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  1. I'm really loving the discussions on skincare, so I'm curious to hear everybody's lifestyle around healthy eating.  Are you vegan? Paleo? Pescetarian? How do you meal plan and are there any super health foods you recommend?
    Disclaimer: I put healthy in parenthesis to emphasize this is about consistent healthy eating and not crash yo-yo dieting that is bad for your skin, health and mind!
    Mine is a working-progress but here is what I have so far.
    Current meal routine:
    Wake up; One glass water and one cup coffee (I know, coffee bad ;~;)
    Breakfast; Protein, carb and fruit (usually omelette, one slice wheat bread and avocado)
    In between; homemade fruit and spinach smoothie
    Lunch; Non-meat protein, carb, veggies
    In between; Oolong tea/walnuts/seaweed
    Dinner; Protein, veggies, few glasses of water
    Super foods I incorporate: *click links for articles on the benefits
    Oolong tea
    Foods I avoid:
    Red meats
    Cow milk (I replace with hemp, almond, soy, coconut, many alternatives!)
    How about everybody else? Would love to hear anything food-related! 
  2. *EDIT: He didn't photoshop it, someone else did but he profited from it.*

    The past week or so, a guy under the name dannyjonesfitness on Instagram  went semi-viral, and was known as 'treeman' he says he's 6'7" 265 pounds. This could be a lie due to the fact another big guy, lukehannontv exposed him photoshopping (at least one photo). to appear taller. Luke is 6'6" and talks about how they don't look like that compared to objects, pointed out how his hand looks really weird around the fridge, and I saw that the near cabinets looked kind of weird and curved. He has now deleted that photo but similar ones can be found here, in Luke's video, and possibly found if you do some snooping. I want your opinions on it, do you think it was worth it? Should Danny be exposed? Could he by lying about other things? 
    Luke's Instagram
    Luke's video exposing Danny
    Luke making a (pretty good) joke about Danny and his bad shoop skills
    Danny's Instagram
    Another photo that could be edited idk if legs look like that ?? + him using the "look at my progress and be proud of me despite I might've done bad things" card.
  3. Links:
    So this girl is basically an IG fitness model. She strikes me as a nice person so I got no complaints towards that. 
    What really got people raising their eyebrows is her body's proportions: big boobs, extremely thin waist, thin legs with an ass (the waist looks ridiculous to me as well, but it's not entirely impossible, so I'm gonna give her that)
    Here's some pictures:

    Her pictures also look quite inconsistent.
    For example: 

    She denied surgery, claiming it's all natural:

    But let's be serious: her butt doesn't particularly look "muscly" to me (like hanging fat on 2 sticks). If it was indeed muscle, of course her thighs would also be much thicker. That's common logic: you work out your butt, you work out your legs. In order to lift your butt and make it bigger, you're supposed to train your legs along with it.
    So what do ya'll think? 
  4. Instagram // Youtube
    Anyone follow or know of any tea on Noelle Benepe? 
    Shes a fitness instagram content creator who sells her own workout programmes etc 
    I've been following her for quite a while now, and I know she was first in a relationship with chadoy Leon (another big fitness personality ) and they defo played out their relationship on both their insta's, working out together etc & often posting quite intimate pictures. I know they lived together in New York & then LA & then they broke up but no mention towards why / what happened - just all their couple pictures vanished off their instagrams. 
    I know from recent stuff, Noelle has had a baby but she didn't even mention or name her baby daddy until she gave birth - then she revealed or well people in her comments revealed it was Hollywood hino ( another big online fitness/ celebrity trainer) there was no mention of their relationship leading up to the birth and only after she posted a few pictures of him with their son. 
    Now some of her followers have been lighting up her comments saying they've seen hino's snapchat of him being flirty and touchy with other women and now noelle doesn't post pictures of him anymore, and she's unfollowed him on instagram. So not too sure what's going on there. 
    She seems like a genuine nice person and from hino's insta he just looks like really full of himself. 
    Anyone know anything else ? 
  5. What motivates you to workout, especially when you don't feel like it?
    I work out to fight cramps from a disability so in a way I kinda don't got a choice, but I'm just curious what motivates you guys.
  6. I KNOW that for example, white bread, pastries etc etc is bad yet i can't help but eat it.
    I don't chose what is eaten in the house by the way. And even if i try to eat healthy stuff like salad, i just don't like its texture
    So first of all, how do i self control (i have eating issues) and secondly, how to i force myself to like something i don't really like?