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  1. I've always drawn as a hobby and in elementary school I got into anime, which then prompted me to mostly draw in that style. I'm 19 now and I've been drawing this way for so long that I think I'm really good at it ! 
    My problem is that I really want to make a name for myself, but over the past several years I've never been able to gain much of following on any of the social media accounts I have (Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram). I love drawing!! No matter the following I have, I will continue to do it the rest of my life! 
    I draw a lot of fanart, which is a good way to gain followers, but even so it never really works that well for me? My original art doesn't get much feedback either. I try hard to do stuff I'm not comfortable with like backgrounds, perspective, and posing. I always strive to improve!
    Does anybody have any suggestion for me? Is anybody struggling with this too?
    (I'm not sure if I will post any links to my work yet, as I'd prefer to keep my personal accounts and my pull account separate)
  2. I saw multiple threads like this on lolcow so I thought it would be interesting if I brought it over here. So, are there any bad art/artists out there that you might want to share?
  3. Might as well start out the thread with my own pictures.
    Idk, some of these are kind of old, but you get the point. 
    (I'm fine with critiques too, if you want to give me some ^^)

  4. Annabelle AKA CatCreature is an art student at RISD from California. She started YouTube a while ago, but in the recent years got more recognition for her fashion videos and college life vlogs. Her vlogging style has a lot of cut scenes from her talking to showing the world from her pov. She's got an interesting way of vlogging and it's kind of captivating.

  5. Post on Baylee Jae in Online Personalities

    By moonie, posted
    Baylee Jae Neubeker
    Youtube / Kid's Drawing Channel / Vlog Channel / Twitter / Instagram

    Baylee Jae is a 27-year-old art youtuber who started in 2012. She also has a vlogging channel where she used to post everyday but recently decided to stop filming on weekends and she also recently started a kid's art channel where she does tutorials. 
    Has an art book coming out even though her art is mediocre : 
    Refused to take in critique when parents claimed her kid tutorials were too advanced: Spends most days streaming 3-10 hours on Twitch instead of trying to improve her art(A bit of a reach) Lets her cats walk over all her expensive art supplies:Acts like a grown-up child:Had beef with Vexx over allegedly copying his art:Only uploads an actual art piece once a monthCan't take criticism very well overall:I've been lurking the lolcow thread for a while now and saw that the e-artist thread was dead so I decided to create one for Baylee. Hopefully it all makes sense.
  6. Do you have any good european comics to recommend?
    Besides the usual Tin-Tin and Asterix these are my favourites
    The Incal

    Valerian and Laureline

  7. Hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm making this thread for anyone on PULL to post their artistic representations of any snowflakes or personalities. I see so many amazing/funny pictures and sketched here and seeing as the artists who agreed to make the banner have had some issues and holdups I thought this would be a good idea. Hopefully any submissions could perhaps go towards the new banner. If this thread gets enough submitions I'll try ask a mod/the current banner artist if they could use any of the pictures to go towards the new design. If you'd like to submit art but wouldn't be okay with it being used potentially as part of the banner post anyway but state your wishes along side, if you have something to share go ahead!
    I summed it up what I'm intending better here:

    My homage to spicy noodle hanfu queen Yumi:

  8. Zephani Jong
    Is an 18-year-old semi Insta-famous artist and influencer.
    Main IG acc // Photography IG acc // Spam IG acc // Twitter  // SoundCloud
    Zeph recently came on her and complained about her nose contour in this old picture and asked for it to be updated. (However I will still leave it here to compare her improvement)

    Here is a newer photo.

    Her main acc is mostly drawings and selfies.Her spam acc shows more of her personality (like most spams do)She's a really good artist and you might recognize one of her projects which are drawing vines on post-its. It went viral a while back and BuzzFeed even wrote an article on it.As you can tell she's also quite experienced in makeup as well.She also has a SoundCloud and often uploads videos of her singing on Instagram too.I'll add more but this is it for now.She has done some questionable things in the past that have irked me but nothing too serious. One thing I don't like is how she constantly asks her followers to make memes or edits of her and to send in lookalikes of her. I'm not going to post all of it here right now because there is a lot of media but it's easy to find on her Instagram. Her followers will do it but it seems to take up a lot of her feed. Idk that might just be me.
    Also not necessarily problematic but screenshots of weird things she's posted below:
  9. Post on Reikanjuu in Online Personalities

    By Sin, posted
    (Hello fellow PULL users! This is my first thread, sorry if I made any mistake^^)
    Instagram | Facebook
    She's 20 years old Indonesian, who majors in arts in college. I stumbled upon this account because I was browsing some art ideas at first. She's famous for drawing fanarts and fancomic for the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I really like how she color her piece and the concept of her pieces in general.

