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  1. Post on OMOCAT in Online Personalities

    By flower, posted
    so i've actually been a fan of Omocat for a few years now but recently heard some bad stuff about her while looking on princessmei's lolcow thread. People seem to think she's a bit snowflakey (idk if I should have posted it in snowflakes tho) but yeah here's just some of the stuff that I found
    twitter: https://twitter.com/_omocat
    blog: http://www.omocat-blog.com
    instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omocat/
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialomocat/
    omori: http://www.omori-game.com/#updates
    shop: http://www.omocat-shop.com
    lolcow thread (pretty much where I got all the info from): https://lolcow.farm/b/res/15930.html
    she had a kickstarter for her omori game (still waiting for it to be released ) and got well over the needed amount with over $200,000. People where kinda off about this though because she's using RPG maker which isn't that expensive of a software but she say's her team aren't working for free (apparently some people think she used the extra money to get plastic surgery).

    people are also complaining about her overpriced clothing

    autobiography (apparently her mother forced her to get double eye-lid surgery but in her pictures she doesn't have any?):
    screenshots from lolcow thread:
    people who've had interactions with her say she's a bit bitchy?
    pictures of her:
  2. I've never made a topic before...never thought I would honestly. And if this is not okay I am sorry and please lock or delete.
    I don't know this guys name but he is an artist with a instagram and a youtube that I know of.
    He has been caught multiple times stealing other peoples artwork and infact he attempted to use my friends fiances art and call it his own.
    Once he was called out he tried to cover his butt and say he was sorry and tagged the real artist in it.
    I do not know who all else he has taken art from or copied art from but I saw in comments that he had taken taken art from others too
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artuniverse6/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-s0EDbq8vSI4Q1oR-vXOBg?app=desktop

  3. Some of you may or may not know who Demon.Rikachi, or Mika (her name) actually is. She's an instagram artist with over 7k followers so she is pretty well known. However, from my own experience with her, she is very much two faced. Showing one face to her fans and another face to people who say anything other than a compliment on her artwork. She has been involved in a lot of drama recently involving art trades. If anybody here is unfamiliar with an art trade, it is basically when you do a piece of work for somebody and they do something for you in return. It's like a commission but instead of paying with money, you pay by drawing them something in return. And Mika has left a lot of people waiting for months. And I don't mean one person, I mean a lot of people. And some people finally started asking questions. And instead of handling it maturely, Mika started pulling a tantrum. 
    The person who sent the message below was not myself and I will keep them anonymous. 
    What Mika did after this, without even replying to the user was this:
    She decided she would post the message and make a whole post- shaming the user into believing she did a bad thing for contacting an artist who owes her artwork. But it doesn't get any better I'm afraid. If it was just that, I could turn a blind eye and think 'oh perhaps she's having a bad day.'
    Somebody there said how it was a bad idea to screenshot the message as it's creating a herd mentality against that person who messaged Mika. Herd Mentality: describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Basically, her fans are going to rush to her side without knowing the full story and say how much of a bad person the person Mika is talking about. 
    Not only that but she then started to insult them in German because she knew they wouldn't be able to understand what she was saying. 'Isso WTF ich hasse sowas?? Ich darf mich niht mal anonym uber eine person aufregen?? Sie meinte 7k leute werden die jetzt bellastigen?? wen? Den versteckten namen? Bist du behindert oder so? Manchmal will ich einfach nur allie blocken' Now, correct me if I am wrong as German is definitely not my first language but I believe that translates roughly too 'WTF so I hate something? I can not even get upset anonymously through a person? She said 7k people to harass now? Who? The hidden name? Are you retarded or something? Sometimes I simply want to block people.'
    I believe he was merely saying how you shouldn't screenshot someones message and post it as it's private. Mika's friend Pistacye then said 'Boah solche leute die sich so beschweren gehart auch der arsche versohlen! Perfektion dauerte halt!' translates roughly too: 'People who complain need their arses spanked. Perfection takes hold!' She then proceeded to say 'Bist du irgendwie in gehirn gefickt worden? Klar isf dat fur private zwecke aber junge da ist kein username.' Which, again, I believe translates too 'Where you somehow fucked in the brain? Clearly it's for private purposes but boy there is no username.' And again, all in German thinking that nobody could understand a word of what she was saying. 
    As you have with any person, a lot of people support her, seeing one side of the story and unable to understand what her German words mean. 

    This person here, whilst trying to support Mika did point out that she has been waiting a while for art that has already been done. They also mention she spent quite a lot of money on her and Mika doesn't even respond to her. 

    She deletes her comment and acts as if it never existed in the first place.
    Her being slanderous again, using gay as an insult and insulting he Russians and not only that, German's as well which is absolutely disgusting. However, it doesn't end there.
    An instagram page, known for outing art/cosplay thieves and harrassment called out her and Pistacye. The comment reads: Guck dir mal die kleinen fotzen an, hoffe die kriegen ebola aids und verrecken an syphillis hahaha FEEL FREE TO POST THE SCREENSHOTS WHO CARES  Pistacye.sp00k  die denken wir haben jetzt angst und es tut uns irgenwie leid oder so  idontgiveafuck go kill urself  billige rtl hure hat keine hobbies'
    Now this roughly translates to 'Look at this little pussy, I hope the wars give you ebola, aids and that you get siphilis haha feel free to post screenshots who cares  Pistacye.sp00k they think we are now afraid and that it makes us somehow sorry. idontgiveafuck go kill urself  cheap RTL (I believe this is a german channel) whore who has no hobbies.' Now that is disgusting language.

    'Ja, schon, HAHAHA FREUT MICH DU ANAL FISSUR  ' roughly translates too 'Yes. I'm glad HAHAHAHA I'M GLAD YOU ANAL FISTER.' 
    Pistacye.sp00k said everything was because she was a troll and for a laugh. Bringing people down for 'lolz' Yes I am sure telling somebody that they're brain fucked, that they're 'retarded', that they're a whore and should get aids and ebola in a war all in German so nobody can understand a word they're saying also. Everything is just a joke. If it was just a joke, 1) say it in English so everybody can see what disgusting things you are saying 2) don't cross the line. Me and my best friend insult EACH OTHER as a joke but I'd never say such horrible things to her or insult a COMPLETE STRANGER. It sounds to me she doesn't want to tarnish her reputation and wants the photo down. 
    And people are becoming aware of what she's saying. And if you have an opinion, she will get mad as you have seen above with dragobane sharing his opinion. 
     if you follow her or not, she is very active on instagram so excuses like 'I'm too busy' shouldn't be used. If somebody has done an art trade, they have basically paid you to do art for them and that should take FIRST priority over personal art, whether you like it or not it's just how it is as you owe them and promised them. And if you have been waiting months, there's a problem there. She held a competition a while back as well, deadline closed and she hasn't even announced the winners yet. It's been about a month. And quite a few people are raising questions, messages unanswered or deleted so she doesn't have to answer them. And for a big artist on instagram, this really shouldn't be happening. I strongly urge people to unfollow her if you are following her or Pistacyo.sp00k as they really slander and harass people. 
    I will make a follow up reply to this if anything else changes. I wanted to put this under 'Instagram baddies' but it seems to be mainly focused around models etc. And because of how big this story it, I think it deserves a thread of its own. Has anybody else had bad experiences with Mika or Pistacyo? 
    Lucas David (24) hypocrite artist with 100k+followers on insta.  He gained most of his fame from shout outs by  the “celebrities” he constantly draws. His art caters to the 90s grunge and heroin chic aesthetic. Most of all of lucas work is referenced from pictures of celebrities or Instagramers. He more of less is a portrait artist That draws people in a grungy style.

    Ive been wanting to post about him for a while but the recent "drama" is what made me actually post about him because its ridiculous.
    Recently the smudgy lipstick trend has been going mainstream and i saw these 2 post on the explore tab on instagram.


    (this comment calling him out was deleted)

    Julianstudillo is one of Lucas's good friends and called out big companies for STEALING lucas makeup/art style and lucas liked both of these posts. Someone called out lucas in the comments for copying as well and it got deleted shortly after. I checked Lucas’s twitter and he legit thinks he started this “trend”  

    Him and his friend must live in a box if they think lucas invented the style. Its true that gradient lips have been part of Asian beauty trends for years. Also Michael Hussar has consistently been drawing smudgy lips back when Lucas was still learning how to use a pencil. Most of all the smudgy lip looks i've seen are people doing hussar inspired makeup looks.

    A while back He was called out by Trevor brown, and the artist bambiachy  for copying their work. Even though in the past Lucas has complained about people copying his work.
    Bambiachy. Overall lucas seems to have drawn HEAVYY inspiration from babiachy's style, especially when he was just rising to popularity. From the claw nails, the color tones, lines, eyelashes, odd body shapes, the piercing eyes, etc.

    Trevor brown talks about lucas copying his work here

    He also has a fanpage that he follows, where they have called out artists who have copied him and the page proceeds to call their art vomit and lucas has liked these posts. (i just find it a bit hypocritical)

    someone criticized his work he ended up insulting them, screen shotted his response and posted about it because he thought he was clever.

    A few of his fans didn't agree with lucas on his comment and frankly i agree with the fans.

    He seems like a snowflake to me, but i think it's better to start him off here. He just seems hypocritical and tryhard. His fanbase can get rude  when it comes to artists who draw similar to him. They @ lucas or comment that the art looks to much like lucas work or just accuse them of copying. Lucas has said nothing against that nasty behavior, and it seems like hed be happy if fans attack anyone who draws like him. imo.
    (Trevor replied to the post as i was writing this topic.  it seems he was able to see the comment before it got deleted. )

    what are your thoughts on him?
  5. Holly C. Brown

    Website https://www.hollycbrown.com/  |  Instagram https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
    Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool  |  Tumblr [currently deleted]  |  Twitter [currently "deleted"]
    Tapas.io https://tapas.io/hollycrapper1 
    Where to begin with Holly? She's done so much shit the past few months it could probably land her in Little Snowflakes right away... she's a fujoshi in denial, a tracer, scammer, all around mess youtuber/"professional illustrator"/webcomic artist. She first became famous for two videos: her Calarts video, and her video about beginner artists mistakes (the thumbnail is a butt, you've probably been suggested this video because the YT algorithm gods decided to smile upon her ugly ass). Making videos about how she's a professional and how only her advice goes, basically poisoning the minds of young artists with her bullshit. And they listen to her! She's closeminded to put it lightly, doesn't want to move out of Texas because she's scared of Pride parades and thinks "art school atmosphere" will depress her (because everyone in LA apparently is some kind of activist). Her audience is made up of an army of edgy kids and teens who will defend her to no end, ready to WK and downvote anyone who talks shit about her. Known for being a bitch (no, really) who gives zero fucks XDDDD, she's set a standard for herself of being a selfish, stubborn and childish person who dishes out criticism but is unable to take it herself. A stuck up elitist who talks the talk but can't even crawl, let alone walk the walk. Her art is ugly and low quality with no sense of fundementals, yet she thinks she's better than actual pros. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to Holly, so I'll try to sum up the most controversial bits.
    Big ol' laconic on her art courtesy of lolcow, a nice tl;dr

    Boku no Hero Academia "True Colors" Zine fiasco
    Holly organized a for profit BNHA zine with 60-100 artists (she won't stick to one number, but it's probably 60). She made them use an ugly limited color palette for their "theme". Sounds okay so far, but she suddenly decided to impose a deadline on them. Because she picked such a huge pool of amateur artists, she effectively screwed them over. She didn't realize how many pages it would be, and decided that it would be "cheaper" to print it herself, leading to a string of costly purchases only because she refuses to send it to a printing press. She got tired and whined about it, before closing the zine shop. As for the artists, she sent each 20 bucks (even artists that dropped out). She accidentally ended up leaking their personal information in a YT video, to make matters worse. She couldn't even fulfill zine orders, and slowly stopped talking about it all together in hopes that people would completely forget about it. She wouldn't even send out PDF copies. All the while the doujin she made of her own damn webcomic, a yaoi rape one, was printed professionally just in time for SanJapan. The bitch had copies of the zines on her person for the con as well, and when the artists received their own personal copies the actual thing was a piece of crap(1). Pages were cut incorrectly and unevenly, some pages were upside down, barely staying together. She hasn't apologized. She "deleted" (locked) her twitter and pretended that her instagram got reported and remade to get away from the drama (the zine wasn't the only reason though), but not before insulting the artist's intelligence(2). Fucking nice one, Holly!

    Tracing and unoriginality
    The biggest tracing controversy surrounding Holly is definitely her FMA piece, wherein she traced a picture of Alphonse Elric claiming it was for layout/thumbnailing purposes... I mean, sure, if we take that excuse into account, sure. But she posted it. This is a piece she intends to sell... Look at her trace of Alphonse. Had it been for thumbnailing purposes, it wouldn't have been such a clean trace. Usually thumbnailing is fairly rough and is only done for clarity of composition and planning. Why put so much effort into tracing Alphonse so cleanly (as clean as her art can get lol)

    There are other instances:

    ^iT's OKEY bEcAuSe I pAyEd FoR iT

    ^Holly intended for this one to be a template for people to use for free for xmas decorations or something, nevermind the fact that its Toby Fox's intellectual property lol

    A lot of this was just heavily referenced (honestly still super iffy), but the legs align a little too well
    Holly's awful spending habits
    This is JUST for SanJapan. Nothing else. This was all even before she was accepted.

