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  1. There was a thread about her on PULL before it got deleted.
    She is some instagram/twitter famous choke me daddy girl who is also a model. 
    She gives me headaches?

    She did an interview for i-d magazine: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/to-these-two-teen-models-instagram-is-more-than-a-hobby 
    Some summary points:
    She's "instagram famous" hoe with 630k followers and is friends with equally basic Charlie Barker and Elizabeth Bishop, which are also "famous" instagram girls. 
    She's 19 and is signed with Anti Agency London. Some weird modeling agency for alternative or "too cool" to model people
    A lot of people dislike her and think she's stupid, because of her tweets. She has a daddy kink with her boyfriend Joe Fahy. It's gross. I think she started the whole choke me daddy american apparel thing. Well at least people on twitter blame her for that.

  2. I'm not sure if someone made a post about her. She's another "daddy's girl"/Joanna Kuchta clone, but a bit more porny.

  3. Typical age player, except extremely rude to anyone who says anything to her including people who seem to be her fans. Switches interests all the time it seems to fit what is in, went from full kitten to now saying she doesn't associate with kittens at all. Uses diapers so is now into age play, and Is dating someone named David who cheated on her and who she cheated on, but insists he's the best guy ever. Also refers to him as daddy but he is rarely seen participating in many of her little videos. Heavily sponsored by onesies down under. I don't have the most information on her but she just bugs me, and it's not that she's into ddlg, but she seems so stuck up and rude and fake. Added a bunch of photos where people ask where David is and of her being snappy to people. And of her in her kitten gear. 

  4. Babygirl0
    Instagram // Youtube // Tumblr // Fitness Instagram 
    Snapchat: springsteenfan0

    Underage girl into DDLG and S&M (Was initially 15/16 when she started posting videos, is now 17)Idolizes the "Lolita" lifestyle (Calls herself a "12 year old slut")Fetishizes serial killersHas a terrible attitude when interacting with people and constantly complains in her videos/on tumblrHates feminismHas said racist things about black people and Muslims in regards to them being in Sweden (Said black people need to stop acting like victims, said that Muslims should just move to an Islamic country if they don't like Sweden and shouldn't be upset for full-face burkas being partially banned)Is transphobic, fatphobic, and loves Donald TrumpHas a daddy that's much older than her, despite being a minor (at least over 20 years old, started dating him when she was around 14)Lost her virginity at 11 years oldPosts Youtube videos discussing her sexual experiences and posts very sexualized pictures of herselfHas videos of her appearing naked in a bathtub, flashing underwear, etc.Encourages other underage girls to date much older men (source)Is from Sweden, and her birthday is June 20, 2000(Oct. 2017) Made her Instagram private and is now posting "quotes" from people on PULL about herShe isn't very popular, she gets around 10k views. I saw on one of her comments people asked how old her "daddy" was and she said older than 20, but she didn't say the exact age she just said older and he could be like 40 who knows! Which is most likely true because she won't admit his age and she's always very vague about it. She probably knows that people will say stuff about it.  I just feel so bad for her because she's probably being taken advantage of.  She just seems to young to be into S&M yet, especially since her Daddy or whatever is much older!   Like it'd be fine if she was 18+, but she isn't. She's into all that Lolita crap (not to be confused with Lolita fashion), which I hate how people romanticize the book when it's literally a book about pedophilia! It's also like she's sexualizing her own youth. It's just so sad. 
  5. Ok but is it not fucking weird that she wants us to call her "Little Yu Mi" when the chick is probably older than all of us + her viewers?! Girl youre 26 why the fuck would I call you little corn... stupid
  6. Okay I would like to start off by saying I am extremely against minors in ddlg and ddlg in general. ddlg is just gross and wrong to me 
  7. Pixiesayurii / Pixiebunn / Lily Mae

