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  1. Hello, this is my first create topic. So, Kaoru Kitsune is 21-22 yearsold finnish youtuber and internet influenser, Who mostly made videos about fashion, makeup and lifestyle.He was involved in the kawaii international competition.Today he rules more pastel colored Feiry kei style, before that he used more like red and black "rock" or visual kei style.He have boyfriend who is also inpired by harajuku fashion and oh boy, they are cute couple <3They visiting in Japan often and have frieds from there. What you guys think? his ig: https://www.instagram.com/kao_kitsune/youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShVNv4JZrNewyZ4rx_5BRA im leaving some videos and pictures here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B3fo-faekckaoru with his bf
    Kibbe Body Type is a body typing system created by stylist David Kibbe. 
    What's different with this body system is it incorporate your face and overall essence of your appearance. It's a body typing system that's about accepting and enhancing your body type instead of correcting and hiding it.
    UPDATE: David Kibbe does not consider the face anymore. It make sense because there are people who have faces that's a different kibbe type from their body. For instance people like Selena Gomez. She has a soft natural body with a gamine face, and because of her gamine face, she has been incorrectly typed as a gamine. While face and body do tend to match, there are some instances like selena gomez where the face and body doesn't match. If you are one of those people who think their face and body are different kibbe type, you're kibbe type is whatever you're body is. It is NOT your face. Ultimately you are dressing for your body and not your face.  
    There's 5 MAIN Kibbe Type, but there's 13 in Total. These are the 5 main types:
    It goes from the most Yang body to most Ying body. Yang=sharp and angular. Ying=round and soft.
    Dramatic is the most Yang, Classic is the most Balanced mixed of Yang + Ying, and Romantic is the most Ying. It goes from Tall to Short as well.

    Kibbe type faces:

    There's test, videos and blogs where you can take to find out your kibbe id:
    This is not recommended but I had to simplify and stereotype the body types to actually start to understand kibbe. It really help me!
    In my mind it was: 
    Dramatics- Statuesque & RegalNaturals- Broad Shoulders & Girl Next Door / Effortlessly SexyClassics- Balanced & Plain Jane/Elegant !Gamines- Youthful & CompactRomantics- Femininity 











    THEATRICAL ROMANTIC:  I find it odd that most people here are theatrical romantic because it's the least common body. Soft Naturals should have the most votes. Make sure you are typing yourself properly. You may wish to be Theatrical Romantic, that what's the 2nd poll question is for. But there shouldn't be this many Theatrical Romantic.


    If you have a hard time deciding which is your type, you could look at the clothes and hairstyle that looks the best for each kibbe body 
    and It's not which looks the cutest but what compliments your body, meaning clothes and hairstyles that doesn't look awkward, tiring, overwhelming or/and looks separate on you. You are wearing the clothes and not the clothes wearing you.

    Here's a Anime version of the Body Types: Hopefully this caricature could help you distinguished the main body types.

    If you want to join a Kibbe community and discuss Kibbe, fashion styling, and maybe even color analysis, you should Join my new subreddit: 












