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  1. I started a youtube channel and I am wondering what kinds of videos people would be interested to see. I have things in mind like ombre lips, eyeliner, and contour videos but if anyone has unique ideas comment to let me know...
    I also just made my first video today so let me know what you think of it..
  2. Hello. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to start a topic or not because I've actually been lurking this (or these) site(s) for some time now but I've never had the confidence to actually create an account. Sorry in advance if I mess anything up because I really don't mean it. Anyway, I saw that there was no topic about skincare in general/skin care routines or products that have worked so I decided I would start one.
    Things that have worked for me:
    Cure Nature Aqua Gel- This takes off dead skin and skin makeup leftover and does not burn or anything even when I had wounds on my face. I do have combination but mostly dry skin so this dried me out a little bit but it wasn't much. I recommend this but it runs out easily if you're someone who does a daily exfoliation (like me)Benefit Porefessional- I know this isn't "skincare" but this really works if you want to close your pores. This is a little expensive but this is the best pore "eraser" I've used thus far. If you want a cheaper alternative go with Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser which wasn't as good for me but it's fairly close (and cheaper).            I don't have a skincare routine as of right now but I'm breaking out badly and I have lots of acne scars and dry skin where my blackheads are. I have mostly dry combination skin and if anyone has any good recommendations for me please let me know. My acne scars are very bad and if anyone could help me with them I would be very thankful.
  3. Hi. I am a girl that has always been interested in fashion and beauty. I love to wear cute and feminine clothes, but I try not to go overboard and wear very little jewelry and bling. I get criticized by my family members and 'friends' on how I dress and look. I used to be very snowflakey during my early teen years and I've tried to be more like myself. Some of the fakeness is still left on me though, and I can't seem to get rid of the small speck that it has left on me. I have gotten rid of all my social media accounts and friends and have just been focusing on school and my career. Whenever I wear something cute and put on my circle lenses with a little makeup, I always hear, "Stop begging for attention!", or "Why don't you be yourself? You look weird with those eyes and that hair!". I am very shy and avoid people because they immediately insult me or treat me like a rich bitch (Even though I'm not). I just want to look cute without being fake or being picked on by others. I would really appreciate some advice on this topic, or you can share your story. Here are some pictures of what I usually wear and my makeup style. (None of these photos belong to me or have me in it.)

  4. I had to share this wonderful girl with you. She seems to have a very sweet natured, humble personality, modest and very beautiful. 
    For long time we did not have here a nice person, so here we go. 
    Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeupbyshalom/
    Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/shalomblaccocaine/featured 
    Her life story: http://theshaderoom.com/tsr-positive-images-burn-survivor-shows-her-fans-the-power-of-makeup-and-its-simply-amazing/
  5. Since we have here a topic about hated beauty trends, how about the opposite?
    Guys, whould like to share which beauty trends are your favorite? 
    Will be nice to see what everybody enjoys 
  6. I was talking about this with some of my friends and one of them said over $1k a year and the other said "like probably $100". So I was curious, what's spending too much on clothes for you people? Because most of my clothes are hand me downs from my mother and i usually don't shop that much in a year. I bought a $60 dress and i felt like i cant buy anything more this year lol. Am i cheap?
    and with makeup, i dont buy anything except drug store usually and all the high end stuff i get are gifts. One girl i know spent like over $600 on MAC and sephora.
  7. Hello

    I've always been quite bad with make up, always using the same style and afraid of trying new stuff because it "makes me look weird". I like the natural/glowy/cute (more or less like Dakota)  I wish to learn on how to use make up, how to match and apply. I used to watch Michelle Phan but didn't really learn so much.

    Who are your favorite Youtube make up artist and do you have any tips on how to improve your make up?
  8. I've been trying to find a high pigment true red eyeshadow for aaaages and I feel like I've tried every brand there is  but I havent been able to find one Im happy with. They're either too pink, too light, or too brown, and it's driving me insane. DOes anyone have any suggestions? Preferably vegan/cruelty free
    I've tried;
    Sugarpill Love+Stargazer pressed eyeshadowConcrete Minerals RisqueLaval loose pigmentBarry M Dazzle DustStargazer pigmentStargazer cake eyelinerSugarpill loose pigment AsylumMedusa Makeup loose pigmentseveral off brand colours from eBayManic PanicShiro CosmeticsI'm desperate here 
  9. I'm so happy Kawaii Pateen has been uploading make up tutorial with Harutam from the Black Diamonds. Even though her makeup skills aren't that good I still like watching her. (Harutam is my favorite) lol
    Do you guys like their channel?
  10. Post on Henna hair dye? in Beauty & Fashion

    By Rima, posted
    I have been trying to stay away from products that are not cruelty free or with too many chemicals. The other day I was looking at hair dyes at Lush and Whole Foods and found this Henna (on both stores), but they are a little too expensive so I wanna know if they actually work before purchasing them.
    Have you guys tried it? Or do you have any recommendations?
    The reason why I don't like too many chemicals in my hair is because it damages it a lot, and my hair/scalp is really sensitive.