    Fujoshi in denial + general headassery (misc)

    ^This character from her yaoi (call it what it is bros) Purgatory on Tapas.io literally got RAPED. And she's joking about it like this. Not the first time lol, she has said some sketch ass shit about how rape isn't rape if you aren't fighting back (wrote a doujin about one of her characters being drugged and raped), and said on stream that oral rape isn't a thing because girls can just "bite down". She claims it was taken out of context, but watching the whole thing, it's A LOT WORSE in context. (I'll insert a link when I find it because every mirror seems to have been taken down, wonder by who)

    HUGE LOL keep telling yourself that. What is this xbox live???

    More Holly being stuck up and thinking she's better than actual esteemed professionals.
    Holly art bingo for funsies 

    Will be working on adding more minor things later, but this seems like the most relevant stuff right now.
  6. It can be Kpop, pop, country, Jpop ,or rap. ANYTHING! I'm just curious.  Also my first time making a poll <3 And I would love to know your favorites. <3 
    My favorite is: 
    Nu'est K pop band I would recommend all their songs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUuyrV8JDv5UAMW2StsL-NA  
    COIN   Pop Band. I would recommend this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWr5FawT2Ks
     Saint motelPop Band. I love this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9DZkj8Rq6g
    LadyGagaAll her SONGS <3
    ILP x NOiDA J rock band. One of my Favorite song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wol-XHb1VhM
    And Finally Marina and The Diamonds Solo Artist. All of her songs <3 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_hWjivU900eBRkSQNtlAw But my fav is "Savages" 
    Well I hope to see some of your guys FAVS  <3 Say as  MANY as you wish <3 
  7. (I'm still new to posting here)
    Shädman is a porn artist, most notable for drawing lolis (underage anime like girls), He does also have SFW drawings, however NSFW is his main focus, and main source of income. 
    He's from Switzerland (I believe)
    He says he doesn't like real children, and is not a pedophile, I do sorta believe this, however he once drew a (almost) porn picture of LtCorbis an underage youtuber (I believe she about 11) and he has drawn a picture of Keemstars daughter, it was not porn, however it is on his (PORN) site.
    So, yeah, those are the two instances were he drew real children.
    Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Shadbase
    YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/TheRealShadman
    (And before you ask, Yes I know there is a Filthy Frank thread. He is not what that thread is about. This is about Joji... Not the character)
    Info: George "Joji" Miller is a 24 year old singer/producer/song-writer. He is signed to media company 88Rising along with other acts such as Rich Brian, Keith Ape and etc. Miller is well known for his absurd, outrageous internet skit show called 'The Filthy Frank Show'. Recently, Miller has been "coming out of his shell" by preforming and promoting his actual music. (Please don't associate his actual music with anything Pink Guy related)
    Sample of Joji's Work:
    Quick disclaimer:
    We don't hate George. We just talk about his music, life etc. In a very sarcastic and critical way. We wish the best for him.

    ~Gas homie up in the links below~
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/sushitrash
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/sushitrash
    Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/chloeburbank
  9. I don't know if there's a discussion like this anywhere else but feel free to drop any unpopular opinions here.
    I don't know if this is one but: having a nice art style/good art does not excuse the rubbish attitude/behaviour of an artist, even if they have a large following.
    What are your unpopular opinions?
  10. YouTube | Twitch | Instagram (personal/inactive) | Instagram (artist) | Twitter | Deviantart (inactive) | Tumblr (inactive) | Patreon  | NSFW Twitter (inactive) | Rule34 (deleted artworks)

    Hyojin Choi (Squizxy/Squizzy) is a Korean-Australian animator and artist. She's widely known as Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend. 
    Romantic Relationships
    Rape Allegations against Slazo
    Suicide Attempt
    Post Suicide Attempt and Slazo Drama
  11. IG: www.instagram.com/alythuh
    Twitter (main): www.twitter.com/alythuh
    Twitter (anime): www.twitter.com/alyafterdark
    Website: www.alythuh.com
    Alythuh is a full-time fine artist who quit her job 2 - 2.5 years ago. Her art has been successful which has led to exhibition(s). There doesn’t seem to be any blemishes in regards to her as an artist and she seems nice overall.
    However, when I was looking through her photos on Twitter; I noticed something interesting about them. It made me question if she really is visiting these destinations. A few Twitter users also pointed out the photoshop, which I’ve circled, in the attached photos.
    Here is the link to said photos: https://mobile.twitter.com/Alythuh/status/1142152343556722688
    What’s your opinion on her?

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