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  1.  Not sure if there's already a thread for him here, but anyway, here goes.

    I actually don't MIND him.  Some of his stuff is just too disgusting for me to watch (I have emetophobia and am kinda weird about bodily fluids) but his channel is pretty much based on gross out humour.

    What does everyone else think of him?

    If this is a taboo topic here, someone lock this thread.

    ~Meet your new Messiah~
    (And before you ask, Yes I know there is a Filthy Frank thread. He is not what that thread is about. This is about Joji... Not the character)
    Info: George "Joji" Miller is a 24 year old singer/producer/song-writer. He is signed to media company 88Rising along with other acts such as Rich Chigga, Keith Ape and etc. Miller is well known for his absurd, outrageous internet skit show called 'The Filthy Frank Show'. Recently, Miller has been "coming out of his shell" by preforming and promoting his actual music. (Please don't associate his actual music with anything Pink Guy related)
    Sample of George's Work: