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  1. Post your results!


    My Results: Yamato Nadeshiko

    The Yamato Nadeshiko means "perfect wife", or for a more exact definition "the idealised image of a japanese woman". The Nadeshiko is polite, reserved and speaks only when necessary. They are wise beyond their years and have a soothing aura which is reflected in the calm environment they create in the home. However, the Nadeshiko is not a meek and submissive doormat as her gentle and ladylike demeanour would imply; she has a powerful womanly strength which creates the backbone of the whole family, and nobody would ever dare challenge her intelligence.
  2. ''Real life anime girl'' 
    Also a link to her wishlist on her Instagram bio... 
    I don't actually follow her, but she keeps popping up on my explore page. I was intrigued and googled her, she has a YouTube channel. 
    I looked around and saw no threads on her yet. 
    Here are some links: 
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/zilla308/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zilla308
    Website: http://www.zilla308.com/ 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zilla308/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilla308 
    Tumblr: http://zilla308.tumblr.com/ 
    She seems to be very proud of her (obviously fake) breasts and her body in general, which I can't blame her for... 
    It's all a bit porny, so be warned. 
    Interesting YouTube vid about her surgery 
    So let me know what you guys think. I'm quite new to this site so I don't actually know how all of this works yet =P 
  3. Hey guys,
    Few time ago, I found this girl.

    Unfortunately, she is speaking only in russian but I think there is a big ressemblance with Dakota.
    Can't be not inspirated by Koti. Kind of low cost Dakota Rose.

    Same tutorial, japanese music, kawaii gesture, cute clothes ... Except a perfect anime face and a skinny body (and Adobe PS utilisation) ...

    This is how Dakota may look without any cheating ... 

    Her name is Lenni Lurie and she have almost 5000 subscribers on Youtube. Her last video dates from february.  She is also have a twitter.
    What do you think ? Is there someone here who understand russian ?
    And here some pictures from her instagram account (@lennilurie) ...

    Remember me Dakota's video for fake short hair ...

    Her first video is from 2014. But she is not seems to be famous at all. 
    What do you, guys, think ?

    Does anyone know her instagram? 

    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...
  6. Okay. I've never started a thread before so ?? But I've followed Katya on tumblr and instagram for about two years. shes 17, (maybe 180 and lives in the ssf bay area. and from everything ive seen her post she seems really nice. she has a private instagram that i think is just for her friends.

  7. This is Peyton, I believe shes around 18 years old. Shes basically just selfie famous and seems really nice and has an interesting look !! her Instagram is currently speckledgal, but her previous account pixlecatt was hacked a few months ago

  8. What do you think about her?

  9. Ok hear me out first guys. So i've been attending the same school with this girl over the past 3 years or so. And at first, I was nice enough to let her entering our friend group because she was the outcast of the school and basically have no friends. At first, she was TOO NICE! like she would offer to buy me pandora and suhc when we just met so I obviously reject that offers because wtf?  Then my group of friend decided to go on a road trip and they invited me ( didn't invite her cuz they don't know her) so she invited herself and just came along with us. We got weird out but they thought i invited her but i didn't. then when we were about to leave and we notice that she was crying in the bathroom so we asked what happened. and she replied " my boyfriend broke up with me..." we felt bad for her and asked her to tell us the stroy and LITERALLY SHE MET HIM ON KIK! wtf and like they never met and they date for like 2 days wtf.... she was like 17 at this point? hmm ok? and can I just add this info it's important she would fake herself and like everything on social media. she's asian but she would fake that she's spanish or like half or something? plus she would always tell people that she's 19-20? and she's a model? honestly she's overweight in real life ( I'm not shaming her or anything cuz  who am i to shame people)she just tries really HARD to becomes like popular? or like accepted? ( By all means I'm not popular in school or anything it just I grew up in that place so I know everyone) . anyway so I distance myself away from her and I told my group of friend that if they want to hang out with her that's fine I'm not gonna get involve with her.  So we decided to distance away from her for like a year. and SHE LITTERALLY KEEPS ON FOLLOWING US EVERYWHERE! I'm serious. we would sits with us when we eat lunch and like constantly trying to buy us food or like stuff. After a while, she stops so i thought she finally understand that we don't want to be her friends anymore. Then, fast forward to last year, she made  2 " friends" they constantly uses her to buy them food/ stuffs/ etc. I pity her like why can't you just be yourself and fine actual friends?. I didn't really notice about her cuz she's in different class than me. anyway, So new school year, so i cut my hair and in a week she cut her hair ( exactly the same way) I switch to a bigger backpack cuz my old one broke ( SHE GOT THE EXACT ONE ) then I have this different lock that I use for my locker ( our school provided us with locks but I don't like it so I bought myself a different one ) and she got the same one witht he same color and everything ( NO one else is using this style lock). And if I ever post any pics on my ig she would post the same thing!. I didn't realize all of this until my friends told me about this. AND SHE FAKES HER IG NAME TO MY REAL NAME! like... omg I"M SHOOKED( my IG is my initial and she swit to the same initial but her name is not that kind of INITIAL ex my initial is BOB and hers is BILLY she changed to BOB). I'm quite the study type so I do study over a long period of time at a specific coffee shop for like a good amount of time now. NOW, she saw me and she would come there to "study" but all she did going on facebook. and she constantly would buy the same clothes that we wear and wear them and stuff eventhough it's not her style.  IDK guys I just really needed a rant and opinion. I hope I'm just being petty and like it's nothing. I pity her and like feel bad for her but at the same time she annoys me 
  10. Post on New in Introduce Yourself

    By icecup, posted
    Hi everyone I finally created a new account after browzing for so long! Any info or tips like (what are rankings or the discord???) or anything else would be nice!