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  1. Post on Sachie in Online Personalities

    By Unlock, posted
    Okay, here's one youtuber that I have not heard of being involved of any dramas. She goes by the name Sachie, is half Chinese and half British and is based in Toronto. She was a part of the whole Geek and Sundries vlogs group and was known as the cosplay guru of the show. She is also good friends with youtube animator Domics.She's also friends with UK youtubers like Kelsey Ellison, Beckii Cruel, etc. I've actually found most of her cosplays to be very good, especially her Sailor Jupiter one which she debuted this year at Katsucon.
    I've seen her reply to comments on youtube, facebook, and messages on tumblr. She did reply to me a couple of times, and she's pretty nice in my opinion.
    Her blog: http://www.lovelycomplex.net/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemonkissu
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sachietv/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sachieTV
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sachietv
    What do you guys think?
  2. OK so I haven't made my own post for cosplayers or snowflakes or w/e on here but I wanted to share Natashazagadka, or Natalie Tatarova. She's eighteen, russian, and from Florida. I always see her on my dash, and on my explore page, and while I don't follow her i Cant help but wonder why she has not been posted yet. She edits in photoshop for ... well... everything? Her skin, her face shape, her body, her "contacts", her makeup, her backgrounds, her clothing, her "prosthetic" ears? I'm not sure WHAT she does irl... I mean she is kind of talented with makeup in some of her photos where there is no photoshop, but overall her costests are just photoshopped on tattoos, eye contacts, eyeliner, eyebrows, contour??? I fail to see how that's fully cosplay... I understand photoshop and editing is 100% cool if you admit, and especially for special effects (i have no prob with her editing her background and maybe like magic and stuff in), but as far as I know she doesn't admit (except to smoothing her skin, she has acne and I struggle with acne too so i definitely understand and appreciate her for posting an unsmoothed selfie) to editing. 
    Also recently she posted a wishlistr, (found here: https://www.wishlistr.com/natashazagadka), but she literally JUST deleted whatever she posted on ig about it... when i went to screencap it was gone. But im guessing she asked people to buy her stuff? I dunno. She is asking on the page, and talks like a typical weeb. I screencapped the wishlistr page for reference in case that gets deleted. She is friends with a lot of the cosplay comm, like lordcreepypeepee, and milkteafox as far as I know... I don't follow a lot of them but that is who I see her interacting with sometimes. I'm just surprised no one ever says stuff about her edits!!
    edit: also, on her younow page which was used THIS YEAR in may 18, 2015 she states she is a lesbian but she is dating (?) this man: https://www.instagram.com/squirrelman238/ which would make her not a lesbian...? at least not by standard definition. i know tumblr likes to say u can identify as lesbian but willingly date a guy but...? wouldnt that make her bisexual, pansexual,  something other than lesbian? (the guy linked refers to himself as he and such, and i don't believe he is trans). **oops. it says "demi" next to his name now in her bio, but i guess she decided she was demi later this same year as lesbian earlier...? i dont know. i get people change just figured it was worth mentioning. 
    I've posted a few collages I made quick under the cut, but here are her links?
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/natashazagadka/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/NatashaZagadka
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ZagadkaNatasha/
    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/natashazagadka
    DA(?): http://natashazagadka.deviantart.com
    VINE: https://vine.co/u/943018580226789376
    YOUNOW: https://www.younow.com/NatashaZagadka
    KEEK (unedited fully): https://www.keek.com/profile/natashaZagadka
  3. How have people not talked about this girl before? I mean look at this shit, its worse than eikkibunny.
  4. Hello. So; I am friends with this girl name Val, aka Taiga.Aisaka_ on instagram.
    She informed me that someone made a hate page of her  ON THIS WEBSITE
    And let me just say something, ok? Val didn't do anything to deserve the hate she's been receiving and shes just a cosplayer who loves to cosplay and ''act'' like the characters and tbfh shes really good at what she does. She isn't afraid like some of you dimwits who hides behind a computer screen trolling innocent people who is just having fun at what they do. I don't know what this website is for, but it needs to stop, Me and her may not have got along so well but we worked passed that and I'm doing my very best to keep her happy and make sure nothing happens to her, cause thats what friends do. If you guys are idiots enough to make a page saying how ''ugly'' she is. How much of a ''weeaboo'' she is. Etc. Then you clearly have no life but to make other people feel bad for themselves. So, stop!  
    If you have any concerns or questions then message my instagram @palmtop.tiger_  [I will most likely wont be on here] 

