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  1. Post on Sachie in Online Personalities

    By Unlock, posted
    Okay, here's one youtuber that I have not heard of being involved of any dramas. She goes by the name Sachie, is half Chinese and half British and is based in Toronto. She was a part of the whole Geek and Sundries vlogs group and was known as the cosplay guru of the show. She is also good friends with youtube animator Domics.She's also friends with UK youtubers like Kelsey Ellison, Beckii Cruel, etc. I've actually found most of her cosplays to be very good, especially her Sailor Jupiter one which she debuted this year at Katsucon.
    I've seen her reply to comments on youtube, facebook, and messages on tumblr. She did reply to me a couple of times, and she's pretty nice in my opinion.
    Her blog: http://www.lovelycomplex.net/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemonkissu
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sachietv/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sachieTV
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sachietv
    What do you guys think?
  2. Post on Anzujaamu in Online Personalities

    By Mikan, posted
    ♢ Link dump ♢ 
    There was a thread for Anzu on the previous PULL Interesting people section. Thought I should carry discussion over to here.
    To my knowledge she hasn't done anything overly snowflakey, there was rumours of her shooping her legs but nothing serious. In the previous thread people found some archived pictures of her when she was young (around 13/14) and she was a little chubby.
    However, she recently won a large cosplay competition with a bought costume that she received as a sponsor (she is sponsored by a lot of companies which is where she gets all of her lenses/wigs/clothes from). And subsequently won a trip to Japan from winning that comp, which is where she is now as I'm writing this. 
    Personally I like her style, she seems a nice person. Thoughts?
  3. Does roseyume Photoshop? She seems to have different face shapes in each picture and different color of face
    i s she Japanese or Korean or mixed? just feel like she is trying to hard to become Japanese  
    her Instagram is : rose.yume
    tumblr is : roseyume.tumblr.com

  4. Post on Cosplay? in General Discussion

    By Mikan, posted
    Just wondering if there were any cosplayers here. Also just a general cosplay related chit-chat thread.
    What costumes are you planning/making? 
  5. I seriously hope this is the right thread to do this in, if it isn't I'm really sorry for the trouble!
    Okay, I've been looking for this high and low and I cannot find it anywhere. Er actually I can find it but the largest size I can find is L and I need an 2XL. Does anyone know which store that sells this and does custom work(is it possible for them to like customize this or?)

    I also have another request =x I've been looking for this and I haven't found it anywhere:

    I'm looking for it in the same size as the one above. ;-; Sorry if this is too much work or something. I've tried looking on Aliexspress and ebay and nothing turned up! I hope someone can find it...
  6. The waifu of Ahripop
    This young lass reminds me of Ahripop so much. She will defend her, edit like her and possibly be have magical boobs like her but that's just my observations from her IG.
    Which is here: https://www.instagram.com/sumomo_/
    Here is some evidence of her defending the Ahri, though most of the people commenting Ahri is not actually impacting her but whatever.

    And here is some images that stand out to me~ sorry, I am on phone and this was easier for me.

    So, I am not saying she is Snowflake material but she doesn't seem real to me and have future interest due to her being Ahri's 'favourite' at the moment.
    She also has a tumblr here: 
  7. I'll try and keep this relatively short, but TLDR at the end of the post.

    -States that he's a professional cosplayer despite only cosplaying a year according to his bio.
    -Supposedly bought his way into being a guest at Ikkicon [I say supposedly because I haven't found solid sources. Please keep that in mind.]
    -He claims he was a guest at several well known conventions, and while he may have been an attendee he was not a guest. He competed at A-Kon and San Japan.
    -Claims he was the inspiration for Fox from RWBY. This was quickly debunked by Monty's wife - Sheena Oum - and is incredibly disrespectful.
    -Also claims he's going to be voicing Fox in RWBY season 3 which is untrue.
    -Ikkicon didn't allow him to judge the contest, however he id give out his own judges awards AFTER "Best In Shows".
    -Hioshi's props are identical to that of Aishi Cosplay and Shop. The page even has photos of him wearing said costumes, and saying the "costume set" is by Aishi Cosplay, not Hioshi. He doesn't have progress photos to support his creation of the costumes.
    SOURCE [Has a bit more info, I tried to sum it up]
    TL;DR - Said he was the inspiration for the late Monty Oum's character Fox in RWBY.  He also claimed he was set to voice Fox in season 3 of RWBY. Might have bought his way into being a guest. Doesn't seem to actually make his own things.
    It looks like Hioshi apologized [if you want to put it that way] a few hours back. Post in the spoiler.
     And it also looks like Aishi Cosplay and Shop said he was part of their team... but it still seems really suspicious in my opinion. Just because he's part of their team doesn't mean he made said props. Here's the cap anyway.

    P.S. If you feel that this is not fitting for the Snowflakes section, feel free to move it. 
  8. I found a LOT of photos of Nigri, and I noticed there wasn't a photo dump thread, so I hope it's okay that I opened one. If not, mods feel free to delete. Most of the photos I have here are fan photos/out of cosplay photos/instagram photos
  9. How have people not talked about this girl before? I mean look at this shit, its worse than eikkibunny.
  10. Hello. So; I am friends with this girl name Val, aka Taiga.Aisaka_ on instagram.
    She informed me that someone made a hate page of her  ON THIS WEBSITE
    And let me just say something, ok? Val didn't do anything to deserve the hate she's been receiving and shes just a cosplayer who loves to cosplay and ''act'' like the characters and tbfh shes really good at what she does. She isn't afraid like some of you dimwits who hides behind a computer screen trolling innocent people who is just having fun at what they do. I don't know what this website is for, but it needs to stop, Me and her may not have got along so well but we worked passed that and I'm doing my very best to keep her happy and make sure nothing happens to her, cause thats what friends do. If you guys are idiots enough to make a page saying how ''ugly'' she is. How much of a ''weeaboo'' she is. Etc. Then you clearly have no life but to make other people feel bad for themselves. So, stop!  
    If you have any concerns or questions then message my instagram @palmtop.tiger_  [I will most likely wont be on here] 

  12. I've never started a thread before so excuse me if I make any mistakes!
    I don't think there's any drama surrounding this girl? All I know is that she's a Youtuber/cosplayer with a makeup brand. 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kimitoxxxic
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kimiluvsukiss/
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/pages/KimiToxxxic/110574982328466
    Makeup Shop: https://www.facebook.com/KorpseKosmetics
    There's more links in her Youtube about page but I'm on mobile so I don't want to keep copy/pasting. 
  13. ''Real life anime girl'' 
    Also a link to her wishlist on her Instagram bio... 
    I don't actually follow her, but she keeps popping up on my explore page. I was intrigued and googled her, she has a YouTube channel. 
    I looked around and saw no threads on her yet. 
    Here are some links: 
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/zilla308/
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zilla308
    Website: http://www.zilla308.com/ 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zilla308/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/zilla308 
    Tumblr: http://zilla308.tumblr.com/ 
    She seems to be very proud of her (obviously fake) breasts and her body in general, which I can't blame her for... 
    It's all a bit porny, so be warned. 
    Interesting YouTube vid about her surgery 
    So let me know what you guys think. I'm quite new to this site so I don't actually know how all of this works yet =P 
  14. I think this came up various time on other people's thread before so I decided I could open a thread for it as it is a topic to be often discussed and with a variety of opinions on it. The subject is that a cosplayer happens to use a lot of editing on their photos to turn their pics into a mixture of photography and cgi/artwork and are hardly to be identified as the human they are in real life.
    Worldcosplay: https://worldcosplay.net/member/lusia
    Lucia is a south-korean cosplay girl who has been mentioned as 'photoshop gone to far' in various forum discussions considering the use of photo editing when it comes to cosplay. However, it is not deniable that there is a certain aestethic when it comes to her photos. She usually edits her photos to evoke a more doll-like appearence, however she crosses the line when it comes to 'real human anatomy' and 'anime anatomy' which makes it really obvious that she is editing and does not try to stick to human anatomy rules.

    She has around 4500~ followers on worldcosplay, however I do think she does not attend any cons as she does not want people to see her real face and there is a huge disscussion among her fans how she has aquired her doll-like look (if she might even had surgery irl). I personally really like the overall athmosphere of her photos and enjoy to look at it, however I always do have in mind that this girl is not 'real' and might look very different in reality from what we see on her photos. But since she makes it really obvious that her photos are edits and uses it to turn them into a work of art, I actually do like her photos.
    What do you think about the photo-editing? Do you think it is neccessary or is it cool as long as the cosplayer make it obvious and use it as some sort of 'art'? I actually like the thinking of creating some kind of artworks with the base of photos but I think it would be better if people actually stopped to pretend they are 'real life manga girls'. (Lucia does not admit to editing.)

    a youtube vid about her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gldfyjPkZK0
  15. What're your guys' opinions on european cosplayers
    which ones do you hate and which ones do you like? 
    Opinions on captaincrunchcosplay from germany or somebody else from germany?
    Opinions on jack.pendragon from sweden and  somebody else from sweden?
    Opinions on fetsu chan from england and  others from england? ?

  16. Okay so small rant!! 
    I fucking hate this girl, so fucking much 
    she shows off so much, and tries so fucking hard to get likes Afro her cosplay page 
    she's 16 or 17 years old now
    and started a go fund me to help her find her buying more supplies for cosplays without trying to get a job or anything!! She sell after that deleted the go find me after due to some problems
    during  photoshoot with her she pushed me so the camera can get to her good side, and she straightend herself up to show more cleavage 
    (note : my boyfriend is with us staring) 
    Sorry for the short rant 
    this is my first time posting here

  17. Sometime ago I stumbled upon a thread on lolcow (or something like this) and saw this girl I “knew” from twitter. She was in my suggestions of people I should follow today because I follow some of her mutual friends, so I remembered her. Anyways even though I could swear I saw a thread on here of her, I can’t seem to find anything? If she changed her name and has a thread under it or something, I’m really sorry!
    But enough of the nonsense, first of all I provide some links (sorry, somehow I can't link them via the forums feature, I hope it works anyways!):





    She isn’t super problematic, so please don’t get mad at me if you think she is boring. I don’t want to come off as jealous or something (because I’m certainly not) but I wanted to share someone who MIGHT be of interest, especially in the future.

    That said, I’m not going into things that were said about her, when I’m not sure about them / can’t find actually proof but the list is quite long. For example disliking Japanese culture but only liking Anime or “Weeaboo”-stuff but at the same time making fun of “Weeaboo”, dropping out of school to laze around and being really spoilt, dumping her boyfriend right before she first visited japan and then go out with the first “gaijin hunter”.

    To me she SEEMs kind of rude and immature, but maybe that is just me. What I found absolutely disrespectful is that she and her friends made fun of a sleeping man in the train… even with physical contact (not harming him but they certainly humiliate him):


    I’ll attach some pictures as well! Because I don’t know if it is possible to place them anywhere in your post, so I can comment on them step by step I’ll put numbers on them. I’m sorry if it is confusing!

    # 1 – Most likely never happened. I’ve been to Harajuku before, even though I didn’t cosplay anything but; as commonly known anyways; the fashion there is crazy. I assume because she’s gaijin there MIGHT be some interest but 500 people? I personally think that is really farfetched…

    # 2.1 & 2.2 – I believe she photoshops her legs? I don’t know if she lied about it, just wanted to point it out. As Sailor Mars they don’t look as thin as in the other photo

    # 3 – Has a really delusional view of Japan. I try to translate the important points (my own comments in square brackets):
    -          She doesn’t like Asia, she only likes Japan
    -          She likes Anime/Manga but doesn’t watch it [How…?]
    -          Japanese people are all: well behaved, tolerant, disciplined
    -          The people there are “bumbling / awkwardly friendly”
    -          Everyone is accepted: businessman, lolita and old ladies in Kimono as well
    -          Even hobos are admirable because they live in cool self-made carton houses [yeah, she really wrote that. What the f…?]
    -          The country might be crazy but that is what she loves, Germany is too plain
    -           The food is scrumptious, healthy and nutritious [apparently as soon as she was in Japan she hated it and for example threw away whole packages of food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m29eiRlAUTs – around 1:30, she says she doesn’t like the food] and even though she likes Hamburg, to live in Japan is her dream [same video she states that she would NEVER like to live there at around 2:40 – but to be honest, I think maybe she grew up and learned, so actually that is something positive!]
    -          Every sexuality is highly accepted in Japan [Honey, just because they don’t get discriminated like in Russia for example, that doesn’t mean that they welcome homosexuality with open arms…]
    -          She gets her point across via some examples like gay Samurai and male Geisha [Yeah, there was a time in our society when it was perfectly normal to have some catamite as male aristocratic but that was years ago… so in her logic Germany would be as accepting as for example Japan – not that here in Germany is “heavy discrimination” like in some other countries but I hope you get the point: just because there was something considered normal and not problematic years ago that doesn’t mean everyone is fine and dandy with it at this time and age]
    -          Japanese are uptight but she thinks that is adorable and don’t let her get started on Japanese men! She loves their looks especially because she loves androgynous looks. She also states that she’ll fall for every Japanese guy no matter his age.

    # 4 – Represents an unhealthy thinking of body-image, I’ll translate it from bottom first to top [Please also keep in mind that she has a very young following, they look up to her and she posts pictures with really thin legs and a thin body and then says stuff like this]:
    -          “@[censored name] I always wanted to go there but every time I see a mos Burger I’m not hungry HAHAHA
    -          + for Japan – No matter at what time and what McDonalds, it is always fresh and never cold and scruffy [Like, when it lays around outside for too long]
    -          Now I made myself hungry HAHAHA Let’s see what the scale says HAHA
    -          The scale says a big no
    # 5 – Apparently she goes out in cosplay to garner attention from Japanese people? I’ll translate it from the bottom to the top [Maybe I’m a bit uptight but that seems really cringe-worthy to me and also strange to approach strangers kids in a cosplay? Imagine a guy doing this…]
    -          Tweets picture of Anna from Frozen [On Instagram the caption of her cosplay is something like “Make them kids smile”]
    -          Okay, I’m done now. Now all I have to do to find the courage to go outside alone…
    -          What if there aren’t any children outside? T^T Do I stroll around or do I stand alone somewhere? Awkward level over 9000
    (Bonus-Link from her Facebook post about it: https://www.facebook.com/YazoChan/posts/1048155061899309:0)

  18. Post on Zeal XV in Online Personalities

    By blackmoral, posted
    Haven't seen any posts regarding her (to my surprise!), and I got curious.
    From people I know who lives in her area, I heard she's actually notorious...?
    She's very very famous online..

    FB Page
    World Cosplay

    Not gonna lie, she looks amazing. @[email protected];; doesn't look like she over-edits either.
  19. Post on Jieun Lee in Online Personalities

    By Kirexus, posted
    hi everyone I'm kinda new yay! 
    So I saw this girl who goes by the name of Jieun Lee...but her real name is Tessie. She likes to be called Jieun tho, so let's go by that name
    I know this girl in real life and all my friends know her for her lies , kind of koreaboo actions + faux personality
    i don't wanna be really mean but I'm just gonna add some pictures and statements of her, you'll be the judge
    I think she's like a neo-nazi or something...I just hope she's joking
    ALSO JUST REMEMBER THIS GIRL IS 15/16, has 3 different Instagram accounts and often changes the username.
    ps. Can someone translate for me what she's saying in Korean

  20. Pinkumiruki (previously mettaten) is a 17 year old cosplayer on instagram who always says they look terrible in their photos for attention, and even though they're seventeen they post sexually themed photos that are really uncomfortable. They block "ghost followers", or anyone who follows them without spamming their photos. They also whined about how many of their followers weren't active and were so torn up about it they created an entire new account for their "true fans", while guilt tripping people who didn't like all of their photos. They also attack their fans when they request a character to cosplay and are extremely condescending. They fetishize Japanese culture and make everything "yaoi boiz". They always seem to be in some kind of drama. They've also been called racist and sexist but I haven't seen them do anything like that. Photos attached are examples of shit they do. Some of these were also deleted but I have reciepts. Anyone else had any issues with them?

  21. Hello everyone, so most of us on the Knitemaya thread, we were talking about Geheichou and possibly starting a thread for him, so with that being said, I'd like to thank @GoMons for compiling all this info on him, this is all @GoMons work and investigation, I'm helping them organize the thread and post it for them!
    So first things first:

    A Spanish cosplayer who you may know through this gif:

    In the spoiler alone is screens of making fun of his Fans:
    Tweet1: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/690400577512181764
    Tweet2: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/687283687457722368
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He mentioned twice (Twitter and Tumblr) 'DreamWorks animation' for an hypothetical live action with him as main character.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/tagged/dreamworksfanspotlight
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/geheichou/status/719682071111684096?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
    He identifies as pansexual on his tumblr F.A.Q.
    He also said he has preferences:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Gehe's did some art exhibitions:
    Gazte arte.
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    He did an art exhibition too with his father.
    His patreon:

    'I will make a personal video only for you! '.
    2 patreons of $100 rewards, if there will not that pledge he would only had $18.
    Some Gehe's posts, you can read in the description:
    AnD yes, I'm in class right now and my clasmates are so confused hHaHAAHAOHOHHO
    Tumblr link: http://geheichous.tumblr.com/post/118298589820/so-apparently-now-i-am-a-girl-and-dramaticalLinks to the post and down below are screens:
    Some fanpages:
    His CON photos vs the photos he posted online:
    Hiro Hamada, Geheichou's photo: 
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Mikazuki, Geheichou's photo:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    This Mikazuki fan's photo was taken on an event, 'Silent Drama Comic Con' in China where he was invited with other cosplayers like Knitemaya.
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Haikyuu!! (Hinata) Geheichou's, photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    Screencapture from a video:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    More Gehe's photos:
    Links to the post and down below are screens:
    He basically is saying, hey, I'm alone in Valentine's day, I have no girlfriend/boyfriend.
    He said that he's a profesional cosplayer:
    Link to the post and down below are screens:
    Cosplays he posted on https://worldcosplay.net/ :

    Marco Bodt - Levi and Haikyuu!! cosplay seems bought. He said that his Haikyuu cosplay was bought.
    Extra, the photoshop stuff:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 01:
    Geheichou's Shiro - Voltron photo 02:
  22. (Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I looked around on where to place this thread, so I'm hoping I got it right. If not I am so sorry)  
    Please don't yell at me.  
    However, I wanted to make this thread to a) let off a little steam and b) get your opinions on this, as she is quite similar (pretty much) a carbon copy of Jessica Nigiri, Well I hate to be mean- a PRIMARK version. 
    The reason why I have somewhat of a dislike towards Kitty Brooker, is her constant need to internet fame- at first, I didn't mind it as I kinda knew her back in 2012 and she was this scene/emo/goth 'model' on model mayhem, who did some gigs with 'Blood on the dancefloor' as a dancer (LOL- if you don't know who they are, look them up, its quite shocking). And then she tried her hand as this serious 'artist' in doing weird commission art- which didn't go so well. 
    And suddenly she is this self proclaimed 'geek' and 'gamer' (and I have chatted to her and been on her facebook friends since 2012, let me just say she never once talked about these things), making money of something I generally like. 
    Not only that, she has come off a bit shady to me. 
    She posted up a facebook status over the jeffree star 'drama'- saying that she was boycotting him, that he is an awful human being and how she has had run in's with him in the past- but soon deleted it and kinda flooded her instagram with pictures of him and his products.... 
    Am I just being out of order here? Or have I generally got a reason to be a little agged over people lusting over a faker gamer nerd in a pikachu bikini saying that she wants people to 'catch her pikas'?
  23. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010920974155
  24. So I keep seeing generic copslay pages get popular and I was wondering if you guys seen it too. 
    Their main formula is usually: 
    -Skinny White girls who all have the same face and are doing the same exact cosplays. 
    -Having very little men for the sake of appealing to neckbreads. 
    -POC cosplays (even the Asian ones)  are forbidden.  
    -The more skin the better.
    -Cosplay memes 
    -Praising Jessica Nigri so that her fans are attracted to the page. 
    -Using the "too many submissions" excuse to avoid looking prejudice when people question why there is not POC or men. 
    One of the them that are super guilty is The Art of Cosplay page.  
    I'm really sick of these cosplay pages because they protray to people who are new to cosplay that you can only look like these girls to be called a cosplayer.  You know that they are quilty once you call them out for it and they get condensing instead of actually showing concern that someone felt that way and wanted to make a change. 
    Most cosplay pages seem to only be for neckbeards now and it's really dissapointing.  
    I was hoping you guys stumbled across/ interacted with a few of them too  and had screenshots of what they did/said because it seems people are just letting them get away with making these pages/YouTube/blogs etc that are claiming to be the epitome of what cosplay means and is supposed to be. 
     Honestly the only one I like is the guy from Cosplay In America.  He uploads his pictures of all different types of races,  body types,  disabilities,  and religious attire (like cosplaying with a hijab on). 
    Honestly if you're gonna make a page for guys to drool over girls be like those ig accounts who straight up say "hot cosplay girls".
    A few other people mentioned that this page only posts the exact same girls too.