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  1. (does anyone go through this topic anymore? warning, this is long) 
    I don't know how to start this, and it's going to sound stupid, but I have been going through this existential crisis type of thing lately.  If I call it that. I have been thinking about my college and career in general, I am still currently in school. I think I am younger than some PULL members, I know some are adults here. So I wanted some advice (sigh being an adult lol). From when I was still in elementary, I wanted to draw, so I drew for a few years and wanted to become better. I thought maybe it will be my career because I still draw up to this day, but it's not anymore. I don't think I'm improving at art at all and I'm not that good in general, so I'm losing interest of staying with that career, maybe just a hobby. I don't want to become an art teacher or something like that. So when I ask myself, "what career do I want to go with?" I don't know. I feel stuck. I know you might be thinking, "no matter what age you are, it's still too early, just wait!" I do think it will come later, however they keep telling me to prepare at least. If I'm going to have a career, I want to work hard for it. I'm afraid of failing school and my grades. My other interest is being a musician, maybe a singer (or something else, it's possible that I don't have singing potential lol) or a dancer of some sort. I don't go through any lessons, but I want to start. My dad told me to have a career and job that you enjoy, because you succeed better. I was thinking of singing, because I have severe social anxiety, and honestly it's getting really bad. I feel if I sing it will help me become confident with my voice since I think it's too quiet or I am just bad in speaking in general. I also have been inspired to sing because it seems enjoyable. Of course being a singer for my career is a way harder, because of competition now days. (Not that I dream of being Beyoncé or anything). I also feel like playing instruments as well, I have been having a interest for that for a while. I'm sort of depressed about this, because I also want to do this for my parents. As their daughter, I can't help but feel like a burden. I have average grades, not that mentally well, or I don't do much. I tend to stay inside my house because I haven't been feeling good lately. Even my dad is trying to tell me to stop staying inside. I want to achieve more as a person and make my parents feel better about me. I'm not that close to them anymore but I would feel better if I could not disappoint them. And if your wondering about me seeking help, I do, I just haven't had the opportunity to see them yet. If you guys have any thing to say, I will appreciate it, thank you  
    (And wow, my posts are actually typed neatly for once)
    oops, so sorry that the text is big! it's being funny 
  2. My second year living in a dorm away at college. My second year having issues with roommates. General rundown:
    1st year: Roommates were completely unhygenic and ran everyone out of the room. We all got moved second semester.
    2nd year: Roommates are extremely entitled. They brought 0 furniture for the dorm (but they asked us to even though we get a couch and table etc). One roommate transfers, they basically drive two others out and they take furniture with them. Then they come to ME expecting me to buy furniture. They've broken my makeup, ate my food, threw away a friend of mine's clothing, acted like I didn't exist for almost 2 months and excluded me from so much. But they come into my room and hint they want my TV. Then the only time they text me over break is to ask what I'm bringing that they need. I like to share, but I was basically bullied out of using our living room so I have NEVER used any of their stuff. And I even bought 150+ kitchen sized garbage bags and they used them all in a month. I do my own trash, clean after myself etc.
    The issue: the RD gets PISSED if you try to move and after all the drama they caused with the other roommates she hates our entire cluster. And I can't live off campus because my scholarship dictates I live in the dorm. Does anyone have any advice on what to do???