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  1. Hey lets start up a taobao thread again about things we like, and want to find.
    i wanted to know if anybody else know of any good taobao shops for himekaji clothes such as lizlisa and other gyaru clothes.
    do you know of any reliable shops? i have always loved lizlisa but many of the things i want they no longer sell. 

  2. So I've been thinking about doing a topic like this for a while, except for individual stores. Problem was that there wasn't much to go on stores individually, but someone suggested I should make a general topic on a lot of these popular "edgy" stores.
    This post will be more than calling out the price markup of the items they resell, but them overpricing stuff is the cherry on top. A warning ahead, a lot of these sites contain NSFW content. 
    Starting with Shop Jeen:
    store: http://www.shopjeen.com/
    IG: https://instagram.com/shopjeen/
    Owner's IG: https://instagram.com/erinjeen/?hl=en
    Shop Jeen, in short, is a reseller shop that keeps up with the latest internet trends, hence why it's so popular. For a while, there were various comments about their lack of customer service, them ignore and/or blocking people for having valid complaints, and never refunding people their money. It didn't help that the owner herself also had a piss poor attitude and would also block people on her own account herself. Around Thanksgiving/Black Friday though, is when these complaints got more serious and there was an influx of them. They've had many sales prior to Black Friday and a lot of the orders were never shipped out and often times when they did, it lacked quality control because defective products were shipped out. This was when instagram accounts and posts like these popped up:
    Here is a post summarizing the ShopJeen complaints: http://okwowcool.tumblr.com/post/124466203844/shop-jeen-customer-complaints-an-ongoing
    A lot of the complaints came from consumer complaints sites, but most of all the ones from their very own employers: http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Shop-Jeen-Reviews-E888902.htm
    Even more employers/vendors outing Shop Jeen because they did not pay them:
    Their Better Business Bureau rating is an F
    There were rumors going around that they were getting sued by Chanel for their Chanel perfume bottle cases, but so far nothing by them has been officially addressed, because they never address things that might make them look bad: http://www.racked.com/2015/1/8/7561887/shop-jeen-chanel-lawsuit
    And if you want to get into the social justice aspect of this store, there's a lot of shit they've done like appropriating different cultures even though their most popular/used models are white instead of PoC. The only reason why they get away with this is because the owner is a woman of color. I haven't been able to find this interview, but someone in the general thread said the owner mentioned her store is trying to cater to younger women/teenagers?? Yet they have NSFW shit and daddy kink stuff plastered all over their store. 
    To top it all off, yes, almost every item has a huge markup compared to other places you can find that exact item online. 
    Nikki Lipstick
    store: http://www.nikkilipstick.com/
    ig: https://instagram.com/nikkilipstick/
    To start it all off, yeah, once again, a lot of their resold stuff is severely overpriced - ex: they had those popular bat backpacks from taobao with a HUGE markup . even more than taobao resellers would. I forgot the exact price but a current example of their markups are that they have those popular heart ring chokers which go for $5 - $10 bucks normally and theirs are +$30 not including shipping. Their original designs also seem a bit pricey just for a word on a sweater but i digress because it is an indie brand.
    But they too had a huge influx of bad reviews and customer complaints a while back - but to be fair, the more i research for this topic I haven't found anything as of recently (but over a year ago there were a bunch of complaints/bad reviews/scam warnings in the nikkilipstick tag on tumblr). There's this rumor that her ex screwed her over around this time which almost makes sense in terms of the time frame + a small customer complaint: http://spiralfractures.tumblr.com/post/113272516565
    Comments on this video have complaints dating back to three years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N7rk9hCAEo
    Review from Jasmine-Blu back in 2013: http://jasmineblu.blogspot.com/2013/01/shop-review-of-nikki-lipstick.html
    Summary: April ordered a beanie. Five weeks later and no response. She files a paypal dispute in hopes they will email her or send out her item. Two days later she receives a refund with no response/apology. She notes that she got tweeted by somebody who won a NikkiLipstick giveaway and that they never even received their prize. 
    Over a year ago Nikki Lipstick tried to accuse Moschino/jeremy scott of "stealing her designs" when the design in question is the Barbie logo/text/font: http://www.blondejjang.com/2014/09/jeremy-scott-moschino-vs-nikki-lipstick.html
    and I guess you can say this is nitpicking but a while ago I remember rolling my eyes because she made a post going on about how she's thick/plus sized and the post can be basically summarized that she believes she's revolutionary/different to the fashion industry but based on her photos she was the ideal curvy body that a lot of people like. My problem with this post is that if she thinks she's facing injustice from the fashion industry, and she really thinks she's different, why isn't she catering to plus sizes???? 
    Shop Inu Inu
    store: http://inuinu.com/
    ig: https://instagram.com/shopinuinu/?hl=en
    This store got popular on ig/tumblr but more in the kfashion/jfashion community, which it mainly caters to. They're simply a taobao reseller shop with very few original designs, but lord do they like to take credit for stuff they didn't make. They've recently went under fire for art theft, poor customer service, and even massively ripping off their vendor. 
    the vendor scam summary: ShopInuInu made a huge order around the time of a Chinese holiday, their vendor clearly stated that shipping around this time will be delayed. ShopInuInu then refused to pay for the order of +4500 products they made because of the shipping delay that they were clearly informed about. This order nearly made the vendor go bankrupt, so in response the vendor opened up storedogdog (a blatant slap to the face to shopinuinu) on storenvy (and this was their original/first ig name) where they sell the leftover stock, at a much cheaper/closer to the original price. Even though their story was confirmed by other vendors for InuInu, there weren't that many people believing their story in the beginning. That was until ShopInuInu became more suspicious and blocking anybody asking about storedogdog and going so far as to claim copyright on all of storedogdog's instagram posts and store products even though all of the items they were claiming were "their's" where RESOLD TAOBAO PRODUCTS. This got storedogdog's storenvy and instagram taken down but now they've moved to these domains
    store: http://storedogdog.net/
    ig: https://instagram.com/storedogdog123/
    the copyright claims: 