    The thing is, she sometimes draws herself with her OC (Original Character) in a 'romantic relationship', so first I just scroll by it and goes on. But after a while, I saw how she said she got a lot of hate for doing the OCxAuthor relationship, how it cringe the haters, etc. I see it as a coping mechanism, but I want to know more about it, so I stick around.

    So her OC name is Joe, and said to be her lover that comes to her dream often, and when she call him in a dream he is absent, she said he will come whenever happens. Lucid dreaming it seems (cool!).
    I did a little bit more research than usual, she also used to have a boyfriend but now has broken up, and i heard she uses her oc as a thing to move on.
    Just before she had a 'boyfriend', she had self-inserted herself to an anime/game(?) Called K-Project and had relationship with one of the characters, Fushimi, and draws them while fighting with her OC Joe (I think it's like a symbolism of fighting in her mind or having something stress maybe).
    She sometimes mention how she has been called a (sorry) slut, hoe, whore, and i thought it's her own negative self-talk, but some time later she draw herself looking at females' big breast and males' crotch and envy them, and she has done -lewd- art of herself and the OC, but i can't find the pic yet. Searching rn.
    Spoiler warning: Bullying, suicidal thoughts
    What do you guys think of them?
    (Gosh, now im down into the rabbit hole. If I made some mistake or missed please correct me, i'll add it up and correct it, thanks!)
  10. Post on NyanAFK in Online Personalities

    By NyanDoll, posted
    Twitter // Youtube // Patreon // Store // Teespring // Deviantart // Commission Page

    I'm surprised that nobody brought this up before, but Kat's way of handling her fans and the way she prices her art has been irritating me lately. Maybe some have heard of her thanks to Einshine/ShinePHD and I admit that I used to like her character all these years. 
    Link to her wikia, where there's more info here about her and her past accounts: http://nyanstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Nyansai
    Basic info: 
    She charges much more than other artists at her skill levelHeadshots:$100Halfbody: $200Fullbody: $300I have been following other artist that have spent years drawing and doing commissions, and their highest prices are usually around $80-$150Seems to be taking advantage of her fans for moneyAll of her posts seem to just be about selling her clothing designs, and she doesn't really post much else. Every Youtube video she uploads is for merch announcementsUses a fake voiceUsed to be known as TheKatCast, can hear her normal voice here around 00:40Current voiceHas been known to be very secretive about what her face looks likeWas apparently working on a real manga in Japan with Einshine, but nothing seems to have come of thisMost likely it is not happening due to Einshine leaving the internet and Kat now just drawing merch and having a Patreon to make moneyCurrently unknown if she is still living with Einshine in Japan, or moved back to her home in AustraliaOnly really became relevant because she drew for Einshine, who was already popularHas stated in her streams that she has put little effort into her art careerEnabled ShinePHD/Einshine and went along with him no matter what, despite him soliciting fans and much younger girlsShe just keeps taking advantage of the younger audience that Einshine created and uses them to buy her art.  To me, this is not only an insult to her fans but also an insult to artists who actually put effort to their work. 
    Also, a girl known as "Kyaandere" was thought to be Kat in real life with her face uncovered. Kyaandere came to PULL herself and stated that she is not Kat. Picture of her to prevent confusion:
  11. Post on WolfyChu in Online Personalities

    By :3, posted
    WolfyChu / Kayleigh Smyth

    YouTube | Twitter | DeviantART | Patreon | Personal Twitter
    WolfyChu is a popular animator on Youtube, who's become well known for her story time animatics, animation memes and her fake "cutesy" image.
    Basic InformationWolfy/Kayleigh Smyth is an artist that lives in Australia but was raised in Spain.She posted her art frequently, and was very close with popular youtuber Jordan Sweeto before getting together with him in 2016.Her original username before her Wolfy persona was "kayziness" and variants of.She created her youtube channel "Wolfychu" in November 2016, where she quickly gained traction from being an animation meme artist.VoiceWolfychu revealed her voice in her 100k subscriber video. She has the same accented, cutesy voice that many girls and online personalities fake to gain attention and to maintain an anime girl like style.She ditched animation memes soon after and started focusing on story times when her channel started blowing up.Her voice is incredibly inconsistent and changes between videos constantly.Story Times (updated!)She often over exaggerates her "cute-ness" in her story times.Her stories often always have a reference to how she looks "doll like."She also seems to have sexual innuendos/stories of humiliation. Lots of panty shots and the like.She currently focuses a lot of her story times on school life, and seems to cater more to a younger audience.Story time: When a creepy guy tried to kiss her.Story time: Living with her voice.In the video she talks about how people bullied her because of her cute voice and looks.Story Time: Why I quit teaching.Talked about how the kids she worked with often mistook her for another student due to how "cute" she looks and how small she looks.This video also caused some controversy due to the thumbnail she used for the video and the sexualization behind it. She has since changed it to something else.EDIT: she has changed it back to the sexual thumbnail.SexualizationIn the beginning, she was heavily involved in the MAP/Animation community consisting of younger kids. A lot of the videos she did and the memes she animated were very sexual in nature, considering her younger audience. ( x  x  x  x )Aaaand these thumbnails: (Also including the one above)Luna (Her character)Luna is her secondary character that she often uses.Luna is portrayed as a lesbian, but her sexuality is often used in a funny and comedic way that makes Luna come across as almost predatory towards Wolfy.The character is also heavily sexualized by Wolfy, to the point where if there's any sexual context, Luna is often used for it. (Save for some cases.)She's also portrayed to have a crush on Wolfy, and often seen as "cutting in" between Jordan and Wolfy.Face RevealShe made an entire video dedicating to why she would never do a face reveal (Video here)She continues to create this "cutesy" image of herself to keep people guessing on what she actually looks like.She heavily refers to herself as a "porcelain doll" or something of the like when retelling stories and referencing herself.She blames her lack of face reveal on her shyness.Despite her refusing to actually reveal her face publicly, she tags all of her videos with "#face reveal"She was featured in Jordan Sweeto's music video "Don't Forget".Her face:Jordan Sweeto (Boyfriend)Social Links: Youtube | Animation Youtube | TwitterJordan Sweeto is a youtuber who for awhile specialized in emo/2012-esque videos and he is also a singer.He is shown to be good friends with Destery Smith/CapnDesDes, Damon Fizzy, and other youtubers in that category.In 2013, Wolfy made fanart of Jordan which lead to them becoming friends.They later got together in 2016/2017.Wolfychu's channel was slowly rising to fame rather quickly due to her her "cute" animation memes and during this time Jordan also created an animation channel to be with her. Since then, Jordan has been subtly leeching off of Wolfy as the two work hand in hand.Jordan only posts animation compilations and has ditched the edgy youtuber scene in favour for going after Wolfy's fanbase.They currently live together in Australia.Song he wrote about her: "Can't Wait For You"How They Met video.Jordan's song "I'll Save You":Not so much a controversy, but many people originally believed that Wolfychu was the girl in this video.The artist, has stated she created the character herself with no influence of Wolfychu.The artist also had posted wips/clips of the music video as she was working on it almost a full year before it was officially released.This was also before Wolfychu gained traction and before Wolfy and Jordan's relationship was publicized.Jordan made a public post differentiating the two:CopyingAs of recently, it's been speculated that Wolfychu has been copying another popular animated story time youtuber Emirichu due to the similar nature of their recent uploads.Lazy ArtWolfychu has been shown to be a very talented artist when she comes down to it, even being showcased in a university in Spain. However, all her videos lack effort put into them and often makes little anatomy mistakes. Her animations are more like animatics in that she doesn't animate too heavily and they're rather choppily made.She was originally featured in the uwutuber's thread but due to the fact she's taken up most of the conversation there, we figure she be given her own thread separate from the other's.

  12. Cyome_ / Alexandra Anton
    social media
    Instagram (art)
    Instagram (witch)
    Instagram (private)
    facebook (deleted)
    Her story about her life posted on her twitter account
    "A bit about me" on her youtube
    Cyome is a romania online artist. According to her she suffered from child abuse, lived in horrible conditions, and was forced to move to france and leave school. The summary about her life is in the first spoiler. A few weeks ago she planed a trip to her bf in america (whom she meet online in a game). She planed to stay with him and his parents, but his parents throw both of them out of the house. She believe it is because she is from romania and because she is sick (had cancer, heart problems etc). Her bf quit his job and now they life in a car. She told about the situation in her insta storys (under spoiler). Now she depends on money from strangers to eat and live. Says she will be homeless in france (but told a few days ago she would stay with her mom) and will be back in a few days. She reminds her follower daily to send her money
    She was really harsh about her bf because he lost his job, caled him lazy etc but married him yesterday. One of her friends lend them 200$ to marry. Some of her followers are mad, because she asked for money for food and spend it on her wedding, nails and expensive food or starbucks drinks.
    She is a cyber bully that terrorized another artist online via doxxing because she was caught tracing  (Source: https://twitter.com/fuwaffy/status/954086796849065984)She pretendet to be a dead suicide victim to harras the artistShe gloryfies suicides victims to gain sympathie and fame
    She is rude to fans, blogs them immediatly if they don't obey her. SHe even posts private messages and names online and uses her fans to harras people
    She e-beggs for money and uses sob storys for $$$Humiliates her husband online, told everyone she will broke up with him and married him a week laterForced her cat to live in a moldy flat and hat to keep him in one room. It was clearly her roommates fault she was allergic to catsGoes crazy if you critique her art 
    Update: Scamming
    Cyome took multiple commissions from her followers for 100- 200 euros and later held preorders for her Anzu charms, which were 12.50 euros each. In her rules, she stated that she does not offer refunds and only draws "when her mental health permits" meaning when she feels like it. Cyome is known to take a very long time to complete a single drawing, taking well over half a year to provide the finished product to her customers. She also specifically asks not to be bothered about the status of a commission and will only provide WIPs when she can. Her Anzu charms went for preorder on her Etsy account in February, which were scheduled to be released at a later date after she received enough preorders.
    Over half a year had passed, she stopped interacting with her followers entirely. Her last post is dated in July, and at the time of this it's October. No updates on either commissions or charms. Many have attempted to reach out to her to see if she was ok after her long absence, but she didn't respond. Sasucchi95, one of her friends, also tried to talk to her but failed to get a response back. Eventually, it was revealed that Cyome was hiding on her separate private account @foxesteaparty while her own friends and fans were attempting to contact her. The money she had made from the Anzu preorders and commissions was most likely spent on herself, after certain comments pointed out 
  13. SuperRaeDizzle