    Before you pick Theatrical Romantic as your Body Type. Are you sure you're not Soft Natural? or just any other type beside Theatrical Romantic? Because Theatrical Romantics are the least common type. The most common type are Soft Naturals.
    Body Types that are often mistaken for each other:
    Dramatic & Soft Dramatic, that slight curve and roundness that separate Soft Dramatic from Dramatic is sometimes hard to tell. 
    Soft Dramatic & Theatrical Romantic: This is usually a Theatrical Romantic who looks moderately tall (5'5-5'7), and thinks they're Soft Dramatic.What they have in common is curves and narrow frame, But their biggest difference is height.
    Dramatic & Flamboyant Gamine: Some people say FG are just short Dramatics. Both Body types have a straight figure with sharpness but Dramatics have a noticeably long body and needs to accommodate for it. Flamboyant Gamines are shorter and look much shorter than Dramatic and are usually young-looking.Dramatic Classic & Flamboyant Gamine: Sometimes a Dramatic Classic has a more straight figure and a youthful face that makes them look Flamboyant Gamines, and Sometimes a Flamboyant Gamine look slightly taller than the usual FG, so they can look like they're Dramatic Classics. What I've noticed they have in common are, they tend to have long torso and short legs. But keep in mind, Classics are moderate and Gamines are Compact. On the spoiler, there's a photo of 3 Dramatic Classic Women on the Left. In the Middle are 4 women who been typed as Flamboyant Gamine. Kiko Mizuhara, Lily Collins, Emma Watson and Zoey Deschanel. They been typed as Flamboyant Gamine but there's a Strong possibility they're actually Dramatic Classic. And the 3 women on the Right are undoubtedly Flamboyant Gamine. 
    Soft Dramatic & Flamboyant Natural: What they have in common is having a TALL & LONG body. But their Difference is Soft Dramatics have a Narrow Frame. Flamboyant Naturals have wider bones thus Wider Frame. +Flamboyant Naturals have angular shoulders. Tall & Curvy vs Tall & Wide 
    Soft Natural & Flamboyant Natural: They're both Naturals so they have the broad bone structure, making their frame look sturdy, imposing and "athletic" looking. The biggest difference usually comes down to the height. Some Soft Naturals look taller than their height, and they think they might be Flamboyant Natural. The question to ask is, Do you need to accommodate for your height or not? If not..you're not Flamboyant Natural. You're Soft Natural.Soft Natural & Flamboyant Gamine: not sure why people mistaken these two but I just heard from others that its a thing. 
    Soft Natural & Romantic: People confused these two because they can't tell the difference between Blunt Broadness of Soft Natural, to Round Broadness of Romantics. Soft Naturals often have straight waist but in the cases where they have a hourglass body, like Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner, it can be mistaken as Romantic but those women's shoulders are still blunt, sharp and their bone structure look sturdy instead of delicate and round that Romantics possess. Why is Scarlett Johansson a Soft Natural instead of Romantic: (open the spoiler)
    Soft Natural & Soft Gamine: I think its usually short Soft Naturals who mistakenly think they're Soft Gamine. Gamines are considered the short types so the short Soft Natural think they must be a Gamine but Soft Naturals can be short, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and Hyoyeon are Soft Naturals who are 5'3 and under. Gamines have a noticeable mixture of Yin and Yang, sometimes that Yang is in a slightly broad shoulders which can make them look Soft Naturals but as a whole, they should still look compact and their bone structure should look waif-like/delicate.Soft Gamine & Theatrical Romantic: Two dominantly Yin Bodies with a dash of Yang. Soft Gamine being the one with more Yang(angularity) than Theatrical Romantic, if it was percentage Soft Gamines are 70% Yin and 30% Yang. Theatrical Romantics are 80% Yin and 20% Yang. They're also both short and look short. The difference is in their defining traits. Theatrical Romantic are narrow, petite, round with slight angularity. Soft Gamines are compact and youthful. Their essences are usually the giveaway. They're both petite and narrow but Theatrical Romantic look womanly despite being petite and narrow while Soft Gamines look youthful because They Are petite and narrow. I want to make it clear that when I say looking womanly, I'm not referring to the fat of the body, like having big boobs. I'm talking about the bone structure and proportions. Halle Berry is a Soft Gamine and she certainly look womanly but bone structure wise, she has those features resembling a teen who's still growing into their limbs, hence the use of the word 'youthful' to describe Soft Gamine. You know when teens are still growing and their arms might be too long for their body, and they have that mixture in their bone structure. Soft Gamine & Soft Classic: usually it's just soft gamines who think they're soft classic because they believe they're more moderate and balanced than they're actually are, and sometimes it's because they have a Soft Classic face on a Soft Gamine body.  
    Soft Gamine & Flamboyant Gamines: This doesn't happen that often but when it does, It's usually because it's a Flamboyant Gamine with a more Yin face, more babyface but their body are Flamboyant Gamine. A good example is Jennie Kim, because she's has a softer face than typical Flamboyant Gamine, she seems like a Soft Gamine but she is not, She is still a Flamboyant Gamine because her body is Flamboyant Gamine.Soft Gamine & Romantic Together: 
    Theatrical Romantic in Different Kibbe Lines/Clothes:
    Soft Gamine in Different Kibbe Lines:
    Join my subreddit about Kibbe Body Types: 
  3. Tina Yong is a Vietnamese Australian Youtuber who does contents about makeup, lifestyle and traveling.
    I have been following for about two years but I haven’t kept up with her videos that often but she’s pretty interesting and entertaining to watch. I don’t think she’s shady but would like to hear some thoughts about her.

  4. Hey, I've noticed that because in the 2000 had neon like the 80s, that they're trying to bring it back again. I'm curious if Pastel "Goth" (like the style, but it isn't about the music; it's not truly goth imo) will wean out like Scene did in the early 2010s. I also noticed that decades of music and fashion overlap. I like all sorts of alternative fashion, like Sweet Lolita, Scene, 90s Emo (what ignoramuses call geek chic or hipster), Trad Goth, Deathrock (what ignoramuses call punk), and Pastel Goth. I don't listen to pop music today, but noticed late 80s and early 90s hip hop overlapped some. I also noticed that Metal (mainly 80s Glam, Thrash, Speed, and Power metal) overlapped in the 90s as well. I think it might, because trends come and go.
  5. Jazmin Bean is an Instagram personality mainly known for their unique/peculiar/disturbing style, and more recently for their EP, titled Worldwide Torture (released October 21st, 2019). They own a makeup brand with their mom called Cult Candy Cosmetics. They are quoted as saying they are into “post-human, creepy, and Japanese fashion”. Also that they feel they would be wasting their body by not expressing their style.
    Not much is known about them so far. But a few key things are they reside in London, are non-binary (they/them pronouns), their mother toured in her own band with Marilyn Manson and the Sex Pistols, and they have Filipino lineage.
    They have described themselves as a “genderless monster” and have mentioned wanting surgery to have their chest removed, so they no longer need a chest binder.
                        YouTube // Instagram  // Spotify // Twitter
                           Vogue Interview // Barcroft Tv Interview

    More Pics:
    Controversy: Yesterday Jazmin posted a picture with singer Melanie Martinez (shown in spoiler), presumably taken when Jazmin attended Melanie’s London show of her K-12 Tour. They posted this on their story addressing an alleged “fake story” being sent to Melanie fanpages, which claimed that Jazmin initially was in support of Timothy Heller after the r*pe allegations. Jazmin claims this is not true and that they have supported Melanie since day 1:

    (I personally really like Jazmin and have gotten into them recently. I love the music and style. My fave songs are Hello Kitty, Princess Castle and War Zone Urchin.)
  6. I recently dyed my hair blonde and i want to find "models" to follow for fashion/makeup inspo. If you guys follow any girls with blonde hair, please drop their @ below! 
  7. I’m sorta into the whole soft dark/goth/grunge aesthetic going on at the moment (pretty much that “goth gf” look thats been popular on instagram) and I’m having a hard time finding stores that have this type of clothing , so if you guys know any stores at all let me know! I’m from Canada so shipping shouldn’t be an issue. Thank you so much.  
  8. Well it is time for me to decluttered my closet and selling my used clothes. Anyone has experience selling their own clothes online? Need advice how cause I need money even if I will sell my clothes cheaper than the original price.
  9. Hello beautiful people of PULL! I don’t want to be a snowflake or any kind of terrible online personality; but I do want to get better at having a solid aesthetic, a prettier feed, and learning more about using social media as a marketing tool. I feel like a lot of you are successful IG users, so please any tips about aesthetics or success you’re willing to share- thank you and I love you. 
  10. I am feeling so weird about Rody Eynas nose, it looks so different on each pictures she post. Am I the only one who thinks that? It's so weird. Photoshop or surgery???

  11. Evelina Forsell
    So she's not someone I follow closely, rather little I'd say so I was shocked to discover her transformation.
    She went from this:

    To this:

    She has some great makeup tutorials:
    But I'm still rather shocked with the transformation. Sometimes she doesn't look... well, look. But to be frank, I dig this free form of expression, I'm trying to go down this lane myself. I wonder how much she photoshops. She seems to have an outrageously long neck. 
    Oh and she's pro cruelty free makeup!
    And charity!
    Feel free to discuss. Maybe she did something shady or does obvious photoshop but I've missed it? 
  12. I’m surprised nobody made a thread about this person yet ...
    FROMCHRISTINAYouTube // InstagramChristina Liu is a Chinese American fashion Youtuber and Instagrammer from NYC. She previously dated (or is still currently dating??) David Shin from the KPOP survival show Boys24 and is best friends with another controversial snowflake, EmilyTheMermaid. She frequently travels to South Korea and is associated with various KPOP idols such as Amber from f(x). She presents herself as a complete Koreaboo, however she is much more tolerable than Emily imo.
    Christina is very fashionable and has a unique sense of style; however many have questioned how she is able to afford her recent luxurious lifestyle as it has become much more expensive than it had use to be. Her brother owns a cafe in SoHo called Prologue Coffee Room, which she works at when she is not travelling (she has publicly mentioned this on Instagram).
  13. What are some good, cheap clothing sites you guys like? I've used ROMWE before and I really liked what I got from them. I know there's also fashionnova and Zaful, but Zaful's site sketches me out. Forever21 is also pretty decent especially when they have sales.
  14. Kensuke Iwai