    A lot of other proof of storedogdog being scammed by shopinuinu, such as screenshots of exchanged emails and transactions, ended up being deleted in the process. 
    I guess it's also worth mentioning that they have been trying to gain a wider audience from using models of different body types (slightly plus sized models,  trans models, etc..) but shopinuinu does little to nothing about the harassment these models receive on the photos on the shopinuinu account yet as soon as storedogdog is mentioned, that comment will be deleted in a blink of an eye. 
    If you'd like to read more about them, here's a more in depth post going over the art theft, the scam, their lack of customer service, and so on:
    If there are any other of tumblr or ig popular/edgy stores that are notorious for scamming people (this doesn't mean stores that are simply overpriced, meaning stores that actually have a history of illegal activity) that I should add to the main post, please ask and I'll look into it. (: 
    oh and this thread can also be used to discuss similar stores (even if they haven't had a history of scamming people), not just these!
  3. Just thought I'd make this topic because I buy quite a lot of clothes online. I think it'd be cool if we could make a list of Alternative clothing websites!
    I myself shop a lot at http://www.dollskill.com/ . They're a site based in San Fran, US and they sell some of the craziest shit I've ever seen. They always have items for cheap in their Clearance section and you can find some really unique items there that'll make you stand out from the crowd. Being in Australia I get free shipping if I spend over 100USD or more there, and that is not hard to do, there's a lot of great stuff on there. Otherwise, shipping is 10USD, and that's reasonable!
    Their customer service is great and the items get to me quicker than if I order something a state over from me. The only complain I have is about the funny shoe sizing, but that's a given when buying shoes online. Some shoes on there say they are a true size 9, but in reality the size ends up being 1 size too big for me... Other than that, I recommend you check it out!
    List of Online Stores!
    Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese Fashion, Shoes & Accessories, Wigs, Cosmetics, Homewares
    (Australian Site)
    (American Site)
    Casual Korean Fashion, Shoes & Accessories
    (English Site with currency and language selection)
    (Korean Site)
    Casual Asian Fashion, Wigs, Accessories, Cosplay, Anime DVDs, Cosmetics, KPOP Merchandise
    Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese Fashion, Shoes & Accessories, Plus Size, Wigs (Including Lolita clothes)
    Lolita Fashion (Indie Taobao designers, replicas of Japanese Lolita), Shoes & Accessories, Wigs, Cosplay
    (Offers custom sizing for all clothing at a small fee)
    (High quality made-to-order shoes and custom sizing at a small fee)
    Alternative Fashion, Gothic, Grunge, Punk, Video Game Merchandise, Shoes & Accessories, Music
    (Holland Site)
    (Europe Site)
    Alternative Fashion, Grunge, Gothic, Harajuku Style, Shoes & Accessories, Cosmetics, Homewares
    (American Site)
    Men's & Women's Alternative Fashion, Shoes & Accessories
    (American Site with currency selection)
  4. I personally hate Olivier Rousteing behavior (not him, but his behavior makes me cringe). He looks like he wanted to be a Hollywood star instead of a designer/creative director. I also hate the fact that he always re-utilizes old designs from the Balmain archive and barely creates anything new. His friendship with the Kardashians looks a bit fake tbh they don't hang out, they only take selfies at parties. Another one I can't stand is Donatella Versace, Versace's designs aren't very good and the quality is going downhill, and Versus Versace is a failure. Dolce & Gabbana looks the same every year... Anyways, feel free to discuss here who you like or don't like in the fashion industry. I wanna read opinions
  5. Hi. I am a girl that has always been interested in fashion and beauty. I love to wear cute and feminine clothes, but I try not to go overboard and wear very little jewelry and bling. I get criticized by my family members and 'friends' on how I dress and look. I used to be very snowflakey during my early teen years and I've tried to be more like myself. Some of the fakeness is still left on me though, and I can't seem to get rid of the small speck that it has left on me. I have gotten rid of all my social media accounts and friends and have just been focusing on school and my career. Whenever I wear something cute and put on my circle lenses with a little makeup, I always hear, "Stop begging for attention!", or "Why don't you be yourself? You look weird with those eyes and that hair!". I am very shy and avoid people because they immediately insult me or treat me like a rich bitch (Even though I'm not). I just want to look cute without being fake or being picked on by others. I would really appreciate some advice on this topic, or you can share your story. Here are some pictures of what I usually wear and my makeup style. (None of these photos belong to me or have me in it.)