  11. On Pretty Ugly Little Liars we love to extract anecdotes from our daily lives to expand our perspective on various personalities online. Sadly anytime we have something to brag about, it often does not segue well into threads specifically for personalities and snowflakes. Our hope with the Boast Board is to create a sanctuary for all of our materialistic expressions.
    In this lighthearted thread you will be able to post photos of your most recent purchases, talk about your growing collections, and pretty much anything that makes you a "materialistic little shit". 

    These rules (specific for this thread) and instated to keep this thread running smoothly, and to aid loading times for mobile device users. Rules are subject to change as this thread continues to grow and we receive more feedback over time. 
    1. This thread, although quite different from the snowflake subjects on Pretty Ugly Little Liars, is still a part of the website. You must follow the general site rules to avoid a negative impact on your account.
    2. Do not quote this post. If you want to message me specifically please use a "@" followed by my username. The result of quoting this post may result in strange formatting in your reply, strange formatting in the quote, and slower loading times especially for our mobile users. As a moderator I would like to avoid having to edit your post to delete quotes of this first post.

    I have several safety tips to keep your anonymity safe on this forum. These are not requirements, merely suggestions.
    1. Do not use the same images you have already posted to social media. If you post a picture to this forum that is already on display on your Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), there is a high chance the image can be reverse searched back to you. 
    2. Remove the EXIF data from your pictures. Most modern cameras and cell phones have GPS tracking features and will embed GPS coordinates into the file information even if GPS is turned off. To remove this data go to any EXIF data removing website such as this one. 

    Do you want to contribute to this thread but you don't know what to post? 
    1. You can post pictures of your recent purchases. (Makeup, clothes, toys, etc.) 
    2. You can post pictures of your collections such as doll collections, makeup collections, etc.
    3. You can discuss or compliment other people's posts! This is a forum after all ~
    4. You can ask questions about other people's posts. (Where did you buy that? How much did it cost? Does it work well? Do you collect xxxx?)
  12. So before anyone cries "love yourself! " I would like to explain that I used to have really pale skin as a child that brought out my features and more and now I have tan skin that kinda just blurs it all together and it takes a lot to bring it out.  Sometimes it starts to get pale again but it'll go right back to tan. And mind you I don't tan very well.  I ended up developing a lot of sun spots on my hands,  feet,  and face.  While I was in Seoul I got whitening creams to get rid of the spots which worked for the most part on my face but not my hands and feet.  I'm a light-medium tan most of the time.  But because being tan makes my skin look so uneven I feel super self conscious. 
    I also used to have hair all the way down my back.  But when I was around 7 my mom started putting a relaxer in my hair when I already have loose curls and now my hair is healing from it because I stopped getting them about 3-4 years ago.  Because it's transitioning the hair keeps breaking from the bottom in chunks so my hair is still at the same length for the past 2 years. 
    I feel like crap because of it and whenever I upload pics/videos of myself on the internet I feel...strange. 
    I looked up all sorts of stuff on Google to help get my old image back but I was wondering if you guys could help me too. 
    Sometimes I get really pale at night too and my hair is about 18 inches (I want it to be at least 20-22) Also heat doesn't make a difference for my growth/health I tired. 

  13. I'm recently getting back into blogging as a sort of break from my hectic uni life (being a law student I need time to relax and enjoy writing for once on topics i like), and I was wondering what kind of blogs you guys like reading and what posts? what attracts you to a blog?
    personally I like blogs that aren't too photo heavy, and have brief descriptions on beauty products. I particularly like asian beauty blogs!
  14. What is your favourite or even signature scent?
    I personally like those powdery, vintage, your-rich-grandmas-closet kind of fragrances.
    Or very fresh and clean scents
    Do you commit to one fragrance or do you have a scent for every occasion? 
    This is my little collection:
    Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

