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  1. I came across a music video of her on Youtube some time ago and I thought she was really cute, specially her nose. I looked for her older pictures and found out that she a nose job and lip injections before she got into Disney. Now I know Disney does this auditions to kids years before they're accepted into any kind of influential role, so I'm thinking how the hell did she got in? Disney must be really sensitive about plastic surgery stuff, since most of their message revolves around loving yourself the way you are and all that stuff. I wonder if they actually ask her to get one.

    Before her nose job: (she must've been around 12 years old in this one)

    After nose job:

    I'm pretty sure she had a second nose job:

    After lip injections:

  2. So, a few people from Dove Cameron's thread wanted a thread on Sofia, here it goes. 
    Who is Sofia Carson
    What did she do
    This is a personal opinion, but, compared to Descendants trilogy, where her acting looks decent to some point, in PLL: The Perfectionist she is TERRIBLE, is like she is ok with a kids' movie but when you put her in some serious show she doesnt know how to act, same face and expression every shoot.