    Main Instagram Deleted /Back-up Instagram/Twitter/Youtube /Soundcloud
    Pixiesayurii is an 18 year old white girl from California who gained notoriety in the Cosplay Personalities thread for her heavily shooped face, lazy cosplays and pretending to be Japanese. She came to PULL to start shit until she and her WKs all got banned. She demands all of the male attention and money she can get from her gullible fans while she throws a fit left and right when nobody is kissing her ass when she asks for it. It is highly suspected that she was a PULL user because of how fast she discovered the Cosplay Personalities thread and she's a confirmed lurker. She started drama with PULL and blamed everybody for her problems, while others who have known her have come forward to expose her as being a liar and manipulator using her fans for money and whatever else she wants. Most of the questionably illegal shenanigans she did were when she was underage. She has moved on from the cosplay scene and is now a DDLg e-girl.
    Evidence of snowflake behavior

    Denial of photoshopping and extreme face-tuning
    Filters, blurs and uses editing apps to shoop herself into a kawaii animu girlHides her natural face behind her phone when she can'tDenies any editing, claims to be a completely natural, yet she was caught using a beauty app and gets offended when she is called out for editing her face to look like a nightmare Claimed she got lip fillers after being caught editing her lips hugeEvidence of Wylona Hayashi-levels of face-tuning, hilarious warping and candids (warning: image heavy) 
    Fishing for compliments, money and attention

