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  1. https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku
    Truth Blog: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/

    The Sh00ping empress Berry Tsukasa, everybody. I can't go into huge detail about what was discussed in her thread in PULL 1.0 but here's a summary of what I can remember:
    She Sh00ps. A LOT
    Now keep in mind, she did admit to doing it, but not to the extent that she's obviously doing.  She also has never admitted to editing her body and to this day is trying to make her followers believe that on some days, she has the proportions of a busty anime girl from XXXholic
    Her Lying:
    She likes to make it seem as if she's some wealthy ohimesama living it up in a fancy house in New York, but there were some things that disproved that. The only thing that comes to mind atm is the Cartier Bracelet Thing
    If any of you guys have more proof of her lying in relation to her 'wealthiness' feel free to add it in
    Her Personality:
    She's been shown to be a huge hypocrite. She claims that she isnt a weeaboo because she doesnt watch anime yet shops herself to look like moe anime girls. She says that fetishization of the Japanese and Korean races is gross and yet:
    If there's anything else I missed from the old thread feel free to talk about it cuz I feel as if I left out stuff
  2. This girl turned up somewhere in the PULL chatango. 
    Here's her social media:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/londonkittycane?_rdr=p
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/londonkittycane
    Website: http://lonbonlonlon.com/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLDEm-NKtpYJOWdqX9VL-0Q
    Tumblr: http://lonbonlonlon.tumblr.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lonbon_lonlon/
    Lonbon Lonlon mixture of Emilie Autumn and Beckii Cruel with a dash of The Perserpina. Emilie Autumn because she likes to shove her disease in everyone's faces and use it as a crutch as to why she can't do anything (like work), Beckii Cruel for her weebiness lmao, and The Persepina as she (presumably) lives off of government benefits and uses it to buy cute things. And if you're in America (like me) and you pay taxes, this is what's being paid for. Fuckery. 
    Here's her bitching about ableism
    here's one of her shitty songs
    Why she's a snowflake?
    She's an e-begger because SHE CAN'T WORK OK?? All she can do is sit online and sing shitty songs and we all need to donate our money to her!!!

    yet she models, sings, and travels. Note: I understand that certain jobs require certain things that make it difficult for people with disabilities to work for, but my GOD! If you can sing, travel, and model I'm sure you can find a job that will suit your needs.
    She uses her disability as a crutch. Disabilities are something you live with it does not define who you are, which is what Lobster-chan is doing here. And if anyone brings that to her attention she screams "ableism"

    More to come, but special thanks to Oliver in the Chatango and Indigo~ 
    4/20 Update (jk it's 7/21)

  3. So I didn't see anyone make thread about her. Misa Chiang is cosplayer from Taiwan or before she used name Misa Tw Cosplayer, she is famous one. You can check her fanpage here ; https://www.facebook.com/misapage2

    Recently she got so many hate from some people (she even admin she block some haters). This hate came from his really different look at  photos and real event especially about her body and her attitude.

    She's hard user of photoshop. I collect some comparison picture of her ;
    [EDIT] Since so many of you not read all posts on this thread and just judge by first page  HERE The posts about MISA bad attitude you should READ!
    Unprofessional, half-assed cosplay ;
    Self proclaimed basic photoshop and as pretty as her photos/video ; 
    Rude ;
    Claiming others game ID as her own, said won't cosplay xx characters again but keep cosplaying it ;
    Calling her fans tools ;
    Giant Hypocrite ;
  4. (Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I looked around on where to place this thread, so I'm hoping I got it right. If not I am so sorry)  
    Please don't yell at me.  
    However, I wanted to make this thread to a) let off a little steam and b) get your opinions on this, as she is quite similar (pretty much) a carbon copy of Jessica Nigiri, Well I hate to be mean- a PRIMARK version. 
    The reason why I have somewhat of a dislike towards Kitty Brooker, is her constant need to internet fame- at first, I didn't mind it as I kinda knew her back in 2012 and she was this scene/emo/goth 'model' on model mayhem, who did some gigs with 'Blood on the dancefloor' as a dancer (LOL- if you don't know who they are, look them up, its quite shocking). And then she tried her hand as this serious 'artist' in doing weird commission art- which didn't go so well. 
    And suddenly she is this self proclaimed 'geek' and 'gamer' (and I have chatted to her and been on her facebook friends since 2012, let me just say she never once talked about these things), making money of something I generally like. 
    Not only that, she has come off a bit shady to me. 
    She posted up a facebook status over the jeffree star 'drama'- saying that she was boycotting him, that he is an awful human being and how she has had run in's with him in the past- but soon deleted it and kinda flooded her instagram with pictures of him and his products.... 
    Am I just being out of order here? Or have I generally got a reason to be a little agged over people lusting over a faker gamer nerd in a pikachu bikini saying that she wants people to 'catch her pikas'?
  5. It came up on various snowflake's threads but I want to know; how the heck to deal with rude people on the internet? What is the right way? I'm talking about bullies (leaving unreasonable comments, stalking, talking bad), creeps (leaving sexualizing comments, stalking as well) and all that other kind of weirdos. I'm dealing with a huge problem recently of receiving very weird messages send by creeps. Sometimes I'm a little scared, they come back with a new account and get mad at me when I block them, not leaving me alone. How do you think is best to deal with this people? Just block and ignore? I'm really worried atm. I'm a cosplayer, so I'm not surprised creeps are messaging me. I just don't know how to deal with it. What are your experiences on social media? Have you ever met people there making you feel unsafe and how to deal with this kind of rude people?
  6. Hey guys I wanted to discuss this cosplayer

    I decided to edit the topic since the previous pictures have been deleted and most of the info is outdated. 
    She used to work as a maid in a Dutch maid cafe but was fired with some major drama that followed. Has had drama (facebook callouts) with friends who cosplayed with her, all of them have in common that she either broke something or talked shit behind their backs. She photoshops pretty heavily and admitted that in close circles but denied it publically, later on she admitted to shooping but says she doesn't edit selfies. Has a suspicious activity on facebook when it comes to likes. Her likes count surged from 250 to 20k within one year. She's a moderator on various facebook accounts where she has access to huge followers where she's allowed to share her own cosplay photo's. 
    She's Dutch and goes by Kimu/Kimu cos.
     She has been mentioned on 4chan multiple times on the Dutch cosplay board and recently (this year) has been getting a lot of attention on facebook. Was invited to Xtreme moments this month and there have been... Discussions about her. 
    I didn't reply to anything in the past to this topic because admittedly, I was too lazy to edit info and such. Also there were pictures from her private account which didn't seem appropriate. 
    Some of her pictures

    A seflie

    And candids from extreme moments

  7. (deleted)
  8. Info: 
    transethnic koreaboo princessvietnamese-american that claims to be korean, chinese, japanese, french, "european", or "caucasian" whenever it benefits hercries about being bullied for looking half french even though her ass looks 1000% asiantalks shit on koreaboos even though she is onemoved from the us to south korea to become a bartender/chase oppas, is currently abusing her tourist visahttps://www.instagram.com/minuit.1995/
  9. Leon Chiro

    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Deviantart / Youtube / Patreon 
    Leon Chiro is a professional italian cosplayer from Italy/Rome.
    In real life he is a Photomodel, bartender, and a student in Sports Science and Physiotherapy University.
    He is known for his cosplays of Dante from Devil May Cry, Gladio from FFXV, and Rakan from League of Legends.
    Has a hella credentials under his belt. Most prominent being the face model for Rakan.
    Recent Controversy: