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  1. Does anyone know what circle lenses brand Taylor R uses? Most of colored circle lenses around stores and online places normally have like "dotted pattern texture", so they look very ugly and artificial.
    But those lenses that Taylor R normally wears look like they have a neat fading gradient from green to transparent color in the center.
    She  posted a video about her taking these ones, but they don't look at all like the ones she normally wears in videos. She mentioned in a video she uses to order them online and the lenses diameter is 15.5-16 mm.
    I've already checked Pink Paradise and Uniqso (where she bought some huge black lens for a Halloween cosplay) but I couldn't find any lenses that look like in her videos/photos.

    In one of her videos she grabs for her friend Sharla these ones http://www.donkimall.com/shop/products/detail.php?product_id=14917, but the effect has NOTHING to do at all with the one you can see in her videos, because those lenses pattern is that crappy dotted pattern texture I dislike: