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  1. Post on Asian Beauty/Skincare in Skincare

    By haiyuki, posted
    Okay, third time's a charm.
    Asian skincare and beauty has a large focus on the cleansing, treatment, preparation of the skin. There are usually many steps and include mini-massages to promote blood circulation, help with relaxation (or to wake you up!), and to blend products.
    Do you follow an Asian beauty routine?
    What Asian beauty products do you use?
    Do you find that they work better than your native (unless, of course, you live in an Asian country. :)) counterparts?
    Do you follow any AB blogs?
    You can also post your hauls, beauty questions, suggestions, & tips here!
    The timing on this worked out in my favor because I went on a beauty haul and can post my new routine later. I typically use Korean products because I follow a Korean skincare routine, but I am open to trying basically anything that can be easily switched into my skincare regimen. 
    In the meantime, I shop here: 
    Full-size products:
    They take a big long to ship, but their prices are wonderful. Sometimes they have sales where shipping is free, which is basically a steal because shipping is calculated by weight. Sometimes I pay almost as much in shipping as I do in product.
    Amazon also has a decent selection, and now they have section dedicated just to Korean beauty products:
    Subscription Service:
    I've also JUST gotten off the subscription wait list for this Asian Beauty service, I haven't received my first bag/box yet, but I'll be posting here what I receive once I do!- $12 month for 4-5 Asian full-sized or deluxe-sized sample products:
    Masks & Samples:
    I buy a lot of masks on ebay as well, and random sample packs for around $12-15 for 20-30 samples. 
    Sometimes www.yesstyle.com has deals on these as well.
    Has anyone tried http://www.beauteque.com/? They have both full-size products and send out monthly bags/boxes.
    I just found it today and while the prices are bit steep for a monthly box (but they have many products in each one!), the monthly mask set sounds amazing.