    Cries about how she thinks she's "ugly" so fans can send her pity donations Shows all gifts and donations to her story en masseForgot to censor the Amazon QR codes like a bossLiterally begs for attentionLies about being poor, frequently e-begs for money when she can afford her own video game consoles, imported Japanese luxury fashion, plushies, custom accessories, cosplays and official k-pop merch.Hinted that her parents gave her 100$ to sit in a car while they were away.Alleged that she got 5000$ and a car for her graduation.Owns a 2000$+ gaming set-up that she allegedly saved up forShe has a minimum wage job and works part-time due to school, yet she can afford countless cosplays, wigs, games, clothes, a 2000$ gaming set-up? 
    Snowflake Syndrome
    Huge victim complex.Massive hypocrite.Stated she hates the life she got herself into where she posts photos for men to consume and thinks it's unhealthy for her, but cried when her main account was deleted for her own safety because she lost 60k followers. Uses unoriginal e-girl tactics to get fame such as e-begging and bandwagon cosplaying, but hates when other girls do the same thing she's doing because she's not like other girls uwuAlso claims to be the only girl to genuinely like anime SnowflakeryUnironically calls herself a loli (one instance while she was cosplaying as a Kanna from Dragon Maid aka a child character while she was still 17)Suicide baits and tells other people kill themselves.Orchestrates witch hunts against people she doesn't likeTalks shit about people and encourages others to join her, screenshots and posts people to her story or account to laugh at others and get her followers in on itUsed to share the dick pics and sexts she got from her fans to her story while she was 17, she once went online and said that she opened a dick pic in front of her dentist, and then went to her discord to describe a dick pic she got while on a date in vivid detail.Blames everybody but herself for her personal problemsHer parents caught her talking to one of her pedophile fans and subsequently grounded her off the internet by taking away her phone and computer, and forced her to delete her instagram accounts. Lily only deleted her main but disabled her finsta, but she came to her discord server to threaten suicide over it while calling her parents shitty people. Not long after she kept sneaking on her finsta to post.Blocked her entire family from her cosplay account because she didn't trust them/hated them and blamed them for her depression when they've tried to help her get treatment.Blamed PULL for her low self esteem when she admitted long before that it was already bad.Is obsessed with "the haterz" and frequently lurks where she is talked about to subpost online, then shuts the fuck up when she gets called out. She subpoasts each time she is brought up in the thread.Whines about being single so her followers can shower her with loveWill always fish for compliments by insulting herself so her fans can deny itHates being told what to do by anybody, is a massive brat in generalFlip flops between worrying about her personal safety on the internet, but reveals every little tidbit of her life including her full name, where she lives and where she works. She has social media addiction and keeps coming back after promising to quit the internet.Claimed that one of her followers was the man who murdered Bianca Devins after going on a tweet spree about how dangerous the internet is for girls like her.Was regularly impersonated by grown men after she deleted her main and stopped being active on instagramMisogynistic pick-me girl who hates other girls Genuinely believes that her not being 18 years old at the time and being hounded by horny men isn't a problem, but a random forum talking about her is because "oMG i am A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL hOw COULD YOU RUIN MY SELF-ESTEEM!!"Speaking of, claims that this forum ruined her self-esteem, even though she had issues long before, and continues to lurk here and talk about the forum. Racist (?)HomophobicWeeaboo/KoreabooWhite racefaker using tags like "Japanese cosplayer" and "Japanese girl", setting her location to Japan, photoshopping herself to look Asian, replying to Japanese comments with Google Translate JapaneseFetishizing Korean men (while also hating Korean girl groups)More evidence of snowflakery
    DDLGClaims she's *~PURE~* but takes photos of herself in revealing clothing, or posts manga caps of characters having sex, following NSFW cosplay/hentai accounts, and uses her body to appeal towards lolicons/pedophiles by talking about how petite and anime she is, and whines about wanting to do sexy cosplays but can't because ~she's too pure~.Promos and gets promo'd by accounts who post explicit NSFW photos, markets herself as a "sexy" cosplayer despite being underage at the time, posts provocative/revealing selfies of herself in maid or playboy bunny cosplays, and responds to comments who call her "sexy/beautiful/hot" no matter who it's from. Also did ahegao when she promised not to multiple times. Was asked by a lolicon-hentai artist to cosplay his OC and she admitted that she wanted to do it.Did fansigns and encouraged irl meetups.... at 16.Made a DDlg account on twitter. After she was cowtipped she changed the names on all of her accounts and then privated her main twitter.Sells her clothing on depop and uses the tags 'nymphette' and 'lolita' Her likes aren't any better, she likes used lingerie with Hello Kitty on them and other items similarly tagged as ddlg/baby/little/sexy.Her account grew suspiciously fast in the span of a few months jumping from 1000 followers in August, to 10k in November, to 40k by the end of DecemberShe absolutely buys followers and likes but denies it because you can't grow that fast through self-promo alone.Evidence on her social blade where at one point for a solid week she gained 9,000 followers and lost none.Pro-ana/Body checking?  
    Discord Server Saga
    Dictates her discord server to the point where even if someone does not break the rules, if they upset her in any way she kicks them out or has her WKs ban them for her. Has no idea how to run her own server, never interacts with the members except for the same 3 people she knows irl.  She rarely logs in just to say hi to her friends and then hops off, despite the entire purpose of the server was to interact with her followers and fans who gave her money.Uses her server to talk shit about other users, people online/off-line, and her own familyIs so self-conscious that she doesn't want to see girls posted in her discord, ESPECIALLY if you are a female cosplayerDiscord shenanigans under the cutAdmitted the reason she deletes her photos was because doesn't trust her fans.Several users had enough of her and created a private anti-Pixie server/channel to air their gripes about how Lily doesn't pay attention to anybody that isn't a personal friend of hers, and for them to complain about her in general. When Pixie found out, she threatened to delete her entire server and threatened to kill herself. (She's still alive but the server was nuked for unrelated reasons).And yes, there were pedos in the server too. 
    PULL Drama (HI LILY!) 
    Was mentioned in the Cosplay Personalities thread for her bad editing, and not even full 24 hours later she started removing photos off her Instagram and sent her crazy WKs to harass PULL users who talked about her. [1/2] One going as far as to send BINARY CODE saying "we ruin things" in an attempt to intimidate us and make sockpuppet accounts. Pussied out after being caught red handed by deleting his comment then went into hiding out of fear that PULL was going to come after him. Lily posted their one-sided conversation where she encourages him to keep going. [1/2/3]Each person in the thread was downvoted and reported, but mod @Yuuna came to the thread to spill that tea [1]BallTongue and IGWhiteKnight are whiteknights from her instagram, Nekoanaru was one of her IG friends who similarly photoshopped herself but isn't relevant, she also went on other unrelated threads to downvote everybody.Posted the thread to her story to make a pity party for herself without censoring any names and to send her pedos to attack PULL.Claimed we were digging for her personal info when EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC AND SHE POSTS IT HERSELF.Following the drama, she proceeded to post to her stories with photos captioned "My only meal today" and "I'm thinking about leaving" and suicidal texts until she got over it.Removed all past photos with extreme shoop claiming they were ugly and refuses to acknowledge them, she then only posted photos where her face was partially obscured or completely blurred out until she felt comfortable showing her heavily filtered and blurred selfies again.The discussion of starting her own thread came up and, hours later, a user named pixiesayurii came to the thread to poorly defend themselves/be a victim before being hidden by mods until their identity was confirmed. [1/2]@Nyx came to confirm if it was Lily and surprise! It was! Welcome to PULL.She posted her conversation with Nyx.Her posts to this thread before she left the discussion where she badly attempted to cover her ass, lied about trying to brigade the topic, and shared private DMs conversations with her fans. [1/2]BallTongue came to PULL a final time to say that Pixie used him and her other fans to harass PULL and threw them aside when she was done, and stated that Lily posted their private DM conversation without his consent. Another user claiming to be Nekoanaru stated she was an ex-friend of Lily's who had a falling out with her, but was not confirmed to be her. 
    So what do we know from the full PULL debacle?
    She's a known PULL lurker who checks this thread dailyShe admitted to photoshopping herself but now says she doesn't do it as harsh anymore (she still does)Still claims to be au naturale, but the power of make-up and lighting can't change bone structure or morph you into another race.Didn't think there's an issue with her being 17 years old surrounded by LITERAL PEDOPHILES when several users have raised giant red flags for her about her safety to her, but since she hates being told what to do she ignored the warningsEncouraged her WKs to come and harass users until they were permabanned and tried to lie and say she didn't do thatHas tried to get this thread removed multiple times and state that PULL is ruining her lifeWe're all mean jealous girls trying to hurt her :'(Her parents likely have no clue what's going on with what she's doing online. They found out and grounded her off the internet. Do we think she'll learn from her mistakes and grow as a person?Probably not. 