  6. I've never started a thread before so excuse me if I make any mistakes!
    I don't think there's any drama surrounding this girl? All I know is that she's a Youtuber/cosplayer with a makeup brand. 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kimitoxxxic
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimiluvsukiss/
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/pages/KimiToxxxic/110574982328466
    Makeup Shop: https://www.facebook.com/KorpseKosmetics
    There's more links in her Youtube about page but I'm on mobile so I don't want to keep copy/pasting. 
  7. Post on Freakfeverk in Little Snowflakes

    By Adrien, posted
    Okay, so I have known about this guy for a little while, since the whole Ahripop/Momosweetcosplay situation because I found pictures of him in one of her ig tags or something like that. I don't know much about them, but I really really think they have the potential to be the next Ahri. They're basically boy her. They are trans, I think, ftm, just a heads up. But anyway! Credits to @ricecakecock on instagram for most of the comparison photos, because I found out about 'Naito' through that account. NOW: HE /DOES/ EDIT TO LOOK "TYPICALLY ASIAN" but according to his ask.fm, he isn't claiming to be asian. Just learning Japanese & Korean. But he still is hiding editing and obviously photoshops to look COMPLETELY different than the rest of his family. 
    Some basic information about them: They go by "Naito Hyata", are "22 (I think?)" and dating a male. They're from OR, I believe. All of this is in their ig bio! 
    Social media links (as far as I could find) below:

    - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freakfeverk/
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreakFeverCosplay
    - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreakFeverCosplay/videos
    - Ask.FM: http://ask.fm/FreakFever
    - Old FB: https://www.facebook.com/FreakFeverKoKo
    - Them in a vine a friend posted: https://vine.co/v/emganJwMWEF

    Photos of 'Naito':
    His sister's IG acc and pics of them together:
    Some drama I know of is:
    - He ALWAYS says things are swollen.. probably to hide bad editing:
    He did an sfs & then claimed there was an "urget issues" or something in his family with his Grandma so he WOULDN'T return any of the SFS he did EVER. I unfortunately didn't get a ss of the second post, but here is the original: 
    He went to a convention, and nobody recognized him so he said he was "hiding in plain sight" and a few followers said they didn't even know he was in the same spot as them: 
    And here are some cringey ask.fm answers/ig comments:
    That's all I've found so far, if I see anything else, I'll let you know/add it! What do you guys think? Sorry if this should be in the "interesting people" section... I just think he sounds like a snowflake. 
  8. Post on lunakoto in Online Personalities

    By kekwaifu, posted
    So, there's a girl with 30k followers on instagram, which I don't understand since all her pictures are shit quality selfies with the same filter. I've heard that shes rude in person, does anyone have any stories? 

  9. First came around during the bonbon drama, acting very innocent. But soon showed her true colors. Ran two accounts on here one by the name of MeltyKitten, and another by the name of Snake, but claimed to not check up on pull. Still very active on MeltyKitten. Instigated drama with bonbon to boost her fame, and self posted on here to get more attention. Seems very snowflakey, attention seeking, and annoying. Constantly posts pity seeking posts about her many many illnesses, and always seems to be trying to get sympathy of some sort. Also was caught photoshopping and buying followers. Edits her pictures a lot and used tags like " little girl" and " little" until someone called her out on it. Just seems very self absorbed and trying to copy Bon/Pele or be exactly like her. The self post thread was closed, but I've been really wanting to discuss this potential snowflake! Link to original self post thread! : https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1474-momodere/?page=1
    She has two accounts on instagram, the main is the peachpie.jpg one and her personal is momodere. She uses the momodere account to rant about basically everything. Every time a troll makes a comment on her thiscrush page she makes a post about it just to have her followers pity her. She also deletes these kinds of posts later once she got enough positive feedback from her followers.Her followers always try to cheer her up but still she always makes posts like: 'I have not enough followers', 'I only gained 1-2 followers this week' and so on. She isn't even grateful people haven't gotten tired of her whining and always asks for more followers.She posts questionable photos of herself on her personal account such of herself in lingerie only, close ups of her ass or boobs but then later makes complain posts about how creeps or strangers make her feel uncompfortable. She once made a post about not wanting to be sexualized and said she's gonna block some of her followers but she doesn't realize that: 1) it are strangers / perverts who leave these comments, still she always treatens to block her followers 'just in case' and 2) comments like 'sexy' and 'do you have a boyfriend?' aren't that creepy I think. If you post lingerie photos of yourself.... What do you expect if you send these signals? People who write these comments probably want to compliment her...She even changed her bio from 'positive peach' to 'very negative' because her account is only about ranting and being pissedShe posts herself to PULL but doesn't she realize that people wouldnot only praise but also critizise her? If she really wants 'opinion' why not post yourself to a cosplay website or something? Excuse me but it just reminds me of that girl who posted herself to lolcow and then was surprised that people were talking bad about her...She says she is afraid of creeps and must have her boyfriend control the private messages that are being send to her... But she lurks here on PULL herself (pretty obsessivly)... She is almost an adult but has her boyfriend check and read her DMs that are being sent to her by her 12-16 year old followers.... Because they could be 'creeps' or be 'dangerous'... Always taking care to have herself look most 'fragile', 'innocent' and 'smol' while she is making a second account on PULL and talking really bad about other girls while thinking nobody would find out it's her.

  10. So I'm not sure how to start this kind of thread but I just found this cosplayer on Facebook through the Art of Cosplay page. 
    She is currently promoting an indie comic book. 
    She also did a cosplay of Ariel as her regular self and then a "sexy school girl" party city kind of cosplay.  
    I don't know if she's a bad person or anything I just found her to be a bit interesting and wanted to discuss. 
    She also says that she is an actress. 

  11. I've been lurking on this site for awhile and finally decided to make an account to get opinions on and see if any of my faves have been problematic (yikes).
    Anyway I thought i'd start out by posting about this cosplayer's account i found a few weeks ago through tumblr. I also later followed them on instagram. Her name is Kay and she seems really nice and hasn't done anything wrong as far as I've seen. I know she edits some of her pictures a little because I asked on tumblr but she was really straightforward about what she used so I cant even complain about that. Its pretty rare to see darker skinned cosplayers so I'm happy about that. I think their voltron cosplays are pretty good. What do you guys think?
    here are the links for the tumblr and instagram

  12. This is my first time making a thread so please let me know if I messed something up!
    Jean_Wanwan is a pretty famous instagram cosplayer with more than 50K followers. From what I know they weren't involved in any major drama and they seem to have a really nice personality too.
    I have followed them since way back when they cosplayed kenma from haikyuu!! and first got into love live! and I used to absolutely love their cosplays but recently I find them a bit cringy for some reason? Don't get me wrong I still think they are super pretty but I think it's mainly because of the small obsession with 'loli' characters, the overuse of snow app filters and the way they type? (They use ecchi,loli,nyan etc quite a bit)
    Also idk if I just don't get how instagram works or what but something I noticed is they usually only get around 1.500 likes/post.. for 51.2K followers shouldn't you be getting more than that?
    Main Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jean_wanwan/
    More personal? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jean_tb/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTNkTQqocygviBNyCtEGJg/     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa24VUQ1YsmuYKNPaIjWupg/
    What do you guys think of them? (I'm using them because I'm not sure of their preferred pronouns)
    Some recent photos:

  13. Hello, I couldn't find anything on this person here and so I decided to make my own post. Sorry if I missed anything. 
    David, or, "ravestrifer" on Instagram and maybe on Tumblr too, is a 21 year old male cosplayer from Sweden. From what I have seen, he posts selfies of himself and occasionally his friends and of his cosplays on Instagram. 
    I used to follow him on Instagram and Tumblr before but I stopped without remembering why. Maybe because his repetitive posts got me bored. 
    So I was wondering what you guys think about this person? I'm mainly wondering how he got so popular on social media and who he actually is as a person because sometimes he feels a little bit... off somehow? 
    His Instagram:

