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  1. There's been a trend of fully white or non-black IG models who pretend to be black or have all the general marks as race den fakers/catfish. 
    Before any of y'all hit me with the "but x people can have tan skin/curly hair/thick lips/curves/ect." those people aren't who I'm talking about. 
    The types I'm talking about have all the trademarks of race-fakers discussed in the Koreaboos/Weaboos threads. 
    This girl was the first one I came across - she's fully Swedish. 
    She has a tan naturally, but also uses foundation several shades darker to complete her "look". She also went viral for her highlighting a while back. Had a YouTube tutorial, but I can't find the link, so I'm thinking she took it down. Before she did, she had to disable the comments due to how much people were dragging her. 
    She's far from the only one. There's a few Twitter threads about this topic. I don’t like the popular term that's being used for this now, and you'll see why, so if you find more, please just use the term blackfishing. 
    Of course, there's obviously miss trendsetter Rachel Dolezal. 

    And this German woman who got full blown surgery, including skin injections, to wear blackness like a costume and thinks she's actually black now. 

    As well as Truedy from Unpretty Rapstar. 

    ^^^ She even had interviews where she was crying about being compared to Yoon Mi Rae, but tried desperately to copy her. When she was outed, she was quick to backtrack, but deleted every comment on her Instagram that was trying to politely educate her on why what she was doing was offensive. As well as dropping the "I respect the culture" excuse a lot of race-fakers use when they're caught. 
    As with all race-fakers, it's usually painfully obvious people are pretending to be something they're not.