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  1. Mod edit:
    Belle Delphine copy cats thread
    Please go to the above thread to post about any Belle knock offs. There's also some copy cats (Indigo White, Lina Mariee) who have their own threads. Thanks!
    I can't find a thread about her though she was mentioned here.
    I feel like I'm gonna spam the thread if I posted everything about her in the replies and also it's an "instagram cosplayers" thread and not an "FB cosplayers" thread.
    This girl posted a cosplay of hers in Cosplay Circle, a facebook group made by Alodia for the cosplay community.
    And she was asking like which one do the people like better?
    Naturally, the people in the group were confused since she doesn't look like Kotori so they commented and actually talked with her nicely. Unfortunately, she reacts in a rather not so good manner.
    She deleted her post in Cosplay Circle and posted screenies in her wall like the cosplay community is "toxic" (When in fact she's the one who ranted).
    Even the "reacts", literally fb reacts like the angry reacts, she posted it, it's so unreasonable.
    I can't retrieve other photos since she deleted it lmao. Her white knights are actually foul-mouthed like her.
    They are quite aggressive and harasses some of the commentators with cusses and insults. They are also making racists remarks like Asians are like this and like that.
    Funny thing is that she already said that she's going to quit last January when people noticed her Dva "cosplay".
    More "cosplays" from her:

    And also her "bf" blackmails other people:
    Story accdg to src: This girl edited a Kotori photo changing Kotori's hair to violet. And people shared it around. The girl though has never cussed or called her names like slut or whore and just made a meme. That's why she was so shocked to be blamed by the whole "bullying" thing. Funny thing though, the girl is not from SG, second, she's already a graduate.
    I guess that's it since she BLOCKED everyone who are not praising her in her Facebook account so I can't really see her anymore since she labeled them as "haters".
  2. Belle Delphine main thread
    This thread is for Belle Delphine copycats and knock offs. Please refer to her main thread for discussions about Belle.
    Also please put nsfw or borderline nsfw pictures under a spoiler.
    There are some copycats who already have their own thread and I'll link them down below.
    Otherwise, Belle Delphine edits are a combination of many or all of the following:
    - skin smoothed like a rock sitting at the bottom of the ocean since the Paleozoic era
    - skin so blurred that the nose disappears into the face
    - minimal to no top lip
    - bunny rabbit front teeth
    - pink wig with cat ears
    - ahaego expressions
    - heavy eye makeup on the top; winged eyeliner, false lashes, but little to no makeup on the bottom lash line
    - pastel colour palette in all or many of their pictures
    - questionable/ borderline underaged (read: pedophile) aesthetic while the model themselves is above age
    Copycats who have their own threads:
    Lina Mariee
    Indigo White
    Aria Rose