  14. Hello everyone!  this is my first post here and i am going to expose a girl named Sairu hoshi. She claims to be a cosplayer in Japan (google her name for her fb page and artist page). she attacked my friend, a youtuber named Persephone, who has a channel named Kim Du Han and Persephone, together with her Korean husband. Sairu Hoshi is in fact an escort, who makes a living by stripping on camera on cosplay uniforms. She claims to make 9000 dollars from cosplay alone, which is a huge lie.
    Persephone made a shocking video exposing her with screenshots. i share that and sais soft porn video. i believe she deserves to be added on the banner!
    link to persephone's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4OIZVutM4Y
    Warning: NSFW, censored pornography:
  15. I can't find a thread about her though she was mentioned here.
    I feel like I'm gonna spam the thread if I posted everything about her in the replies and also it's an "instagram cosplayers" thread and not an "FB cosplayers" thread.
    This girl posted a cosplay of hers in Cosplay Circle, a facebook group made by Alodia for the cosplay community.
    And she was asking like which one do the people like better?
    Naturally, the people in the group were confused since she doesn't look like Kotori so they commented and actually talked with her nicely. Unfortunately, she reacts in a rather not so good manner.
    She deleted her post in Cosplay Circle and posted screenies in her wall like the cosplay community is "toxic" (When in fact she's the one who ranted).
    Even the "reacts", literally fb reacts like the angry reacts, she posted it, it's so unreasonable.
    I can't retrieve other photos since she deleted it lmao. Her white knights are actually foul-mouthed like her.
    They are quite aggressive and harasses some of the commentators with cusses and insults. They are also making racists remarks like Asians are like this and like that.
    Funny thing is that she already said that she's going to quit last January when people noticed her Dva "cosplay".
    More "cosplays" from her:

    And also her "bf" blackmails other people:
    Story accdg to src: This girl edited a Kotori photo changing Kotori's hair to violet. And people shared it around. The girl though has never cussed or called her names like slut or whore and just made a meme. That's why she was so shocked to be blamed by the whole "bullying" thing. Funny thing though, the girl is not from SG, second, she's already a graduate.
    I guess that's it since she BLOCKED everyone who are not praising her in her Facebook account so I can't really see her anymore since she labeled them as "haters".
  16. So there's this girl on Instagram with 1.3k followers. I think she buys them. Also she's super rude! I heard she's a two faced piece of shit (from my friend who talked to her once). I think wears to much eyeliner and all and I'm like 'ewwwww b*tch'. Why am I calling her rude?
    well my friend, was gonna do a cosplay and asked her for some help, then my friend thanks her. Later, like a few hours, she blocks my friend. Wtf boi. And her cosplays are trash unlike my favorite cosplayers!
  17. So, this girl "Abiicandii"  is an average (if not mediocre) cosplayer on ig who recently made a controversial post basically promoting/defending incest & insulting homosexuals/homosexuality. It blew up, she deleted the post, gave a half assed apology, and continued posting as normal. From what I remember she had about 5.4k before the drama, and lost about 200 followers (not sure how relevant that is, but it shows how many people disagreed the post). Anyway, here are some screenshots, her instagram is here: https://www.instagram.com/abiicandii/ 
      She also does a bunch of weird fetish/bondage shit? So maybe incest is another "kink" of hers. (I would post screenshots but I don't want that saved on my computer lol if you want to look they're several pics like that on her profile) 
    Here is the original post: 
     "homosexuality is much more unnatural incest." for as much research she did on the topic she apparently didn't stumble upon the fact that many other animals other than humans have homosexual relationships, such as penguins and lions. 
    I don't have the original apology, but this is the one she has up currently:
       Incredibly half assed imo
    I know she's done some other "problematic" stuff in the past, I think she was accused of "cultural appropriation" because she did some makeup based on The Lion King? But when I looked I couldn't find the post, so I guess she deleted it once her account blew up. I just don't understand why she would post that in the first place? Maybe she just wanted attention? I thought what she did was pretty offensive and wanted some other opinions on the matter. I'm not trying to attack her, I just don't think it's fair of her to make such an offensive post and then give such a shit apology. 
  18. I'm not sure if anyone has started a thread on @mu.kade on Instagram, but I guess it's worth a shot?
    Phoenix's IG
    @Mu.kade goes by "Nix" now, back then they used to be "Alex". They're 15, call themselves a "cosplayer", mostly known for being friends with @Kxrasu (her thread is here). They got a pretty big following on IG, mostly from begging for shoutouts and doing cosplay contests.
    Phoenix does a SHIT ton of "pity-party" kind of stuff, had a couple altercations with their exes, and always begs to be donated money to... half of their content isn't even cosplay anymore, it's mostly "edgy" photos and cosplay contests/promoter searches.
    The problem here? The amount of sponsorships for contact lenses that Phoenix gets for the little amount of content they actually put out. Nix throws tantrums every so often whenever they can't get a certain like count/when they realize their "ghost followers". It's ridiculous how many sponsors they have...
    Also, many british cosplayers have felt attacked by him in some sort of way, and he promotes racism towards east asians. Also yellowfacing. 
  19. (SO I've never made a post like this so tell me if I'm doing something wrong lol)
    I'm surprised to see no one has ever talked about her on here (at least from what I've seen)? @frailu is an instagram cosplayer with a whopping 52.9k follower count, which is kind of suspicious considering that her posts only seem to reach around 1k-2k likes, and her posts that aren't a pic of her don't even reach 1k. She seems to be one of those wannabe-lewdzy-cosplayers-with-a-patreon but what irks me most about her is the whole "loli" persona. 

    She also REALLY seems to enjoy Beautycam lolol
    Another thing that caught my eye was it seems a while back she was posting about some financial trouble? but going to katsucon the NEXT month.
    Boy do I have a special hate in my heart for cosplayers who make their living/financial situation appear worse than it actually is to get pity money from their brainless following. 
    I also remember her starting a Gofundme to help her move out? and also something to do with dental problems??? but I can't find any posts on her account about it anymore or the link. All I have is this:
    Another thing, I believe her, @kimyona.chloe, and @natashazagadka were roommates at one point. I don't know much about Chloe, but I know Natasha too likes to beg her following for money.
  20. Hello everyone! I want to try making a thread for cosplay celebrities and personalities who don't have a thread. The reason I wanna try making this, is that cosplay has been quite popular for some time. And because of that, a lot of people gain fame from it and some can get quite cancerous. 
    Try to name a cosplayer who gets into at least one of the categories:
    1. Overly photoshops his/her photo
    2. Tries to stir up a bunch of drama with other people. Some to the point where their WKs come into action.
    3. Only uses cosplay for fame
    4. Doesn't give credit to rightful people
    5. Always confuses cosplay for fashion
    I can't express just how many girls from the Asian community are like this. But I'm sure there's a lot overseas too.
    Alodia Gosiengfiao (Philippines)
    -she cosplays and streams a lot. But during the earlier years of her cosplay career, Alodia had beef with her former photographer friend for selling out prints without giving her a cut. Also, people have kept on wanting to know what happened to her face coz it dramatically changed. I do believe in her statement that she got braces though. She also tried to do a cringey april fools video where she said she was going back to school. 
    I want to give more examples soon. Just gotta collect data. But comment away for other cosplay personalities.
  21. Nicole "Sheena" Duquette-'Oum'

    Twitter l Instagram l Youtube l Facebook l Deviantart l Patreon l Website l Roosterteeth profile
    Sheena Duquette is a Canadian born cosplayer living in America who heavily edits her cosplay photos and tries too hard to be the next Jessica Nigri. She lies about photoshopping her photos, her "marriage" to avoid getting deported back to Canada, she had a hand in causing Monty's death, is a serial cheater, gold digger, e-beggar and manipulator kissing the asses of any popular person in LA to get herself ahead.
    98% of her cosplays are bought online but she edits them and claims herself to be a "professional" cosplayerShe's now a boudoir cosplayer selling prints and photosets despite not even being a legal citizen of the US and she legally can't work here. Posts fakedeep and vague tweets on twitterShe also signed her dead husband's name on everything she sold at conventions"Monty would have wanted this for me" sympathy points

    Held a gofundme to have a photoshoot IN JAPAN.Whines about not earning enough money off of patreon to get more donationsAdmitted to becoming a titty streamer for the attention + moneySold Monty's belongings after he diedLying about Editing


    Monty Oum and Roosterteeth
    There is so much to unpack here, so I've put chunks in spoilers to save space

