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  1. Here you can post any rare or very old pictures of Dakota that's hard to find.

  2. In this topic we can see pictures and videos about Dakota being a model for the japanese magazine Popteen.
    And also her friendship between the other Popteen Models

  3. Here are a few very old videos of Kiki (Kota is also in some of them):
     1405986775622.webm 2624b398dd42-66413767.vk.flv 1405988138444.webm 1406101161623.webm 1406101811213.webm 1406102054007.webm e3ebe881ce81-66650364.vk.flv shopping in japanepcot Video 393cf913 - Buzznet.flv 
  4. So.. here I want you guys to tell me what style of Dakota do you preffer? , maybe the 2012 one or the nowadays. I honestly love this styles. 

  5. Hey, I dunno if this has been discussed yet, but I'm wondering if anyone knows what the general opinion of Dakota is in Japan? I can't help but wonder if maybe she's not as popular in Japan as she appears. I mean obviously she appears in ads and magazines and on TV, so she's popular in that sense, but do people actually like her? In all the popteen videos she seems awkward, and the other popteen members don't seem to make much of an effort to include her, almost like they don't like her or are intimidated by her. We all know Dakota isn't exactly charismastic. But idk, it might just be a cultural thing. Maybe she doesn't fit in in Japan that well. Thoughts? 
  6. Hello everyone I am new here and this forums is just amazing c: , so i have always wondered if Dakota Rose lives alone in japan? i mean all i know is that she sent her photos to Bravo Models agency and they signed a contract with her (that's all i know from a website ) .wouldn't it be hard for her to move out and live alone in some place that is totally strange ? and don't forget about the language barrier and the cultural differences it's hard to fed in especially when you are all alone, i really wonder how she's dealing with all that especially when she did her apartment video (cute apartment btw) and she said that a lot of buildings do not accept "celebrities" or people in the entertainment industry over there~

  7. So Dakota announced on Twitter that she launched a new website. (used Google Translate for that!)
    The new site:  dakotarose.com/
    I just checked kotakoti.com and kotirose.com  is still active at the moment. 
  8. I decided to create a new thread specifically for Kota's new brand, Baby Fang, to keep things organized when discussing the future developments of her new brand.

    Website:   http://sp-baby-fang.com/
    Twitter:   https://twitter.com/babyfangshop
    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/babyfangshop/ 
    Announcements so far:
    It looks like she is holding auditions to become a model for the brand, and the audition closes 20/03/2016.
  9. I was experimenting with makeup, and found a way to imitate Dakota's look. I thought you guys might be interested, so I figured I'd share it with you all. /edited out link because self promotion is against our rules - johndoe
    Yes, that's me in the picture. I look really different without makeup, and I don't lie about using Photoshop  

  10. I decided to make a new thread for this, it will be much easier to keep track of her relationships in a new thread than to post it randomly in all the other threads.
    Taiko Katono
    Lolcow recently pointed out that Dakota might be in a relationship with Taiko Katono, a Japanese model and actor.  I'm not going to post his social media accounts, as there is no proof his connection to Dakota, only rumours.

    There was a article published that pointed out how Dakota wears Taiko's clothes and that she admitted in an interview that she is seeing someone who is 22 years old. You can read it here:  http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2145995027620970801 
    Here are the comparison pictures of her wearing his clothes:
    She also owns a  figure of him from one of his characters on a TV show:
    I personally don't know if she is leaving these hints on purpose to get more publicity or if she is genuinely interested in him, and is trying to keep her relationship quiet. I think its good for her to keep everything quiet, to see how things go first.
    The next obvious question is:  What does Kiki think about this??
  11. I searched but could not find any sort of general thread that all the other flakes have .. ( If there was one I'm terribly sorry, I just for the life of me couldn't spot it ) 
    So here we go a general thread which will hopefully stop people from starting new threads about small trivial things .. idk ... 
    Mainly I wanted everyones opinion about something ( despite it was reaaaaallllyyyy old and long ago )  But this caught my eye on the Kaka thread on Lolcow and sorta left me boggled  ... : 

    So apparently Mimei's Boyfriend made a video long ago insulting Koot's about how she uses AE ( after effects ), I guess sorta a parody ... To be honest I'm sorta shocked at how Mimei and the other girls responded to koot's being bothered by it ( albeit Koot's was cursing at them about it ) it is still no excuse for how catty they were ... especially Sharla .. " Dumb bitch "
    I'm sorry I brought up old news .. But this is relatively new to me and with many people referring to the "jvlogg girls" being toxic its just sorta ironic they befriended the hugest Koot's copycat ... TAYLOR ..