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    Ariana Grande-Butera or simply Ariana Granda is a 25 year old  American Singer from Florida known for her hits song as well as her drama with Ex and Ex Costars
    She Started On the Set of Victorious playing Cat Valentine the series lasted for 3 years untill it was canceled. Most blamed Ariana for the Cancelation but Ari said in a tweet at the time that someone else wanted to do a tour and that some was Victoria Justice. She however blame Ariana For the show being canceled because of her Diva like behavior behind the scenes 
    This would kick of years of beef between Her and Victoria which seem to had ended but if its still on going can some please clarify in the thread 
    On the set of Sam & Cat after Victorious had ended Jennette McCurdy responded to a question on twitter Via twitlonger saying how Ariana was a Diva behind the scenes and how she was earning more than her Mcrurdy ResponseAfter Sam &Cat Got Cancanceld she started her music Career in 2010 
    Let Do a quick rundown on who she dated before  
    Graham Phillips 2009-2011
    Jai Brooks 2012-2014
    Nathan Skyes 2013
    Big Sean 2015
    Ricky Alvarez 2015-2016
    Mac Miller 2016-2018
    Pete Davidson 2018
    The Drama started around 2015 when she was dating Big Sean and after he Left her. When Big Sean was asked why he dump her he responded that she was "Selfish" and "Immature" and weeks after he claim he use Justin Beiber  to hurt him.
    She and Pete Gotten engaged after only dating for 4 months. Of course alot of fans had doubts it would lasts.  Soon they both began doing weird things. Her releasing a song called Pete on her album Him making jokes about living with her on SNL. Both buying a pig. Soon the relationship began to deteriorate in public and once She called off the Engagement It sorta sent Pete into a downward spiral to a point where he made a cryptd suicidal Instagram post. Hes alright but he refused to see Ariana when she showed up to the set of SNL to check on him when he was there.
    *im sorry i know im not addressing the Mac stuff i really dont know much about that feel free to add that as well as the other ex's she dated
    Her licking a Doughnut in July 2015 and saying she "Hate America"Her Wanting to be carried everywhere when she's tiredHer saying she wants her fans to "Die" allegedlyHer Walking out of a photo shoot due do "bad lighting"