    YouTube // Instagram // Twitter // Second Instagram
    Rae H. is a 25 year-old American Youtuber, who makes art and drawing related content.
    She has a bachelor's degree in visual art from Eastern New Mexico University and since she graduated in 2016, she has been posting more Youtube videos and her follower base has grown substantially. She primarily uses traditional media for her art and many of her videos are about comparing cheap art supplies with expensive ones, or about trying out art hacks.
    I personally haven't seen that many of her videos, but there are a few things that caught my attention: 
    She seems to mostly copy photos and heavily relies on references, but doesn't say so most of the time. I don't think there's anything wrong with using references, on the contrary, I think it's important for artists to use references to improve, but to me it seems like she just copies what she sees without learning from it.In many of her videos in which she compares art supplies, she seems to be very biased and it looks like she doesn't even try to properly use the art supplies she doesn't like. For example, compare this to this.Her content comes across as a bit clickbait-y with the titles and thumbnails.She sometimes has no idea what she's talking about and criticizes the tools she's using, even though she's the one at fault. Example: her watercolor video.And lastly, the main reason that led me to making this thread, is because one of her storenvy listings got posted on the delusional artists subreddit. This was the second time within a few weeks her art popped up on there. Here's the art in question:
    Now, whether this artwork is worth 200$ or not is kind of subjective, but someone in the comment section pointed out that this was basically just copied from a dollmaker app. Here's the comparison picture I grabbed from that person's comment:
    She has deleted both the storenvy listing and the post of this painting on her instagram since then. This is what she said on twitter about the whole thing:
    I also noticed that she drew the exact same headshot in her Drawing With The Longest Fake Nails I Could Find video, which is weird imo. It's almost like she has no creativity and own ideas....
    In any case, what are your opinions on her? Do you guys like her and her art, or not so much?
    (I'm just gonna go ahead and put my own thoughts under a spoiler)
  14. cupofjasmien / jasmine chan
    instagram (personal) // instagram (art) // instagram (spam) // instagram (tattoos - inactive) // youtube  
    jasmine chan is an youtuber/vlogger and is currently attending pratt institute in brooklyn, nyc. her and her (ex) bf have made creative videos together like painting challenges while he attended RISD. while most of her videos are centred around drawing/painting, she also does beauty/fashion videos, q+as and travel vlogs

    she's been accused of copying fellow creative youtuber @catcreature (annabelle) and her sister lilith (annabelle's thread is here)
    similar thumbnails, video styles and titles to their channelsjustifies it by saying she's using them as "inspiration"art unoriginality and tracing/copying art
    lilith started getting inspiration from fairytales/brother's grimm. jasmine started drawing the same, one of which turned out to be traced. she called it a "study"copying annabelle/lilith in life
    passive aggressive, defensive attitude towards some comments, and deleting comments that have anything to do with annabelle/lilith
    still uses their names in her tags thoughalso has been called out for queerbaiting - she titled a video "going to LA with my girlfriend," where many LGBTQ+ people expressed being uncomfortable and she responded by telling people to "stop being dramatic"she used to do stick and poke tattoos out of her dorm room/other people's homes, and now wants to be a professional tattoo artist
    any professionals advise you NEVER to go to someone's house for sanitation purposes, but it seems like a lot of people who can draw automatically think they can also tattoo (they're cute little tattoos, but still a huge no)as of 2019 doing an apprenticeship in queens NYC. after she graduates, she wants to be a part time tattoo artist + freelance painter