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  1. First of all, Im sorry if my English isn't really good!
    Hi! Im a girl from the Netherlands. 22 years old.
    Im a bit of an Instagram addict, and I HATE it. 
    Why I hate instagram? It makes me super insecure about my appearance. I see lots of beautiful (fake) girls all over instagram and compare myself to them. I want to be as pretty as them too. Thats why I started buying things, so I could ''look like them'', Lip plumpers, waist trainers, nose clips, eyelash extensions, hair extensions etc. painted my hair black.. It became this bad that Im going to get lip fillers next week..(stupid Kylie Jenner influences me to much, I hate her, but I secretly love her UGH) I know this all sounds so stupid, because I do it to myself, but I just cant stop. I know its stupid that I want to look like them. But I cant stop myself and it makes me so insecure
    It feels like I am losing myself a bit.
    I just found out about this forum, and it's making me feel a bit better about myself, because I see and starting to realize that they arent all really what they say they are. 
    If you want to get to know more about me, please talk to me! I love to talk. The reason I dont post a picture here of me is because Im a bit insecure, and are scared people I know will see me, and then know how secretly insecure I am. (yeah what are the odds..but ugh) (we can also talk in pm I will send a picture if you want lol) 
    Im very happy I found this forum!
    Also, im a bit awkward. 
    Sorry for my bad English!! (again)