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  1. From here.

    Tbh i'm surprised it's taken her this long to make one.
    Some screengrabs:
  2. Anyone come across this girl yet? Just saw a thumbnail on her video and thought it was dakota.. the resemblance is crazy, she even sort of sounds like her too.
  3. hey not really a giant fan of dakota but i do really like her circle lenses shes wears.Does anyone know what they are called ?
  4. I've never made a topic like this so I hope this is ok! Well I wanted to make a topic to discuss dakota's apartment and housings situation in Japan since her huge (and amazing) apartment in japan would cost a lot more than I think she would make at whatever her current job is.
  5. So, I didn't wanna shit up the photo comparisons thred in case these are considered off topic. This is where we dump our edits of koti's pictures. I started doing these for fun, some of them are better than others. This one I just did now, I always wanted to deshoop this era of her pictures, which was when she still looked sorta pretty and before she got found out for the fraud she is lol. she actually isn't as good at editing as we thought, just because she managed to make herself look pretty doesn't mean it was good. She was trying to make herself look anime, but she shot herself in the foot doing that. she still looks pretty in the second one. I feel so bad for her how much she must hate her own self!! 
    dakota, i know youre not reading this or, maybe you are. Do some sheet masks, take a nap, start taking vitamins, do some exercises, eat some fruit. Do some face massages lol buy a humidifier, eat some protein. Start drinking green tea. Get out more, and smile more. Dont let people making fun of you get the better of you. Show them whos boss. And all of that is related to your looks. Read a book, get some hobbies, draw a different style than just kawaii ugly bug eyed girls. Other types of faces do exist and are just as capable of being beautiful. Youre too obsessed with looking like a child. She used to contour but she doesnt anymore, probably because to her wide face=youthful. She probably just thinks "eh, i can fix it in editing later." Also she shrinks her head so much. She has like, peter pan syndrome or something. 
    I have another theory, on why Dakota edits the way she does. Her head is shaped more like the first head, but to her, the second one is the more desirable. Its a small difference but anyone who knows anything about faces know the smallest change in a millimetre can change someones face majorly. Its why some people have big faces compared to small, and to Dakota that's everything. Especially when she takes Pics with other models, not to sound like I'm fetishising Asians but they tend to be smaller and the models she poses with themselves to have naturally short round faces. She probably will get surgery. And she probably is depressed. me personally, when I stop caring about myself, no matter what weight I'm at, I start eating like crap and become a little malnourished which makes me bloated and it makes my skin look horrible. I'm trying to reverse it but I'm going at it on my own.  that's why I have all these theories, shes probably sedentary and depressed like me, with similar binge eating patterns. We can lose weight when we don't feel like eating and when we finally do we overdo it and our bodies try to hold on to every last nutriment lol it makes us look doughy and unhealthy. My muscles did atrophy for a while too, but I started trying to change myself within the past two years. Its tough but its better to start and make little changes than keep putting it off

    Her forehead is kinda longer than that tbh but oh well, the jaw and chin are the area she edits the most anyway.
  6.  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/b3lkCMHxApI?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    The video got copyrighted on youtube by Dakota's family.
    You can now watch it on Vimeo, link: https://vimeo.com/234847355