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  1. Here we are guys, the long-awaited thread is finally here   Sorry in advance for the shitty definition, I tried my best 
    Brief intro : Korean beauty standards are simple : big eyes (aegyo sal), v shaped face, small defined (preferably pointy) nose and small lips. Physical appearance and media influence being very important, getting your face done became quite common in Korea. The most requested surgery procedures being double eyelids, v line and rhinoplasty.
    Gangnam is a famous city known for having celebrities hanging out there but also for having tons of surgery clinics. There's also this saying that when you walk down Gangnam, you could swear you saw the same person walking past you ten times.
    Anyway, people started to use the term "gangnam unnie" to refer to girls looking all the same after getting their surgery done. 
    Here are a few examples :
    Caricatures were made 
    This gif of "Miss Korea" beauty pageants speaks by itself Fake gif (photoshopped images)
    Our dear Wengie (https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/110-wwwengie/) and Park Bom from 2ne1 can also be considered as gangnam unnie
    Finally, if you guys happen to be interested in what korean beauty standards are and where they came from, these videos can help you get an idea :