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  1. There was a thread about her on PULL before it got deleted.
    She is some instagram/twitter famous choke me daddy girl who is also a model. 
    She gives me headaches?

    She did an interview for i-d magazine: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/to-these-two-teen-models-instagram-is-more-than-a-hobby 
    Some summary points:
    She's "instagram famous" hoe with 630k followers and is friends with equally basic Charlie Barker and Elizabeth Bishop, which are also "famous" instagram girls. 
    She's 19 and is signed with Anti Agency London. Some weird modeling agency for alternative or "too cool" to model people
    A lot of people dislike her and think she's stupid, because of her tweets. She has a daddy kink with her boyfriend Joe Fahy. It's gross. I think she started the whole choke me daddy american apparel thing. Well at least people on twitter blame her for that.

  2. I'm not sure if someone made a post about her. She's another "daddy's girl"/Joanna Kuchta clone, but a bit more porny.

  3. Typical age player, except extremely rude to anyone who says anything to her including people who seem to be her fans. Switches interests all the time it seems to fit what is in, went from full kitten to now saying she doesn't associate with kittens at all. Uses diapers so is now into age play, and Is dating someone named David who cheated on her and who she cheated on, but insists he's the best guy ever. Also refers to him as daddy but he is rarely seen participating in many of her little videos. Heavily sponsored by onesies down under. I don't have the most information on her but she just bugs me, and it's not that she's into ddlg, but she seems so stuck up and rude and fake. Added a bunch of photos where people ask where David is and of her being snappy to people. And of her in her kitten gear. 

  4. Babygirl0
    Instagram // Youtube // Tumblr // Fitness Instagram 
    Snapchat: springsteenfan0

    Underage girl into DDLG and S&M (Was initially 15/16 when she started posting videos, is now 17)Idolizes the "Lolita" lifestyle (Calls herself a "12 year old slut")Fetishizes serial killersHas a terrible attitude when interacting with people and constantly complains in her videos/on tumblrHates feminismHas said racist things about black people and Muslims in regards to them being in Sweden (Said black people need to stop acting like victims, said that Muslims should just move to an Islamic country if they don't like Sweden and shouldn't be upset for full-face burkas being partially banned)Is transphobic, fatphobic, and loves Donald TrumpHas a daddy that's much older than her, despite being a minor (at least over 20 years old, started dating him when she was around 14)Lost her virginity at 11 years oldPosts Youtube videos discussing her sexual experiences and posts very sexualized pictures of herselfHas videos of her appearing naked in a bathtub, flashing underwear, etc.Encourages other underage girls to date much older men (source)Is from Sweden, and her birthday is June 20, 2000(Oct. 2017) Made her Instagram private and is now posting "quotes" from people on PULL about herShe isn't very popular, she gets around 10k views. I saw on one of her comments people asked how old her "daddy" was and she said older than 20, but she didn't say the exact age she just said older and he could be like 40 who knows! Which is most likely true because she won't admit his age and she's always very vague about it. She probably knows that people will say stuff about it.  I just feel so bad for her because she's probably being taken advantage of.  She just seems to young to be into S&M yet, especially since her Daddy or whatever is much older!   Like it'd be fine if she was 18+, but she isn't. She's into all that Lolita crap (not to be confused with Lolita fashion), which I hate how people romanticize the book when it's literally a book about pedophilia! It's also like she's sexualizing her own youth. It's just so sad. 
  5. Ok but is it not fucking weird that she wants us to call her "Little Yu Mi" when the chick is probably older than all of us + her viewers?! Girl youre 26 why the fuck would I call you little corn... stupid
  6. Okay I would like to start off by saying I am extremely against minors in ddlg and ddlg in general. ddlg is just gross and wrong to me