    Pixiesayurii/Pixie.bunn/Lily is a lazy cosplayer and weeb with the worst case of snowflake syndrome ever. She is a liar, manipulator, and snowflake who thrives off of attention. On top of all that, her entire family had no clue of her posting risky cosplay photos or getting money and gifts from grown adult men when she was underage until her parents caught her messaging one of her pedophile fans and forced her off of the internet for her safety until she kicked and screamed to have it back. She's an extremely egocentric dumbass who overshares her personal information and attaches her full name to her fake online persona expecting no repercussions. If she's not e-begging for money for her bare minimum cosplays, she's baiting for compliments and using her gullible white knights to do whatever she asks for, including buying her whatever she wants, doxxing, witch-hunting, and harassing others. She claimed to be an innocent 17 year old girl, but markets herself as a "lewd/sexy" cosplayer and has no problem following and being promoted by NSFW accounts and got into DDlg at a young age. Her fans are made up of prepubescent boys and married adult men who comment disgusting things about her or send sexually explicit messages to her, but she has no problem with it. She wants to be the victim always by villainizing others, including her own family who has tried to protect her from internet pedos and are very worried about her mental health. She thinks PULL is trying to ruin her life when she posted everything that has been shown here on a public platform with her public accounts to her public audience and her photos were being shared on many other sites long before she ever had a thread here.