    I chose this image so that people could understand out of the over blurred skin, bleached hair, and Jfashion that this person, is a grown ass man.
    People can be any sort of fashion/style/hobby what so ever but when you sexually harass people they will take you apart to what you are.
    Broken doll website: http://brokendolljapan.ocnk.net/
    He is sugoe guitarist of an indie J-band called Broken Doll.
    ''designer'' and a ''fashion icon''
    Recently he's getting dragged by a lot of his female friends/following most of them are underage for sexually harassing them (So far by his cringe-worthy messages) and The first to out him out was by a J-fashion blogger by the name of Elizabeth. within the spoiler, she's the one with the pink ombre.
    Source : Elizabeth, Australian// Tumbler handle: sugar-honey-iced-tea
    Warning, semi-nudes, and a creepy dude:
    Now on to the image that explains the screen caps that was shared with Elizabeth:
    Her statement:
    How can the J-fashion be so surprised by Kensuke? when he's friends with Junnyan

    The shit he makes:
    He is a father, you can see it within his IG but in respect to his kids, I am not going to share their pictures.
    You are a father you should have known better.
    Which brings me to another factor that has me considered, most of the people he hangs around with are underaged teens 16/17/18 of age.
    For now, I can't find anyone calling him out for his creepy shit.
    But I do hope more would come out calling him out for his shit, Not anyone into the same shit your into can be all buddy-buddy kids, remember that.
    And remember, he's a grown ass man father with bleached hair.

    Cridet to:boopa
    "Hoping 2018 is the year all the disgusting people in the kawaii community gets exposed

    A girl recently made a post about Kensuke Iwai's, a very active member in the kawaii community and owner of the brand Broken Doll, sexual harassment towards her, and other people have also started talking about their experiences
    He has also been confirmed having wife and kids, but deleted the photos of them on his social media when more and more caucasians started becoming active in the kawaii community in Japan (has an obvious white girl fetish), has his facebook profile set on single even though he also "dates" other girls in the community.
    Someone messaged him to get his side (note: they were not siding with him, they just wanted to see what he had to say for himself) 
    While this was discussed in Rufflechat (a chat group on facebook for lolitas) another person stepped forward about their experience with another recognized profile, Tensei Sugahara 
    I'm really saddened to hear these things, but I'm really happy that they are finally being exposed. I have heard rumors of men in the japanese kawaii community being racist, having a fetish for young white women and taking advantage of them but this is the first time I've seen this sort of proof. Their behavior is disgusting and I hope more people are going to get exposed as this goes on. 

    Do you have any information on other possible big profiles harassing others? Mr. Yan is famous for being creepy, so that isn't exactly something new and most people in the community is already aware of it enough to not only warn newbies but also joke about it (myself included, sorry Dreamy Mr. Yan but you are such an easy target lol) 

    I wasn't sure if I should make this thread in here or in online personalities, since I think most lurkers don't really check these parts of the forum and I want this to spread like wildfire."

    And a second part for my other post in the topic covering some more information:
    Someone has received the unedited version of one of the conversations above, showing that the flirting was consensual (or she was simply messing with him, but it doesn't change that this conversation wasn't one-sided as it was edited to look). Doesn't change the fact that he has harassed other women and admitted to licking the other girl's boob. 
    There has also been another confirmation that he does indeed have wife and kids, though there haven't been posted any actual proof yet so we can only go by word of mouth right now.
    Since I mostly use the topic in Rufflechat for updates, I will post whatever shows up there that I think is relevant. Most of this is going to be about Kensuke since he is the main topic in that thread. Below here I'm going to provide some of my screenshots that I find relevant. 
    Warning: it's going to be A LOT
    I wish I could cover more about his behavior history at Hyper Japan but I have never attended any of those events and don't even live in the same country, so I don't know anything about that specific community. If someone has more at hand please post. "