    Chloe EDP

    Loulou and Eden by Cacharel

    and Alien by Thierry Mugler

    What's yours?
  15. any late bloomers here? Is it possible to not fully growing into your face past 20 years of age? I feel as though this were my case, I wish I can post photo examples on here but, ya know how it goes. I look drastically different now as a 24 yr old, compared to myself at age 20. I can't seem to pinpoint why other than just being a late bloomer and getting rid of toxic people in my life. 
    Are there any late bloomers here as well? Any ugly duckling stories to share? Please come here and inspire others. 
    check these out too! 
  16. But anyway. what do you guys do to make yourself more beautiful or feel prettier? Exercise, diet, skincare, vitamins, spa treatments? How do you get the courage to leave the house and feel good about yourself
  17. In th past I was a huge fan of her husband even before he started YouTube. When game grumps started I heard about her channel and decided to watch it. I wasn't heavily into beauty back then as I am now so I copied her tutorials a lot but faded away after some time past. There is huge controversy on Reddit but I really haven't seen anything on here so what are your thoughts on her?
    Main channel
  18. Post on Bad skin: tips in Skincare

    By heyheyitsfine, posted
    So, I struggle with bulimia since I was 12 years old (today, I'm 20), due to this, my skin become very very bad, always have breakouts, i know, i hit puberty, and hormones etc, but now, is becoming worse. when i'm not using any makeup, i look really sick, dark circles, swollen face etc. and I have dry skin and sometimes I look like a reptile peeling (very sexy -n) 
    ps: i also have anorexia sometimes, i don't eat very good cuz i don't like to eat. i know healthy meals help skin. I went to a doctor and she said i should do "peeling" and use sunscreen. just this. but i don't want to use makeup everyday cuz i look like a walking corpse. 
     Do u guys have any tips to this? 
    edit:sorry, english is not my first language. and if i put the topic in wrong session. sorry too.
  19. Post on ignore in Beauty & Fashion

    By minhh, posted
    Hello everyone!
    I'm new here at PULL so this is actually my first post lol. I've been a long time lurker but finally decided to make an account c:
    Since middle school I have always had bad acne outbreaks, but I never started following a skincare routine because i just never got into all the beauty stuff. i was wondering if anyone could share their routine for clear and healthy skin; it would be greatly appreciated and helpful! 
    My skin type is greasy (? i think) but it also tends to get flaky/dry in some areas of my face (under/around my nose mostly).
    Thanks for the help! 
    I just realized theres a subtopic for skincare so i'm gonna repost under that lol
  20. Hello everyone!
    I'm new here at PULL so this is actually my first post lol. I've been a long time lurker but finally decided to make an account c:
    Since middle school I have always had bad acne outbreaks, but I never started following a skincare routine because i just never got into all the beauty stuff. i was wondering if anyone could share their routine for clear and healthy skin; it would be greatly appreciated and helpful! 
    My skin type is greasy (? i think) but it also tends to get flaky/dry in some areas of my face (under/around my nose mostly).
    Thanks for the help! 
  21. Post on ? in Beauty & Fashion

    By Tiffanie, posted
  22. What cosmetic brand do you guys prefer? Lots of them stopped testing on animal and some of them still test on poor little animals.
  23. joycebean
    instagram // main channel // vlog channel // twitter // store instagram

    joyce is an 18 year old beauty/life vlogger who is also known for starting the online shop "silk and honey", formerly known as "wild daisy". 
    she gained popularity through her old vlog channel with her ex-boyfriend, rob. the two broke up after 3 years and joyce has recently stated the reason for the breakup was due to emotional abuse.
    in her "how to get over heartbreak video", she says she doesn't want to throw rob under the bus but states the following about what happened:
    when joyce dyed her hair during her junior year, rob threatened to break up with her.rob said he had no respect for her.during a twitch stream, rob logged onto her account and told people that she was shitty to him.rob changed the passwords to several of her accounts. joyce also got plastic surgery to alter her nose and eyelids. she saw her nose as "shapeless", "annoying", and "bugged" her. 
  24. i feel awkward and shy about posting this when i really shouldn't bc im 22 lmao but uh... for those having sex or planning to, how do you guys remove hair in the bikini area? looking for the best, healthiest and most complete method... do you prefer waxing or shaving? how often do you do upkeep? do you have a professional do it or do it at home?? 
    also deliberated between posting this in the beauty or love and relationships boards but this seemed to make the most sense, let me know if it should be moved!
  25. Post on Scent Stories in Beauty & Fashion

    By Tsubaki, posted
    I thought I'd create a separate thread to indulge in people's experiences with scent/fragrance. 

    Maybe it's your cool aunt who's ingrained a scent in your memory, or your best friend who totally owns the fragrance she wears. Maybe it's the first fragrance you received from a lover. Maybe it's the co-worker you hate, who douses herself in a particular scent. Feel free to share anything.