all that long (basically about shoulder length), and it is a little bit shaggy. I had to get my hair cut pretty short last year in the very beginning of summer, and it takes my hair a really long time to grow out. I've been giving it a break recently (no dying my hair, only straightening it when I really have to), and have been using products to try and help it grow, but that doesn't seem to be working, so I figured that I might give extensions a try.

    This would be my first time using clip in extensions, and I don't know any good brands, and have no experience at all. Also I was a bit concerned because my hair is a bit thin (or fine), and I wouldn't want the extensions to slip out. 

    Anyone with advice/knowledge, please help me out! 
  6. Hello everyone!
    I did something stupid.... I had half of my hair coloured black and i have now bleached the fuck out of it and it was blonde like the rest of my hair was and I thought it would be fun whit lilac hair for a while, moving on: I mixed purple hair dye with conditioner and left it in, now to the problem: In the midst of it all I realize "autumn is coming! I want red hair!" yes stupid I know.
    Anyway Im thinking of going with the lilac for a few weeks and let my hair rest a bit, but WHEN I decide to turn red what is the best way to go? Can I put the red straight on the lilac? purple and red are polar opposite so will it turn green or something? Should I dye it light brown first? 
    I need your at home pro tips! thank you!  
  7. Post on Henna hair dye? in Beauty & Fashion

    By Rima, posted
    I have been trying to stay away from products that are not cruelty free or with too many chemicals. The other day I was looking at hair dyes at Lush and Whole Foods and found this Henna (on both stores), but they are a little too expensive so I wanna know if they actually work before purchasing them.
    Have you guys tried it? Or do you have any recommendations?
    The reason why I don't like too many chemicals in my hair is because it damages it a lot, and my hair/scalp is really sensitive.
  8. Post on THICKER hair? in Beauty & Fashion

    By Offline, posted
    Is it possible to grow out thicker hair? My hair isn't exactly thin, but not entirely thick and voluminous lion mane either. I always see girls on social medias with voluminous thick long hair, and I got no clue how they do it, and they claim it isn't extensions. So... does anyone have any advice or personal experiences with growing out thick hair? Or is it truly just genetics and up to extensions/hair spray to do the trick? 
  9. Post on Wigs in Beauty & Fashion

    By KokaKora-chan, posted
    Lets talk about wigs: care, advice, experience, etc.  
    What are your favorite shops to get wigs and why? 
    What is your favorite wig?
    Do you wear your wigs out casually or only for cosplay/costume?
    Personally I've only bought wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs and a wig shop I used to work at. Do all wigs make your head look bigger or is it just synthetic wigs? 
  10. Hi everyone,
    I've had short hair for the past couple years, mostly because I find it easier to take care of, but it's not what looks the best on me. I would really like to move on and get long hair for once and for all, I feel like it stops growing whenever it reaches bellow the shoulder. I have a chin length bob with bangs. What are some tips for resisting the urge to cut it all off? Do you have some word of encouragements or stories you'd like to share? 
  11. [Thank you all so much for the helpful comments!!  I'll be deleting my pics now!]
  12. I don't know much about hair care or what products to use, All I know about my hair is that my curl pattern is 3c/4a and I have high porosity hair lmfao
    The current problem is - is my mother keeps stopping me from WHAT I WANT to do with my hair, As if it's her hair on her scalp, She claims I'm copying my friends or someones influencing me into suddenly wanting to be natural, but honestly I'm sick of the continuous plaits that I do all the time that literally pull my hairline back.
    She claims I can't go natural because I don't have "curls" but don't all black people have curly hair -- just different curl patterns? ( Tight, loose, medium yknow ?? )

    Apparently I can't go natural because my hair is "too long" but literally seconds later she boasts about how long my hair is and if she had it she would be flaunting it wherever she went ?? 
    All I'm asking for is how tf can I convince her to let me go natural?

  13. Post on Brad Mondo in New Topic Approval

    By spicypoop, posted
    Brad Mondo

    Brad is a hairstylist from NYC who got his popularity from his over-the-top reacts to videos of people attempting to bleach their hair at home but he offers tips on how to do it from home too. Other videos he makes are hair transformation videos on other people.
    The only qualm about him is that he would talk about what you shouldn't but shouldn't do but he ruined Snitchery's hair and personally I wasn't a fan of what he did to Safiya Nygaard's hair in her perfect transformation video especially how it looked in her Japanese spa video.