    Sheena and Monty Oum (former animator for Rooster Teeth and creator of RWBY) met in 2013 at a convention after talking online, she decidedly flew to the US to stay with him after he was rejected by another woman and so their relationship began within three months. The relationship was mostly one-sided with Monty spending a LOT of money on Sheena while she cosplayed. Whenever he would be invited as a guest to a convention, Sheena would follow and he'd have to accommodate for her. This lead to some.... choice actions.
    Her talking shit about other cosplayers because they're not on ~*her*~ level (mostly towards female cosplayers)They had sex in their hotel room... while other people were there.Is a terrible cosplay judgeMonty's Death/Aftermath
    They married in May 2014 and kept the ordeal strictly hush-hush for unspecified reasons (some say it was Monty's wishes) until after he was hospitalized then in a comatose after going into anaphylactic shock during a medical procedure in late January of 2015. Monty died on February 1st.
    What caused his sudden death was that he was undergoing routine shots for his severe cat allergy, but instead he had a fatal reaction, leading to a coma and brain death. This was likely due to the fact that Sheena had, months earlier, picked up a stray cat and brought it to their apartment to keep, despite knowing that Monty was deathly allergic. Monty agreed to keep it but had to routinely get vaccinated to build immunity. In the months leading up he grew sicker and sicker despite getting vaccinated. With him spending so much time near the cat in his apartment (he was a stubborn workaholic and his immune system was already weak) plus the vaccination carrying the allergy, it was too much for his body to handle. He died from being overexposed to the cat allergen.
    tldr; She adopted a cat knowing Monty was allergic, he died from being overexposed to cat allergens, Sheena took no blame.
    Sheena wasted no time to come clean about their marriage and changed both her's and his profiles to reflect that while Monty was dying in the hospital. A gofundme was set up to pay for both the medical expenses + Monty's funeral which raised over 250,000$. That gofundme stayed open for a full year after it met it's goal and she was still getting money from it.
    Shenna wore a miniskirt and high heels to Monty's wake (no funeral was held, he was cremated) and appeared bored.She took sperm from him while he was in a coma because Monty did not want to start a family until he was done workingThe Oum family hates Sheena for taking the money from the gofundme, never telling them that she was married to Monty, and cutting them off.They didn't even have time to fly out to see him because they found out he was dead right before his wake was held.She changed all of Monty's profile statuses to "Married" and deleted all of his older photos with exes as he was dying in the hospital.

    So where did all that money go? 
    That same year she and Jessica Nigri flew to London and went on a shopping spreeShe bought new cosplay materialsShe got a new set of boobs done 
    During their relationship, Monty had tried to get Sheena to work with him at Roosterteeth on RWBY as an animator (despite having no background). She wasn't hired, but she still threw in her two cents now and then to Monty for the show as 'freelance work.' He had a character (Winter Schnee) created in her likeness that he had planned to put in the show and use her as the voice actress for Winter. 
    When Monty had passed, Shane (another Roosterteeth employee) worked overtime trying to fill in the blanks for the show and get Sheena her documents to live as a citizen because her visa was running out. Because of him spending so much time away from his family working and with another woman, his home life soured and his wife wanted to divorce him. It only got worse as CRWBY redrafted Winter's design, held open auditions for Winter's voice (someone else ended up being picked), and closed the doors on Sheena. Shane was fired after trying to fight back the change from what he thought was against Monty's vision.
    You can read all about in in Shane's 32-page essay about how he feels betrayed and what happened to him and Sheena. (it's pathetic lol)Supposedly Sheena already had bad blood with Roosterteeth for not liking the other female employees that were there; meanwhile nobody at Roosterteeth liked her.Sheena did not have any major role in RWBY's production despite what she saysSheena never worked for Roosterteeth period.She's responsible for causing someone else's divorce. 
    Dirty Laundry (Being a serial cheater)
    Cheated on Monty with a guy named Sam Batty. She flew out to London to start officially dating him after Monty died. (Sam was also already in a relationship with another woman who was pregnant at the time)Slept with Sam Batty's friend during her London visitStarted dating a guy named Arin Robinson after her relationship with Sam ended. He attempted to WK her on lolcow.BUT HE CAME FORWARD WITH THE TRUTH AFTER SEEING HER TALKING SHIT ABOUT HIM POST-BREAKUP (spoilered: full text from Arin)So not only is she a liar, she's a cheater, abuser, shit-talker and manipulatorScreenshots from her discord's mods calling her out.One of the members of her circle who came to lolcow to talk about her (spoilered text) (link to lolcow thread)