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    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...
  2. Moved this from the Online Personalities section to General Discussion.
    But anyway - who are your favorite Asian Instagrammers?! I want to follow more of them, but not the snowflakes . List your favorites below; they can be popular or lowkey!
    And before you come at me for being "discriminatory".... I'm Asian so -.-
  3. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010920974155
    I was never aware of the terms fancy asian and jungle asian until I came across this video. Granted I know internalized racism exists and I do sometimes see it mostly online. 
    there's also heated debate whether filipinos are asians or pacific islanders in the comments area of the video.
    for me I was offended by the terms used along with the pictures used. the way I see it, the farther away an asian person looks from a certain beauty standard, the higher he/she is to being a jungle asian. it's really so annoying to see that. I get it, in the past tan asians are farmers and paler asians are most likely rich. but that's where it should stay, in the past. tan asians as a nation should not be seen as uneducated based on their skin color. 
  5. Hi, this is my first topic on here, I'm new to this site. I wanted to discuss a music company called 88rising who are quite famous on youtube. They're mostly known for managing Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, etc. 

    Their founder is Sean Miyashiro
     source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay4BUXDONL8 (another cringe vid of some guy praising this label) 

    Their purpose is to help East Asians find audiences in the US and their channel MOSTLY includes trap, hip hop, EDM music, or any fucking artist who is East Asian and makes good music.

    Their channel basically has everything to do with East Asian shit and East Asian culture. 

    I have no problem with them other than the fact that they seem like a try-hard wannabe Fung Brothers(which someone already said & I agreed w/) when Asia is the LARGEST CONTINENT and is not just about East Asians. If their channel was so much about Asians, then why don't they put Central/South Asians, East Russians, or Middle Easterners on there? And they seem arrogant (& unprofessional) just because they have connections.
    This is NOT my pic, it's from the lilymaymac forum -

    Lilymaymac was a "model" they hired who is actually a self-hating pure Filipina who's only famous for cat-fishing herself to look half-White, she's also prejudiced and racist to Black people. They are hypocritical for hiring someone like her and these were their replies ^. Trashy and unprofessional... but after that, they unfollowed her and she seems to be off their label now.
    Their music is okay (I have a few favorite artists on there) but they seem to mainly jump on the trap rap hype or going for whatever is popular now. I dislike the mumble rappers they put on there because they're talentless! They have good cameras and all, but the video production is cringe as hell. I mean I like WeChat by Higher Brothers, but the music video was just basic and awkward/cringe for the texts - 

    LMFAO they're nowhere near rap labels like Death Row Records or Aftermath Entertainment. 
    What I thought was strange was how they made adult models perform sexual acts on Rich Brian (one of their youngest artists) who was 17 at the time. Like wtf, he's a minor.   I found it gross, creepy, and full of double standards (not many people said anything about this bc HE'S A BOY and it's TRAP).

    The woman on the right is one of their models, I think. Her instagram is @aleshaninja and I think remember searching somewhere before that she's in her late 20s. I don't know because I can't read Japanese. 

    ^ I've also looked at her instagram and she looks full Japanese with iris implant surgery and bleached blonde hair. Seems like another East Asian trying to look White. She also looks cross-eyed, such cheap models that are quite unattractive like Lilymaymac. Lol and is 88rising really an "Asian-promoting" company for hiring models like this? What I'm concerned about is that 88rising condones weird shit like this? LMAO
    When I watch their rap music videos, they're just like mainstream trap, they don't treat women as anything more other than sex objects. Trap rap is about "getting something", it's not real rap. Haha, I wonder what else they do with the women behind the scenes.This is all I know about 88rising, what are your opinions? 
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, I hope the thread where I opened this topic is correct. I'm writing because it's some time that I'm looking for a girl I saw and used to follow on instagram with my old account around 2015. Here's a description of everything I do remember: She was a pale asian and had mostly a goth and babygirl style (DDLG), black color was her favourite. She was quite known and had around 15k followers at that time if I'm not wrong. Her style was quite edgy and tumblr, with many aesthetic pictures. She also made stir because she was in a relationship with a caucasian daddy, if I remember right he was quite tall, had beard, a bit older than her. They took many pictures together, like on the bed, in front of the mirror and so on. They're size difference was notable (she petite and he quite big). Her hair was black, and maybe had a bob?? or I don't recall exactly. I also remember that MAYBE she was japanese. This is all I can tell about her, may missing some things or confusing others. Anyway it's not Wylona, Plaaastic, Kinashen or Nuehai. I even don't know if this person still uses social networks or if her style still is the same or changed. Ps. I already looked on internet/google images and have checked out all my following and posts that I've liked on my old account and I can't find her. Maybe I followed her with other accounts... but I'm sure I discovered her on instagram.
    Previous thanks to everyone who's gonna help me
  7. Subtle asian dating is a Facebook group that allows people to auction their friends to lonely strangers by posting the pros, cons, about them with crazy emojis. They post a lot of memes and younger people in explicit pictures. They say they don’t discriminate others but they have been discriminating a lot of people. Basically bully themselves. And they try to make a profit from the people with logos and picture you seen from other stores claiming it’s theirs. It’s run by people under 24, hence all the auction post are people that haven’t start college yet. They say they’re not SAT, but clearly they’re the same. 
  8. I see so many of those Asian girl Instagram accounts (like mimstertran, kneewah, cowsel, saranghoe, etc.) that all seem to post the same content, typically selfies and pictures of themselves, and was wondering how those Instagram accounts started? I've tried scrolling to the bottom of their pages to see their first posts, but it seems like most (if not all of them) have deleted their first couple posts. How would you go about starting an account like that? Just start posting your pictures with hashtags? I just feel like it would never gain traction and attention.