  6. So! What is everyone's favorite stores/places to buy nice clothes, jewelry, accessories or even wigs and lenses for their fashion choices? I find it hard personally to live up to my own style of fashion because of the prices of a lot of things (especially since I'm in Australia, our dollar is so horrible at the moment and I'm a big girl.) and I'm wondering you all would like to share some of your favorite affordable stores for things!

    I personally love surfing the dollar section of jewelry on ebay. I know they're kind of cheap and take a long ass time to get to you, but some of the jewelry is pretty good for a buck.

    Decently priced plus sized clothing stores are also a rare find. I personally like ASOS for my clothing or city chic (only city chic in store when they're having a MASSIVE sale, which at this shopping center where I live is every day because it's an outlet of theirs)
  7. Need advice on an outfit you plan on wearing or just want to show off some of your beautiful outfits? 
    Then post to this topic!

    (After a month, I finally got around to making this topic)
    Anyway, I'll go first! So I have this skirt i really want to wear but I have no idea how to wear it... 
    Its a super cute light pink skirt with two bows on it. So far, I think it looks pretty good with black tights and mary-jane shoes. However, I don't know about the top... My mom says that I need a tight T-shirt and that sweaters would not look good with the skirt... Does anyone have any advice or what kind of shirt i should wear this with? I really want to where it soon but I'm stuck! 

  8. I was talking about this with some of my friends and one of them said over $1k a year and the other said "like probably $100". So I was curious, what's spending too much on clothes for you people? Because most of my clothes are hand me downs from my mother and i usually don't shop that much in a year. I bought a $60 dress and i felt like i cant buy anything more this year lol. Am i cheap?
    and with makeup, i dont buy anything except drug store usually and all the high end stuff i get are gifts. One girl i know spent like over $600 on MAC and sephora.
  9. Hello Everyone! I was wondering was being Gyaru still a popular? Cause alot of the popular "gaijin gals" have kinda moved on from being gal and alot of the gyaru groups are dead. I've noticed alot of people tagging themselves as "gyaru" but dont look gyaru at all.  Now that my makeup techniques have gotten better over the years. I wanted to try being gyaru again. 
     Harutamu is my favorite!!

  10. So there is a new trend in Japan called 'Pajama fashion'. Basically Pajama fashion is wearing really cute pajamas and minimal ulzzang makeup....and stickers for some reason?? 
    I think it's quirky and cute, I probably wouldn't wear it though.
    What do you guys think of this new Japanese trend?   

    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...
  12. Just a thread to share all your favourite fashion blogs. Feel free to include some links and name the styles featured.
    (Please note that this isn't meant to be a debate thread so if you want to discuss a fashion blogger do it elsewhere)
  13. Post on Plaaastic/GG in Little Snowflakes

    By aripenko, posted
    GG / Plaaastic
    Blog // Instagram // Tumblr // Twitter // Facebook // PULL Account (Verified)

    She is Vietnamese and was sent by her parents to study in Singapore after an argument. She graduated last year and is back in Vietnam but is not close with her family. There's a lot more about this on her blog.She has been really open about her eating disorder and depression, as well as her recovery. I think she became a vegan during her recovery, but has been hospitalised a few times.She has her own clothing line Fablously Fucked, a co-owned one Nirvana street clothing and a biography, Error 404 coming out soon.She got married very quickly to a guy called Paplaaastic. During this time, she stated she was very happy, and everything seemed to be normal. Later, it was revealed Papaplaaastic was cheating on her with multiple other women and refused to change his Instagram name.Eventually, he received so much backlash over it that he went private. GG came onto PULL around May 2017 and talked with some users. Overall, her appearance on PULL was very well received at firstFollowing her breakup with her husband in April-July 2017, she was plagued with many issues and negative experiences, such as people robbing her or breaking into her apartmentTried to move in with her friend Sheidlina in Russia, but could not get a visaEnded up supposedly taking her life sometime around October 1st, 2017You can find some interviews with her here and hereControversy
    Around May/June 2018, it was revealed that GG was actually still alive and did not commit suicidePosts from her following her "suicide" did not indicate she had just committed suicide and seemed okayOther rumors started where she apparently had cancer or was very sick, which was also later disprovedGG later says that she is very attention-seeking, hinting that much of the stuff she has said was probably exaggerated or untrue. Pictures:
    Announcement that she took her life (now confirmed to have been faked):
    Her biography:
    @Janet and @Hanae are currently translating the book into English, so if interested you can check their posts on the thread. Translation starts here.
  14. I'm so happy Kawaii Pateen has been uploading make up tutorial with Harutam from the Black Diamonds. Even though her makeup skills aren't that good I still like watching her. (Harutam is my favorite) lol
    Do you guys like their channel?

  15. On Pretty Ugly Little Liars we love to extract anecdotes from our daily lives to expand our perspective on various personalities online. Sadly anytime we have something to brag about, it often does not segue well into threads specifically for personalities and snowflakes. Our hope with the Boast Board is to create a sanctuary for all of our materialistic expressions.
    In this lighthearted thread you will be able to post photos of your most recent purchases, talk about your growing collections, and pretty much anything that makes you a "materialistic little shit". 

    These rules (specific for this thread) and instated to keep this thread running smoothly, and to aid loading times for mobile device users. Rules are subject to change as this thread continues to grow and we receive more feedback over time. 
    1. This thread, although quite different from the snowflake subjects on Pretty Ugly Little Liars, is still a part of the website. You must follow the general site rules to avoid a negative impact on your account.
    2. Do not quote this post. If you want to message me specifically please use a "@" followed by my username. The result of quoting this post may result in strange formatting in your reply, strange formatting in the quote, and slower loading times especially for our mobile users. As a moderator I would like to avoid having to edit your post to delete quotes of this first post.

    I have several safety tips to keep your anonymity safe on this forum. These are not requirements, merely suggestions.
    1. Do not use the same images you have already posted to social media. If you post a picture to this forum that is already on display on your Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), there is a high chance the image can be reverse searched back to you. 
    2. Remove the EXIF data from your pictures. Most modern cameras and cell phones have GPS tracking features and will embed GPS coordinates into the file information even if GPS is turned off. To remove this data go to any EXIF data removing website such as this one. 

    Do you want to contribute to this thread but you don't know what to post? 
    1. You can post pictures of your recent purchases. (Makeup, clothes, toys, etc.) 
    2. You can post pictures of your collections such as doll collections, makeup collections, etc.
    3. You can discuss or compliment other people's posts! This is a forum after all ~
    4. You can ask questions about other people's posts. (Where did you buy that? How much did it cost? Does it work well? Do you collect xxxx?)
  16. I was wondering if anyone knows if Taylor's coat she wore in the behind the scenes video of her first drama is still available. You know, the pink lolita one. (check out the picture)
    I know it's from Baby The Stars Shine Bright and it's described as 'milky coat', but I can only find it available in brown. Does anyone know where to find the pink one? 
    Thanks in advance ♡

  17. Found this youtube channel that posts old videos of skincare,makeup and fashion from the 30s,40s and 50s. It's really good for those who like this kind of fashion. 
    The channel is called glamourdaze 
    They have a website too 😊 
  18. Just a thread to drop some trends you like that's been going around or some of your fave clothing stores bc I've been feeling rly uninspired lately
  19. hi,
    i'm interested in getting some new boots for winter since i don't have any and using sneakers in cold and rainy weather sucks, also shopping malls does not offer a lot of variety.
    if you know of any online shops that sells cute, good quality and affordable boots and ships worldwide please let me know 
  20. I see their is a thread about edgy online stores to shop at but I think it would be great if there was a thread where you can state your favorite stores, experiences and review of clothing, sizing and other guides, as well as share information on the business, and personal testimony.
    Also, it would be cool if any f you have online shops to post your e-shop (like depop or etsy)
    I'll reply to my topic to talk about stores like Dolls Kill, Ragged Priest, Omighty, LUVS boutique, Made By Kae, Jade Clark, Shopjeen, bone idol, alienoutfitters (previously the moon cult i think ?)
    to be continued. leave ur reviews, comments, criticism, warnings about stores to buy from online
  21. I see their is a thread about edgy online stores to shop at but I think it would be great if there was a thread where you can state your favorite stores, experiences and review of clothing, sizing and other guides, as well as share information on the business, and personal testimony.
    Also, it would be cool if any f you have online shops to post your e-shop (like depop or etsy)
    I'll reply to my topic to talk about stores like Dolls Kill, Ragged Priest, Omighty, LUVS boutique, Made By Kae, Jade Clark, Shopjeen, bone idol, alienoutfitters (previously the moon cult i think ?)
    to be continued. leave ur reviews, comments, criticism, warnings about stores to buy from online
  22. What is "age-appropriate" fashion? Is there ever a limit to what a person can wear based upon their age? How does one go about "aging" up their closet? 
    I'm asking because I saw this briefly touched upon in the Yumi thread and it made me reflect on how right now, I'm 19 and tend to wear flamboyant, revealing, somewhat alternative fashion, and I often wonder how I'll dress when I'm older, like, say 24/25. 
    How does one go about retaining their style while aging it up? 
  23. Post on Taylors fashion in Taylor R

    By potatofries, posted
    I thought maybe people wanted to discuss her fashion-not just clothes but her makeup and hairstyles too- She has some really cute hairstyles and outfits. (lmao sometimes that orange puffy jacket was crazy) I think she looks really good when she wears those short dresses and I like some of her repeated outfits like the overalls or the tight long sleeves paired with high waisted jeans. I think asain fashion looks good on her
  24. Hihi, there used to be a thread like this on lolcow before they merged /g/ and /ot/ but now that they separated it again I guess the thread is lost lol I can't find it. Sooo  Ima just start one here. I love post like these because it gives me an idea on what I should put in my own purse/bag, so if you're not too lazy it would be nice if you can take like a picture of your actually stuff(obvi dont post pictures that'll identify you, ie. Student badge/ drivers license etc,) and purse! It would make more sense for me to post a picture of mine too but honestly its dirty rn so I'll have to clean it before I do it, so in a couple of days ill most likely edit this and post it.
    Examples of what I mean when I say take a picture of your purse(for the people who don't know what I mean):
    I just got a new purse too so I need stuff to fill it up! 
  25. Jen (@pinnieapple) was a pretty big acc within the fashion community for her outfits and hair(?) until December 2016. Her last post was December 5th, and she hasn't commented or posted anything since then, so I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to her? It was super sudden and unpredicted, so I hope she's okay. 
    Links (I only know of her IG): 
    Hope I did everything ok; it's my first thread!