  15. Hello everyone!! I just wanted to know has anyone on here bought anything from Dollskill? I love their shoes and handbags, but their clothes look really basic and not worth the price. Well..it looks basic to me. I feel, like I can buy better looking clothing/accessories from handmade sellers from Esty. I've bought tons of cute alternative clothes from Esty. Sorry, I don't know where I'm going with this... >.<
    Any cute Esty shops I should follow? (^.^)/
  16. Toxic Tears, also known as Kaya Lili, is a 24 year old Irish Goth Youtuber who became famous after her "What Not To Say To Goth Girls" video. Her videos are mainly unboxing videos but she also does makeup tutorials and goth fashion hauls. Toxic Tears also used to be an alternatibe model but she gained a lot of weight due medication and her thyroid getting messed up. She also  runs a video gaming channel with her boyfriend Jake Munroe who is pretty much a famewhore. 
    Overall she's pretty nice but her behavior can be a bit snowflakey by how she'll constantly have tweets about adding items to her amazon wish list, when she can just buy them, edits her pictures constantly, she'll say she's havin trouble losing weight but has posted alot pictures of unhealthy foods on her instagram, and calls herself a "Goth" when she really isn't a goth goth, more of a Goth influenced since she doesn't involve herself into the goth culture as much. She doesn't make videos about the goth lifestyle much, hence why I say that. 
    What do you guys think of her? Lolcow doesn't seem to like her much. 
    Pics of her before and after she gained weight
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/xT0xicT3ars
    Gaming Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalAssGaming
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/x_ToxicTears
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/xToxicTears
    Merch Shop: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/toxic-tears
    Tumblr: http://xtoxictears.tumblr.com/
    also this is my first topic, i'm sorry to have missed anything, let me know if i did. 
  17. Post on Scam websites in Beauty & Fashion

    By mushroom, posted
    Anyone know clothing websites that are scams? I'm curious. lol
  18. Jen (@pinnieapple) was a pretty big acc within the fashion community for her outfits and hair(?) until December 2016. Her last post was December 5th, and she hasn't commented or posted anything since then, so I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to her? It was super sudden and unpredicted, so I hope she's okay. 
    Links (I only know of her IG): 
    Hope I did everything ok; it's my first thread! 
  19. Hihi, there used to be a thread like this on lolcow before they merged /g/ and /ot/ but now that they separated it again I guess the thread is lost lol I can't find it. Sooo  Ima just start one here. I love post like these because it gives me an idea on what I should put in my own purse/bag, so if you're not too lazy it would be nice if you can take like a picture of your actually stuff(obvi dont post pictures that'll identify you, ie. Student badge/ drivers license etc,) and purse! It would make more sense for me to post a picture of mine too but honestly its dirty rn so I'll have to clean it before I do it, so in a couple of days ill most likely edit this and post it.
    Examples of what I mean when I say take a picture of your purse(for the people who don't know what I mean):
    I just got a new purse too so I need stuff to fill it up! 
  20. Post on Taylors fashion in Taylor R

    By potatofries, posted
    I thought maybe people wanted to discuss her fashion-not just clothes but her makeup and hairstyles too- She has some really cute hairstyles and outfits. (lmao sometimes that orange puffy jacket was crazy) I think she looks really good when she wears those short dresses and I like some of her repeated outfits like the overalls or the tight long sleeves paired with high waisted jeans. I think asain fashion looks good on her
  21. What is "age-appropriate" fashion? Is there ever a limit to what a person can wear based upon their age? How does one go about "aging" up their closet? 
    I'm asking because I saw this briefly touched upon in the Yumi thread and it made me reflect on how right now, I'm 19 and tend to wear flamboyant, revealing, somewhat alternative fashion, and I often wonder how I'll dress when I'm older, like, say 24/25. 
    How does one go about retaining their style while aging it up? 
  22. I see their is a thread about edgy online stores to shop at but I think it would be great if there was a thread where you can state your favorite stores, experiences and review of clothing, sizing and other guides, as well as share information on the business, and personal testimony.
    Also, it would be cool if any f you have online shops to post your e-shop (like depop or etsy)
    I'll reply to my topic to talk about stores like Dolls Kill, Ragged Priest, Omighty, LUVS boutique, Made By Kae, Jade Clark, Shopjeen, bone idol, alienoutfitters (previously the moon cult i think ?)
    to be continued. leave ur reviews, comments, criticism, warnings about stores to buy from online
  23. I see their is a thread about edgy online stores to shop at but I think it would be great if there was a thread where you can state your favorite stores, experiences and review of clothing, sizing and other guides, as well as share information on the business, and personal testimony.
    Also, it would be cool if any f you have online shops to post your e-shop (like depop or etsy)
    I'll reply to my topic to talk about stores like Dolls Kill, Ragged Priest, Omighty, LUVS boutique, Made By Kae, Jade Clark, Shopjeen, bone idol, alienoutfitters (previously the moon cult i think ?)
    to be continued. leave ur reviews, comments, criticism, warnings about stores to buy from online
  24. hi,
    i'm interested in getting some new boots for winter since i don't have any and using sneakers in cold and rainy weather sucks, also shopping malls does not offer a lot of variety.
    if you know of any online shops that sells cute, good quality and affordable boots and ships worldwide please let me know