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  1. 1.) All posts must be in English or include an English translation! Any users who post in Portuguese without an accompanying English translation will be banned for 5 or more days.
    TT: Todos os usuários que postam em Português, sem uma tradução em Inglês de acompanhamento será banido por 5 ou mais dias.
    This is necessary to ensure staff can properly moderate the thread, and is a courtesy to other users, as this is an English-speaking website.
    2.) Posts that are too ''chatty''/are completely off topic will be hidden.
    For instace: ''Lmao!!!!!'' < just this, nothing else
    or '' I see that you have changed your username'' < nothing to do with Deb's drama
    or ''I just ate mcdonalds'' ''lmao'' '' true'' ''same'' "omg i'm still awake and its like 7 in the morning teehee", "i've got mcdonalds are you jealous?", you get the gist
    These type of posts just clog up the thread, and it gets really exhausting for those who want to keep up with the drama. So please keep in mind that this thread is to post things related to Deb and discuss things.
    If you want to make friends, and/or just chat regurarly, then please head to either our chat: http://prettyuglylittleliar.chatango.com/
    Or our random chat thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/40-random-chat-thread/
    3.) Please do not post pictures that have already been posted and discussed thoroughly. It creates an endless loop. Keep your posts evidence based. If you don't have anything new to post, then don't post anything at all. Contrary to popular belief - this is not a slam/trash talk site!
    Please bear in mind that we have this forum rule:

        4) Please do not spam any of the topics
        - Stay on topic. A few gifs and personal remarks here and there are fine, but don’t clog up entire threads.
        - If you get into an argument with another user, please resolve the issue via PM instead of arguing in the thread.
        - Please report overly offensive posts instead of openly confronting people and adding more fuel to the fire (and make sure to include a reason for why you're reporting as it is not always clear!)
        - Please don’t contribute like crazy just for the sake of raking up posts
    4.) Do NOT derail the topic by saying ''oh this thread is shit, I don't like which direction it's going, we need better modding''. If you have issues with the modding or how the thread is, then please take it to the ''Make Your Voice Heard!'' subforum located here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/forum/8-make-your-voice-heard/
    5.) If a member states something(I.e x shouldn't be posted in the Deb thread), and it isn't stated here, in the forum rules or said by staff members, then do not take it as the truth and then blame it on us. Members have no moderation power. 
    6.) No doxxing! Please do not post personal information (even if it's public information) and please do not contact friend and family members! This site's purpose is to sleuth and provide information and expose people's snowflakery and NOT to meddle in the snowflake's personal affairs! This is for everyone's safety as doing such a thing could result in legal ramifications! 
    If you want to discuss these rules, then please do so in this thread only. It will be hidden if you do it on the Deb thread, as it really has nothing to do with her.
    See official forum rules here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3-forum-rules/